by King Wesley

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, School, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Stacey gets a new pair of glasses

Stacey couldn't have been more proud of her new designer sunglasses. She had found a specialist dealer on the net that stocked all the top brands at a fraction of the retail price. This meant that the top of the range shades she was now sporting cost less than a DVD.

Getting ready for a night on the town, her new specs matched perfectly with her outfit; a little one-piece dress that was as dark as her shoulder length curls. Once she finished applying her makeup, she was ready to hit the town.

It was a glorious summer's evening and Stacey was unnaturally buzzing with anticipation for her evening. She would never have thought that new sunglasses could give you such a high. Walking down her street towards town she spotted a young well-built stranger smiling at her. It didn't take Einstein to realize it was an approving smile and Stacey was in the mood to be flattered. Crossing the road headed straight for him:

"See anything you like?" she asked playfully.

"Err... no... I mean yes... I mean well of course but..." stumbled the man.

"Come on," urged Stacey, "You've got to do better than that if you want to win the girl." She shot him a wicked smile.

"Well obviously you look stunning," blurted the man. "I just don't know how a guy like me can talk to a girl... like you."

Stacey was moved by this compliment and decided she felt like getting a naughty. Eyeing how the man's tight t-shirt was fighting to contain the bulging muscular frame of its owner, she decided to take the next step:

"A guy like you," she began, moving in close to him until their bodies were just inches apart. She tilted her glasses forward onto the tip of her nose and looked up over them into his eyes, "Can get a girl like me anytime they want."

Without waiting for a response, Stacey grabbed the stranger's neck and began to kiss him deeply. The man was taken by surprise but soon responded in kind and the embrace continued. Stacey could feel the man's excitement pressing against her waist and a loose hand reached down to set him free. Once she had unwrapped the long erect cock from its packaging she hitched up her skirt and leapt into the arms of her Adonis of a partner and began to moan with delight as he effortlessly lowered her down onto his awaiting shaft.

Stacey was like a wildcat, thrashing and buckling as her mystery hulk used her body like a rag doll, raw primeval energy surged through Stacey's body like an unstoppable virus of desire. The pumping grew faster and faster as they both careered towards orgasm as breakneck speed. Then, with a burst of pure animal lust, they both exploded in ecstasy, buckling and shaking at the force of the climax with had hit them. It was unlike anything Stacey had ever experienced; at that moment in time she doubted that even Nirvana itself would be unable to match the unbridled joy and pleasure of the last few minutes.

Eventually both did come back down to Earth, and were reunited with their senses. Both feeling a little embarrassed at how they had each let their desires get the better of them, they said a few words before Stacey departed on her way to the town centre. She was sure this was going to be one hell of a night.

Steve was cursing his luck. All day things had not gone his way. Firstly, he discovered that he had run out of doughnuts at home, and then when he tried to drive to the store, he discovered his car was out of gas and wouldn't start so he had to walk. Then to top it off when he had finally walked the 800 yards to the store, he discovered he had no money in his wallet and so could only afford the one doughnut. Things were not going well.

Walking back home with doughnut in hand, Steve was beginning to tire. At close to 250 pounds walking was not his strong point. Perspiration was causing his already snug fitting t-shirt to stick to his skin completing the ultimate unflattering look. It was then he looked across the road to see a sight that made him drop his doughnut: A young dark haired girl was walking down the street wearing nothing but a pair of sunglasses.

Steve knew he was staring but he couldn't help it. How often did young attractive women go out walking in the nude? Despite himself he began to smile in approval. It was at this point he received the greatest shock of his life; the girl smiled back and began to make her way over to him. Steve froze on the spot; he had n idea what was about to happen. Was she going to yell at him for looking? Would people see and think he was some kind of pervert? How could he explain his situation to anybody? He was beginning to panic.

"See anything you like?" She asked.

Steve was petrified, he knew that when he opened his mouth the English language would abandon him, but he had to put up some defense to this girl's accusations.

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