The Need To Flash
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Girlfriend invites her nudist boyfriend Tony to move in with her and her daughter, much to his exhibitionistic pleasure.

A few months ago, I started seeing this gal named Melissa off and on. She's a very sweet divorced woman. She's a gorgeous brunette, in my opinion (short and hourglass-figured in a Sarah Brightman sort of way, with black-mascara-rimmed eyes, thick dark lashes and round inquisitive eyes). Melissa also happens to have a very pretty, young daughter who lives with her. Like her mother, Katie is dark-haired, but she's already taller than Melissa's own five-foot one inch (thanks to her father, Melissa's ex), and much more slender than her mother.

Melissa trusts Katie and lets her stay alone from time to time. Doing so allows Melissa and me to take a few weekend trips every now and then. Sometimes we bring Katie along, but Katie loves the growing independence that Melissa allows her, especially now that she's knocking on Teendom's door. If it's just an overnight trip and Katie wants to bail on it, Melissa allows her daughter to stay by herself, provided that Katie finds a girlfriend to stay with her. At times, Melissa has also allowed Katie to stay alone so that she can sleep over at my place. In time, Melissa's overnight stays at my condo grew more frequent.

Once Melissa and I grew comfortable with each other, she began to notice how much time I spend in the nude. If we were going to stay in for the day, I wouldn't bother to dress. We cooked and I would stay nude. We sat at the table and ate and I ate in the nude. We read to each other (and to ourselves) and I remained nude. At night, we enjoyed sitting outside on my dark deck, sipping our way through a bottle of wine. I often sat outside without a stitch of clothing on my body. We made love and of course I was nude. We played on the computer (I'm hopeless when it comes to downloading pictures and sex stories off the Net, girlfriend or no girlfriend) and Melissa sat by my side, usually in a robe, while I downloaded and stroked off, in the nude. Melissa always smiled and said "Not at all, Honey," when I asked if she minded my being naked all the time. She even started calling me "Nudie" now and then.

Melissa giggled at my brazen behavior, initially, but in time she grew used to my preference for being nude. I would often tease her by rubbing my naked body against her. Sometimes if she was sitting and I stood up to get something, I would brush my semi-hard phallus against her cheek.

"Oops! Sorry," I would say.

"Don't apologize," she countered.

"I really should put something on. You say you don't care, but I bet you really do mind," I would say. Melissa just laughed and cupped my penis and squeezed my balls.

"Are you kidding, Me, Mind? I positively love the easy access." Then our venue shifted and things grew, um, a little more interesting.

We started spending more nights together and more and more often, we would stay over at Melissa's house. Katie didn't have a problem and thought it "way cool" that "Mom finally found a boy toy." Of course, on these occasions, I've stayed semi-clothed, but late at night, when Katie has been in bed awhile, Melissa and I have fooled around outside of her bedroom -- in the living room and dining area and other places in the house. On these occasions, Melissa just opens her robe and offers me her full and voluptuous naked body. I usually just tug my shorts down and leave my T-shirt on. But one night recently, I was sucking on Melissa's breasts when she pulled back, pulled my T-shirt off and my shorts down, leaving me stark naked in her living room. I glanced nervously down the hall, but no sign of Katie.

"Don't worry," Melissa assured me. "When she's down, she goes out like a light."

I was about to protest, when I felt my girlfriend's mouth engulf my erection and proceed to bob her pretty brunette head up and down, up and down, on my member until I was extremely hard and had no energy to protest ANYTHING she was doing! :) Throughout the delicious blowjob, I kept stroking Melissa' hair and glancing down the hall. Eventually, I erupted in her mouth.

We relaxed in the afterglow of our cums and I had a cigarette, then I thought I'd go clean up. I was reaching for my shorts when Melissa said, "Just go. I told you, when Katie's out, she's out."

I shrugged and still naked, padded down the hall toward the bathroom. I passed Katie's door, which was closed and kept going. When I finished peeing and cleaning myself up, I saw Katie's door was cracked open and Melissa standing peeking in at her.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

Melissa nodded, "Just checking up on my baby girl." She took my hand and squeezed it.

"Not so baby, if you ask me. Pretty like her mommy."

"Thanks." Melissa smiled broadly. "And thanks for being here with us."

"Are you kidding?" I whispered. "You're both terrific."

Still holding hands, Melissa and I padded softly into the room. Katie was asleep. The covers tossed off her body. Her night-gear consisted of a pastel pink and blue cropped top and a pastel pink thong. In the dim glow of the hallway light and curled up as she was, with her long legs and knees almost touching her budding breasts, Katie looked like a smaller version of her mommy. Her impressive height was concealed by her position on the bed.

As Melissa bent low to draw up her daughter's covers and kiss her forehead, her very round buttocks crept out from underneath her short wine-colored silk robe and I moved my phallus playfully between the crack of her ass cheeks.

Melissa gasped softly and squirmed back against me. The deep valley of her ass swallowed my thickening member.

I found Melissa wet and ready and I couldn't resist. I rubbed my growing penis up and down her moist butt crack and slid it deeper into the crevice and used my hands to squeeze her buttocks shut and I felt myself grow and throb and grow some more deep in the warmth of her flesh. Then I pulled back and cupped my balls and slid my now fully erect penis deep into her until I felt my crotch grinding into her fleshy globes again. Melissa pushed back. I watched her boobs heaving over Katie's sleeping pixie face and I whispered to her to kiss her daughter on the cheek. Melissa did me one better. She kissed Katie's pretty puckered lips and that sent me over the edge. I shot deeply into Melissa.

A moment later, we were creeping out of the room. "Say night-night!" Melissa whispered to me.

Playfully, I grabbed my still thick penis and waved it at sleeping Katie. That sent Melissa and me into the hallway in a small fit of laughter.

We drifted back to the living room and poured some wine.

"You're so brazen sometimes," Melissa said.

"Does that bother you?"

"Absolutely not, In fact, it's a turn-on."

"Like how?"

"Well, it's a turn-on to see how free you are with your naked body."

"You can be the same way," I said.

Melissa shook her head and blushed. She looked so cute with her flushed cheeks growing darker by the second in the candlelight.

"No way, But I love to see that part of you."

"You mean this part?" I grabbed her foot and slid it over my phallus, which was resting thickly on my right thigh. Melissa rubbed her sole over my member and made it grow longer and thicker.

"Yeah, that part and all the rest of you, I love your free spirit. I want you to be free to be any way you want to be when you're at my house."

"Of course we'll have to be careful when Katie's awake," I offered.

"Of course, but don't be afraid to strip off to a major degree."

I raised an eyebrow. "What does that mean?"

She laughed and put her hands over her mouth, then laughed some more.

"I don't know. I guess I'm just saying that you should be comfortable around here, whether Katie's awake or not. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is a great way to educate Katie on the differences between men and women."

"Well," I said, "I'm pretty sure your daughter is well aware of those differences already."

"I know that, but I'm just saying that if she sees a lot of male skin around here, she'll get up close and personal knowledge in her own environment. The mystique of the male will be there, but she'll probably be less prone to go out and do something stupid - if you know what I mean."

I nodded. "I think I know what you're getting at when it comes to Melissa and seeing me around your place. And now that your foot has been naughty, I think I also know what you're going to be getting at right now." I stood up and then jumped atop the couch, planting my feet on either side of her torso. Melissa looked up and smiled up at me and then took my bobbing erection into her mouth and minutes later, I was gushing all over again.

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