Carlos and Mike's Fiancée

by Flash of Stocking

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Voyeurism, Size, Leg Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man wants to see his fiancée with another guy.

Mike lit the pipe and passed it to Jen. Jen took a long drag, and then fell back into the sofa and closed her eyes, letting the pot wash over her. In between puffs the pretty blonde sipped her wine, and soon she was in a relaxed haze.

Mike caressed his fiancée's slim legs, running his fingers over her silky nylons. Jen's long, shapely legs never failed to turn him on. He worked his hand over Jen's thighs until he reached the edge of her mini-skirt. He edged her skirt up until the lace of her stocking tops were just barely visible.

Mike looked over at Carlos, and grinned. Carlos worked at the same restaurant as Jen. Jen was a grad student but waitressed to earn extra spending money. Carlos had just graduated from high school and was working to earn money for college. Carlos had a huge crush on Jen, and Mike knew it. He was enjoying torturing the poor kid.

Carlos's eyes were on Jen's exposed legs. Mike loved showing off his fiancée. He leaned over and started to kiss her. He brought his hand up and cupped Jen's breasts over her blouse. Even in her haze Jen hadn't lost all her inhibitions, and pushed Mike's hand away. "No," she said softly, glancing across their apartment. "Carlos is here."

Mike kissed Jen's neck, and then whispered into her ear, "It's okay, trust me." He gently pushed Jen's protesting hands away and continued to fondle her breasts. Then Mike quickly unbuttoned Jen's blouse, until her lacy demi bra and sexy flat tummy were exposed. Jen tried to protest again, but he covered her mouth with his.

Mike reached into Jen's blouse and expertly unsnapped her bra. He also pulled her blouse from her skirt and opened it so her small, shapely breasts were completely exposed to Carlos's eager eyes. Jen tried to wiggle free and cover herself, but Mike held her firmly, and then he lowered his head and started sucking on her nipples. They were already hard. Mike knew they would be. They didn't often smoke pot, but when they did it always made Jen so horny. He also knew that Jen's nipples were incredibly sensitive — she always said they were directly connected to her clit — and soon Jen was moaning and writhing as Mike continued to suck and lightly bite his fiancée's hard nipples.

Mike pulled away from Jen's breasts and looked over at Carlos. Mike saw that a huge tent had formed in his pants. "Carlos, could you get me another beer?" Mike asked. Carlos got a beer from the kitchen and brought it over. Mike motioned him to sit next to Jen.

Jen had recovered somewhat from Mike's advances, and was covering her bare breasts with her arms. She was still breathing heavily, and her cheeks were flushed. Mike re-lit the pipe, and brought it to her lips. When she shook her head, Mike said reassuringly, "Don't worry, it's okay." Jen reluctantly opened her lips and took a long drag. As she felt the pot work its magic on her body, Mike gently but firmly pulled her hands from her chest, again exposing her breasts to Carlos.

Jen's eyes were locked on Mike, who was grinning lustfully. Mike looked over at Carlos. "Doesn't Jen have great tits? Don't you want to touch them?" Carlos wanted to touch Jen more than anything in his life, but he was too excited to move. "Here, let me help you." Mike reached over and took Carlos's hand, and guided him to Jen's bare breast. Mike held his hand over Carlos's as he showed him how Jen liked to be touched. "That's it," Mike said encouraging. "Like that. Cup and caress her. Rub her nipples between your fingers. Yeah, just like that. See how she likes it?"

Jen couldn't believe she was letting Carlos grope her this way. The grass and wine were definitely having their effect on her. But it felt so good! She leaned back against Mike, and looked up at him. She wanted him to kiss her. Reading his fiancée's mind, Mike lowered his face and kissed her. The couple French kissed while Carlos fondled Jen's tits and sucked her nipples.

Mike reached down and pulled Jen's skirt up until her panties were exposed. Jen knew that enough was enough. "No!" she said firmly, and pulled herself away from Mike and Carlos's grasp. She pushed her skirt down, and pulled her blouse around her so her breasts were covered. "No, Mike, that's enough."

Mike quickly got up and wrapped his arms around his fiancée. "Okay, okay, we'll stop," he said reassuringly. "Just dance with me, okay?" Mike held Jen tightly and swayed to the music. Jen initially resisted. She was so turned on. She wanted to go into the privacy of their bedroom and fuck! But she gave in and snuggled into Mike's arms, dancing a slow dance with him.

Mike caressed Jen's back, and kissed her neck. He trailed his lips down her neck and over her shoulders, in the process edging her blouse off until it fell on the floor. He worked his hand between them and cupped her breast. He fondled her the way he knew she liked it. Jen's passion was building inside her again.

Still dancing, Mike guided Jen across the room until they were just inches from Carlos. Mike turned Jen around until she was facing Carlos. She knew her breasts were completely exposed to his eyes, but she was beyond caring. She didn't stop Carlos when he reached up and again fondled her breasts. His touch felt good, he was a fast learner. Her knees felt weak, so she leaned back against Mike.

Jen closed her eyes as Carlos's hands continued to roam over her body. She didn't stop him, but she couldn't bear to look into his face. He was her co-worker, years her junior. A part of her was embarrassed — even humiliated — that she was so exposed to him, and responding so to his touch.

Jen felt Mike's hands slide down her body. She knew what he was going to do, but didn't have the will to stop him. Jen felt Mike grab her skirt, and slowly raise it until it was bunched around her waist. She felt Mike pull her panties to the side. She knew her trimmed pussy was now exposed to Carlos.

Jen heard her fiancée say, "Go ahead. Lick her."

"No," Jen weakly said, but her passion prevented her from mounting any real protest.

Carlos quickly slid off the sofa and got on his knees. Jen's pussy lips were puffy with excitement, and he extended his tongue. Mike felt his fiancée shudder as Carlos began to lick her. Mike was able to watch Carlos eat Jen's pussy by looking in the wall mirror. "That's right," he said. "Over her pussy lips. That's right, like that. Now twirl your tongue around her clit."

"Oh god," Jen groaned, as Carlos's tongue hit all her pleasure spots. Jen could tell that Carlos wasn't experienced, but with Mike's coaching he was giving her intense pleasure.

Mike could tell Jen was close to an orgasm. "Now stick your finger into her. Finger fuck her. Rub her clit with your thumb. Yeah, like that. Keep licking her." Jen's moans were constant now, and she was humping Carlos's hand. "Harder! Lick her clit harder!" Jen felt herself going over the edge. She quickly put her hands around Carlos's head and smashed her pussy into his face. "Oh god, I'm cumming!" Carlos managed to keep his tongue on Jen's clit, and Jen felt her orgasm begin to thunder through her body. As it peaked, Jen's legs tensed and her feet arched in her heels.

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