Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Science Fiction, Robot, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - PLEAs (Personal Life Extending Androids) were made possible after the development of flash memory transfers. The original sex androids had been developed long ago, and sold quite well to the world's wealthy. This story is about twins that receive their own PLEA units for their 18 birthday.

Adam and Eve Rainer were celebrating their eighteenth birthdays with their grandfather. Adam and Eve were fraternal twins. Both had the red hair and dark green eyes that bespoke their Scottish heritage. Their parents had had a stroke of humor at their birth, and had dubbed the two Adam and Eve.

Their parents, as did so many of the super rich, had grown apart as they had aged. Somehow the twins had ended up being raised by Grandpa Rainer. This was in spite the fact that Grandpa Rainer was a PLEA. That is to say, Grandpa Rainer's body had died two years after their births. And their Grandfather had chose to live on, in a Personal Life Extending Android.

Not that anyone could really tell his age. Tom Rainer had chosen his PLEAs apparent age to be about twenty years old. The three of them had just finished an elaborate birthday dinner complete with a cheesecake that looked just like a real birthday cake. It was a testament to the android cook's skills in the culinary arts.

"Well, children, I have special gifts for your birthday today."

Eve smiled, "You spoil us to much, Grandpa."

"Yes, you do," Adam agreed.

It was true that Grandpa Rainer was rated in the top one hundred richest people in the Empire of Man. He was so rich, that not only did he own his own planet, he owned three others as well.

"I know I do. But what is an old man to do when he has such loving grandchildren," he smiled.

"You could give us Eden," Eve said.

It was a long-standing joke between the three of them. Eden was actually the planet LC7 Deloris. It was a Class M primary world that had been set aside as a private preserve planet. A distinction that was only possible in the Empire of Man, because of the presence of the life forms that lived on it. Tom Rainer had purchased the planet with the Empire's blessing. It was the only planet in the empire, that the whole planet had been declared a preserve, after its discovery.

"Heaven forbid! The emperor would skin me alive," the old man chuckled at the twins and their bantering.

After everything had settled down around the table, and the meal had been consumed, Grandpa announced, "Would you like you presents now, or should I send them to Eden on their own.

Adam, "You didn't?"

Eve looked at the old man, "You did?"

Tom Rainer laughed and said, "Of coarse I did. Please, bring them in," he said, looking at one of the android maids.

With that, the door opened. In walked two 'PLEA class' Androids. One was male and one female. They looked exactly like their human counterparts.

Eve squealed in delight at the sight of her Android form.

Adam was grinning ear to ear when he said, "You shouldn't have."

Both twins knew of the 25 million-credit price tag that was part of the unit's cost.

"But why? I want the two of you to always be with me. Besides, just think of all the fun you can have with them."

It was true. With the flash memories units that came with each PLEA, the twins could live out many a fantasy as PLEAs, and then download the memories into their own brains. It really had lots of possibilities.

Adam thought to himself, 'I wonder, if we could have the units test themselves out on each other.'

Eve was having the same types of thoughts. After all, there were no incest laws to get in the way of two PLEAs fucking each other.

Tom chuckled, "I bet I can guess what the two of you are thinking."

Eve blushed, and Adam cringed at the idea that their grandfather had guessed his thoughts.

"Come now, you two. It's not like you could hide the love between you, all these years."

"You approve?" Adam asked.

"Of PLEAs doing it? Yes. I wanted to give you two the chance to experience that which is forbidden to you."

Eve's mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

Adam got brave and asked, "What about PLEA to human interaction?"

Tom laughed, "What do you think they were originally designed for?"

It was Adam's turn to blush. Eve was already daydreaming about the possibility. Fact was, she was so into her daydream, that she missed what her grandfather was saying, completely.

"Well from personal experience, I would suggest that the two of you let the PLEAs go at it first. It can take a little bit for your human mind to get used to controlling the android's abilities. You wouldn't want to hurt each other accidentally."

"Oh, I forgot about that," Adam said.

Eve had that far away look on her face.

"I see your sister is daydreaming, again."

"Yes, Grandfather, she does seam to be out of it."

"Well, now, I will leave you two to get acquainted with your new toys. I have a business meeting to get to on Rigel four, in three days. I don't want to miss my ship," he quipped.

Adam was laughing so hard at his joke, that Eve came out of her trance.

"What?" she asked.

"Grandpa is worried he will miss his space ship"

Eve let out a laugh. It was still an old joke. After all how does one miss a ship that one owns?

Actually, the twins spent the next hour with their grandfather before he had to leave. It really was one of the best birthdays they had spent with him. After he was gone, the twins each hooked themselves up to the flash memory units for their PLEAs. In no time, the two Androids were up and running with their full human's memory in their organic brains.

Eve said, "I want to watch them do it together."

Eve's PLEA said, "No fair! I want to watch, too."

Adam and his PLEA cracked up.

"What's so funny?" the two Eves asked in unison.

Adam and his PLEA said, "You will understand the joke, when we re-sync our memories, afterwards."

Eve said, "Well, we could pair off, PLEA to human."

Adam, "Did you not hear what grandpa said?"

"Did I miss something?" the two Eves said together.

"Yes," the two Adams said.

Adam nodded to his PLEA, "Show her."

The PLEA nodded and walked over to table and picked up a synthiglass mug. He deliberately squished too hard, and the container crumpled in his hand.

"Oh," the two Eves said in unison.

"Yes. We have to get used to operating them, first. I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt you, or you me," the PLEA Adam said.

"So what do we do, then?" Eve said.

"Why, we shut up and watch, of course," Adam said with a nod to his PLEA.

"OK," was the last word that Eve said as she watched the PLEA Adam take the PLEA Eve by the hand.

They walked towards the back of the mansion. The real Adam and Eve followed, and soon they were in a trancelike state, watching there alter selves.

Adam's PLEA made the first move upon reaching Eve's room. He took PLEA Eve in his arms and started to kiss her. PLEA Eve responded. The two humans watched in fascination, as the two PLEAs progressed in their love play.

The androids soon had their hands running over each other's bodies. They were touching each other in places the two real persons wouldn't dare. Soon enough, they were shedding their clothes.

Adam's PLEA was quick to latch his mouth onto Eves right breast, after kissing down her neck. The Eve unit responded with a loud sigh of relief at his touch. The sensory returns in the PLEA units, were many times more intense than that of a normal human. Soon, PLEA Eve was fondling the frontal appendage on the Adam unit with her hand.

Adam and Eve watched in rapt fascination as the two PLEA units progressed in their lovemaking.

Eve had unconsciously started to rub herself between her legs.

Adam had to loosen his pants and rearrange himself. His erection was so hard it was getting painful.

The PLEAs were progressing nicely, and as PLEA Adam lowered its head between the Eve unit's legs, the Eve unit decided to shift around. She wrapped her mouth around the cock of the Adam unit. So began a sixty-nine, that went on for just over an hour.

Eve had masturbated herself to orgasm four times, before Adam realized what she was doing. He had been so engrossed in what the PLEAs were doing, that he hadn't even realized that he had shot a load in his pants.

The PLEAs finally came up for air, and shifted around on Eve's bed. They moved into the classic missionary position, and the real twins watched as the Adam unit sunk its cock deeply into the Eve unit.

Eve said, "I thought they would never get to this part."

She pushed her crotch-soaked pants off her body.

"I know what you mean," Adam said, shedding his own pants.

The twins stared at each other's naked lower halves a moment, before they were drawn back to the action before them. The Eve PLEA was in the throws of another orgasm, when the Adam unit seemed to tense up and let out a low moaned of relief.

"God I can't wait to sync up" Eve said.

Adam agreed just as his load fired from his jacking hand.

Eve, seeing Adam firing off, came again as her hand quickened its pace.

"Oh my God!" she screamed, just before she collapsed.

Adam seeing his sister state joined her on the ground in exhaustion.

The PLEAs disengaged from their coupling.

Adam PLEA spoke, "I know what they want to do right now."

"Yes. I suppose we should carry them back to the flash memory transfer unit."

"Yes. I'll take Eve you carry Adam. I really want to know what we looked like."

The Eve PLEA said, "OK, I want to know what all the masturbation felt like, myself. After all, I don't think I have ever came that many times before."

"I know what you mean," the Adam PLEA said as he scooped up Eve in his arms and started off with her towards the dining room.

Eve PLEA was going to carry Adam, but he wasn't as out of it as Eve had been. Instead, she helped him to his feet and down the hall.

The two PLEA units sat across from their human counterparts, as the flash memory units brought their memories into sync.

The four of them then stared wide-eyed at each other, for what seemed an eternity. The memories were so intense, in both directions, that none of them could speak.

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