Hanging Around

by H.L. Berry

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: An unnamed man. A bondage club. Bi-curiosity. My first ever story and still one of the wildest. If you enjoy it, let me know. I have plenty more stories to post about this club, given the right encouragement!

Chapter 1: Hanging Around

The man arrived early at the club. He was greeted by a hostess, and after a brief conversation, money changed hands. She summoned a maid, who led the man into a small antechamber. As he stood still, she slowly stripped off his jacket and shirt. She knelt before him, and, having taken off his shoes and socks, undid his trousers. With infinite care, these were pulled down and discarded, leaving the man standing in just his boxer shorts. She removed these just as carefully. He felt her hand brush his semi-erect cock, perhaps by accident, perhaps not. He was naked.

The maid left him, taking his clothes with her. Another maid entered with a small case. From this she produced various padded leather cuffs, which she swiftly attached to his wrists, ankles and neck. A small metal ring dangled from each cuff. A complex harness with several of the small rings was placed over his head and attached to the collar around his neck. She too knelt down in front of him, and gently took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue played over him. She moved her head back and forwards, lips pressed firmly around him. When he was fully erect, she pulled back and quickly fastened a tight leather harness about his cock and balls, holding his erection and thrusting his balls forward. He felt the veins in his cock throbbing as she pulled his hands behind his back and connected the cuffs together.

The second maid left, and the hostess returned, carrying a leash. This she attached to his collar, and with a tug, pulled him behind her. They walked deeper into the club, arriving eventually at a mirrored room with four substantial pillars in its centre. She led him over to these, and unclipped the leash and his wrist cuffs. Hanging in front of him, suspended from the very tops of the pillars by chromed steel chains, was a black leather cradle. She pushed him chest down onto the supple leather, pulling his arms through the chains to the front. The cradle supported him from his collarbone to his navel. She passed several straps over his back, buckling them tightly to hold him in place.

One by one, she stretched his arms out to the pillars and attached his cuffs to clips embedded there. She repeated the process with his legs, leaving him spread-eagled and suspended about three feet off the ground. His penis pointed stiffly down and slightly forwards, and his nipples protruded through small holes in the cradle. She lifted his head and attached another chain to the top of his harness, holding it up in a not uncomfortable position. Further small chains clipped to his head straps, preventing side-to-side movement.

She left him alone for a while. He tested his restraints, which were, as he expected, quite secure. His arms and legs were stretched out fully, leaving him with only very slight movement. He moved his eyes, taking in the restricted view that his harness allowed him. His breathing quickened as he caught sight of himself in the mirrors opposite. Suspended in a pool of light, his chains glittered in the beams of several ceiling-mounted spot-lamps. The rest of the room remained in shadow.

The hostess returned, carrying another small bag. She placed it on the floor in front of him, just within his line of sight. From it, with a small flourish, she removed a large black object. It was shaped like a cone for most of its length, with a rounded tip. At the other end, it narrowed slightly before flaring out again. She told him that it was a butt-plug, and that when it was inserted into his anus, the narrower section would prevent it being drawn fully inside him. It would also stop his muscles from expelling the intruder. As he watched, wide-eyed, she took a small pot from the bag, using its contents to lubricate the plug thoroughly until it gleamed in the lights. She walked around him, out of his view, carrying the pot and the plug.

He held his breath. Suddenly he felt her cool hand on his backside. Her fingers probed his crack, brushing lightly over his hole. He felt his muscle contract involuntarily. Her fingers left, then returned, this time with a blob of the lubricant. She smoothed it around his anus before slowly easing one finger inside him, pushing against his resistance. He gasped, then forced himself to relax, knowing that more was to come. She made a small approving noise, and slowly, carefully, pushed another finger into his anus. She moved her fingers in and out for a minute or two, then removed them, leaving him feeling oddly empty.

He felt the butt-plug nudging against his anus. A moment of pressure, then it started to fill him. He was stretched wider and wider. Just as he thought he could take no more, he felt the widest point pass through, and his anus clutched tightly around the neck of the device. He contracted and relaxed his muscles experimentally. It felt good, his arse stuffed so full.

The hostess reappeared in front of him. A slight smile played across her lips as she saw the expression on his face. Once again she bent down to her bag, and removed a ring with two straps dangling from it. She asked him to open his mouth, then she inserted the ring between his teeth, holding his mouth wide open. The straps attached to the sides of his head harness, holding the ring firmly in place. The ring was made of rubber around a hard core. The man quickly realised that it was an effective gag, which also left his mouth quite vulnerable.

Finally, the hostess clipped a blindfold over his eyes. He was unable to move, speak or see. Only his hearing remained, as the sound of the hostess's stiletto heels died away. Then there was silence.

Some time later, the club was apparently fully open, and he started to hear people moving about. Some of them passed through his room, a few of those lingering by him. He felt hands caress him, over his buttocks, round his nipples, sometimes even briefly passing along the length of his still erect cock and onto his balls. He felt a woman's lips on his own, her tongue passing into his mouth to play with his own. A hand grasped the butt-plug and twisted it within him, testing how securely it was held. He was suddenly aware of a movement of air over his cock. As the realisation hit him, he felt a woman's mouth take him in its warm embrace for the second time that evening.

He heard muttered voices, somewhere behind him. The pressure on his plug increased, and it was pulled out, much faster than it had been inserted. His anus remained open, stretched by the prolonged insertion. Strong hands took hold of his buttocks and pulled them apart. He felt flesh against the inside of his thighs. He knew then what was about to happen. He tried to struggle, a futile attempt. His bonds were as firm as ever. A male voice chuckled, then he sensed something probing at the entrance to his anus. It felt different to the plug, warmer, hard but yet slightly resilient. He tried to tighten his muscles, but they refused to respond. Then it was too late. The head of the stranger's penis passed beyond his ring, helped by the coating of oil that the lubricated plug had left as its legacy. Slowly, surely, helplessly, he could feel the invader reaching further along his passage, until he was filled completely, the stranger's balls touching his own. Still the woman suckled at his cock.

The other began to move his penis, smoothly, rhythmically in and out of the man's arse. Unable to resist, the man could only submit to the slow and deliberate fucking he was being subjected to. His cock felt harder than ever, though whether from the attentions of the woman or the anal stimulation, he could not say. A sliver of drool escaped from his mouth.

He heard more voices.

"Remove the blindfold. I want him to see what's coming."

The instruction was obeyed. He blinked rapidly in the sudden light. In front of him stood a man and a woman, both naked. He raised his eyes but could see no higher than their chests. They were magnificent, the male a bronzed and muscular Adonis, the woman a full figured Venus to match. Adonis passed something to Venus, and she ducked around the side of the man and out of his peripheral vision. Fingers tweaked at his nipples, which hardened immediately, and he gasped as clamps were applied and tightened. From the tugging that followed, he realised that the clamps must have had weights attached, which were now swinging freely. Venus returned to his view. She stroked the huge cock before his eyes, pushing her body against Adonis and rubbing herself against him.

Adonis gently pushed her away, then moved forward. Unable to turn his head or close his mouth, the man was unable to avoid taking the enormous cock into his mouth. Deeper it pushed, and the man tried hard not to gag. It touched the back of his throat as the other male behind him yet again thrust deeply into his arse. He was truly spitted, thoroughly penetrated at both ends. He felt his cock swell impossibly, then he came explosively into the mouth of the woman underneath him. She swallowed greedily, sucking each last drop from him. His erection remained, held by the now painfully tight cock harness. Perhaps stimulated by his involuntary anal contractions, the penis in his arse throbbed, and he could actually feel the stranger's juices coat the insides of his rectum.

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