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Desc: Sex Story: read it.

It sounds like a cliché, but when it's you involved, it is very different, believe me. Okay, I know that might puzzle you but you'll understand soon enough.

I'm a man in my fifties. I've been married a few times and am currently married to my last wife. I have two daughters from one marriage. They are grown and on their own. My wife also has two daughters who are nearly the same ages as mine. This story is about one of them.

I know I'm supposed to view my stepdaughters as daughters. But since I didn't watch them grow up; didn't help raise them, to me they are simply attractive young women to me. When I say attractive, I mean really attractive.

These girls... I mean 'women'... are twenty seven and twenty two. Physically they couldn't be more different. Kay, the older one, is slim, nearly to the point of being anorexic, though she eats like a horse and just works it off in life. Beth has a serious weight problem. I have no idea what she weighs, but she has rolls on her rolls. Both of them are facially pretty, however.

Beth's redeeming feature, besides her pretty face, is her brazen attitude. She's very open about her sexual desires. One time, when she was complaining about a lack of dates, she asked me, "What the fuck? I would put out. I love giving blow jobs. Isn't that what guys are supposed to like?"

I had to admit that she was right, but that maybe the guys she was trying to land were too inexperienced and too unsophisticated to appreciate her sexiness.

"You mean you think I'm sexy?" she asked me. I knew I had to step carefully to avoid tipping her to the fact that I really wanted to throw her onto a bed and lick her to orgasm and then fuck my brains out in her pussy and ass.

"Of course I do, honey. But I'm not the one you need to convince. I'm married to your mom and I know how you see me. You're looking for a 'Johnny Depp type' and even if I wasn't married to your mom you wouldn't look at me twice — not that way, I mean."

"Well you're handsome Bobby, but... yeah, you're right. You're an old guy." My heart rose and fell in those two seconds. I knew I could never live my fantasies with her, but I tacked toward her opinion that I was handsome.

Beth finally found a guy who could appreciate her fleshy form. He is a black guy a couple of years younger then she is and they apparently fuck their brains out regularly. The word from my wife is that they have a difficult time finding condoms big enough for him. I'm jealous (and envious). But they live on the other side of the country in Florida and we live in Nevada.

Kay is a different story entirely. She has been with the same guy since she was sixteen. My wife, in her previous marriage to a dip-shit old hippie, allowed them to basically live as man and wife in Kay's bedroom for years. They decided to marry, and then Kay called it off. Later (a year and a half later) they decided to tie it up anyway. Everybody knew he had been left behind as she matured, graduated from college, and went into grad school, and he was still installing car stereos. Yet they stayed together.

Nevertheless, we went along with everything and they married. After only four months Kay filed for annulment. Since we live in the 'quickie state', she came to stay with us for the six week residency requirement. I was overjoyed, but tried to control my joy. I tried to hide my happiness because, as with Beth, I knew I had no right to even think about Kay that way.

But I'm a guy. In my mind, I couldn't control my fantasizing. When Kay first came here it was only February. The weather was still temperate — around 60 degrees during the days. But when March rolled around, the temperatures slid up into the eighties and, for me that meant shedding some clothes.

When it's just Pam and me here, I just go naked around the house. Since Kay was here, however, I knew I'd have to wear shorts at least. For a time when Beth was younger and when Pam and I first got together, she saw me naked a few times and she pretended to be 'grossed out' by it. The word filtered back to me through Pam that the girls really didn't want to see me bare as the day I was born.

So I accepted the limitations and life went on. It all changed one morning when Pam left for work (at 5 AM) and I decided to take a shower. Our home has two bathrooms but there was a problem with the master bathroom's shower head. I'd been meaning to replace it but hadn't gotten around to it yet. So I used the hall shower instead. Kay was sleeping when I went in but I guess the noise awakened her.

"So I was beginning to think that Beth was making things up," Kay's voice came from the kitchen. I'd exited the bathroom and was headed for our bedroom, naked. I stopped and turned at her comment. I was naked.

"Oh, sorry, honey, I thought you were still in bed." Since she'd caught me naked, and since I was comfortable that way, I didn't try to cover up — especially since I didn't have a towel or anything else to do it with.

"That's okay, Bob. I'm not as weird as Beth. I couldn't care less if you're naked." I wasn't sure how I felt about her comment. I knew it should have made me feel more at ease, but it felt somehow insulting. So, instead of continuing to the bedroom, I walked toward the kitchen to refill my own coffee cup. Kay moved aside and her eyes traveled up and down my nude body.

I felt as if I was on display, but I also felt good that things had reached this point. Wearing shorts around the house was uncomfortable for me, since I was used to going nude. It was my house, after all.

"Well, here I am, Kay. If it bothers you, I'll go put some shorts on." I was willing to make concessions.

"Nah. I don't care. Dad used to go around naked sometimes. I'm used to it." She sat down at the kitchen table and sipped her coffee. She wore the long tee shirt she'd slept in. I poured my coffee and took a chair opposite her.

"Your mom seemed to think you'd be offended by my naked body," I said.

"Nope. I actually feel better without clothes myself," She set her cup on the table and pulled the tee shirt up and over her head. I wasn't sure if she had panties on or not, but her tiny titties were now bare to my eyes. She returned my smile and picked up her cup.

I knew this was going to be difficult because the sight of her pointy nipples made my dick twitch and start to inflate.

"I don't know if Beth ever saw me with a hard on or not, but you might while you're here. Please don't take it wrong if you do." I was concerned that she might divine my true desires and I worried that she'd tell her mother that I was horny for her.

"Hey, you're a guy. Guys get hard when the wind changes." She gave me a look and grinned. "Besides, if looking at me naked gives you a hard on, I'd just take it as a compliment."

If she could have seen me under the table then she would have felt mightily complimented. I was hard as a rock, just looking at her nipples. I was also imagining her bare pussy — Pam told me that both her daughters shaved their pubic hair, just as she did.

"Well, I guess I can relax then," I said. We sat and drank coffee until she needed a refill. When she got up I saw that the tee shirt had been her only covering. Her skinny butt was cute and marked by the seam of the chair. She brought the coffee pot to the table and refilled my cup too. Her eyes went to my groin and she grinned when she saw my erection.

"Hmm... It doesn't seem that you're relaxed. But I suppose that will go away after a while."

"Yup. I think I'll take my coffee out to the patio and lay in the sun a while," I told her. I knew I had to get away for a bit to absorb this new state of affairs. I also had to think of a way to tell Pam about it.

"Okay. I'm gonna take a shower." Kay came around and gave me a naked hug, which caused my cock to twitch hard. I managed to keep from sliding my hand down to her bare butt and giving it the squeeze I wanted to give it.

Once she left the room I had to grab my dick and squeeze it. I contemplated jerking off, but I put that thought aside. What I wanted to do was to go and join my stepdaughter in the shower and run my hands all over her sexy naked body. Instead, I did as I said I was going to do. I took my cup and walked out to the patio. The lounge chair was waiting and I turned it to face the sun.

I couldn't have been more exposed to Kay. I was naked and she'd seen my erection. There was nothing else to see. I reclined on the chair and lay with my eyes closed, soaking in the heat. After a few minutes I dozed.

When I woke up, my coffee was cool. I drank it anyway. My throat was dry. I sat up and wondered how long I'd been sleeping. Standing up, I went back into the shade of the house. I couldn't hear anything. Down the hall, I pushed open the door to Kay's bedroom. She was gone. I went back and checked the rest of the house. She was really gone. Then I found the note in the kitchen. 'Bob: I'm going to the mall for some new panties, Love, Kay'

The note tweaked my thoughts. Why did she say what she was going for? She could have just said she was going shopping. Did she mean to give me the thoughts about her going shopping for new panties that her statement did? Was she trying to turn me on?

I went back to her room. She kept her laundry separate from Pam's and mine, even though I'd told her she could just toss it in the hamper and I'd wash it when I did ours. I guess I should mention here that I have a spinal condition that prevents me from working. I'm a 'house husband', I guess.

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