His Angel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, First, BBW,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Douglas met Amanda through an erotic story site. He responded to one of her stories hoping she would accept his help as an editor. They quickly became friends. Through their many chats, he learned that her heart was breaking. Her so-called happy marriage was not stable. Many nights, he listened as she let go of all the pain. It was then that Douglas told her, he wanted to be more then just a friend. He was falling in love with her.

Douglas pulled off the main highway and found a cozy place to park his eighteen-wheeler. It had been another long boring day, and he was not ready to turn in and say goodnight yet. After getting every thing ready, he sat at his computer and logged on, checked his e-mail, then went surfing.

Douglas is around the age of 50. He works as a truck driver. He doesn't have a happy marriage, nor, does he have the typical male type job. He is not contented with a routine 9 to 5 job. He loves driving a rig, except for the long, lonely nights. His life resembles a roller coaster. No matter what he does to make things better, it feels like someone is out to make sure his life is a living hell, twenty-four seven.

He closed his eyes, letting his mind travel twenty years back in time. He was so happy then. As the image of Pamela came into view, she was the first woman he had ever loved totally, unconditionally. They had made plans to spend eternity together, until someone took her away from him forever. Somehow, he could never recapture that essence.

With tears in his eyes, he brought down his fist against the dashboard, "Oh-god, why?"

Unable to sleep, he just sat there, clicking through his favorite sites. His eyes seemed drawn to an erotic story site. After scanning the list of new stories, he found one by a new author her name was Kandie. He began reading. "Hot-dam she's good!"

Her words pulled him into the story, as if he was one of the characters. He grinned then readjusted his pants. Not only did his mind love it, his cock was rock hard!

He left her an e-mail feedback, giving her a few hints. He also hoped that she was the kind of writer, who took constructive criticism. He did not expect to hear back from her, because less than two percent of those he writes, reply.

The next morning, he was amazed to find a thank-you note from her, in his e-mail box. She stated that her real name was Amanda. The message went on to say, that she would be very interested in his opinion. She was a novice writer and had lost her editor. She also attached a hot sexy picture of herself.

He sent her a sexy response. Soon their relationship went from editor, to friend, and then to online lover. He is still not sure what really happened, but here they were having an online relationship. It was better then most real ones. When she sent him that provocative picture wow, he fell in love, head over heels. She was not only talented, but also gorgeous! One catch, she was married. When asked if she was happy, she always replied, yes. Then she informed him she loved to cyber and chat online.

"Bummer, adding that he was not into breaking up homes, or stealing lonely housewives. But if she would allow them to cyber, the online love affair would be satisfactory. Well, maybe, because his mind was screaming at him," That's what you think!"

Through their many chats, he learned that her heart was breaking. Her so-called happy marriage was not stable. Many nights, he listened as she let go of all the pain. It was then that Douglas told her, he wanted to be more then just a friend. He was falling in love with her.

Spring was just around the corner. The cold winds of winter were blowing across the plains, holding it within its snowy grasp, one last time.

Douglas happened to get the run that he wanted, right close to her place. In addition, he had the whole weekend off. Man, what a lucky break this was. Maybe, she will even meet me. "OH GOD, I hope she will." He sent her an email about the details. He wanted to be able to hold her, for real, instead of just in his dreams.

He just could not wait for her email reply, so he picked up the phone and called her. "Hey doll, what do you have in mind to do for Valentine's Day?"

"Not much, just watch television, surf the net and just relax. I really do not have any reason to be celebrating Valentine's Day. Why?"

"Well I am coming down your way and I thought we could meet."

There was a long pause, "Now that is the best thing I have heard all week. Sis has been bugging me to get out of this house, so now's my chance."

"Great, where can we meet?"

"Well there is a mall close to the house, and Sis can drop me off there. The stores are open all night, so it will be safe for us to meet there." She then told him the name of the mall and gave him directions.

"Ok well, I know where that is. I should be there around 7 pm. Friday."

"Ok, see you Friday."

The day arrived, and he felt like a teen again, on his first date. How will I act? What will I say? Will she be as sweet and sexy as she sounds? Oh God here she is. What do I do now?

She came into his arms like one who had always been there. They kissed for the first time, he felt an electric shock run from his lips, straight to his cock. He was speechless. He mumbled something to her sister, who had brought her to the meeting place, then whisked her off into his truck.

He then went around the back of the building, looking for a place to turn around. However, then she came close, and touched him. He could not take anymore. He had to have her right then and there. To hell with anyone that might see them. He parked the truck. He took her into his arms. They kissed over and over again, ending up in the sleeper.

His mind was reeling. "How did I get undressed? How did she get naked?

Oh My God, she's a raving beauty. Is she really here? Will I really be able to hold her? Will she really allow me to make love to her?

Can she possibly know that I wasn't just spouting words when I said, I love you?"

Her kisses, burning with desire and passion went clear to his soul. Her body looked like a Goddess lying there. She was waiting for him to come to her, wanting him to make love to her. Where are all the plans, he made for this meeting go? What happened to all the things, I wanted to do before we made love?

He had to feel her arms around him. To feel her soft velvet vise of her womanhood as he thrust deep into her. He had to have her now. He could not wait another second, to make her his. Slowly, almost hesitantly, she came into his arms. He still wanted to make this union of their bodies' special for her. He wanted to hold back, to prolong their lovemaking on that first time. However, there was no way he could hold anything back from her. Not even this. "Amanda, I Love you," he cried as he shot his load deep inside her pussy.

"Now what have I done? I guess I have just ruined the whole damn weekend for her. Now she's gonna think, that all I wanted was her body. Why do I always have to be so freaking impatient. I just could not wait could I? I just had to fuck this wonderful, beautiful creature. What's wrong with me? I can't even follow a simple plan to make her feel good without fucking it all up. Now, what's she going to think? Will she want to leave and go home? Will she just go on, and slap the shit out of me, like I deserve?"

Then, he heard the most beautiful words in the world. "Douglas, I love you". His heart came into his throat. He wanted to jump for joy, to do handsprings. Mostly, though, he just wanted to hold her close, and never, ever let her go. Three more times, they made sweet passionate love that night. Three more trips to Heaven.

When he awoke on Saturday, he just couldn't believe that she was there. Holding him, loving him, and wanting him. Again, before breakfast, they pleasured each other. When she took his cock deep into her throat, he thought he would just die right there. This was like nothing he had ever experienced before. With pleasure so intense, it was almost like pain.

He knew that he couldn't live without her. He wanted her to be with him as he traveled the highways. With him, when he stopped at night in some lonely rest area, on an even lonelier interstate highway. He wanted to have her next to him, when he went into a truck stop for his dinner. He looked into her soft green eyes. "Amanda, I love you!" He drew her into his arms and kissed her again. This time with all the passion, he had within him. In the back of his mind, he wondered how he could have found someone so beautiful. To him, she was an angel—no—"His Angel" more precious, then priceless gemstones or the purest gold. She fit within his arms like a tailored leather glove.

He did not care what tomorrow would bring, because she was his until the end of time. He ran his finger down her spine and felt a tingle of electricity, going from his fingertips straight to his cock. He softly laid her down, and with wet butterfly, kisses followed the trail left by his fingers.

"Oh Douglas, I love you," as she felt his hands caressing her. She thought back to the first time they met online. When she asked for a picture of him, at first he hesitated. She told him, that she just wanted to match the face with a name. He sent her one with the caption; "Beware the following maybe hazardous to your health!"

When she looked into those blue eyes, she felt drawn to him like metal to a magnet. In the back of her head, she wondered how a picture could do all that. At first dismissed it, saying she was just horny, as usual. However, when he called her, his voice, went straight through her to the center of her womanhood. She wondered if he could heart the beating of her heart. She wanted to follow the phone line to him and scream, "Take me I am yours!" Was she just her usual hot and horny self-playing online to meet the hunger between her legs? On the other hand, was she beginning to feel the affects of a neglected wife after five years of marriage? She did not care. All she wanted to do was snuggle deep within his arms.

When she was reading his e-mail the next day, he asked her a question. "Amanda, was that a dream I had last night, or was it real!"

"If I am dreaming, then I don't ever want to wake up. Whoever wakes me up better wish they had not," she replied.

She was not even sure what brought the two of them together. Now, this was a weekend in paradise. Douglas was all she wanted!

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