Club Rules

by H.L. Berry

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BDSM, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: One of the Club's members defaults on a payment. Q offers him a stark choice. Will he go, or stay and face the heavy penalty?


It was early evening. As the sun tracked its way slowly down, and weary commuters headed for home, the hostess was making her final preparations prior to opening the club. She issued instructions to her staff and completed some outstanding paperwork. Then she walked around the club for her usual last minute inspection, stopping for a quick word with the statuesque and muscular women guarding the entrance.

Back in her office, she locked the door and drew the blinds. Quickly she undressed, hanging her elegant business suit in a cupboard and folding her underwear neatly into a drawer. Nude, she walked across the room. Opening a second cupboard, she paused for a moment, inspecting its contents before reaching in and pulling out one of her trademark lycra bodysuits. She stepped into the form-hugging material, its shimmering black material coating her like a second skin. She reached behind her and pulled up the almost invisible zip to the top of the high neckline. The feet of the suit were fashioned into a pair of stiletto heels, negating the need for boots. She ran her hands down her body, feeling how the suit clung to every curve. Her hands lingered briefly over her breasts and pussy.

Reaching into the cupboard again, she withdrew a harness made from supple black leather. She cinched it around her waist, pulling a crotch strap between her legs to fasten at a buckle behind her. Chrome highlights gleamed at various points on the belt. She studied herself in a full-length mirror. After touching up her make-up, she gave a satisfied nod. She sat back in her black leather executive chair, feet up on her desk as she waited for her first visitor of the evening.

She heard footfalls in the club as it opened, and the steady murmur of voices as people passed close by her office. More footsteps approached her door, followed by a polite knock. She acknowledged the knock and the door opened. A stocky, muscular man walked in, flanked by two of her guards. He was powerfully built, and she could see why the newer members of the club referred to him as "Adonis".

"Take a seat," she gesticulated at a hard, uncomfortable-looking chair in front of her desk.

The man ignored her signal and moved towards one of the more inviting armchairs at the far side of the office. The hostess raised an eyebrow, and the two guards pounced on him, dragging him back and pushing him down into the chair that she had indicated.

"Your future at this club depends on you pleasing me," she stated harshly. "Do not disobey me a second time."

Adonis merely gazed at her insolently. She returned his stare, unblinking, until he looked away.

"You successfully bid in our auction last week," she continued. "Unfortunately, the cheque with which you settled your account has been returned by your bank, unpaid."

He shifted uneasily in his seat. She smiled at his discomfort, allowing him a few moments to consider the consequences.

"You know, of course, that under the strict rules of this club, any default on monies owed can result in your membership being summarily terminated. However, as you are one of our more popular members, and this is your first offence, I am inclined to be more lenient."

"May I ask what it is you intend to do?" he enquired. His voice was remarkably cultured, with no trace of an accent. "I will of course transfer the money from one of my other accounts immediately."

"Oh I don't doubt it," she stated flatly. "But there is more. For the rest of this weekend you will be mine. I will do with you what I please. You are a proud man. Can you stand to be humiliated and used? Or would you prefer to hand in your membership card now?"

Adonis thought for only a moment. "I am yours, Mistress."

"Good. I hoped you'd say that. Stand up please."

Adonis slowly got to his feet. The hostess beckoned to her guards.

"Strip him!"

The two women moved to his side and grasped his shirt. With a seemingly casual flex of their muscles, they quite literally ripped it from his back and dropped the ruined shreds of material into a wastepaper basket. They bent and tore his lightweight trousers from him. He stood, motionless, in his silk boxer shorts, only a slight bulge at the crotch betraying his true feelings. The women glanced at the hostess.

"They're very handsome, and I'm sure they cost a pretty penny, but he has to pay the price. Remove them."

The shredded shorts followed the rest of his clothes into the bin, and his shoes were removed. He stood before her, naked. His thick cock pointed at forty-five degrees towards the ground, already partly engorged with blood. The hostess stepped from behind her desk and stood in front of him. She studied him carefully, looking into his eyes. At length she reached down and grasped his cock, not bothering to look down. She stroked it gently until it was fully erect, staring straight into his eyes all the time. He began to move his hips, trying to fuck her hand. She squeezed his cock hard, holding him still.

"No you don't," she whispered. "There'll be no satisfaction for you for quite some time, I'm afraid."

She released his cock and strode out of the office. The two guards seized Adonis and pulled him after her, none too gently. In their spiked heels they were a good six inches taller than he, and he felt his face colour as they walked through the club, past other members who looked curiously at the little group. Many of the women, and some men too, stared openly at his erect cock as it bobbed in front of him.

They came to a large cold room. It was tiled in white from floor to ceiling, and the inevitable mirrors occupied all four walls. Adonis knew from experience that the club was a rabbit warren of passages. It occupied a large Victorian building, covered at least three floors that he knew of, and had been cunningly redesigned inside. There were many themed rooms, all different, but with one thing in common. Each had several large two-way mirrors mounted on the walls. Behind each mirror was a large open space, in which members could gather to watch the activities taking place in the room, while the occupants of the room saw only their own reflections. Many a new member had been quite taken aback to discover that their entire evening's escapades had been watched by up to one hundred complete strangers.

This room was new to Adonis. In its centre stood a chair fashioned from stainless steel. It resembled a dental chair, but chromed buckles on the armrests and adjustable lockable stirrups betrayed its true purpose. A large hook was fixed into the ceiling, and a row of sinks sat against the far wall. In the centre of the tiled floor, under the ceiling hook, was a drainage hole.

The women led him to the chair and sat him in it. His skin shrank away from the cold steel. His wrist and ankles were locked in place, and the adjustable stirrups lifted so that his legs were raised and parted wide. The hostess grinned at him evilly.

"Before we do anything else, we'd better make sure that you are spotlessly clean. Inside and out."

She pressed a buzzer near the door. Two women appeared. They wore what looked like nurses uniforms, but fashioned entirely from rubber. The outfits gripped them tightly, showing off their buxom figures and restricting heavily the length of their stride. High-heeled pumps that would never be seen in a real hospital completed the ensembles.

One of them unwound a hose from a tap on the nearest wall. On the end of the hose was a chrome nozzle, which she greased and carefully inserted into his vulnerable anus. The second nurse turned the tap, and after a brief pause, he felt warm water begin to flood his rectum. He quickly felt uncomfortable full, but the nurse held the nozzle firmly in place for almost a minute. After the flow of water was stopped, the nurse swiftly removed the nozzle and blocked his anus with a small plug. Then they left him alone. He shifted, feeling the water sloshing around inside him. He could sense the eyes watching him from the mirror opposite, legs spread wide and completely exposed. The urge to close them was unbearable, but the bonds prevented him.

A nurse returned, holding a large bottle of still mineral water. She made him drink every last drop before she unplugged his rectum, allowing the water to spill out of him. She ran a hose briefly over him, washing him clean. She then manacled his wrists, attaching them to a chain that passed over the ceiling hook and down to a ratchet mechanism. She then freed his arms and legs from the chair. As she operated the ratchet, he felt himself pulled upright and across the floor until he was positioned over the drainage hole. She pulled the ratchet until he was standing on his toes, arms stretched high above his head. She left him there, taut as a bow. He waited for one of them to return, suddenly aware of the quantity of water that he had drunk. He glared furiously at the mirrors as his bladder filled. He held back for as long as he could, but there was no relief. His cheeks burned as he let loose a long stream of piss onto the floor around his feet. His head hung in shame.

The nurses returned and rinsed him off using a hosepipe. His cock shrivelled embarrassingly in the freezing cold jet of water. Then the hostess was standing in front of him. She reached down and fastened a leather belt tightly around his waist. Attached to this was a wire mesh cage, into which she fed his cock and balls. Two chains passed from the bottom of the cage through his legs and attached to the back of the belt, leaving his anus ominously available.

"That should stop those troublesome erections," she gloated. She idly flicked his nipples and he gasped as his cock stiffened and pressed painfully into the mesh surrounding it. The chain holding his arms aloft was released, and the hostess led him into one of the other rooms. Adonis recognised the room instantly. It contained various mechanical and electronic devices, mostly design to test sexual limits. The hostess took him to admire her latest acquisition. It was a chair, similar to the steel dentists chair in the shower room, but upholstered in black leather. As she strapped him in, she demonstrated how the belts were electronically tightened, responding instantly to any movement on the part of the subject. A control panel at the back allowed the operator to swivel her victim into almost any position. The position in which Adonis now found himself was slightly reclined, head clamped firmly into the headrest of the chair, arms by his side and legs spread wide akimbo.

He felt the vibrations in the chair as the hostess caused a panel to open in the cabinet beneath it. There was a hum as the device swivelled into place, and he felt it positioned against his anus. There was an audible click in the otherwise silent room as the hostess flicked the switch that would activate its mechanism. The probe, already lubricated, pushed at his sphincter. He resisted at first, but the device was remorseless, and slowly began to force its way inside him. As it entered, he felt it getting gradually wider along its length. He strained to open himself, then relaxed as he felt a sudden narrowing. A butt plug, he thought to himself, and a relatively small one at that. Then, he realised that the machine was still pushing, and his ring was being forced wider again. He panicked and tried to struggle, but his restraints automatically tightened, allowing him absolutely no movement and painfully constricting him. Again the probe narrowed and again it began to flare wider. He counted four narrow sections before the full length of the phallus was lodged in his rectum. It took almost five minutes before it was buried to the hilt. Cruelly, the last section remained flared, stretching his anus painfully wide. His cock pushed against the mesh cage.

The hostess turned another switch, and the device began a long slow cycle, pulling out then pushing inexorably back into him. He groaned aloud. The hostess came round to look at him. She stroked his cheek gently, then leant forward and kissed him passionately. His eyes widened, and then closed in pain as yet again the cage prevented him from achieving an erection.

"After an hour of this, you'll be nice and loose for the next phase of your punishment. I'm sure you can cope with another hour, can't you?"

He shook his head violently, "No", until the strap tightened on his forehead, but she turned on her heels and left the room. Other people were free to wander into the room and use the equipment. Several came over to him. Some teased him, stroking his body then laughing at his tortured gasp. The hostess left him there for the full hour. She let the machine complete its cycle before flicking the switch that withdrew the implement fully. His anus was left gaping open.

"Now we are going to move to another area that's a particular favourite of yours, though of course usually you are not on the receiving end."

The guards reappeared and his bonds were loosened. He stumbled between them into a dimly lit room. There, he was forced to his knees and bent over a small hassock. His thighs were strapped to the legs of the hassock, and he was pushed forward until his chest rested on it. Further straps around his arms prevented him from lifting his body. A leather hood was fitted to his head, covering him completely and preventing him from hearing or seeing anything. Small holes over his nostrils allowed him to breath, and a large ring built into the hood held his mouth wide open and accessible. He felt a stinging slap to his buttocks, then nothing. He waited, knowing full well what was about to happen to him.

After what seemed like an eternity, he felt a pair of hands on his waist. Despite himself he flinched, then braced himself. Stretched as it had been, his anus offered no resistance as the stranger swiftly and brutally penetrated him. He groaned in frustration as his cock responded, but was unable to overcome the cursed cage that bound it. The hassock over which he was bound seemed designed specifically to torture him further. Its surface was covered in a short, bristly fur like material, which scratched at his skin, stimulating the nerve endings in all his sensitive areas. His nipples screamed at him for unforthcoming relief.

The man behind him continued to pound his arse. He gave no thought to the pleasure of his victim and came quickly, with a shudder. Adonis felt the jets of come deep inside his rectum. He had no time to savour the feeling. The man was pulled aside and another took his place. The new cock was bigger, much bigger, and its owner was more careful as he eased himself far into Adonis. It seemed to take forever, and Adonis could not help moaning as the last few inches pushed their way home.

With the hood in place, he was unable to hear the request to shut him up, but he felt his head forcefully lifted up. Another cock was pushed through the hole at the front of the hood and into his mouth. He snarled, but was prevented from biting down by the built-in rubber ring. He drooled uncontrollably, coating the cock in his saliva. It pushed in and out, the man twisting his head uncomfortably to gain maximum sensation. The climax in his arse and the replacement of the second cock went almost unnoticed. Finally, his oral rapist thrust hard into him. He felt the cock expanding, filling him, and then his throat flooded with come. The man in front of him pushed Adonis hard into his crotch, keeping his cock in place and forcing Adonis to swallow his come. He pulled out, wiping his cock over the shiny material of the hood. Another member eagerly took his place.

The hostess watched as Adonis was spitted at both ends by a steady stream of men. He was a well-known dominant at the club, and there were all too many who felt that payback was long overdue. And so, for the next hour, cocks of all shapes and sizes abused him. His body was coated in a mixture of sweat and come. Saliva dripped from his ever-open mouth, and his anus gaped darkly, seemingly ready and willing for its next inhabitant.

Gradually the queue died down as people moved on to other areas in the club, and the word spread that Adonis would be available for the next two evenings. The hostess called to her guards, and walked over to where he lay limply. They unfastened him from his bondage, and half-led, half-dragged him into the club's reception area. There he was chained spread-eagled to one of the walls, limbs stretched wide. A spotlight picked out his muscular body, which gleamed with moisture. They removed the hood, replacing it with a simple ball gag, which was coloured bright red. The cock restraint remained immovably in place.


Adonis awoke early in the afternoon. The hostess had kept him chained in reception until the club had closed in the early hours of the morning. When she finally relented, he was taken down and led back to the shower room, where a pair of giggling maids had hosed him clean with very cold water. After that, he was placed in a small cell and chained to a cot. At last his cock was freed from its prison, but chained as he was and with no coverings he was unable to gain any release from his cravings. He bucked his hips fruitlessly, but eventually he fell into a deep sleep, frustrated.

The touch of something against his mouth awoke him. There were no windows in the cell, so he was unable to tell what the time was. He opened his eyes to see one of the maids holding a bottle to his lips. Eagerly he sucked at the nozzle, receiving a mouthful of cold soup. He grimaced, but continued to suck at the nozzle, subconsciously realising that he would be offered no alternative. When the bottle was empty the maid took it away, closing and locking the door behind her. He lay back, dozing fitfully and considering his plight. He had almost decided to admit defeat and quit the club when the door to his cell opened. The hostess walked in, followed by her guards.

She had forsaken her usual tight bodysuit for a black leather basque, which contrasted sharply with the pale creaminess of her skin. Her breasts jutted forward wickedly, and her long legs were encased to the thigh in patent leather boots, balancing on six-inch stiletto heels. A leather belt and crotch strap completed the ensemble, fittings on the strap and the slight smile on her face indicating that it held in place a couple of internal devices. A large black phallus protruded from the front of her crotch. Adonis gulped, and opened his mouth to speak.

"Thank you," said the hostess approvingly, as she very quickly leaned forward and expertly shoved a large red ball gag into his mouth, fastening it at the back of his head. The guards stepped up to the bed and freed him, pulling him to his feet. Still holding him firmly, they followed the hostess as she led them through the deserted club to the reception area. Standing in the middle of the room, and lit from all sides, was a crucifix. Straps dangled from the crossbeam. Some way below that, more beams were fixed to the front of the upright, in a "V" shape and horizontal to the ground. A large rubber penis thrust outwards where the sections met. Two more guards approached.

"Mount him," ordered the hostess.

Adonis struggled mightily, but she had handpicked her strongest guards. Picking him up easily, they speared his anus onto the fake penis. His arms were fastened to the cross beam, and his legs strapped straight along the lower beams. He felt all his weight pushing him down onto the unyielding cock in his arse. A shudder passed through his body as the rubber cock inside him began to vibrate very gently. His own cock stiffened in response, as a final strap held his head back to the upright.

The hostess admired the display. The club was renowned among the cognoscenti for the living 'objets d'art' that were regularly displayed in its foyer, and this piece was undoubtedly one of the more spectacular. Adonis's well-developed musculature stood out in high relief as he strained against his bonds. She fetched a small spray, using it to coat his body with a thin layer of oil so that he shone in the directional lights above his head. She paid particular and personal attention to his cock, making sure it was fully and impressively erect. As a finishing touch, she fastened a small gold chain around his scrotum, linking it with a tiny padlock and letting the end hang down against the upright of the crucifix. To this end, she attached a weight, which pulled his balls down and away from his body. A painful groan escaped the gag in his mouth.

She checked her watch. It was nearly opening time, and she moved away to make her usual tour of the club. That done, the doors opened and the early members were allowed into the foyer. The stretched Adonis was greeted with murmurs and gasps of awe. Not one person could resist taking a closer look, many going further and touching his iron muscles, running their fingers lightly up and down his legs and torso. The humiliation was too much, and he closed his eyes to them.

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