The Perils of Pauline Drax-Summerby

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: just a little twist

I sat in my little scullery room and ached, we, the downstairs staff, had cleaned the mansion from top to basement. Plus my other duties, the kitchen staff had the list for the banquet, I wish I knew what was going on, how could I have become a lowly maid who has to answer to Summers.

Only 8 months ago I was the innocent Pauline Summerby, a lady in my aging fathers grand house. It seems a lifetime ago, I remember our house being cleaned, just like I have had to do to this one today, but that time it was our servants that prepared the house for important visitors.

I remember how well we made them clean it the first time Lord Avery Drax came to the house.

He had seen me at a hunt ball and wanted to court me, he asked father's permission, my father was only to pleased to marry me off to money, it would pay for him to go aboard for his health and Lord Drax seemed very nice and acted quite the gentleman.

He charmed me with his worldly ways and witty talk and a great-full father, who suddenly started to feel as though he was not long for this earth, wasn't going to lose this big fish so he rushed me in to the marriage, before I knew it I was Lady Pauline Drax-Summerby, living in a country mansion with servants, footmen, two carriages at my disposal and being shown off by my power crazed husband at lavish balls at least three times a month.

But the one thing I wasn't ready for was the sexual side of marriage. The first three months were difficult. He forcefully took my virginity in a brutal manner, which was a dreadful experience he just got on top and used me. I hated it when he came home drunk and abused me but he soon tired of that and wanted more, he wanted me to put it my mouth or worse in my bottom, I couldn't and wouldn't do it.

We would have blazing rows and he would storm off in to town where he would pay women, then he started to bring them home.

One day he brought home two very pretty young girls, he said they were orphans but I guessed he had bought them from some-one, they looked petrified, I knew he'd done something to them so I reported him to the police. The worst move I could have made.

My father suddenly died, I was alone and now very frightened and my husband told everyone it had an effect on my sanity,

He started playing silly tricks on me, moving things, hiding things then when I complained to staff he would have already put them back making me look foolish, he kept saying I must be mad, then he would make appointments for me that I knew nothing about, I wouldn't be there and people started agreeing with him, saying I must be losing my mind, a doctor was called.

The doctor visited me, it was on the third visit that he said he felt a tonic would be good for me; he started to give me a sweet tasting liquid, I took it thinking it was doing me good.

I found myself forgetting more and I seemed to be always tired, the doctor changed the medicine and I found I couldn't resist it, I had to have it, taking it became addictive.

I lived in a dream world, everything was too much trouble, I stayed in my room and the rumours about me got worse, nobody took any notice of me, and I was getting worse. I could hardly get out of bed, forcing myself out to do the basic things. He would be the one to bring me food, no one was allowed to be in the room alone with me, even when they bathed me no-one was allowed to speak to me he was always there, until one day he got a new manservant.

His name was Roderick and he had sole charge of me.

I remember that eventful day Roderick brought the doctor in, his sarcastic manner scared me as he came over, "Last chance to get you better." With no respect for my position he just pulled me up, I looked at the doctor for sympathy and support as he poured the medicine in to the spoon. It was then I realized it was a different doctor.

I took the liquid, stupidly thinking it was going to make me feel more like my old self besides I needed it but I soon found out how wrong I was, my whole body went limp it was impossible to move, even my voice became nothing more than a whisper, I found I couldn't move at all, Roderick and the doctor stood ether side of the bed smiling down at me, then the doctor said the words that were going to change my life.

"Doesn't look like it's working I think his Lordship was right she should go to the asylum," they both smiled at me.

Roderick said, "I think his Lordship will be very pleased, even more so if you sign the papers she could be admitted tonight; I'm sure he will reward you when he gets back, that will be tomorrow, in the mean time we will restrain her."

As I lay on the bed helpless the doctor looked at me then him, "She really is a beautiful clean looking young woman."

Roderick looked back at him, "Oh yes and as a matter of protocol and to keep those clean looks I'll have her washed and ready for the wagon."

They locked small manacles to my wrists then to the bed, with a bit of pulling my ankles were held the same, Roderick grinned at my pathetic attempts to escape, "Always best to secure people who are mad, don't want you to hurt yourself while the doctor goes for the wagon."

The doctor winked at Roderick, "Oh yes, always keep the lady restrained, wouldn't do to have her arms flaying around everywhere."

When they turned to leave I heard Roderick ask, "How long will you be?"

As the door closed the doctor said, "About two hours, is that long enough?"

I lay there, the word asylum screamed through my brain, I tried so hard to escape but my body lacked the strength I needed. The door opened, framed in it was Roderick and Agatha, the filthy kitchen maid, she was a loathsome creature I hated her and she knew it, she giggled, "Bath time your ladyship," she put her tongue out and waggled at me.

Roderick lead her by the arm and they sort of swaggered towards me, Roderick grinned at me then spoke to her making sure I heard every word, "Nice little Rebecca usually baths her, she says she has a fine body, plump firm tit's and nice legs, her whole body is smooth to the touch, almost like velvet," he turned and looked at me, "Is that true my lady?"

Agatha lifted up a small bucket, "Which bit do you want washed first, where would my lady like me to start?"

I tried to scream at them to get out but a whimpering, "Please leave me alone," could hardly be heard.

Roderick stood at the end of the bed, "Lets start from the bottom and work are way up, shall we?"

Agatha turned her head to look at him, "Allow me sir," she took the hem of my dress and pulled it upwards, I thrashed my head from side to side but to no avail, she just kept bunching it up until the only thing covering my dignity were my bloomers.

Roderick came closer, smiling at me, never taking his eyes from mine, but I could feel his hand on my leg, stroking up the soft cotton, he put more pressure on my leg as he slid up my inner thigh, "Agatha, would not do for us to get her ladyships apparel wet before her trip."

His fingers wrapped around the top of my bloomers, Agatha's hand did the same, she smiled at me then at Roderick, "Together."

He smiled back at her, "On the count of 3, 1, 2, 3, they both pulled down exposing me completely.

I tried so hard to shout, to move, to do anything but I was so weak. They both started at me, Agagtha was the first to speak, "Nice bush and a lovely looking twat, defiantly under used, a shame for such a fine looking woman should be fully used."

Roderick was almost mesmerized, he stared at me and quietly said, "Rich men don't know what they got and lower folk should take any crumb that falls from the table"; with that he tore off his jacket.

Agatha's eyes gleamed, "What me to wet her up for you," she wiggled her tongue at him, "Never tasted a lady before, wonder if they juice up more."

Roderick slowed down, he pulled at his cravat, "Why not, be my guest, they tell me your very good with your mouth."

Agatha smiled at me as she lent across my naked stomach then turned her head and lowered it between my legs; I jumped as I felt her tongue slide the full length of my most private part, I cried as I heard her say, "Sweet as a nut, you'll enjoy parting these cunny lips and she will be tight to start with, but they do say you have something rather big in your breeches."

Roderick unbuttoned his breeches, I could see this large mass in his undergarments, he unbuttoned the front of them, mercy I had never seen anything like it, I wouldn't believe one could be so big, he smiled at Agatha, "You better get her really wet, or this will hurt."

Agatha carried on licking at me, I heard her say, "It will be a pleasure to suck this cunny out, why not see if what they say about her titties is right, I will be a little longer between here, I hope she knows what I'm doing, for later that is."

I had never felt so disgusted in my life, this filthy woman was licking at me like some dog, I could feel her tongue lapping at my inner self, the actual flesh in between my legs, it was being pulled open as she stick her tongue as far up me as she could.

Her fingers rubbed at me just above my opening, rubbing at a part that I knew should give me pleasure but any pleasure was taken by the revulsion at Roderick, he was stood by my bed, me helpless as he undid my bodice.

He pulled my bodice down exposing my breasts; with one hand he played with my nipples, his other hand stroked up and down his enormous manhood. He grinned at me, "Feel nice, a little suck maybe if your ladyship wish's, just to see how long they get."

Nooo, I whimperd but he took no heed, his head bent and another tongue invaded my defencless body, the two of them sucked and licked at me, doing things that I would have never allowed, could I have stopped them.

He let go of himself and his hands pushed and pulled at my breast's he turned to Agatha, "Rebecca was right soft as velvet she is and her nipples are long slender and now quite hard, how is her cunny?"

Agatha was licking furiously at me, in between sticking her long tongue up me she said, "Not wet enough but I can tell your impatient to try her, come here I'll make you wet instead."

Roderick forced another pillow under my head, I could see them, he stood beside her, she took his enormous meat in her mouth and started to suck it, this is what my filthy husband had wanted me to do, it was inhuman.

As she did he let his hand lay on my thigh, then it moved, he turned and looked at me watching his hand, he just let the fingertips tickle over me then he spoke to me as though a child, "It'sy bits'y spider going to tickle inside her."

He moved over my thigh his fingers like a spider then round to my stomach then down in to my private hair until his index finger rubbed on the same sensitive part that Agatha had been licking.

Agatha stopped and took her mouth away, "Tiss like iron sir, you want to use it now, I hope so as you did promise I my avail myself of her tongue."

Avail her self of my tongue what did she mean; oh I was to find out so soon.

Roderick climbed between my legs, he knelt there looking at me with those evil lecherous eyes, he pulled at his meat, suddenly he dropped, his left arm took his weight, he never released his grip on himself, then he pushed forward, looking at me then between my legs, I cried a pathetic, God no, stop him.

At that moment god wasn't listening, he lunged upward and it thrust in to me, it was so big, the scream straggled in my throat as it tore up me, ripping in between the soft folds of my innocent sex, burying itself to the hilt, then he started to ram in and out, fast and furious then slow as he grinned at my discomfort, "You never been fucked with anything like this before have you my lady your little cunny is sucking me in, so take the pleasuring and enjoy."

I saw out of the corner of my tear soaked eye Agatha disrobing, she was pulling her filthy undergarment from under her dress, she threw them across the room and moved to the head of the bed, "She has no time for enjoyment, tiss my time for enjoyment, listen your ladyship. While Roderick is fucking you, you will do to me what I was good enough to do to you."

I blinked quizzically at her, "Your gona suck my cunny or it will be the worst for you."

She climbed on to the bed my whole body was numb from the vicious fucking I was getting from Roderick, tied the way I was there was no way I could defend myself as this woman positioned herself over my head.

She held her skirt up, I could see between her legs at this encrusted hole covered in mattered hair, she was lowing it towards me, noo I mumbled, she just laughed down at me, "Just keep your pretty mouth open your ladyship, use it well, remember we can hurt you, so get me off and it over as quick as you possible can, suck and lick and now."

Her filthy hole plummeted to my face as her legs spread wide, her hole covered my mouth and nose as she started to rub herself back and forth over my face, all the time Roderick drove up in to me, just taking it back to my entrance before driving up hard in to me again, I thought god make them stop.

Agatha worked her self until my nose and mouth were completely covered by her, I couldn't breath, I tried to move but Roderick held me firm, "Lick me and you breath."

I wouldn't, I couldn't, I lay there but I was held firm I had to breath I knew I had to do want they wanted, I let my tongue slip out in to that filthy hole, I heard a triumphal Agatha, "She's like all the whores, she likes a cunny in her mouth, get you tongue all the way up, then I may let your ladyship breath."

I don't know for how long I was forced to lick and suck at the disgusting woman's holes, I felt Roderick jump and thrust as he filled me with his filth, but still Agatha rubbed and pushed herself in to my mouth, then to my horror she orgasmed her filthy juice's in to my mouth, I was sick as she got off.

By the time the doctor arrived back they had bathed me and cleared me of their filth; I was redressed.

The doctor had a stretcher. I pleaded and protested as I was fastened to it, watched by the cruel Roderick and Agatha, the doctor and another man carried me down to the waiting wagon, I read the words on the side, Ratners Asylum for the safety of the Insane.

The stretcher was slid in to the back of the wagon, the driver took the rains as the horse's pulled out of the drive, the doctor sat in the back, just looking at me laying there, my mind in utter terror of what my fate may be.

We were well in to the country when he said, "Another hour of freedom, then your new home awaits," I tried to speak but he had forced more medicine in to me and I lay there mumbling my innocents. He moved closer to me his face close to mine.

"Your going to be quite the most popular girl there, we do get a few ladies but non so grand and beautiful as you, you will make me a few pounds, what with what his lordship is paying to keep you there, there will be others who, shall we say will take an interest in you, I wonder what their interest will be, can you guess?"

I felt him move, his left arm came across my neck then pushed in to the top of my bodice, I shook my head but it pushed on and downwards.

I felt his fingers curl over my breast trapping my nipple between his fingers, "Maybe these beauties may set a mans body trembling."

I felt his right hand start to pull at my skirt; he pulled continuously until I felt his fingers over my stocking touching my knees.

He pushed upwards, I felt his hand on my naked skin above my stocking tops, then on to the buttons on my bloomers, undoing them pushing inside. Much as I shook my head he refused to stop, suddenly he was pushing between my legs and in to my recently violated slit or as those filthy beasts had called it, my cunny.

"Maybe this will start a man's cock growing in to a hard thrusting raping machine, what do you think?"

I went to shake my head again but he moved and planted me with a kiss so hard on my mouth, pushing my head hard back on to the wood, I opened my mouth to cry out, it was what he had planned, he forcefully pushed his tongue in and licked around inside my mouth.

"Maybe men will want to put more than their tongue in that sweet mouth remember these words, it's just another hole for your masters to relive themselves in and your new position in life will be to service these new masters, ether that or you will rot in that place. So for the rest of this trip think on what I have said, and whilst you do I will busy myself enjoying your young, firmly rounded and very lovely body."

I lay there, the gentle rocking of the carriage as it carried me to hell, I tried to think, I knew I was crying, even though the medicine had dulled my senses I could feel the tears on my face.

I was alone, my father in another country, my husband would never tell were I was and no one would look for me.

I knew that with in the hour I would be lost to the world and all I had for company was a quack, a man who pretended to be a helper but in reality was helping himself to me.

As his fingers undid the top of my bodice he looked up at me, "Is her ladyship still thinking, I am to, Roderick tells me you have fine tit's you don't mind if I have a look or even a suck, I do have time? I even plan to do the same down there, just want to check that Roderick's monster cock has not taken any of the tight snug feeling that so many are going to want."

He feverishly tore at the buttons until my undergarment were displayed, then he pulled them down and started to play with my breasts, mauling at them, both his hands squeezed round forcing my nipples up and long so he could suck and bite on them, then holding back and shaking them, making them wobble before grasping both and pushing them together so he could rub them all over his face.

He degraded me as much as possible, "Oh your ladyship has fine tit's, with nipples to suck on, you will make a fine whore to fuck, look, you could fuck off between these for hours."

His hand pulled up my skirt, the clamps on my knees making it impossible for me to close my legs, to stop him having free access to me, his hands pushed back in to my bloomers, opening them so he could look at my nakedness.

"Now there is something you could play with for more than hours, sweet and inviting, how does it taste, shall I take the opportunity to discover for myself," as he bent to put his head between my captive legs he turned, looked and said, "All for medical science you understand," he winked and bent, his tongue started licking at me, I was being violated again.

I lay helpless, tied and drugged while this man abused me, pushing his fingers up me, tickling all round my cunny, then up to my breast's, continually licking, sucking at my most intermit places, every so often he would force me to kiss him making me taste the juice's he was licking from me, was I pleased to see the asylum gates, or did it hold more degradation for me.

My worst fears were realized, as I stood in the arrival room, no women. The governor was a tall balding man with a stoop, his black teeth grinned as he took particulars from the doctor.

A second man, I was told this was the resident doctor was handed my notes; I could do little to stop this charade as I was flanked by two large orderly's.

I was taken to a bare room, given a grey gown and told to change; I waited for them to leave only to be told if I didn't change they would change me.

I removed my blouse and skirt and went to put on the grey dress, "Everything off before the dress goes on," the words exploded in my ears, I was theirs and they had every intention of proving that.

Trying hard to cover myself and fighting the effects of the drug I removed my undergarments. Their sniggering made me feel sick. I stumbled as I tried to step into the grey gown only for one of them to move forward and hold me by placing his hands on my bottom, he laughed at his college, "Nice ass full and firm but most of all soft to the touch."

His college said, "Look even better with a few red strips on it."

I hurriedly pulled the gown over me and sat in the corner of my bunk. As they left one turned and said, "You want food?" I shook my head, he laughed, "They never do on the first night but you will believe me you will," the door slammed shut and I heard the key turn.

I sat in dark, cold silence, the only sound was the screams of other woman, I thought the poor tormented souls, they sounded truly insane, would I end up the same way?

It must have been the drug because I did sleep that first night, a little sky light high in my room showed me it was morning, my first day in this mad house was about to start.

A bucket and a bowl where brought in, "Use the water in the bucket to wash in the bowl then use the bucket to pee, then you will see the doctor, get a move on, do you want food yet?" I shook my head,

he shouted, " You will," and slammed the door.

I did all the degrading things I had to do to make myself presentable and waited by the door, it opened, he looked me up and down, "Bring your bucket you can empty it on the way, you have no servants anymore so get used to work," as I pushed past him and in to the corridor he closed the door behind me, I heard him say, "And the work will be on your back."

Those words stayed with me as I walked down the filthy corridor and to a door marked, Doctor on call.

He knocked and we entered. Sat behind a desk was the man I had seen the night before and so was the governor, "One foot before the desk, and stand straight, move," with a shove from behind I moved to the desk.

The doctor held my notes, "Summers you are now a ward of this facility, you will do everything we tell you or face the consequence's, do you understand?" I nodded.

"You will say, Yes Sir, when I speak," I said yes sir. They looked at each other, and then back at me, "We have had an inquiry for a woman of how should we say, your qualifications, to be at a house in a far part of this country, you will never leave that house and again you will do everything you are told but it will be comfortable, do you except?"

I was surprised, I thought I was to be kept at the asylum, my mind couldn't conceive what was happing to me, I stammered, "I can cook a little and with some tuition I can learn all there is to know about cleaning duties, sir."

There was a small giggle from behind me but the two men behind the desk stared straight at me, "You don't seem to understand, domestics are two a penny, you will be in service but not that type."

I didn't want to ask what he meant but he was determined to enjoy my misery, he sat back on the chair, cleared his throat and spoke.

"You will be there to fuck at any time, you will offer your cunt and your ass any time your master wants to fuck it. Your mouth will be used all the time; you will want to suck your master's cock or your mistress's cunt at any time of the day.

Should they arrange a ball or a party for close friends you will service them all willingly, ether one at a time or any permutation they wish.

Should they wish to enjoy any other type of sexual relief you will happily avail your body for their pleasure at all times and play out any fantasy they require with out question, now do you understand?"

Suddenly I realized what had been said to me, I couldn't, I thought to be used like I had been used in the last two days on a permanent base's was out of the question, "No, no never I'd rather rot in here."

The governor spoke, "You are an exceptionally good looking woman and having you rotting in here does not make us money, and a large amount has been offered for what you have to offer, so it is up to us to change your mind, warden."

The man behind me grabbed me pinning my arms behind. The doctor was quick to move from behind the desk, as he approached me he slapped my face.

The governor had a strap in his hand as he approached, I saw it was wide and had a ring in the centre but all to soon it was fastened around my slim wrists.

I protested only until another stinging blow caught my face, then I was pushed over the desk and held there.

I heard a noise, the warden was lowing a hook from the ceiling, the ring on the strap fitted the hook and it started its trip back up taking me with it.

My arms were pulled up, being behind me this forced me over, they didn't stop until I was on tip-toes and begging for mercy, the doctor came to the other side of the desk bent forward and pulled my head up by my hair.

"You wanted to do this the hard way, so be it. It is now 10 in the morning not matter what you say we will do what ever we like to you until the clock says 4 in the afternoon, that will be the first time we will listen to what you have to say."

I went to speak or was it plead but he just carried on, I then realized how futile trying to talk would be.

"You will have two things to think about between that hour and this, one is to answer yes to our proposal and except the offer of accommodation at, or two to except another six hours of what the next six hours will consist of, warden."

A draw opened and the warden took out a large pair of tailoring scissors, he went behind me and I felt the hem of my uniform lifted and I knew he was cutting it from my body.

He cut up from the hem to the neck, then the arms, suddenly the desk was pulled from under me and the rest of the garment fell to the floor.

They spoke to each other; I knew that I was not to be included. "Did you hear Anne screaming last night?"

Another voice, "Oh yes went on for a longer time than normal."

The warden spoke, "We put her in room 11 with the four loonies from Redford and they weren't very caring towards her, fucked her non-stop all night, she won't be sitting down for a while to come this week and I think the doc here should be looking at her mouth, it's badly split from having two jammed hard in and all the way, she used to be quite pretty in a common sort of way, but not now, still she has her use's or her holes do for keeping the loonies quite."

I felt a hand on my bottom, "This looks nice, like them when they're fresh."

Another hand touched me, "Soft and pliable with a nice crease, feels like it's never been used, open it up, lets take a peek."

I realizes my new position in life when I said, "How dare you touch me, take your hands away, it was futile, they never even took notice of the fact I had spoken.

They just carried on, "Rich people are for ever having their ass's licked, I wonder what they think of the real thing, especially if they are the one doing it."

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