by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Getting My Revenge.

I had fantasies about it. I'd see her tied up on a bed while I beat her with a whip. I imagined sitting on a float at the lake and pushing her head underwater and holding it there every time she tried to climb out of the water. I pictured her being tied up and being tossed into a cage full of pit bulls that hadn't been fed in a week. If it was gruesome enough and painful enough I would imagine it happening to her. Who was it that brought out all this anger? None other than my older, overbearing and absolutely hateful sister.

Krista had decided early on that her mission in life was to torment me. From taking my toys away from me and breaking them when we were young, to ratting me out to our parents when I was older, to interfering with my love life (or more to the point - preventing me from having one) Krista went out of her way to cause me pain and grief. There was the time she told my parents that I had copies of Playboy in my room and that I looked at the pictures and masturbated. I came home one night, missing my curfew by ten minutes, and the next morning Krista said to my mom and dad, "Did you know that Bobby came home two hours late last night?"

But the worst thing that she did, the absolute worst as far as I was concerned, was to spread the rumor that I had a teeny tiny dick. Granted, I wasn't all that well endowed, but from what I saw in the locker room my six and a half inches put me well within the norm. But the damage was done and when I'd ask a girl out I'd get a response like, "Sorry little one, I already have a date tonight" and then there would be a snicker or two as I walked away. Life was not easy for me being the kid brother of Krista.

Then Krista got married and I was finally the only kid in the house and I expected that things would get better for me. Wrong! She called my parents two months after she had moved out and told them that she had heard from a very reliable source that I had gotten drunk at a kegger, had thrown up all over the place and then had gone outside and passed out on the lawn. All lies - well almost all - I had been at the kegger and I had drunk some beer, but none of the rest of it was true. I resigned myself to the fact that Krista was going to be the bane of my existence until the day one of the two of us died.

I should have known better. I should have expected Krista would somehow find out and blab to my parents, but with her not living at home any more I tended to forget about her. That was a major mistake on my part because her husband was out of town that weekend leaving her at loose ends. My parents had gone out of town for the weekend and I had six of my buddies over to play cards. There was beer of course and we were about three hours into having a great time when I heard, "Mom and dad are going to love hearing about this." I looked up from my cards to see Krista standing there smirking at me. I don't know for sure what caused it, probably years of being subjected to shit from her combined with three hours of beer drinking, but whatever it was that smirk on her face touched it off. At any other time it probably wouldn't have happened, but my buddies had been drinking beer for the same three hours that I had and they were just loose enough to go with the flow.

I threw my hand down, got up from the table and walked over and put my arm around Krista. That I would even do such a thing surprised her and kept her off guard long enough for me to get between her and the door. "Guys, this is my sister Krista and a better piece of ass this town has never seen. Have any of you guys fucked a married woman?" Krista was struggling now, trying to pull away from me, and I laughed. "Krista is one sick little slut. Her kick is domination. She likes to pretend that she's being forced, but her new husband doesn't like to play her sick little games so she asked me to set up this card party for her. Come on guys, give her the fuck that she wants."

The guys jumped up from the table crying, "Oh yeah" and "All right." Krista was fighting hard to get away from me and she almost did, but the guys got there before she could and with the hands of seven guys on her she didn't have a chance. "Remember guys, her fighting and protesting is just an act. You don't have to be gentle, but no marks or bruises on her. She doesn't want her brand new hubby to know what a slut she really is so don't do anything to mark her."

I led the guys up the stairs to my bedroom and they carried Krista up, kicking and screaming all the way, and dumped her on my bed. "Hold her down while I undress her. Can't let hubby see torn clothes." I pulled her high heels off and then had a thought.

"Any of you guys want her to keep her heels on? She looks really slutty naked except for heels."

A couple of the guys said, "Hell yes" and when I had Krista stripped I put her heels back on.

"I prefer to fuck her with her nylons on, but they would get too messed up tonight and hubby would notice." When I had her naked I stepped back and said, "Feast your eyes on that guys, the hottest cunt in town."

One of the guys said, "You fuck your own sister? No shit?"

"How else would I know how hot she is. Somebody pull her legs apart and stuff a cock in her cunt."

The entire time this was going on Krista was fighting to get away and calling me every name in the book and a few that hadn't yet been put in the book. I laughed and wadded up her panties and stuffed them in her mouth. I looked down at her and saw the hatred in her eyes and I smiled at her and took one of her nipples and squeezed it until I saw tears come into her eyes.

"Okay, who wants to be first?"

Danny was already between her legs and he started shoving his cock into her and I saw her display discomfort. I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Payback was a long time coming sweetie and I'm going to see to it that it is a pure assed bitch."

I turned to the guys, "Who wants her mouth?" Al stepped forward and I said, "Just hold her head and fuck her face. She likes it that way, it makes her feel used and that's part of her sick turn on. One last thing - I get her ass first. Go on and have fun while I go down and get us some more beers."

On the way downstairs I thought about how bad I had just fucked up. I'd gotten just a little too carried away and it had gone way farther than I should have let it, but what was done was done and it was too late to worry about it now. My parents would disown me and that would cause some emotional pain, but the pain wouldn't last long because Krista's husband was going to kill me. Well, as long as I was going to die I might as well enjoy my last few days. I took beers back up to the guys and when I got back to the bedroom Danny had finished and Bernie was fucking Krista. Al was still fucking her face and I stood, sipped my beer and watched. Bernie came and Mike was the next to bury the bone.

"Hey Al," I called out, "You close to cumming yet?"

"Any minute now. Why, you going to be next?"

"No, but I want to make a position change."

I went across the hall to my parent's bedroom and got the tube of KY Jelly that I knew they kept there. I went back to my bedroom, stripped and then waited. Al announced that he was cumming and I told him to push it in deep and make her swallow every drop and I watched Krista's throat as she did her best to keep from choking on Al's load. As soon as Al was out of her mouth Krista started in again on calling us all names and Al stuffed her panties back in her mouth. I told Dave and Steve to hold her down and then I told Mike to get off of her and lie down on his back. Then I had Dave and Steve pick her up and set her down on Mike's cock. "Pull her down to you Mike, that will elevate her ass for me." I put some KY on my fingers and began to work on her asshole. I wasn't trying to make it easier for her, but I did want to be able to ram my cock in her ass with making me feel any discomfort.

After a minute I had her greased enough to suit me and I leaned down and whispered in her ear, "This shouldn't hurt at all sweetie. Remember, you're the one who told every one that I had a teeny tiny dick and a teeny tiny dick sure couldn't be any bigger than the turds you push out every day, right?" She turned her head and looked at me and I could see the pleading in her eyes. "No mercy here sweetie, I've got too many years of being fucked over by you to make up for."

I put a dab of KY on my cock, lined it up with her brown eye and pushed. Even through her panties I heard the moan and even as it came out I knew she loved it. And it pissed me off because I thought I was going to cause her some pain and get even with her. Nothing to do for it now but press on and I laughed, "God does she ever love this. She screams at me to never stop. Her dumb ass husband doesn't know what he is missing." I held Krista's hips and fucked her as hard as I could while Mike pushed up from underneath. Having our cocks rubbing against each other through the thin membrane was a little unnerving at first, but I quickly got used to it. Krista was making all kinds of racket so I said, "Take the panties out of her mouth and feed her some cock. Dave pulled the panties out and shoved his cock in and grabbed her head with both hands and started fucking her face.

Krista's ass was so tight and felt so good that I wanted to stay there all night, but the guys were yelling at me to hurry up so they could have some. I started ramming my cock into Krista's butt hole and I heard her squealing around Dave's cock as I busted my nut in her. I got out of the way and Steve took my place. I went to the bathroom and washed my dick and then went back and watched for another ten minutes or so before getting bored. I left Krista and her six stallions and went down stairs to turn on the computer and surf the Net.

About an hour later I heard shouting from upstairs and I went up to see what was going on. When I walked into the room Krista was on her back, legs up on Bernie's shoulders and she had her nails dug into his ass cheeks. He was fucking her as hard and as fast as he could and Krista was yelling at him, "Make me cum you bastard, make me cum."

The rest of the guys were stamping their feet and hollering, "Go Bernie, go" and "do it Bernie, do it."

Bernie moaned, "I can't hold it, I can't stop it, I'm going to cum" and Krista cried, "Not yet damn you, not yet."

Then Bernie came and Krista was crying, "God damn you, god damn you" and then Bernie was out of the way and Mike immediately took his place and rammed his cock into her. Krista's legs locked around him and as he started pounding into her she was crying, "That's it, that's it, make me cum, fuck me hard and make me cum."

Al walked over to me; "You sure weren't shitting when you said she was the hottest piece of ass in town. How long you been fucking her?"

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