by YellowGirl

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sex with a man is satisfying, but curiosity can lead a woman to wonder...Who can satisfy her better? A man or a woman?

Jade stood in the ladies room mirror freshening up her lipstick. Her lips were so full and soft, very kissable.

She stood there imagining her boss Giam, kissing her lips passionately.

She moved back to check the entire view of herself ... she looked great. She was a sexy Latina with nice tits and ass. Her long black, tousled hair hung down her back as she turned to check her rear view out.

She looked down at her watch and saw that she was almost late getting to work.

She unlocked the bathroom door with the employee key, and headed down the hallway. Her boss was a tall, lanky Asian guy with glasses. His skin was almost a deep tawny color like hers. She passed by his empty office as she sashayed into the next room. She sat her purse down on the grey cabinet, and went over to one of the tables.

Her co-worker Lin came in. She was a really beautiful Asian girl with very sexy feet. She always walked around barefoot in the office. Just like the other girls her face was so pretty, and she had a very beautiful smile.

She walked over to Jade and grinned, "Hi there!

How was your weekend?"

"OH it was so much fun! I went to the salsa club" Jade smiled, showing her pretty white teeth.

Jade tried not to be rude but she always found herself staring at her firm tits for some reason. They worked very close to each other and sometimes she caught Lin glancing at her tits as well.

"Jade? Giam is calling us in his office," Lin said, brushing her soft bobbed hair away from her dark pretty eyes.

Both girls quickly went to his office and stood in the doorway. Giam sat at his big office desk, pulling out tons of paperwork.

"Please come in ladies have a seat I need to talk to both of you, and do close the door behind you please"

Giam spoke in such a businesslike voice.

He pulled out a small chair for Jade to sit on close to his, and one near to the corner of his desk for Lin. He always used direct contact with Jades eyes when he spoke to her, and it made her nervous.

"I am working on a new project this week. I need to know if you two ladies will help me. Your both hard workers and very dependable" he moved closer and removed his glasses.

Jade sucked in her breath quietly. She was not used to seeing him without his specs. His dark almond shaped eyes were intense and very deep. There was something very sexual about them that made her want to look away. But his eyes locked with hers as he continued to speak about the project. He then turned to Lin, keeping eye contact with her as he spoke. Jade looked over to see Lin's cheeks blushing shyly.

"There will be two ladies joining us for a conference this evening. They are two teachers that will help us in this project. Can you ladies stay late?" he asked.

"Uhm yes" Lin spoke very softly, while handing Jade a piece of Vietnamese candy.

"Sure" Jade said, popping a piece of chewy candy in her mouth.

"Great, then I will take you two ladies to lunch and then we will all meet in the classroom" Giam said as he put his glasses back on the bridge of his nose.

They had lunch at a small Viet restaurant around the corner.

Jade sighed in boredom as Giam went on and on in Vietnamese to Lin. Jade was taking a language class to learn Vietnamese, but she still didn't fully understand the words they spoke. The words seemed to flow out so fast that it felt hopeless so she gave up and sat eating her food quietly. Giam winked at her briefly right before they were leaving. She grinned and got up from the table, hoping that it wasn't obvious how turned on she felt.

Back at the office, she went into the classroom with Lin. Tran showed up ... She was small and tiny like Lin with a very pretty face and smile. Her long black, hair always hung in her face like a beautiful silk curtain. She spoke with a twang in her voice from being raised in the city

"Hey yall. I just got here. Got a killer cold" she sniffled.

"Poor baby" Jade sympathized handing her some tissue paper and a cough drop.

"Thanks hun" Tran sighed, sliding the cough drop between her shapely pinkish lips.

Jade winked.

Two Viet women came into the room. One was a tall about Jade's height, wearing her long black hair in a ponytail. Her body was medium sized, and she wore a simple checkered shirt with no makeup. She looked very plain but had a very strikingly pretty edge to her looks.

She smiled at Jade, shaking her hand "Hi I am Tramh" ... She kept very strong eye contact with Jade.

The other girl was dressed somewhat plain too, but had more curves to her body. She was shorter in stature, with a deeper skin tone like her own, her eyes were rounder with more Hawaiian features to her face. She grinned and shook both Jade and Lin's hands.

"Hi I'm Holly" she smiled.

"Hi" Jade nodded politely.

Giam the boss entered the room and sat down at the table with them.

"Well, well well ladies. It's so good to have you all here.

Let's all introduce ourselves". He smiled boyishly, like a child in a candy store.

Everyone gave an introduction of themselves and what their occupation was outside the office.

Jade glanced over to look at Tramh ... and to her surprise, she was gazing directly across at her. Tramh smiled, her eyes were on Jade like white on rice. Jade looked away very nervously. She never had a woman eye her up in such a way. She kept her eyes on Giam for the remainder of the meeting, afraid to even glance even briefly at Tramh.

"So what is your name again?" Tramh asked out loud looking at Jade.

"It's ... Its Jade" she replied quietly.

"That is a very pretty name" Tramh grinned sweetly with a glow to her face.

"Thank you," Jade smiled nervously.

After the meeting was finished, Jade went to the ladies room to freshen up.

Although she only really wanted to have some time away from Tramh, because she felt highly intimidated for some reason. Then, she heard the door unlock ... It could only be another employee because they were the only ones in the office building with bathroom keys.

Jade stood in the mirror adjusting the back of her skirt.

"Pretty skirt," Tramh's voice spoke behind her.

Jade's eyes widened a bit as she turned around...

"Oh hi Tramh," she smiled.

"Hi" Tramh winked.

And the two women stood there for some time.

"You will be joining us for drinks later?" Tramh asked, watching Jade fix her lipstick.

But Jade was too nervous to even think about joining her for anything..."Uhm ... Well I don't know..."

"Oh yes, please join us. I'd love to talk to you and get to know you better. Are you ... African American or Spanish or something?" Tramh asked.

"Brazilian" Jade replied.

"Oh. Very nice ... exotic" Tramh said, sounding amazed and intrigued.

Jade felt like Tramh had X-ray vision and was staring through her clothes.

"I- I uhm ... I am going back to the office now. See you there" Jade said in a frightened voice.

"I'll come with you" Tramh smiled sweetly.

Jade walked ahead as Tramh lagged behind her slowly.

"Is she staring at my ass?" Jade asked herself. She tried not to even think about it ... surely she wasn't doing that ... right?

In the office Tramh ran over to the boss and whispered something into his ear.

"THAT'S GREAT NEWS JADE! I'm glad that you'll be joining us" he gave a flirty grin.

Jade had no idea that he would be going too. She felt her tight pussy get a little wet inside her panties.

Giam, Jade and Holly rode in Tramh's car. The other two ladies went home. Jade sat in the backseat with Giam...

Tramh drove, and Holly sat in the front. They stopped at a small bar out in the far South end of town. Inside it was crowded and 80s rock music blasted from the jukebox.

They all sat down in booth. Jade sat down with Holly next to her, and Giam and Tramh across from them.

"This place is great!" Holly laughed.

"What will you ladies have?" Giam asked slyly.

Jade replied nervously "I'll just have a soda"

"SODA NO. You must have something to drink. How about a beer" Tramh insisted.

Awhile later they were all drinking beer and tension between them began to loosen up a bit. Holly left to go the ladies room and Giam moved to sit in Holly's spot, directly next to Jade.

"You look really nice tonight Jade, Then again you always do" He said.

Tramh sat quietly staring at Jade and sipping her beer. Jade could feel Tramh's eyes stroking her body again, and it felt so peculiar.

"I need to run to the ladies room" Jade spoke politely.

"Sure" Giam moved back a bit to let her get by, as she did Jade's full breasts accidentally brushed up against his face and glasses.

"Oh sorry!" she exclaimed.

"Don't be" he smirked.

In the restroom Holly came out of the stall and headed back to the table. The room was very clean but dimly lit. Jade stood in the mirror adjusting her top and combing her soft tresses with her manicured fingers.

Startled she saw Tramh in the mirror behind her, She was about to turn around but Tramh moved closer behind her. Jade stood very still and nervous not quite knowing what to do. Tramh moved much closer until her breath was against Jades hair and neck.

"You are very pretty" Tramh whispered into Jades pretty neck.

"Oh my god!" Jades brain screamed. "What is happening!?" Her cafe au lait skin feeling very warm and flushed.

Tramh put Jades hands down to her sides and put her arms around the front to her full breasts. Her fingers rub repeatedly. Tramh's fingers began tuggly lightly at Jade's thick nipples causing them to become fully erect.

Tramh then removed her hands down toward Jade's curvy hips and ass "I will see you back at the table" Tramh whispered into Jade's ear, giving her more chills.

Jade stood there in horror as Tramh left the ladies room. She was trying very hard to hold it together, but she felt as though she was losing it. A woman had never touched her in such a way before And now she was standing there having naughty thoughts about Tramh's hands on her breasts, she swallowed hard and took a deep breath before heading back to the table and sitting down.

They were ordering more beer.

Giam was fidgeting with a salt shaker on the table like a little kid, He was always doing things like this ... but it was more intensified because he'd been drinking so much beer.

Jade was fading in and out with her thoughts, the beer completely clouded everything over. She was DRUNK! All of them were drunk. Tramh was gazing at her like a female cat ready to pounce at any given moment, and Jade's heart was pounding so fast. Holly was staring off into nothing like a space cadet on a voyage ... And Giam's eyes were glued to Jade's erect nipples...

"Nice shirt" Giam said, Jade was embarrassed but began to laugh so silly.

"Gotta go to the ladies room" Jade giggled.

"AGAIN?" Holly sighed.

"Yes AGAIN" Jade rolled her eyes and started walking in the wrong direction. Instead she went to the men's room, Giam saw her mistake and ran fast after her. Jade stood inside the dim lit men's room feeling puzzled.

Giam locked the door and pushed her up against the wall and forced his warm lips over hers.

He pulled away for a moment and then said "You get me so fucking hot Jade."

He undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants.

Almost in a complete trance Jade went down on her knees and began putting his beautifully smooth cock in her mouth. Her hands held his shaft carefully as she began to suck it very lightly. Her lips went up and down on his rock hardness.

His back was up against the wall and he was moaning softly, whimpering while Jade licked his balls with her soft pink tongue. She glided her tongue from his balls all the way back up his delicious shaft again. Her mouth went over it as she began to deep throat it and she could taste the tangy tasty pre-cum dripping on her tongue, she slurped it down like it was sweet lemonade.

"OH GOD!" he cried out softly as his smooth Viet cock started to swell up thickly, its muscles tensing up ready to burst soon. Jades hands caressed his balls tenderly continuing to suck him with such passion and so much energy. He could not concentrate on anything but the feeling of his cock getting massaged by Jade's sexy full lips.

His hands stroked her soft pretty hair as he groaned in desperate pleasure, then completely yanking his cock from her mouth and cumming on the floor.

"Nooo! What are you doing?" she whispered desperately.

"Its better I do this now" Giam whispered and groaned deeply at the same time, letting his juice pour on to the checkered floor. But jade wanted him to fuck her so bad, she had always wanted him, since he first hired her.

"Giam" she whispered.

"Quiet, we must keep this quiet. Okay?" he whispered.

"Ok" Jade said, wiping her mouth with a paper towel.

She was getting ready to leave when he grabbed her arm very aggressively and whispered into her ear "There will be a next time Jade ... this is not over."

"Yea" she grinned, and went out the door.

At the table, Holly and Tramh were giggling about something. And when Jade sat down and it got somewhat quiet.

"Have another beer" Tramh offered.

"Uhhh" Jade already felt buzzed, and was not sure she could control herself with another one.

"Please you can't refuse" Tramh grinned. "Come on have one more, please?"

"Okay" Jade smiled and drank the open beer. Giam came and sat down next to Tramh.

It was getting so late and none of them should have been driving the car that night, all four were wasted. Tramh seemed to be the least affected by the beer, she had a strong stomach for such a petite woman. They dropped off Giam at his home first. As he got out of the car he grabbed Jade's hand and whispered quietly "Remember what I said Jade..."

"Yes" she replied, smiling.

Tramh eyed them in the mirror and smirked wickedly. Her pretty slanted eyes soaking it all up like a sponge.

"So where do you live?" Holly giggled girlishly.

"She will come home with us tonight. She is much too drunk to go home alone" Tramh spoke casually in a monotone sound.

"Ohhh" Holly shrugged her shoulders.

Jade was shocked to know that Holly and Tramh were roommates. There was something somewhat boyish and plain about Tramh that Jade could not explain and yet something hot and so intriguing. She peered out the window trying to solve the puzzle in her mind, while Tramh adjusted the mirror so that it gave her a good view of Jade's tits.

"She's pretty isn't she?" Holly grinned.

"Yes she is" Tramh said in a flat voice still gazing at Jades reflection. They pulled up in front of their home; it was a quiet suburban house with the white picket fence and all.

Tramh opened the door for Jade as if she were a gentleman.

Jade felt peculiar as she said "Thank you."

She was used to saying this to men accompanied by the words, "Oh you're such a gentleman!" This was different though, a woman behaving like the perfect gentleman?

Inside Jade stood nervously in the living room so dizzy drunk. Holly went upstairs to shower.

"Come with me" Tramh said, taking Jades hand and walking to a dark bedroom.

Jade was reluctant, "Uhmmm well..."

"Just please come in" Tramh pulled her down on the bed and closed the door. The room was almost completely dark except for a small red rose lamp in the corner of the room. The light reflected off their smooth skin beautifully.

"You are nervous around me" Tramh spoke softly and sat close behind Jade.

Jade was so frightened and sat as still as a statue.

"No it's just ... I'm not used to women touching my body" Jade said.

"I know you must have liked it, your body responded" she brushed away Jade's soft strands of tousled hair from her neck and began to kiss her shoulders very lightly.

Jade sucked in her breath, afraid.

"Let's take off this shirt so that I can massage you"

Tramh spoke in a whispery seductive voice.

"No. No thank you" Jade refused kindly.

"I just want to give you a massage, I promise not to hurt you" Tramh whispered pulling the girls shirt up over her head.

Jade just sat there braless and shivering in the chilly room. Tramh's voice whispered,

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