by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Brother, Sister, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I caught her with her lover.

I had no idea what suddenly made me suspect that my wife was having sex with someone else. One day we were sitting at the dinner table smiling at each other and talking about how our respective days had gone and the next day at the same table I was sitting there looking at Dina and thinking, "Just what in the hell are you up to."

I had seen nothing to make me suspect Dina, nor had I heard anything. All I had was a sudden feeling. It was as if I had walked into the room and there was a hint of something in the air that said, "Hey Mike, your wife is cheating on you." I started doing all the things that suspicious husband's do like checking the laundry hamper for telltale signs on her panties. I checked out her car — looking under the seats and checking out the trunk — and found nothing. I got up in the middle of the night and went through her purse. I checked entries in her checkbook and I closely scanned the Visa and MasterCard bills when they came in.

I checked the cell phone bill when it came in and I got her cell phone and checked out her address list and speed dial numbers and found absolutely nothing. I burned up some accumulated sick leave sitting in a car down the block and watching the house. I even followed her half a dozen times. One month after becoming suspicious and going into search mode I was left to consider only two possible explanations: My wife was a pure as the driven snow and I was mentally unstable or my wife was better at sneaking around than James Bond, old 007 himself. After a month of looking I gave up the hunt. I still had the feeling that she was cheating on me, but it was obvious to me that I wasn't going to find out for sure.

Several months went by and the feeling got stronger. There was a change in my relationship with Dina, mostly for the better and I wondered if that was an indication that my feeling had some foundation. I remembered reading somewhere that an increase in sexual activity could be a sign that your partner was cheating. The theory being that the cheating spouse felt guilty and tried to assuage that guilt by giving their partner more sex. My sex life with Dina had undergone a change. Over the years we had gradually gone from four or five times a week to two or maybe three times in a two week period, but in the last month Dina seemed to initiate sex more often and we were up to two and sometimes three times a week.

The biggest change was in what Dina wanted to do. She had always been willing to give me head, but she would never let me cum in her mouth. One night while we were making love Dina said, "I want to do something tonight that you might think is weird."


"When you are ready to cum would you pull out and do it on my tits and stomach?"

She was right; I did think it was a weird thing for her to want to do, but I did it and then she surprised the hell out of me by wiping some up with her fingers, tasting it and then she sucked them clean.

"Next time I give you head sweetie I want you to cum in my mouth, okay?"

Two days later she shocked the hell out of me.

"Mike honey, why haven't we ever tried anal sex?"

"We did. Once on our honeymoon and you said never again."

"I did? I don't remember it."

"You said it hurt just too damned much and not to even think about trying it again."

"Well that was a long time ago and I think that I would like to try it, would you?"

"Why now Dina, why after all these years?"

"You won't laugh at me?"

"Of course not."

"I just felt that our sex life was going stale and I want to see if I can't put some 'zip' back into it."

Yeah, right, I thought, there was a little extra zip in her sex life and I knew why, but I couldn't prove it. But then I got to thinking, did I really want to? Things were going good, Dina and I were getting along great, our sex life was improving and, hey, to be honest, all I had was an unsupported feeling. I decided to stop looking for stuff that might not even exist.

Three more months went by and then one day my boss had a working breakfast with the eight guys in my department. By eleven-thirty six of us were running to the john every five minutes or so and exhibiting all the symptoms of a mild case of food poisoning. At noon the boss told us to take the rest of the day off. I wasn't two steps inside my front door when I heard it and there was absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore about the "feeling" that I had been having all along.


It was the sound that Dina makes when she is having an orgasm. It rang through the house. When Dina and I made love she always pulled a pillow over her face so the kids wouldn't hear her, but with me at work and the kids in school she had no need for a pillow that day. I guess a normal man would have gone running up the stairs and stormed in on the cheating pair, but I didn't. I had no way of knowing what I was going to find when I went into that room and I wasn't going to charge in on someone who might be a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier. The asshole had already helped ruin my marriage, but I'd be damned if I'd give him a chance ruin me too. If size was equal I would tear into him and hope for the best, but I didn't believe in lost causes.

As I moved quietly up the stairs and moved to the home office that I had turned the spare bedroom into I heard Dina say, "Oh god honey, that was the best one yet. Come on and let me suck you hard again and let's see if you can do it to me again."

Steam was starting to come out of my ears as I heard that and when I entered the spare bedroom I headed straight for the closet. I spun the combination dial on the gun safe in the closet and took out the Colt 1911A1 pistol, made sure that the clip was full and then I pulled the slide back and chambered a round. I reached behind me and tucked the pistol between my back and my belt where I could get to it quickly. I wasn't planning on using it, but I wanted it ready if I had to. Given the way cops and courts are these days if I entered the room with the pistol in my hand it wasn't inconceivable that even though I was the wronged party I could be hit with anything from spousal abuse to felony menacing. Best to keep it tucked away and out of sight until, and if, it was needed for self-defense.

From our bedroom I heard the moans and whimpers that Dina makes when she is being fucked and I took a deep breath to prepare myself and then I moved across the hall to our room. They didn't see me as I came through the door and my jaw dropped as I took in the scene in front of me. On the bed and on her knees with her head on a pillow was Dina and behind her shoving his hard cock into his mother was my son Mark. Suddenly the confrontation I was prepared for was no longer an option. Since they hadn't yet seen me I quietly backed out of the room so not to draw their attention and I let myself into my daughter Cyndi's room which was right across the hall. I left the door open a crack so that I could look across the hall at what was going on between Mark and his mother.

It was very confusing and not just a little bit weird. I was full of anger at my wife's betray and had it been anyone else buried in her pussy I would be in that room kicking ass and taking names. But the other side of me was telling me to be careful, that whatever I did would have lasting and far-reaching consequences for my family. I wasn't thinking of just Dina, Mark, Cyndi and myself. If I had just walked in on Dina and some other man and then tossed her ass out Dina's relationship with her mother, father, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents would have gone on and I'm sure that in time, at least as far as they were concerned, I would come to be seen as the villain of the piece. But the fact that Mark was involved would change things.

I couldn't care less what that would do to Dina's relationship with her family, but what would it do to mine? If I stormed over there and broke things up and tossed Dina out I would also have to toss out Mark. My mom and dad doted on Mark and Cyndi. What would happen there? And then there was Cyndi. She idolized her big brother so what would happen there as far as her relationship with her mother, Mark and me?

Setting aside the emotional effect of the situation on family how would my friends and coworkers and clients react to knowing that I was part of an incestuous scandal? The fact that I wasn't anything but a victim wouldn't cut any ice with a lot of people; they would just "Know" that I was part of it. Cyndi would get tarred with the same brush.

"You know if the kid was banging his mom he was nailing his sister too. And you think that little slut wouldn't be doing her daddy? Come on; stuff like that can't go on in a house and everybody there not know. Mike just got pissed that the kid was doing a better job on Dina than he was."

Then there was the why, when and how long. How could he? How could she?

In the room across the hall Dina was howling her way through another orgasm and maybe thirty seconds later Mark pulled out of his mom and fell to the bed beside her. Dina rolled onto her side and she started fondling Mark's limp dick. She was lying there with her legs slightly spread and I could see a small tear drop shaped glob of cum hanging on her pussy lips.

"Don't you have a three o'clock class?" Dina asked.

"No, that's Monday and Thursday. Today I have a four o'clock on Business Law."

"Does that mean I can get a little more?"

"You can if you can find someway to get me up again."

"Oh mommy can do that sweetie; have no fear on that score," and she changed position, lifted his limp cock with her hand and then took it in her mouth.

Standing there watching it happen through a slightly opened door I was caught by how weird it was. Mark was a carbon copy of me when I was his age and it was like I was watching myself. Then add to that the fact that I could tell from my own experience what was going to happen before it did and it gave it a surreal quality. Dina's head was bobbing up and down on Mark's cock and with each down movement she took a little more of Mark's cock and when she got to the base she would hold position until she had worked a finger into his ass. She would wiggle it a little as she slowly drew her mouth back up to the head of his cock and then the head bobbing would pick up speed while she fingered his ass with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. She would keep it up until he said he was ready to cum and then she would reach for the box of tissues on the night stand and then she would, or at least she had until recently, finish him by hand.

And as I watched it happened just that way except that this time she wasn't trying to get him off, just up. As soon as he was ready she swung over him and using her right hand she guided him into her as she lowered herself down.

"Oh that's good baby, that feels real good" and then she started riding him. As she slid up and down Mark's pole I thought again about how it seemed like I was watching myself with Dina. Dina rode him for almost five minutes before she got off of him and got on her knees.

"I want you in my ass again baby, take mommy's ass again."

Mark scrambled up behind her and slid his cock right into her shit hole and it was obvious to me from the ease with which he entered that it wasn't his first time up the dirt road that day.

"Come on baby, mommy needs it, mommy needs it bad. Fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard."

There was another four or five minutes of hard fucking and then Mark made a grunting sound and Dina yelled out, Oh yes baby, I can feel it, I can feel you flooding me."

I've got to take a shower so I can be fresh smelling when your father gets home. Want to join me and scrub my back?"

When they both had left the room for the shower I slipped out of the house, got in my car and drove away.

As I drove away from the house I wondered 'now what?' My marriage to Dina was dead, but even though I knew why I couldn't let anyone else know. A confrontation with Mark and Dina would expose Cyndi to the mess and I didn't want that. I couldn't let my family know what the problem was, so what to do? After spending most of the afternoon driving around and thinking about the situation I decided on what I thought was the best way to keep the damage minimal. The two people who caused the problem would get off scott free and unless they got caught by some one else they would never know that they had been discovered. I wouldn't be very popular, but that would be a small price to pay for protecting every one else from the fall-out from a scandal.

The decision made I headed back toward what used to be my home. I turned the corner at the end of the street and slowed down until I could see that Mark's car was gone. The soonest he could get back from a four o'clock class would be five-thirty and Cyndi wouldn't be home from basketball practice until six and that would give me time to do what needed to be done.

Dina was surprised to see me home from work early and I thought that I detected just a tinge of relief on her face that I hadn't come home even earlier. She came over and put her arms around me and kissed me.

"What brings you home so early?"

"I needed to have a talk with you while the kids aren't around."

"That sounds ominous."

"Yes, well, there isn't an easy way to do this Dina so I'll go straight at it. I'm leaving you."

Her eyes got big and she sputtered, "Yo--yo--yo—you're joking, right?"

"Unfortunately I'm not."

"But why Mike, for god's sake why?"

"I just don't want to be married to you any more Dina."

There was a moment's silence and then Dina said, "Who is she?"

"You don't know her."

"So on all those nights that you had to work late you were really working on her?"

"Some of them."

I saw her eyes tear up and then she hit me a hard opened handed slap on the side of my head and screamed at me, "You bastard! You filthy, rotten bastard" and she made as if to slap me again. I caught her wrist and she tried to use the other hand and I caught it also and then I forced her down into an easy chair.

"Control yourself Dina and stop with the outraged, put upon wife act. We both know that you have been having an affair for at least the last six months and don't bother trying to deny it. I've spent twenty years pushing my cock into your pussy. Did you really think that I wouldn't be able to tell that I wasn't the first one into you on any given day? Do you not know that I can smell it on you? I smell it right now. You have been with him today and from the strength of the smell I'd say I probably only missed walking in on you and your lover by no more than an hour and a half or maybe two. Just sit there Dina, or get up and make yourself a drink, but just stay here and stay the hell out of my way while I go and pack myself a bag."

I moved out, checked into a motel until I could find me an apartment and then I got on with my life. Three fairly uneventful months went by. Dina made several attempts to call me at work, but I never took any of her calls. I didn't bother seeing a lawyer about a divorce because I couldn't see wasting the money. The kids were both over eighteen so there wasn't any issue of child support. I still made the house payment, paid the utilities and mailed Dina three hundred a week to cover household expenses and another hundred a week to each of the kids for as long as they stayed in school.

I set up a standing date to take my kids out to dinner and a show every Saturday. It usually ended up just me and Cyndi as Mark always seemed to have something going on and he couldn't come. After he missed several weeks in a row Cyndi told me that he just didn't want to be around me because of what I'd done to his mother.

"He's always been real close to mom."

"Yeah, I know" I said in a voice that fairly dripping in sarcasm.

"What about you? How do you feel about it?"

"I think it sucks, but I love you both and I'm not taking sides."

Then one Wednesday night as I was sitting in my apartment going over some spreadsheets that I'd brought home from work there was a knock on my door. It was Cyndi. I opened the door and stepped aside,

"Come on in. What brings you by?"


"Curiosity? About what?"

"About the new love in your life. You've never made any attempt to introduce her to either Mark or me so I thought I'd drop by unexpectedly and meet her."

"Oh that. Well honey, it didn't work out. She's moved on."

"It may come as a surprise to you pops, but your daughter isn't a bubble headed bimbo. I know my daddy and I know what kind of man he is and he is not the kind to take up with another woman. You would no more have run around on mom than you would have robbed a bank. Knowing that about you I know what caused you to split had to be something real bad. How long have you known?"

"Known about what?"

"Come on pops, give me some credit here. I already told you that I'm not a brain dead bimbo. How long have you known about Mark and mom?"

"You know about them?"

"Unfortunately. I'm the one who caused it."

"You? How in the name of god did you get involved in it?"

"I had planned on seducing Mark. Mom saw it happening and she read the situation wrong. She thought Mark was after me and so to protect me she seduced Mark thinking she could keep him occupied and away from me."

"You were going to seduce your own brother?"

"Afraid so."

"Why on Earth would you do that?"

"Because he was as close as I could get to what I really wanted but could never have."

"I don't understand."

"I know you don't daddy and that's why I was going after Mark."

"You don't mean..."

"Yes I do. Haven't you ever noticed how much you and Mark are alike? I knew I couldn't get you so I was going after Mark."

"Is that why you are here?"

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