Margie's Submission

by Defile_my_wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Slut Wife, BDSM, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Anal Sex, Fisting, Needles, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Margie knows that this guy will be cruel, vicious and spiteful, but still she goes to him.

Margie had told herself a dozen times that this guy would be too cruel, too spiteful, and too sadistic.

Her husband Robert, had contacted him on the net and swapped quite a few emails, but they both agreed that this guy sounded much too vicious.

Margie's hand was visibly trembling as she dialled the number.

Brrrr, brrrr, brrrr, brrrr, the phone kept ringing. A surge of relief came upon Margie. "Good he's not there," she thought to herself.

She began to think how crazy it was for her to even try to contact him when she was so scared of him.

She was just putting down the phone when... was that a voice on the phone!

Margie lifted the phone to her ear... there was no longer the ring tone... her heart beat hard... "hello" she said in a scared and tiny voice.

"Yes, hello," a male voice replied.

Margie was trembling. Her heart was pounding.

"This is Margaret... Robert's wife... on the net... you know," the words came jerkily, hesitantly.

"Ah! The lovely Margie," the voice exclaimed very animatedly and sounding very pleased.

Margie intended to try to sound casual in return but in the end no words at all came.

"I've been hoping that you'd call. You're ready for me to hurt you, are you?" the voice asked her.

"Yes," Margie said in almost a whisper.

"Good girl," the voice exclaimed in a pleased tone.

The guy required nothing more of Margie other than her scared "yes."

"I'm going to really, really hurt you," the guy continued in a tone that expressed much delight at the thought.

"You'll like that won't you?" he said after a slight pause.

"Yes," Margie whispered, trembling at the thought of what he might do to her.

"Good girl," the guy repeated, this time almost with a chuckle. "By God, I'm going to really give it to you," he added, and Margie could really hear the spitefulness coming through in his voice.

"When are you available," the voice asked.

"Whenever you want me," Margie replied with a shiver.

"Ha, I certainly want you," the voice laughed. "I want to make you suffer. I want to see you in agony."

The guy gave Margie directions how to find his house. It was quite straight forward: follow the main road to such and such; turn right at the garage; right up to the very end of the road; the only house there.

"I'll be there in half an hour," Margie said in a trembling voice.

"You can't miss it, right to the end of the street," the guy happily assured her, then he added, "it's the only house there - no one to hear your screams," and he laughed.

Margie put down the phone. Her mouth was dry and she was actually physically trembling. "Don't go. You'ld be crazy to go," she told herself.

Margie quickly stripped and dressed in her sexiest underwear, but put on a quite modest skirt and blouse. She quickly did her hair and then tried to hold her shaking hands steady while she did her make up.

"Now then," she told herself, "that's enough of this nonsense, that guy might kill me if I were to go".

In a few more minutes Margie was heading out of town along the highway.

"There's the garage," she muttered as she slowed the car and turned right.

A handful of houses and then nothing. Margie slowly drove along the street towards the one house which was visible right at the end.

"This must be it - no one to hear my screams."

"It's not too late," she reminded herself. "I could still drive off again."

Margie locked the car and walked to the front door.

A man appeared. Dark hair going grey; medium height; solid build, slightly overweight; somewhere between 50 and 60; definitely not good looking, yet not ugly by any means.

"Hello Margie," he grinned, and gave her a sharp slap across one cheek.

Margie gasped. "Hello," she replied softly, with the sting of the slap still hurting her.

"Nice," he said admiringly as he took both of Margie's hands and held them out at arms length while he looked her up and down.

"I'll enjoy hurting you," and he gave her another sharp slap.

"Nice face too - pretty in fact. A pretty face is so lovely when it's contorted with pain. Yes, I'll really enjoy hurting you."

Margie shivered but said nothing. It flashed through her mind that she could still make an excuse to go to the car and then make her escape.

The guy began to unbutton Margie's blouse and she waited patiently, looking down at his fumbling hands as they undid each button.

Her blouse came off and after admiring her delicate little camisole he pulled it off along with her bra. She glanced back towards the road. She knew it was isolated but still she felt nervous standing there naked from the waist up, standing there outside the doorway in full view of the street.

The guy took each of her large nipples between the fingers of each of his hands and then slowly squeezed and twisted.

Margie gasped and winced, tears coming to her eyes. She felt her legs buckling under her and in a moment was on her knees whining softly as he continued to hurt her.

He suddenly released her nipples and gave her another sharp slap. "Suck my cock you slut," he snarled.

Margie reached up and quickly pulled down the zipper of the man's pants.

She could see and feel the huge bulge of his hard cock.

Undoing the front of his trousers and pulling his underpants down Margie released a huge, hard, vein ridged cock surmounting a large, hairy ball sack.

She unhesitatingly put her hand to the cock and leaning it forward she opened her mouth and the lust gorged head of the monster passed through her lips into the loving warmth of her mouth.

The guy's cock was so hot and so hard. There was a slightly sweaty odour that pervaded Margie's nostrils as she worked her loving mouth, lips and tongue on that huge meaty fuck pole.

"Mmm, you are a whore aren't you," the guy moaned lustfully. "Get it right back to your throat so that I can hear you gagging on it," he urged.

Margie withdrew the cock from her mouth and took a deep breath, then moving her mouth back onto the huge, rigid monster, she slowly eased it right deep into her mouth until she began to choke and gag as the very entrance to her throat was pressed onto his cock.

Each time that Margie felt the muscles begin to spasm as the cum dribbling cock touched her throat, she quickly eased back. This wasn't good enough for the guy, and he grabbed a handful of her hair and gave it a shaking wrench. "I want to hear you choking bitch!, he snapped at her.

Margie concentrated, holding her muscles tight and holding her breath as she moved her mouth down, down onto the cock and pushed her throat onto the firm, bulging head of the cock, sending it actually down into her throat and inch or so.

Margie held her head in position for quite some seconds, gagging and wrenching, her throat emitting awful gagging sounds as she choked on the cock.

She could stand it no longer. She pulled her head from the guy's cock, gasping and coughing. Her breath coming in choking gasps. Her eyes streaming.

"Good girl," the guy laughed, taking a handful of her hair and wrenching Margie's head back so that he could look into her face and see her watering eyes and watch her gasping for air.

"Again slut," he laughed.

Margie took another breath and again moved her mouth onto the monster cock, sucking down it's length, lovingly and lustfully until once more it was ready to fuck her throat. She steeled herself and then leaned her body forward so that the cock pressed open her gullet and pushed down into her throat. She began to choke her once more.

"Urrrgghhh, ugggllllffff, ahhhggh," the choking sounds came from her throat as she held herself there. Letting herself choke but holding her stomach muscles tight to stop herself from vommiting the cock out.

Finally, after half a minute, Margie pulled off the cock and slumped on hands and knees gasping and coughing, her stomach heaving and the air once more being gulped into her lungs. Tears streamed from her eyes, streaking her eye make up.

"That is so good", the guy chuckled enthusiastically as he dragged Margie to her feet by pulling her hair.

"Now let's have a look at your whore's cunt," he said as he began to undo the catch and zipper of Margie's skirt.

"Mmm, dressed like a slut," he complimented her when he saw her lace top stockings, suspender belt and pretty little panties.

The panties came down and his rough hand slid over the insides of her thighs before his fingers found the warm, damp, slipperiness of her cunt.

Margie moved her feet apart and bent her knees just slightly so that her cunt pushed forward and became more accessible.

The guy was looking right into Margie's face as his fingers slid about in her slimy cunt. Margie returned his gaze with a teasing smirk as two, three, then four fingers explored inside her juicing whore hole.

"Come inside slut," the guy sneered, "I'm going to fist your cunt and ass until they're just two huge, gaping chasms.

Margie bent down and picked up her scattered clothing from the path and then willingly followed the guy into the house. The door closed firmly behind her.

Following the guy into the bedroom, Margie gasped. Mounted on the ceiling above the bed were various hooks and loops with ropes and shackles hanging down. On a chest of drawers were several huge dildos and a pile of whips and floggers.

The guy laughed at Margie's gasp. "You like what you see do you?"

Margie climbed onto the bed and lay on her back as she was ordered. She obeyed explicitly when told to spread her legs and bring her knees up.

A bit of lube slopped onto her cunt and a bit more rubbed over the guys fist and up over his wrist had everything ready for her fist fucking to begin.

Four fingers slid easily up into her cunt which was becoming more and more slippery and longing for stimulation.

Now the guys thumb pushed in alongside his fingers. His hand was so much larger than her husband's, but she so very much wanted his fist up inside her.

Now his hand began forcing forward. Margie's cunt was stretching - the flesh taught around his knuckles as they pushed hard to gain entry to her body.

Margie's breathing came in panting breaths - whimpering a little as her stretched cunt hurt a little.

Suddenly the cunt stretched enough and in the hand slid, disappearing into Margie's cunt.

Both the guy and Margie had their individual feelings of delight at his success in pushing his large hand up into her body.

Next he began to withdraw, pulling Margie's cunt opening out in a fantasticly lewd, stretched, bulging orb of flesh.

A great slurping sound was heard as his hand came out all glistening with Margie's cunt fluids.

Amost immediately the hand was pressing forward again and in, in. Deeper this time as could be seen by Margie's cunt closing right back past the guy's wrist - or rather right up onto his forearm.

Margie's breath came pantingly as she maintained her whorish position with legs apart and in the air while she was being fist fucked.

Slurp, squelch, slurp, squelch could be heard as the guy pumped his fist in and out, in and out of Margie's fuck hole.

Each time he dragged his clenched fist out of the slut's body, her cunt gaped open like a huge obscene cavern with all of her internal, slimy, red insides visible.

"God! Look at it! What a fucking cunt!" he marveled.

"Now your ass too," he excitedly and lustingly sniggered as he told Margie to get onto all fours with legs well apart.

Margie quickly rolled over and eagerly took up the position specified.

Never had she had a hand up her ass but she was so filled with lustfulness that she wanted it ever so desperately.

On finding that her ass was much tighter than her cunt, the guy quized her up and Margie admitted that she'd only ever had a few fingers up her anal tunnel.

Lots of lube and lots of working and twisting of fingers in her ass soon had that opening stretching more and more.

Margie felt like a whore and lowered her shoulders so that her ass pushed higher and her two holes gaped more open for the guy.

He then began working four fingers and his thumb into her ass which was beginning to gape open nicely. He pushed and forced his hand, beginning to work the main knuckles of his fist into Margie's opening.

Margie's ass stretched awfully and she whimpered as it hurt her but her lust for his fist to be up inside her intestines overcame her pain and she moved her legs a little further apart and pushed her ass back onto his probing, forcing hand.

She felt as if she was about to be ripped apart as the guy's knuckles moved right into her asshole, stretching it tight like a huge rubber band. Then he pressed just that little bit more and his hand disappeared into her ass.

He raved all sorts of crude and filthy names for her in his satisfaction at achieving this fantastic thing.

Next her dragged his fist out of her body before forcing in again. Deeper this time, pressing his fist further and further up into her guts until her ass was stretched tightly half way up his forearm.

His other fist easily plunged once more into her stretched cunt and he pumped both fists in and out of her body in unison, creating obscene slurping noises that blended with Margie's lustful moaning and groaning which rapidly became louder and more intense as her body raced towards fantastic orgasmic sensations.

He dragged both fists out of the body and gloated at the fantastic sight of the two huge gaping holes that were left in the wake of his invasion of her body openings.

"Now then, what about a nice thrashing," the guy said with a malicious grin as he picked up a leather lash and began flexing his arm.

He ordered Margie off the bed and told her to stand bending over the bed edge. Margie willingly complied and stood fearfully awaiting the first lash of the leather on her naked flesh.

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