The Triptych

by MWTB & Kiki

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Slavery, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A slave's reward, punishment and reward in three parts. Parts 1 & 3 written by MWTB and part 2 written by Kiki.

Panel I - Prelude

I have been teasing you all day. You are worked up, and ready to cum, but I have not allowed it. I have you change into your gym clothes, a tight white tank top and thin white sweats. When I first met you, you were overweight, and I would not put up with that. You had been working on it even before we met, but once we were together, I ensured that you would continue working out, setting up a reward system for both weight loss as well as progress at the gym, and conversely, a punishment system for missed sessions or gained weight. Being who you are, you rarely needed the punishment, which sort of disappoints you. Occasionally, you ask for a punishment as your reward.

Today I am driving you to the gym, then picking you up afterwards. I drive you to the gym in the twilight, and you are nervous sitting in the passenger seat, wearing your tank top and nothing else. I want you available to my fingers, and besides, if I allow you to wear your pants, they will have had a large wet spot in the crotch when you walk in the gym doors. I don't want the spot forming until you are already on the machines.

I pull into a spot in the parking lot and drag you towards me, shoving my tongue down your throat and two fingers up your twat. I bring you once again to the peak, and then I back off, letting you fall back against the car door, gasping.

Slowly, with trembling hands, you slip your pants up your legs. I give you a small kiss and send you on your way.

In the gym, you begin your workout. You try and get into the zone, try to focus on the workout, but its just too much; you are just too close to the edge. Even though you are in no danger of a spontaneous orgasm, you know two flicks of the clit and you will be cumming. You long to go to the bathroom and do just that, but you know that I would not allow it, so you continue to work out, pushing yourself harder than usual to try and drive the itch between your legs away.

Soon, your shirt is soaked with sweat, allowing more to be seen than is strictly appropriate, though the other patrons do not seem to mind. In fact, they enjoy the view, and their minds race as they wonder what got you to the state that is causing the growing wet spot in the crotch of your pants. But you are too deep into your workout - struggling too hard to avoid the thoughts of me and my cock that are skittering around in your brain - to notice.

You don't even notice the woman that seems to follow you from station to station. In your mind, you are still that fat girl, the invisible one, the one that people don't notice, so you aren't aware of what you do to people. And today, in your hyper-sexual state, you must be putting out pheromones at a massive rate, because you have most of the other patrons fantasizing about getting your body, a body that belongs to me.

When you are done, you hit the locker room. I allow you to shower after your workouts, but my instructions are clear; the one part of your body that you may not clean is your pussy. I want it soaked when you come home to me.

Your mind is still in turmoil, desperately looking forward to seeing me. So it is not completely surprising that you don't notice the woman following you, glancing shyly over at you. You peel down your pants, little strings of cream stretching from your pussy to the crotch of your pants, something that does not go unnoticed by your admirer. The woman sees it, and she cannot help but smell you as your scent begins to permeate the locker room.

She follows you to the showers, smiling nervously when you glance her way, sneaking surreptitious peeks at your shaved snatch, your erect nipples, your tight ass. She is nude too, and she doesn't have orders not to touch her pussy. As she stands across the bullpen from you, under her own showerhead, she hopes that you are checking her out, but you are in your own world.

She wants you, but is too shy to say anything, It's too bad, because if she just approaches you, just expresses interest, you will follow your instructions and give her my card, informing her that if I agree to it, she might have some time with you. Instead, she goes home alone, and later that night, as she replays this moment in her head, she'll cum three times while holding her vibrator to her clit.

Panel II - Going Home

I walk out of the gym, and you are waiting for me. You step out of the car and open the door for me, helping me in. You close the door, go around to the driver's side, get into the driver's seat and drive us home. I want your hand in my pants or I want you to tell me to take off the pants so you can get to my pussy on the way home. I'll take them off for you. I want your fingers in my cunt fucking me hard making me cum on your hand.

I look at you, longingly, and you see it in my eyes. You smile at me and tell me to do what I want. In seconds, my pants are off, my legs spread. I reach over and grab your hand, pushing it between my legs. It takes no time before I am cumming, savoring the long denied sensation. You take your hand back so that you can navigate the road, while I lean against my door, slowly rubbing my fingers around my cunt, savoring the sensation of knowing that you can barely keep your eyes off of me.

When we arrive home, you come around to my side and help me out of the car. You do not allow me to put my pants on, so my ass is on display to whomever is passing by. You drag me inside and just inside the front door you push me to my knees - onto the pillow I keep by the door because I greet you on my knees so often - take your pants down and push your very hard cock into my mouth. Grabbing the back of my head and pushing down my throat. My nails are digging and scraping up the back of your thighs as I try to pull you deeper into my mouth. I relax my throat and let you have what your want.

You are just using my mouth, fucking my face, just looking for a warm wet place to cum and I'm a willing little slut who wants to be used. I slide my hand around and take your balls in my grip and gently tug and roll them in my hand. I slide my other hand up and grip the base of your cock and squeeze and release and squeeze and release. I can feel your balls tighten and I suck harder and you push in and out of my mouth faster. I'm grunting and gasping to keep up with your pace and still breathe. I want your hot cum in my mouth - I'll pass out before I let you out of my mouth without your cum. And then with a deep push and a groan, you start to cum.

Your hands go the back of my head holding me there. I can't move; it is either swallow or pass out. I don't want to lose any of your delicious cum so I fight the urge to gag and swallow rope after rope of your cum down my throat. Finally you finish and lean back against the door, breathing heavily, looking down at me. I lean forward, gently, carefully, cleaning off your very sensitive cock, getting every drop of the sticky mess we've made. I'm breathing hard and gasping a bit.

When I've got you all clean I stay on my knees and look up at you. As you continue to watch me, I look into your eyes and let you see how much it pleases me to let you use me like this. I spread my knees a bit more, straighten my posture, lower my eyes and say, "Thank you, Sir, for taking me to the gym and making me work my body out so hard so that I might be better for you to play with. Thank your, Sir, for making me cum in the car on the way home. And thank you so much, Sir, for fucking my mouth just for your pleasure, for using me for your own release, for giving me your very, very yummy cum to swallow here on my knees in the front door of our house. It makes me so happy to serve you."

My eyes still cast down, you push off the door and step close to me, reaching down to slide your fingers into the tight work out tank and over my breast to pinch my nipple. You give it a little twist and I let out a small moan. My pussy is dripping down my thighs and I'm making a little puddle on the pillow under me. You slide your hand up and over my collarbone, up my neck and along my jaw line to my chin.

"little one," you say as you lift my chin to make my eyes meet yours. "You have pleased me immensely this afternoon and I want to give you pleasure. I want to tie you to the bed and make you cum on your dildo, on your vibe, on my face, on my fingers, on my cock. I want to give you pleasure like you have never known. Stand up little one." With your fingers on my chin I stand on weak knees with the anticipation of what is to cum. "But first we have a punishment to tend to, my little one."

"I know, Sir." I had taken my pants off in the car. but before I started your blow job I didn't take my top off, and all blow jobs are to be done topless in this house.

"Strip little one."

I pull the single article of clothing off over my head and lower my eyes again. "I'm sorry Sir. I'll remember next time I just..."

You cut me off.

"I know you were just very eager to have my cock in your mouth and forgot the rules."

"Yes Sir, that's just what happened."

You reach out and cup my cheek, lifting my eyes back to you, then sliding your hand to the back of my neck you pull me in for a kiss. I love your lips on mine your tongue in my mouth, the taste of you, of your cum. still lingering there. You pull back and tell me "My little one, I'm going to go and wait for you in the spanking chair. I want you to get your collar and bring it to me. I want you wearing it, and only it, when I bend you over my knee and spank your tight little ass 15 times for forgetting the house rules. Go now and be quick about it."

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