Just Two Girls Out On The Town

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mother and daughter do some female bonding.

"Damn, you sure are tight for a bar bitch" the man grunted as he pumped into her. "Must only pick up guys with little dicks. Come on honey, push that ass at me, take me deep."

I looked over at her and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head turned slightly away from him and I wondered if it was because he had bad breath. It was obvious to me that she wasn't getting much out of it. He was huffing and puffing and he started moaning:

"Gonna cum, gonna cum honey, gonna cum."

She must have decided to hurry things along because she dug her nails in his back and cried:

"Do it, do it, do it!"

She faked an orgasm as he came and then he held himself still for a moment before pulling out of her. I almost laughed at the sight of him there on his knees, condom dangling from his cock and still wearing his shoes and socks. Naked except for shoes and socks and I thought of some bad porno movies I had seen, movies made back in the Forties and early Fifties where the actors always seemed to fuck while being naked except for their socks.

She rolled up on her elbow and looked over at me. I was doing better than she had. My guy had at least spent a little time trying to work me up. He had fingered my pussy while sucking my breasts and had found my clit and massaged it a bit before mounting me. He honestly seemed like he was trying to get me off before he came and I was working with him. I had my legs clamped around his waist and my nails were digging into his butt as I tried to pull him deep into me. I pushed my hips up at him and moaned in his ear as he did his best to see to it that I got my orgasm.

The heat started building in me and I could feel it lance out from my center and I pulled his ass harder to me as I panted, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh God, so good, so good" and then I screamed out, "OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS' as my body shook with my climax. The orgasm was real, but the scream was for show, a little stroke to his ego for actually trying to make it good for me. You don't often find that in a man you pick up in a bar.

We watched as the men dressed and left the motel room and once they were gone she looked at me and said:

"Well, you certainly got the best of that deal."

"Hey now, I gave you first choice. I can't help it if you chose wrong."

"I don't know how I let you talk me into this."

"Yes you do. You are as big a slut as I am only you have kept it bottled up all these years."

"I swear, this wasn't much better than I get from your father."

"Don't sweat it Mom, the next time will be much better."

"How can you promise that?"

"Next time mother, I will set it up ahead of time with guys who I know can do it right. But for now we need to get dressed and hurry home to our hubbies."

How did I end up in a motel room with my mother and two guys we picked up in a bar? It all started out because my mother and I got drunk together one night. My father was out of town on business and my husband had taken a week off from work to go fishing in Canada somewhere. One of those guys things that 'couldn't be passed up'. I guess the only way into the place was by floatplane or dog sled or something like that.

Anyway, mom and I had dinner together and we had wine with dinner followed by more wine after dinner and still more wine as we started crying on each other's shoulders about the sorry state of our marriages. How we got there I'm not sure - I don't remember a lot about what happened after we started on the third bottle of wine - but mom started talking about how dad hadn't made love to her in over four months.

"He is always going out of town on those damned business trips and when he comes home he claims he is too tired. He tells me to give him a day or two to recover and so I do and then he is off on another trip. I'm spending a small fortune on batteries for my vibrator."

I don't know where it came from, the wine, frustration over my relationship with my husband or maybe even latent hostility toward my father, but when mom made her 'batteries' comment I said:

"You don't need batteries, you need a stud. You need to toss out that vibrator and get yourself a man."

My mother looked at me like I had just slapped her and then she said:

"I could never do something like that. How could you even say something like that to me?"

"I said that because I'm seeing you where I was two years ago and I know how much it sucks and I know how miserable I was until I did something about it."

"I thought you and John had a great marriage."

"We did, right up till the time he decided his career was more important to him than a good relationship with me."

"I don't understand."

"It all stared when he was promoted to district manager. Suddenly he saw himself as a rising star in the company. He saw himself rising to regional manager, then divisional manager, and finally a vice-presidency. He started throwing all his energy into his job. He started spending more time with his customers than me. Fishing trips, hunting trips and golf outings got all of his time. Taking ten customers to Daytona for Speed Week was more important than taking a vacation with me. It was like I didn't exist for him anymore."

"I never knew that."

"Like dad, when he was home he was always too tired to do anything. He was too tired to even cut the grass so he hired a lawn service to do it. He hired a company to come in and wash the windows on the house, inside and out. If something needed to be done he hired someone to come in and do it. He hadn't made love to me in over three months and one day I asked him if he was going to hire someone to take care of that too. He laughed and treated it like a joke. He told me to grab the Yellow Pages and find a service and he would give them a call, but he didn't take the hint and take me to bed. So yeah, I know just what you are going through."

"So what did you do?"

"I went out one night and got myself laid."

"You didn't!"

"Oh yes I did. The week John took those seven customers to the Super Bowl in Detroit I went out, let myself be picked up and taken to a motel room. I stayed there for two days before going home and I've been doing it ever since."

"You have been cheating on John?"

"That's one way of putting it. I prefer saying that I'm taking care of my needs in accordance with my husband's wishes. He did tell me to find a service so I did. And you should to. I'm going out tomorrow night. Would you like to join me?"

"Of course not. I might not be getting any from your father right now, but I'm not desperate enough to do what you are suggesting."

"Well mom, if you ever do get that desperate give me a call."

It was almost a month before she called and the night in the motel room was the result.

I felt bad about the way the evening had turned out for mom and I set out to plan an evening that would make up for it. Three days later I picked up mom to take her to an 'Avon' party with me. When I set the date up I didn't tell the guys she was my mother; as far as they knew she was just an older married girlfriend.

We met Stan and Will at the Starlight Lounge and after some drinks and dancing the guys took us to the Super 8 Motel and my mom had her brains damned near fucked out. It started out with Will and me on one bed and Stan and mom on the other and it ended with all four of us on the same bed. In between the beginning and the end mom was turned every which way but loose. It went places that I never expected. Have you ever seen your own mother being doubled? I did and it surprised the hell out of me that not only did she like it, but that she wanted to do it again.

I had gotten up from the bed and had gone in to the bathroom to pee. Before getting off the bed I had been sucking Will's cock trying to get him up again and when I went into the bathroom he had been lying on the bed stroking himself and watching Stan doing my mother doggie. When I came out of the bathroom Will was on the bed with mom and Stan and Will had his cock in mom's mouth and she didn't seem to mind at all. I sat there and watched for about five minutes and then Stan came and pulled out of mom and Will moved around behind her and took Stan's place. I heard mom moan as Will slid his hard cock into her cum filled pussy.

Stan walked over to me and offered me his cock and told me if I could get it hard again I could have it. Talk about weird; if tasting your mother on some man's cock isn't weird then I don't know what is.

After I got Stan back up he got me on my hands and knees and took me from behind and when Will came in my mom he pulled out and came over and stuck his cock in my face and mom got to watch me be double teamed. When Stan started to finger my ass I knew what was going to happen. I love anal and Stan was starting to get me ready. Will pulled out of my mouth and looked over at my mom. "Do you like anal?" he asked

"I've never done it."

"You haven't? Would you like to try?"

She looked over at me taking it in the ass and loving it and said, "I can try, but if I say stop I expect you to stop."

Will moved to the other bed and had mom get on her hands and knees. "I'll go slow and take it easy on you" Will said as he ran a finger into mom's pussy to get it wet.

"Put your head down on a pillow and just relax."

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