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Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Humor, Wimp Husband, Swinging, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: A reader reads, votes and writes comments to the authors about their stories. But, he has issues.

The last four public comments in this story are actual verbatim comments from anonymous readers to several Storiesonline authors. Thank you very much.

"Come on up to bed, honey."

"I will. Just a few more minutes."

"You always say that you know, and then hours later you finally come up."

"I know, I know. Just a few more things to take care of, then I'll be up. I promise."

"Okay," she sighed. "But if you come up in the next fifteen minutes I'll make it worth your whiiile," Sheila sing-songed then barked, "After that you're on your own, bub."

Finally I had some peace and quiet and could devote at least a few minutes to one of my favorite hobbies — giving constructive feedback to Storiesonline authors. I'm a registered member and often lurk on the forums, but never really say anything. I'm mainly there to try and understand the writers. You know, what motivates them, how they think, what their experiences and passions are. I think knowing them better allows me to be more helpful in my critiques of their stories. I really want to offer something useful to help them on their journey as writers. I'm not much of a writer myself, mind you, but I have a gift for giving meaningful feedback, if I do say so myself.

It was an unseasonably warm night so I was wearing my wife-beater and loose cotton athletic shorts. I like wearing loose cotton shorts when reviewing Storiesonline stories. Every now and then I stumble across a story that really gets me going and I can just reach into the leg of the shorts and wank as needed.

I clicked my Storiesonline bookmark, the one for the new stories page. I thought I'd review just one tonight and then go get some of that wholesome lovin' Sheila promised. I had a big glass of cabernet opposite my mouse. I'd stayed with wine since dinner and had a nice, light buzz going. I took a gulp and got started.

Loving Wives is the category I prefer to read. It just fits with my personal beliefs better. I mean, I consider myself a pretty tolerant guy but let's face it, all that crossdressing, transsexual, interracial, fetish and fag stuff is simply unnatural. Though sometimes I do feel compelled to read stories in the immoral categories, mainly to keep abreast of the depravity so I can speak out against it in an informed manner. Naturally, I write comments to those lost and troubled authors. Many times I email them as well, often recommending they contact a local mental health professional.

I scanned the new stories and one looked intriguing. It was called Devotion and the description said "Prim wife lets loose." I clicked on it, took a gulp of wine and started to read.

The story was moderately well written and the action flowed logically. Unfortunately, the author weaved personality traits and physical attributes throughout the story, letting the characters unfold. I think this is a bit of an error. Authors should tell me up front how people look, things like measurements and if the woman is a blonde, has big tits and a shaved twat, for example. I mean, otherwise, how am I supposed to know what to visualize?

Anyway, the story was about a woman who was an inhibited, sexually inexperienced virgin when she got married, but with her husband's gentle tutoring, and big cock, turned into a wildcat in the bedroom. I clicked the button to leave a public comment.


Awesome story

1/27/07 by Anonymous

This story just rang so realistic and true. It even parallels my own experience! Well done!!

I always leave anonymous comments. It's just quicker that way since I don't have to enter my username and password. It's also kind fun to say I'm from different places around the globe. Silly maybe, but amusing.

I took another gulp, refilled my wine glass (the spigots on box wines are so convenient, what a brilliant idea!) and scanned for another interesting story.

Temptation. Hmmm. It was in Loving Wives as well and the description indicated it was about a woman whose co-worker was flirting with her and tempting her to cheat on her husband. I scanned the story and was disappointed to find that the "temptation" was an attraction to another woman, not that I can't get into that, but it would be wrong to go behind her husband's back. Lets' see, I give it a three.


Close to zero

1/27/07 by Anonymous

I'm giving your story a 3 only because the wife didn't act on her attraction. That would be against the sanctity of marriage and therefore morally wrong, as well as wrong in the eyes of God if the husband didn't support it. Keep writing though, you have a nice style!

I reviewed my comment while I finished my drink, was satisfied with it and hit submit. I'm pleased when authors express some proper core values in their stories.

I filled the glass again and noticed that Sheila's 15 minute time limit had expired. Dangit! Well, at least I could continue my important work at Storiesonline. I took a gulp and scanned the list. I took another drink and clicked on a LW story about couple who have threesome with another man.

Okay, that could be hot. I mean, there was that time I sort of remember when Sheila and I got really drunk on vacation and somehow ended up fooling around with another couple. That was righteous because it was consensual and I was there and the guy didn't touch me at all. At least I don't remember anything like that and I certainly couldn't imagine something like that ever happening. It was really hot to see Sheila and the woman make out, though!

The story was well written, the action developed naturally. The characters seemed real and the wife was beautiful, playful and seductive. I reached into the leg of my shorts, got a nice overhand reverse pull going and read on. Oh, this is good... after dinner, drinking and flirting, the woman danced with the man and suggested a threesome. She was modeling lingerie and... what the hell? She's wearing a strapon? And the Godless author has the two men having sex with each other!?! Damn right I'm going to comment. Definitely a goose egg.


Oh, the world is full of stupid idiot wimp writers

1/27/07 by Anonymous

This is just a gay story and you must be a goober gobbler for writing it! The men should be fucking the woman, not each other! You will rot in hell unless you repent!!!

Incredible what people write. It just makes my blood boil! What are these authors thinking! Where is the morality here? Don't they realize they could corrupt innocent minds, for crying out loud? These authors have a responsibility to uphold the moral fabric of society. Why can't they write wholesome porn, the kind that extols family values? Shit! It pisses me off!

I took a drink and scanned the list. I clicked on a story as I took a gulp and almost spewed wine on the monitor I was so shocked. It was about a father who fucked his daughter! What kind of sick bastard would do that! I must have clicked on a story from a heathen category by accident.


nother rape fantasy disguised as a story

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