The Worst Month

by Daisblackwing

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Desc: True Story: This is the story of my recovery from a bad car accident.

On December 21st I had a bad car accident. What happened was I went into a ditch, rolled my car, hit my head and had a tree branch hit the left side of my face. The end result was I went into a coma.

During my coma I had a dream that was fun. It also told me a lot of who and what I am. The dream was has follows. I'm laying in front of a warm fire. Then a person dressed in white stood in front of me holding up a mirror. I looked in to the mirror and saw me as a cat. I then looked at me and saw I was a fox. I looked back at the mirror and saw I was a fox then looked at myself again and saw I was a cat.

Then the person in white spoke to me. "You're a very interesting person, your both a cat and a fox. Not a half breed but both of them 100% pure. A strange thing of alchemy you are. I'm glad to tell you that you're going to get better and you're not going to die for a long time. You'll pull though this and laugh at it later.

This news I was told made me very happy. I found out what I was and why I'm the way I am. I've been called a cat and a fox before in my life. And now I knew why I'm playful, great at finding the hard to find items. And I'm tough.

Five days later I woke up from my coma on my own. A few minutes later I had nurse all over me, asking me questions as I was trying to get up.

I was in a hospital and the last thing I remember is the last day I was at work. Then one of the nurses asked me "Do you know what day it is?"

I had to guess. It was close to Christmas last I remember and if my gut is right, because it was in the past. "It's almost new years." I answered hopefully right and wrong. Wrong, because I missed seeing my family for Christmas Eve and for Christmas. Right, so I knew I was ok and I'd recover soon.

"Close, it's the 26th of December." She said happily.

Shit, I thought to myself. I missed not only Christmas Eve and Christmas but my sister's birthday has well. I was allowed to use the rest room and I looked at my eyes, blood red both of them. Cool. I look like a demon from Inuyasha or other anime characters with red eyes such so I wasn't upset or worried. I was hopping it would be a permanent thing. I thought how it would be a blast at the conventions I go to because I wouldn't need make up. If I need to get a new job a comic shop or a movie store would be ideal for me.

I then asked, politely. "May I please have a phone so I can make a phone call?" About 10 minutes later I was given a phone to use and called home to say I was ok and I was sorry for causing all the worry I did. At the end of the phone conversation I was crying.

Then I had a doctor come in and look me over. He said. "You should have been DOA when you got here and if you woke up from your coma you should have been paralyzed from the neck down. Oh and by the way you have to keep that neck brace on all the time."

I responded, "Well, I'm not. Oh, joy just what I want a collar on me. Now I know how a cat feels when they have to wear a funnel collar. So how long until I'm fully recovered." The answer I got scared me and I realized that the accident cost me dearly.

"You have the top three vertebrae under your neck broken, 8 cracked ribs: 3 on your left side and 5 on your right." That made me feel really bad. But I wasn't told everything. It was the top four vertebrae and my upper left row of teeth was pushed in and the left side of my skull was broken in 3 places. The lower jaw was just fine. Then I was told.

"You have surgery on Friday."

I was looking forward to it, and I was very excited. I never had surgery done before. I also noticed that I had blood coming from my ears. I wasn't worried, even if it was hard to hear.

My family stopped by and saw me the next day. They promised to sure to see me when they could. And one of the nurses brought me a bag that was addressed to me. I looked at it, somewhat hard to do when you can't see.

My mother handed me a pair of glasses and told me "My regular pair was lost or destroyed."

I took them, thankful that my eyes have changed very little over the years since I'd worn them. I then saw it was from a friend of mine, inside were two CDS and a white box. Gundam Seed soundtrack II and Xenosaga III soundtrack. I then new I needed to get a CD player and have someone get the last CD's I had on hold for me. I called my friend and thanked him for the presents.

The next day I was given a CD player and news that I had nothing on hold for me. Ok, I had 3 CDs on hold for me before the accident and I got 4 miles from home when it happened. I was on my way to pick up the CDs I had on hold the day of the accident.

Then I was told by my brother. "You were driving under the speed limit and hit a patch of ice then went into a ditch. We don't know if you hit anything in the ditch but we looked for your glasses and couldn't find them."

I replied, "They are destroyed. Thanks for looking into my request and the CD player, I'll try not to get blood on it.

"Your trench coat has been destroyed."

Once I heard those words I started crying and saying "That was inheritance and there was no reason to destroy it. It should have been taken care of."

Then he said. "Your car is totaled and the CD player is yours."

I then opened up the white box and saw a note from my favorite shop owner telling me how sorry she was and how she hopes I get well soon." I started to cry. Something I'm still doing. But she also gave me a little stuffed golden dog and gave it to my parents then said, "Make sure that my cat, Strike get this." They never gave it to her and I'm glad that they didn't.

I slept a lot and ate soft foods. Friday came around and I was told that I could shower and I was to be sent home so the swelling in my head would go down. I was worried. "I thought this surgery was important and if it is then why are the doctors delaying it?" I asked.

The nurse then said. "They don't feel comfortable operation on you right now. Once the swelling goes down they'll operate and you'll be good as new."

That made me feel better so I called home and told my parents what was going on. Also to tell them they could come and pick me up.

I waited for them to arrive and gathered the few things I had. On the way home I hit a few places I like to go too. I spent the night talking to friends and writing the fifth chapter of the problems with cat girls and updated my blog. I called also my friends and family to say sorry for putting them though all the worry I did. But what I heard really cheered me up.

"We all put our money on you coming back and if you had any scars we know you'll treat them like medals of honor." My aunt and uncles told me.

I have three. One on the inside on my right knee, another on my left lip just under my eye, and the third is on my left arm. I had a scar open up and bring back a flood of bad memories too so I was dealing with the demons of the accident and of times gone by. It took three days until I was over that. When I talked to my friends and told them what I've been though as well as the fact that I should be on the final stretch right now. They called me dead man walking.

I relaxed and then 8 days later after being released I stopped by my work to pick up my last 2 paychecks.

January 10th I went in to get cleared for my surgery and found out I was going to have four titanium plates put in and I was going to have my jaws wired shut. I was told I know longer had to wear my collar.

Then January 11th came and I had my surgery. I was told it'll be 9 hours long and then I'd be sent home to recuperate there. I was then wheeled off to operated on. Next thing I knew I was in a hallway waking up and being told. "Your operation was a success but it was 10 hours long. You did great. We're going to keep you here over night for observation." I was ok with this. I was taken to a room and said good bye to my parents. I was being hooked up to a machine to take my blood pressure and then the nurse told me. "You're going to have your blood pressure taken every 15 minutes while you sleep." I would have asked why and protested if I could have. That was the worst night's sleep I ever had. I wanted to cut off my right arm. The next morning I was a little drowsy and unable to move, my ribs hadn't fully healed and I couldn't see out of my left eye. My face was so swollen but I had an ice pack next to me so I placed it on my face. Then the doctors came in then started to look me over and ask me how I felt, checking to make sure every thing was working. I was released on January 12th at noon.

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