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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: New lovers enjoy each other for the first time

Chapter 1

Stage: cottage by lake, picnic for two soon to be lovers

Cast: you and me

We went to cottage to have picnic and to get to know each other. Never knowing just how well we would know each other by end of the day.

We had been swimming for most of the morning. Frolicking and teasing oneanother with ourantics. Swimming close and rubbing each other. So we are hot for each other and hungry for food I'm wearing my new bikini, hoping to look good enough to eat. You're in black swim trunks. We had decided to go up to the cottage, to get picnic from the car and to grab a blanket to sit on.

Once at the car (neither of us knows who started it) we started to kiss. At first hesitant, gauging reaction and seeing what felt best. After several long minutes of this play we are getting thoroughly aroused and know we are going to either have to stop or finish what we have started.

I decide to hold off and say so, as I'm leaning into car to grab the basket. You are ok with this but decide to grab one last kiss to hold on to. As I stand up and turn towards you, I'm pulled into your arms and kissed with a thoroughness I'd never felt before.

By mutual consent we decide we cannot wait and get bolder in our caresses of one another's bodies. Deciding to catch my breath I turn away and lean on the car. While I'm leaning over you start to run your hands over my shoulders, around to my breasts. Slowly as if weighing them you lift them and mold them with your palms and fingers. Running the nipple between your fingers as you slowly kiss around my neck to the sensitive skin behind my ears.

Then slowly your hands run down my body. Massaging and caressing as you go, kissing a trail down my back. You slowly mold my ass with your hands loving the sounds coming from my throat, as I tell you not to stop in a breathless whisper. Dropping to one knee you slowly run you r fingers along he line of my bikini, inching under them so you can move them out of your way. Pulling my hips back you start to kiss my thighs and lick me slowly to the very base of opening.

Spreading me with your fingers you start a slow torturous licking up one side and then back to repeat on each side, by this time I'm begging you to find my opening and to lick me faster. Your in no mood for fast yet thou and decide to keep up the slow methodical loving. Inch-by-Inch you work towards my clit, once there you slowly suck it into your mouth and gently push two fingers into my warm wet opening. Thrusting them in time to the licks and sucks on my clit till I can barely stand with the pleasure you has delivered to me.

All at once it is too much you need to be buried in me. Standing you press me to a bent position, and remove your trunks, then you ease your fat hard cock into my tight passage inch by inch. Going slowly at first you take your time burying into me, then withdrawing, knowing I'm liable to burst with my orgasm any second. You can feel the muscles in me tightening and pulsing around you. Building up speed you pull my hair back to look into my passion glazed eyes. I kiss you and beg you to finish me hard. Faster and harder you pump into me, crushing me to the car grinding into the back of me, I can feel your body smacking my ass as we build to the summit of ecstasy.

Finally you know I can barely stand it and pump hard and deep into me repeatedly until I shower you shaft with my cum, and let out a moan as you've never heard before. Trembling and quaking I squeeze my muscles to milk your cock and make you come in me with the power of a hurricane.

Spent we both collapse onto the car and slowly separate, and begin to catch our breathe.

Chapter 2

Winding down from the peaks we had just climbed we slowly adjust our clothing and wordlessly pick up the basket and blanket. Hand in hand we walk back towards the beach to enjoy our picnic. I am content knowing that we are sexually compatible. I wasn't planning to be intimate with you. Yet I know it is the first of many very hot and soul shattering times to come.

You spread the blanket, while I lay out the food to enjoy. Sitting next to the tree that is beside our blanket you lean against it and then you draw me down to sit in between your legs and pull me back against your chest. Not knowing what to say or do, I just relax and decide to eat. By the time we finish eating and get to desert, I am feeling less shy and want to see how receptive you'd be to more. I decide to give my mouth to you for your pleasure. I want you to experience the joy and rush I had felt just moments ago. Knowing I am inexperienced in giving oral pleasure I hope I can imitate the things I'd seen in the movie I'd watched late at night in the privacy of my room.

Slowly I turn to you and begin to kiss your chin and neck working up to your lips, I draw first one lip then the other into my mouth and suck on them using gentle pressure. Then I part your lips with my tongue and begin kissing you fully and notice how your breathing is becoming very shallow and labored. Then I work back down your chest slowly licking and biting my way to each of your nipples which I suck into my mouth and mimic the movements used on my clit just a short time ago. You are stunned but happy to let me pleasure you for the time being. I work down to the hardening bulge in your trunks and grasp it firmly, wanting to test the weight and size, I know I'm going to be giving you pleasure but want to draw it out as long as possible. I want to see it, as so far, I have only felt it between my dew-covered thighs.

I motion for you to lift your hips so I can rid you of the shorts and get to the prize I seek. Once again I start kissing your lips and letting my body run over ours feeling the differences, your hard chest against my soft stomach, I move lower and lick my way to your waist, where I spend time just kissing, licking and moving lower to the firm cock now jutting up from the juncture of your thighs. Taking it in hand, I start at the base and lick bottom to top, sucking the head into my mouth and licking the rim to get you wet with my mouth. Then I lick back to the base, and up again. This time centering my attention on the point just below the head on the underside of your thickness. Nipping and sucking, I once again suck you into my mouth and move my mouth to cover as much as I can comfortably fit in my warm moist hole. You are amazed and start to feel the pressure of the pleasure I am building for you, as I slide back to the tip and begin to swallow you again. As I come up for air I decide I want to pleasure the sac hanging low beneath your hard erection. I nip my way down and slowly lick the balls that until now had gone unattended. First one then the other I suck them into my mouth and apply gentle pressure thru suction. I want to make you feel like I am trying to suck the come out thru your scrotum.

You begin moaning and shifting your hips up, effectively humping my face. I can tell your close and that I am pleasing you.

Knowing I may not have much time, I give all I can. I move back to the head of your cock and start the steady pressure of sucking it into my mouth. Back to the back of my throat and I begin to try swallowing you. I start to feel you swell, knowing you will cum any minute I suck hard once, twice and then I move my hand to your shaft and start a steady pumping action as I lick the head of your cock, I wind my tongue into the little slit at the top and tickle it gently as I wait. I don't have a long wait until I feel you explode. Hitting me in the face and covering me with your white, hot jism. It hits me full in the center of my face; I can feel its heat and the thickness as it starts to run along the contours of my face. Gasping for air, you try to gather wits and decide how to get me to do that again soon. You can't believe I did that. I slowly lower my mouth back to your cock and begin to lick it top to bottom, cleaning the remnants from your hard cock.

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