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Sex Story: He found out at a party that his pregnant wife played around.

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I wonder what it is that makes some men get the hots for pregnant women. The opposite side of the coin is what is it about being pregnant that turns some women into cock hungry sluts. It's a question that I have asking myself for about a month now; ever since I found out my wife of three years, who is seven months pregnant, has been getting fucked by other men. Not just a lover, but by a lot of other men.

Loretta was by no means a virgin when we took our wedding vows. She'd had other lovers before she met me and in the interests of having an honest relationship she told me all. We lived together for two years before we got married and I'm almost positive that during that two year period, as well as the three years of our marriage (at least until she got pregnant) that she had been faithful. I probably never would have known otherwise if I hadn't overheard a conversation at a friend's house that I obviously wasn't supposed to hear.

Loretta and I were attending a birthday party at a friends house when the birthday boy himself came up to me and asked me if I would mind running to the liquor store for him. He had underestimated the amount of beer drinkers and had run out of suds. I said I'd do it and he gave me a credit card. I went out the front door and got in my car and then realized that I'd been to dumb to ask and he he'd forgotten to tell me what kind he wanted. I went back in the house and spent several minutes looking for him and then someone told me that they thought they saw him go down into the basement. I started down the steps to the recreation room in the basement and hadn't gone three steps when I heard a voice say, "Have you fucked Loretta yet?"

There were no other Loretta's in our social set so I froze.

"Not yet, but I'm hoping to. God does she look sexy now that she's pregnant."

Another voice said, "She always looked sexy, but you could never get to her before."

The first voice, which I recognized as the birthday boy's, said, "Yeah, but it is a different kind of sexy now. More of a come over here and fuck me right now kind of look. I fucked her three times this afternoon and got my cock sucked twice."

Another voice said, "I fucked her the day before yesterday. All you have to do is tell her how radiant and sexy she looks now that she's pregnant and then follow her hints. She doesn't come right out and ask you to fuck her; she'll ask you to stop by and move a piece of furniture or something and when you get there she will be wearing next to nothing. All you have to do is make your move. I'm seeing her again tomorrow."

Birthday boy said, "If you want to hit on her now would be a good time. I just asked Charlie to go to the store and get some more beer so you should have a clear shot."

Another voice laughed and said, "Yeah, if there isn't a line" and they all started laughing as I quietly made my way back up the stairs and left the house.

If there had been any doubt in my mind that it was my Loretta they were talking about it was gone now. I was the only Charley that birthday boy had sent out for beer. I still didn't know what kind he wanted, but out of spite I was going to get him the worst stuff I could find. When I got to the liquor store I told the guy behind the counter that I wanted some really bad beer for a gag gift and I asked him what was the worst stuff he had. He told me and I told him to give me five cases of it. I also got two bottles of Bailey's Irish Cream and the two most expensive bottles of wine in the store and paid for it with birthday boy's credit card. The Bailey's and the wine were going home with me and I'd be waiting for him to ask me what the hell I was doing. Once I got back to the party I was not surprised to see three guys standing around Loretta. I watched her until the guys drifted away and then I went up to her, "Having a good time?"

She smiled and said, "Yes I am. I'm really glad we came."

"So am I, but not for the reasons you might think. The party is about to get real good for me, but not so good for you I think."

I left her standing there with a confused look on her face and I walked over to birthday boy and handed him his credit card receipt. He looked at it and frowned, "What's all this?"

"What? You expected I'd let you fuck my wife for free?"

His eyes got big just in time to see my fist coming at his face, but not in time to send the signal to duck. I nailed him right on the chin and he went down like a sack of cement. Clara (his wife) came running over, "Charlie! What have you done?"

I pointed at him on the floor and said, "It looks like I knocked him on his ass."

About that time Loretta came up and said, "Charlie, have you gone mad?"

I gave her a look that should have caused her knees to quake and said, "No my dear I didn't go mad - I got mad, and there is a difference.

"Charlie" Clara said, "What in the world is wrong with you?"

Okay, I thought, why not, "When I heard your husband bragging about fucking my wife this afternoon (and I saw Loretta's face go pale) I got a little upset and so I hit him." Then I looked around the room and said, "And there are a couple of more here that are going to get the same as soon as I find out who they are."

I grabbed Loretta by the hand and started heading for the front door. "Charlie, what are you doing" and she snatched her hand away from me.

"I'm going home. You can either come with me or stay here with your lovers and frankly I don't give a shit which one you choose."

Loretta looked around the room; her gaze fell on Clara and she said in a weak voice "I'm sorry" and then she hurried after me.

It was a very quiet ride home. Loretta stared out the passenger window and said nothing and I stared out the windshield at the road in front of me and was quiet. When we got home I went into the den and turned on the TV. I sat there channel hoping, not because I was looking for anything in particular, just to have something to do with my hands while my mind churned with what I'd found out. I swear I almost could have accepted Loretta's taking a lover, but giving it away to anybody who told her she looked sexy being pregnant? No way could I even remotely accept that. But what was I going to do about it? I couldn't just throw her ass out - she was the mother of my unborn child for Christ's sake. But how could I live with her now? How could I look at her and not hear birthday boy saying "I fucked her three times and she sucked my cock twice." Besides, I loved her. She had made my days sunny and perfect since the day I had met her and had done so right up to the minute I heard those voices in the basement tell me what a fucking slut she was. My thoughts were interrupted when Loretta opened the door and came into the room.

"You coming up to bed?"

"What? You expect me to sleep with you after what I found out tonight? I listened to three men discussing having sex with you and talking about how they plan to keep on doing it and now you come in here and say come on up to bed dear like my finding out you are no better than a common whore is no more than a common, every day occurrence? I'm supposed to just trip on up the stairs like nothing at all has happened?"

Loretta cocked her head to one side and I wasn't sure whether she was contemplating me or what she was going to say. Then she said, "Why not? It didn't hurt you last night or any of the other nights after I'd had sex with some one else. The only thing different tonight is that now you know and your ego is getting in the way."

I stared at her, astonished by her attitude and she said, "Don't expect me to get all weepy eyed and plead for forgiveness Charley. It's done and I can't undo it. The first time was a stupid mistake that never should have happened, but it did and I liked it so I did it again. I liked it that time too so I did it some more. It didn't hurt you, it didn't hurt me and it didn't hurt the baby. I'll probably stop now that you know, but you may as well know that I don't really want to. I was having the time of my life with all those men lusting after me. I felt like some almighty sex goddess and they were worshiping at my altar."

"My God woman, didn't you give any thought to us, to what this would do to our marriage?"

"No. Why should I? You love me and I love you. Why should that change? I had some fun, so what? Think about it Charlie, has it cost you anything? It's been going on for two months now; have I been any less loving or affectionate during that time? Have you gotten any less sex from me? No, in fact you've gotten more. In case you hadn't noticed Charlie, we went from twice, maybe three times a week before I started fooling around to an average of five times a week. For some reason I'm always horny after I've been with some one else. No Charley, all that's a problem here is your ego. Someone else used something that you considered yours and you had no say in the matter. It's either that or you think I let someone else have me because you weren't man enough for me."

She saw the look on my face.

"That's it, isn't it? You think I needed some one else because you weren't getting the job done."

She walked over and touched my cheek, "Oh baby, it's not you, it's me. I got to thinking that I was fat and ugly and I was feeling really down in the dumps and one day, and I'm not going to tell you who, came up to me and told me that since I became pregnant I had never looked more radiant and sexy. I thought he was just trying to be nice and so I led him on just to see if he meant it. Well, things got out of hand and it happened and then he wanted more and I gave it to him and soon he was fucking me almost every day of the week. And then he told some others and I liked being desired in spite of my condition and things just went from there. I do love you Charley. Come on to bed with me baby and I'll prove to you that you're man enough for me."

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