The Bounty Hunter
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Captain Sam Miller receives his warrant officers commission as a bounty hunter in the star federation. Falls for a young passionate red head. Get his dream ship so much more. And they say Dreams don't come true. For Sam it turns into the adventure of a lifetime.

Ships Log 2853AC

Captain S. Miller

I have been treading the space lanes alone, for ten years now. In that time I have made more money than I had ever dreamed possible.

'Now what?' I wondered.

I was bored with just trading. My Mk IV trade vessel was over one hundred fifty years old, when I'd got it. I had to make my own way, the hard way. Maybe it was time I upgraded to a better ship. Even a new Mk IV with all of its enhanced features would be an improvement.

Then again, I had made my application to the Star Federation three months back. It was about time I should be hearing from them.

'Maybe there will be a message at the next port of call, ' I mused to myself.

"End log entry," I stated to the AI system.

There was bleep to acknowledge that the recorder had shut off.

It was three ports of call later, when I was approaching Lakly Starport, that I finally heard from them. The onboard AI announced an incoming message from Admiral Steiner of the Star Federation. I could hardly contain my excitement.

I told the AI system, "Display it at once."

The message began with a display of the logo of the Star Federation Alliance. After a moment, a prerecorded message played the face of a very young looking 'Vice Admiral of the Star Federation Fleet'.

"Greetings, Captain Miller,

This is Vice Admiral Steiner, Military Advisor to the Lakly system, and to the Starport commander. Captain, I personally request your presence in Space Dock Command, precisely at 1400 cycles Starport time, today. The subject of our meeting will be your application for Warrant Officer."

"A free bit of advice here, Captain. This is a test of your abilities and resourcefulness. If you can't make it on time, don't bother to show up."

End of transmission.

The Holo screen displayed the eight galaxies of the Federation that followed all official communications. I sat, stunned, for a moment. I just stared at the display. Finally, reality set in and I spoke.

"AI, what is the current local time on Lacky station, please?"

The sexy AI voice responded "1299 Cycles, Sir."

'101 cycles is all I got? Oh! How am I going to get docked in that amount of time?' I was thinking to myself.

Then, an idea popped into my head. Actually, it was strange, in a way. It didn't seem like my thought. The thought just came to me. I didn't worry about that at the moment, however. Instead I addressed the AI.

"AI. Engage auto-docking, priority two."

The ships AI responded, "Priority two, Sir?"

It was programmed to respond in that sexy voice. I have had many wet dreams listening to that very voice. Maybe I should get that personality crystal and VR halo projector for my next ship.

I confirmed my order for the AI.

"Yes. Priority two."

The ship's AI said, "Sir, Priority two is reserved for Warrant Officers of the Federation Star Alliance."

I replied, "I know. If the priority request is accepted, I will know that a commission is awaiting my arrival."

Then I wondered why I never got a personality crystal for the AI system. Maybe it was about time I did. That thought would give me something to contemplate for the next one hundred cycles.

As it was currently 1300 Cycles, Station time, the only way I could dock and make the appointment was if I had Warrant Officers status. Priority three was expensive, and usually meant a one to two hundred cycle wait in line. That wait was before even beginning the docking procedures.

Since only military ships and local police used priory one, well that just meant priority one was out of the question at this time. Actually, as long as there were no ships with priorities one or two waiting to dock ahead of me, I would be docking very shortly. At least that was my hope as I made my request.

The ships AI replied, "Starport Lakly Station has accepted priority two docking request. The auto systems have been engaged. Estimate docking in less than ten cycles, Sir."

At precisely 1400 cycles, I spoke to the station's AI unit operating the Admiral's office.

The computer replied, "Please state name and rank for voice identity check."

'Right, ' I thought to myself, 'military formalities!'

It had already identified me from my voiceprint. However, there was nothing to do but play along.'

So, in my best voice, I stated sharply, "Captain Sam Miller"

The station's AI replied, "Voice print confirmed. Please enter and have a seat. The Admiral will be with you shortly."

I entered the office and had a seat in the only chair that was in front of the desk. It was a cumbersome looking thing. Comfortable, but the restraint features were plainly visible. I almost panicked about that little fact, then the Admiral entered the room.

"Stay seated. You haven't been sworn in, yet," the admiral said, and smiled at me. Then he sat in his chair and began. "Captain, I want to congratulate you on your acceptance as a Warrant Officer in the Federation's Independent Forces Division. I have reviewed your record. I am impressed with your bounty reports. I don't often meet a man that's capable of taking out six ships at once. You have demonstrated a perspicacity that has earned you this opportunity for a commission."

I replied, "Oh, then you know about the military lasers on my ship?"

The admiral frowned, considering this news. Then he smiled again.

"No, I didn't, but it explains much," he said. He thought for a moment, and then said. "Well, it doesn't matter now, since you are now entitled to outfit your ship with them anyway."

I said, "Thank you, Sir."

"You have received all the information in your application package. Do you have any questions for me?"

I replied "No, Sir. Not at this time."

The Admiral said, "Very good. Now stand, raise your right hand, and repeat after me. 'I, (state your name), swear to uphold the laws and principles of the Federation... '"

I repeated the oath as he quoted it. And no, he didn't use any notes. Then he said to sit, even has he motioned me to do so. I did, and as soon as I was seated. The chair's restraint fields came on.

The Admiral then said "Your AI implant will take about a hundred cycles for you to assimilate. You can spend your time reviewing the ships and the weapons available to you for your mission. Please choose wisely, because a bounty hunter lives or dies, based on his choice of equipment."

Ok. I knew I was technically Federation property, now. I could be 'pressed' into special missions at anytime. At least, if that happened, I would receive an expense account to cover my cost. That, plus the standard 100 GCs (Galactic Credits) per day salary I would receive on active duty. My mind returned from its meanderings to face the question of the restraint field. I would have thought that I could move to the infirmary under my own power. I did know I was going to get an implant. I hadn't expected to receive it here in the admiral's office.

The implant was a micron sized AI identification and bio enhancement chip. It was injected into the brain via an old fashion needle, to the back of the head, by way of the spinal pathway in the back of my skull. I felt an intense pain shoot thru my head, as it was injected right there in the Admiral's office. If the restraint field had not been in place, I would have at least twitched. I would have killed myself during the procedure.

The Admiral mused, "You did better than I. When I got my implant, I ranted and raved for five cycles. I struck the admiral, after the restraint field was lifted. Not that I recommend that in your case. I got six months, for that little piece of stupidity."

I was disoriented as the AI chip attached itself to my brain and came to life. I knew the rumor mill said that I would be able to radio other fleet personal once the chip was in place. What I did not expect was that it didn't use radio waves. The Admiral's very thoughts came to me.

'It takes a full one hundred cycles to become fully operational. Yes, this is a form of artificial telepathy. It's the safest way for you to get orders, when we don't want anyone to know you are getting them. It's also a capital offence to reveal the existence of the telepathy, or how it works.'

I thought, 'No problem... but God I have a headache!'

The admiral thought, 'Well you got the new model, so I am not sure about all its new capabilities. When you feel like you can stand, I will release the restraint fields and you can move yourself to the infirmary for observation.'

I sat and gathered my thoughts.

The Admiral thought, 'No, it only allows communication between those that have the chip. You can't read other people's minds. Although we are working on that possibility.'

I thought, 'I see. So I'd better not be thinking of beautiful naked young women, eh?'

'On the contrary, I would love it if you did that. I'm a dirty old man. You will discover how to block errant transmissions before you leave the infirmary. You will also find that the Warrant Officers of the Federation don't follow the norms of the galaxy. We have our own code, and our own honor. I hope you can deal with it.'

I thought, 'Somehow, I believe I will handle it. I think I am ready for the infirmary now, Sir.'

The admiral turned off the restraint fields, and gave me the directions to the infirmary.

He said, "Don't worry, I have heard and seen it all. It comes with the territory."

I went to the infirmary and was met by a young female tech.

She thought into my mind, 'Yep, you and I will have fun when I get off shift!'

Damn, this was going to take some getting use to. She grinned, and then my mind was filled with the mental image of the two of us in a zero 'g' hotel suite, at the Spaceport's central axis.

It was so weird with this chip in my head. I couldn't tell if it was my thoughts or hers. In any case, this was going to take some real getting used to.

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