The Log of the Retvizan - Twylight

by Katzmarek

Copyright© 2007 by Katzmarek

Time Travel Story: The gigantic nuclear submarine Retvizan is cruising off the Azores on its last training cruise before mothballing. Suddenly, their communication with the outside world fails. Surfacing, the startled commander discovers something else. They appear to be in the wrong ocean.

Tags: Science Fiction   Time Travel  



Time is like the pages of a book, with which we slowly turn from one to another. But it is an old book and, like my old childhood stories, pages go missing. What if some catastrophe caused whole chapters to disappear? Then we have stepped over oblivion to the setting of our civilisation. In 350 years, have we found the key to our survival? That's the question that haunts me now.

Entry in the log of the Raketnyladoch'ch Retvizan, Federal Russian Navy.

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