Wimpy White Ass

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: They said he was a wimp.

It started out innocently enough. Carolyn and I had been married for just a little over seven years and while we were happy together the bloom had left the rose as far as sex was concerned. I didn't understand it. Carolyn was beautiful, sexy and a fun person to be around, but the passion, the pure lust we had experienced in the beginning was gone.

At first it was two or three times a day every day and then over the years it had gradually slowed down until it was once a week or even once every two weeks. We went from chasing each other around the house and ripping each other's clothes off to "You want to?" "Sure, why not." It wasn't just one sided either. Whatever it was that was affecting me affected Carolyn also; she seemed just as disinterested as I did. It wasn't mental or physical because I constantly got erections from seeing other sexy women and I'm pretty sure from the expressions on Carolyn's face when she eyed other guys that she was experiencing the female counterpart of me getting an erection.

I was whining about it one night while I was having a beer after work with my partner.

"Hell Jim, all that's going on is that you and Carolyn have gotten used to each other — you are taking each other for granted. All you need to do is stir the pot, throw some shit into the game."

"Like what?"

"Damned if I know Jim. I don't know that much about your personal life to even say. Do you and Carolyn have oral sex?"

"Yeah, we do, or at least we did."

"How about anal?"

"Yeah, we have done that."

"Got a kinky side? Want to watch her with some stud or anything like that?"

"Good lord no."

"Ever want to try any of the weird stuff like maybe peeing on her or having her pee on you?"

"No, never even thought about anything like that and the thought of it now makes me shudder."

"Well you need to find something Jim because it won't get better on it's own."

I knew Hal was right, but knowing he was right and knowing what to do about it were no the same thing.

I thought about the problem, I thought about it a lot and I couldn't seem to find a solution. I couldn't come up with any ideas until the night of Carolyn's birthday. Carolyn and I were supposed to meet in the bar at the Hilton and then have dinner and take in a show. I got a last minute phone call at the office that hung me up and I was a half-hour late getting to the Hilton. I walked into the bar and spotted Carolyn sitting at the bar and talking to some guy. From his body language it was obvious, at least to me, that he was hitting on my wife. It was equally obvious that she was not chasing him away, but then there was no reason why she should. She got hit on a lot and I knew that she could handle herself.

Normally I would walk up and Carolyn would say, "Oh, here's my husband now" and then she would introduce us and he would fade away. For some reason this time I just moved to a table in a dark corner and sat down and watched. The man took the stool next to Carolyn, waved the bartender over and ordered them both a drink. It was about five minutes before he made his move — he put his hand on Carolyn's leg just above her knee. Carolyn angrily pushed it away, but in the milli-second between his touching and her reacting my cock sprang to attention.

I have no idea what lay behind it because I had seen men make passes at Carolyn lots of times and it never gave me a hard on. I'd seen her kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas parties and it never affected me, but this guy putting his hand on Carolyn's leg had pushed a button. As soon as Carolyn reacted to the man's touch I got up and went over to them.

"Hi sweetie. Sorry I'm late, but I got a phone call just as I was walking out the door."

"No problem, in fact you are just in time to stop me from making a scene. Lets go."

She got up and we headed for thew dinning room and when we were seated I asked her about her 'making a scene' comment. And she told me what had happened.

"I know, I saw it" and then I told her about my coming in and watching. "But I don't understand the 'scene' part. You've always had men taking shots at you."

"Yeah, but never as crude as that slime ball. "Come on honey, I've got a room here and a ten inch cock that just drives women wild" and then he put his hand on my leg and I almost tossed my drink in his face."

"Too bad he was such an asshole; I would have been interested in seeing what would have happened had his hand moved a little higher."


I reached under the table and took her hand and carried it to the hard lump in my pants. "That's what happened when I saw him put his hand on your leg. I'm just wondering if it would have ripped it's way out of my pants had he gone any higher."

"Oh my, you nasty boy you. I think we should skip dinner and the show and just hurry on home" and that is just what we did.

We didn't talk much on the way home because Carolyn was stretched out across the seat with her head in my lap and with her tongue doing interesting things to my cock. We raced into the house and up the stairs to the bedroom and then we had the most satisfying sex we'd had in a long time. We made love five times and when it was over and we had snuggled up to each other Carolyn said, "What do you think would have happened if he had gone farther?"

"No idea. My reaction to his hand on your knee surprised the hell out of me. I've no idea of what higher might have caused. Why?"

"Because I'm curious. I'm turned on by you being turned on. Had I known this earlier we could have had some very interesting evenings."

"How's that?"

"I've had hands a lot higher than that on me and in more intimate places. If I'd known the effect that it had on you I would have let you know and I probably could have maneuvered things so you could have seen it happen."

"Why am I just finding out about these things now?"

"Because I assumed that you would be like most other husbands and go roaring off and punch the guy in the mouth and that would have cut our party invitations way down."

She reached over and fondled my limp dick, "I know it has been a long night for you lover, but any chance you can get it up again?"

"Maybe later babe, but I think you have pretty much drained me up to this point."

"Pity. Do you think that you could have gone again if I had spread my legs and let his hand travel a bit?"

My cock twitched and Carolyn giggled and said, "I think we have found a way to spice up our lagging sex life."

We spent the next couple of nights experimenting. She told me about all the times she had been felt up at parties and by whom, and how far she had let them go before shutting them down, but none of that had any effect on me. We finally decided that there were two possibilities for what caused my erection on Carolyn's birthday: Either it was because he was a stranger — someone I didn't know — or it was because I saw it happen.

"So" Carolyn asked, "Do you want to find out which one it is?"

I caught the inflection on the word "you" so I said, "You mean do we want to know, don't you?"

"Oh no sweetie, this one is on you. You get to make the decision here. Yes, I am curious about what it is that has caused our sex life to catch fire again, but the choice is yours lover, yours and yours alone."

"Why? Why me alone?"

"Because my sweet, the only way we can find out the answer is to put me out there as a guinea pig. I'm going to have to let men feel me up, try to get me hot enough to follow them to a back seat or a motel room while you watch. I can handle that — I've had to since I was thirteen — but can you handle it? I'm not about to do something and then come home and have you call me a slut or a whore for something I did. I'm the one who will have hands on her ass, hands on her tits, hands trying to run up her legs under her skirt and who will almost surely have tongues shoved down her throat. If you can handle my doing it I will do it, but you have to be the one to say "Okay Carolyn, let's go find out."

"That might be Carolyn, but you still have to want to know and tell me that you would like to know before I make the decision, I'm not going to do it just to satisfy my curiosity."

"Fair enough. Yes I'm curious and I would like to know."

"Okay Carolyn, let's go find out."

Our first attempt at finding out what it was that caused my hard on took place without my knowing. On Wednesday Carolyn stopped after work with three of her girl friends. They got hit on and after several drinks they danced with some guys and then Carolyn let herself be separated from the group. The guy took her to a dark booth in the back of the bar and he tried to hustle her between dances. When she got home she told me what had happened. They had swapped tongues and she had let him get a hand inside her blouse and play with her right breast before she shut him down and went back to join her friends.

"Well lover, does that put any life in the noodle?"

"Some. We will definitely get a trip to the bedroom out of it, but I'm nowhere near as charged up as I was the other night."

Friday we attended a party thrown by some friends of ours. According to Carolyn there were seven guys at the party who had tried to get into her pants at one time or another.

"Keep an eye on me lover. Before the night is over I'll let one of them get me outside on the patio, be where you can watch."

About three hours into the party she came up to me, "You need to get outside. I told Billy I'd meet him out there in about five minutes."

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