The Delivery

by gbgood

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Rough, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Billy is off school for the summer and John is training him on his delivery route. They deliver a package to Lois Kubik and find her naked. Before they leave they deliver more than a package to her.

I sprawled naked on my couch, watching a TV show which wasn't very interesting. June 15th was unusually hot. School was out for the summer and I could hear young kids playing in their yards out front. A ball bounced on the cement in the basketball court across Ancy Alley behind my house. Six black teen boys, some recent high school grads and some home for the summer from their first year in college, laughed and yelled as they played. I gave a quick thought to going out on my back porch, just for a minute, to see if my big white tits and pussy could stop the basketball game. I smiled as I let the thought slip from my mind and went back to watching TV.

The doorbell rang and I wondered who it could be. I got up off the couch and walked over to the window. Looking out my large front window, I could see a delivery truck parked down in the street in front of my house. I wasn't expecting anything. Suddenly my eyes caught some movement on the porch. I glanced to my left and saw the grinning face of a young black guy staring back at me. He was enjoying the view of my big white 42DD tits bouncing back and forth in the window. I saw him say something and a much older black man in a uniform, holding a package, stepped over and looked in the window. A big smile flashed across his face too. After allowing them both a little longer look, I stepped back from the window and pulled on my short see thru baby doll nightie which I keep hanging on the door in case anyone knocks. I smiled to myself thinking this might be a fun day after all.

I opened the door and stepped into the doorway, my toes on the porch and my heels inside. Both of them stood staring and grinning.

"Hi, guys, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"Damn, mama," said the older guy, "There's lots you can do for us, specially with them big titties and that pussy showing thru that little bitty cloth you got covering them. But we is just here to deliver this package. "

"Damn, you're hot mama," said the young one.

I couldn't help grinning back at them. "So are you both here together?"

"Yea, baby, my names John and he's my helper, Billy. And the package says you're Lois Kubik, is that right?"

"Yea, that's me. So you look awful young to be working as a delivery person," I said to the young black guy.

"I turned 18 last month. I'm doing this job for the summer, till I go back to school in the fall."

Neither one of them seemed in a hurry to leave. They just kept staring at my big white tits which bounced every time I spoke or moved.

"So are you going to college?"

"Naw, I failed the 10th grade. Had to take it over again. So I'll be in 12th grade this year and graduate from Oliver High School next summer. "

"Now you look like you've been out of school for a while," I said, turning to look at the older black man, and letting my tits swing back and forth.

"Yea, I'm 64 but I can still get my dick hard," he said, laughing as he watched my white tits and pussy.

"I bet you can, I bet you both can."

Billy stepped forward suddenly and gripped the front of my nightie. "Dammit, Mami, you ain't hiding nothing with this little piece of cloth covering you. Why don't you just take it off and give us a good look and feel of what you got. "

He pulled the nightie apart, popping open the 3 little buttons holding it closed. My big tits fell out causing their eyes to open even wider. Billy put his hands on my hips and leaned his head down, sucking my left tit into his mouth. Chewing my tit, he slowly slid his black hands around my bare ass and gripped the bottom of my nightie. He tugged on it, pulling it off my shoulders till it fell onto his hands and he dropped it onto the floor. I was now naked in my front doorway with Billy sucking my tit and playing with my ass.

I heard John cackling as he watched. "Don't chew off her tits, Billy, I wanna fuck them big melons later." Billy walked me back inside and John followed, closing the door behind us. Billy turned me around, gripping my big white tits, and guided me where he wanted. He walked me into the dining room and kitchen, then back into the living room. John followed, reaching around me and feeling my pussy.

John walked around and sat on the couch. He grinned up at me as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his black cock. Billy bent me over so my head was down in John's lap and his cock rubbed my face.

"Yea, Lois, you like my cock rubbing all over your face, don't you? Now open your mouth wide, baby, cause you are gonna swallow all 8 inches, "he said laughing.

I loved having my face pressed into his cock and balls, and smelling the sweat down there. I did as he told me and opened my mouth wide. John grabbed my ears and raised my head up, rubbing his cockhead against my lips. Behind me, I could feel Billy pushing his big black cock up against my ass. He gripped my ass cheeks hard and spread them wide open. He pushed his black cock up into my ass crack and grabbed my hips. As John lowered my mouth over his black cock, Billy rammed his dick up into my ass. My body slammed forward, pushing my head down into John's lap and I swallowed all 8 inches of his black meat.

I could hear Billy laughing as he pounded his cock deep into my ass. John jerked my head up and down on his cock, never letting me take it out of my mouth. My tits flopped all over as both men pounded their black cocks into both of my white holes. I loved every minute of it.

They hammered me back and forth. I thought Billy would rip my ass open he slammed his cock in me so hard. Over and over he pounded his meat deep into my ass. I could feel it way up inside me, big and hard.

"You love that don't you, Lois, you big fucking white ho." Billy shouted. "You only happy when you got a big black cock stuffed up your white ass and another plugging your mouth. " Billy laughed as he grabbed my big tits and pulled on them, slamming his cock harder and deeper up my white ass. John kept pumping my head up and down his wet cock forcing his 8 inches deeper down my throat. He lifted my head up, letting his black meat pop out of my mouth. He grinned down at me, rubbing my face back and forth on his wet dick.

"Lois Kubik, you one big fucking white slut. You love my big black cock, don't you? Tell me, bitch, tell me how much you love it. "

"Oh yea, baby, I do love your big black cock. I love the feel and I love the taste and I love the fuck from it. Give me more, baby, please give me more. Please. "

"Yea, I'm going to give it to you. But first I want you to give my black cock a kiss. Kiss my cock like it's the love of your life, bitch. "

I moved my face forward slowly till my lips touched his black meat. I kissed his cockhead gently, licking my tongue softly over it. Then I moved my lips over his cockhead kissing it deep. My tongue slipped into his cock slit n I frenched his cock slit. Next, I slid my lips down his black dick, flicking my tongue out licking and kissing all the way down. When I reached the base of his cock, I slipped my tongue out under his black balls and sucked them into my mouth. Meanwhile, my whole body shook as Billy kept fucking my ass.

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