by Will Wanton

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Foot Fetish, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two students with a long time but secret interest in each other, finally discover what they've been missing for such a long time: each other's feelings for each other, as well as their shared preference for perverted, fetishistic sex.

This story explains how the sexual adventures of Tony and Angelique started. It is the first time they had sex with each other, and right away it becomes clear they share a preference for perverted, fetishistic sex.

The time in the story is the early 90s, when shaven cunts were not yet the trend. Angelique would never shave her pussy, when she found out her fuck buddy (and at a later time, husband) loved thickly haired pussies.

The character Angelique is based on a real-life woman with the same first name, although her surname and everything happening in the story is fictional.

This is an American-English translation of the very first (Dutch) story I wrote sometime during the 1990s. In retrospect I would have probably written some things differently or omitted them. But for a first effort I wasn't dissatisfied with it.

I'm Tony Karelse, 20 years old and an economy student at Marnix College in Arnhem, Holland. I was one of those students sleepwalking his way through his education, paying attention to everything except his schoolwork.

Each day posed a new challenge: how to get through the day without falling into total apathy.

Sometimes things happened, or were being done during the course of a semester that made the time more fun to get through, that gave you things to occupy your mind.

For one it may have been practical jokes, another skipped class to have extra long breaks.

With me it was two things.

I often skipped class to play table-football (foosball).

The rest of my day was occupied by thinking about - or basically worshipping in my mind - a girl whom I had an extreme crush for.

Her name is Angelique Arts and she was as old as I am which is 20 years old. She was about 5'7" tall, had long silky brown hair and brown eyes.

The reason I was so interested in her, was because Angelique would often look for eye contact and would let it be known she was interested in me. The thought of such an incredibly good looking, and popular, girl being interested in me made my heart beat faster. Nevertheless I thought she was merely being flirtatious, and didn't really want anything more but to wrap me around her little finger, just for fun. The eye contact, the attracting of attention and flirting lasted for a long time, without specific results. I seemed more like a sort of hidden game between us than anything else, although from my part it was incredible shyness. The mere thought of being involved with this girl had the effect of virtually turning me into a puddle.

Until one day.

Two years later we ended up being in the same class. Despite this fact we didn't have any real contact. She had her circle of friends, I had mine. And although we were now in the same class, the secret, silent form of our contact continued.

But on one morning in May, not long before the end of the school year, she and I ended up being the first ones of our class to arrive at school.

I was sitting in the smoking space of the cafeteria, although I didn't smoke. Outside of myself there was nobody else in the cafeteria. At a certain point I saw Angelique walking in and noticing me being the first and only there, she sat across from me.

"Don't you just hate starting school this early?" she said (it was 7:40 am).

"Absolutely. That rooster out there just stopped crowing," I responded dryly, joking but too nervous to let her know it was intended to be. She did giggle anyway.

"And then we'll get Kruyswijk, Vredenhoef and Merckx (teachers) in a row for the first five hours. It's enough to level a horse," I continued, feeling a bit more confident.

Angelique giggled again. I felt I was on my way of conquering her. Well, that was the thought going through my head at the time anyway.

"Yeah, before I can pay attention in class I really need to wake up first. My mind will probably drift off the way it is now," she said and I agreed with her.

"Oh, what the fuck do I care? I'm going home and come back in a few hours; I only have a few minutes to walk home anyway.

"Yeah, you have it easy that way. Me, I have to take the bus and it'll take half an hour," I responded. "So going home is basically useless for me, unless I'd stay home."

"Well, then why not come with me, or do you want to stay here?" she asked spontaneously.

I didn't know what I was hearing. The girl I have had a crush on for years was inviting me to go with her to her place.

"Do you have coffee?" I asked, trying to seem a little less eager.

"Coffee, tea, milk, I have it all," she said enticingly. We got up and walked out of the building.

We noticed a classmate coming around the street corner and to avoid talk, we quickly went across the street and took a path along a small lake. This was a detour that would only take an extra 2 minutes. While we were on our way to her apartment, we made small talk. We ultimately arrived at her apartment and she opened the door.

"Sit down," she said as she went to the kitchen through the living room.

She had a nice apartment, decorated nicely, something I felt you could leave to women without worry. I inhaled the scent in the room, realizing every second that I was in the living room of the girl I had the hots for for years. I imagined her doing all kinds of things in this room; everyday things. And here I was, in that very same room.

Angelique was making coffee in the kitchen, and before it was ready she came and sat next to me on the couch for a few minutes to talk.

I asked her if she lived here alone, since it seemed unlikely to me that she would have enough money to pay for the rent alone, with her still being in school.

She told me she was living with a boy she had a relationship with until recently. They had ended the relationship but were still living together, in friendship. At least until she made enough money on her own to find her own place.

He was usually working anyway, owning his own painting company. And when he wasn't working, he was usually spending time with his new girlfriend.

The coffee was ready!

Angelique walked to the kitchen and I watched her as she did. She was wearing jeans and a light blue sweater. Furthermore she was wearing black pumps with a gold colored rectangular buckle on top of the instep. I noticed she was also wearing flesh colored nylon stockings. She looked delicious to me in every fiber of her being.

"Milk and sugar?" she asked and looked back, seeing in a flash that I was ogling her well shaped body.

"Yes, please. Two spoons," I said hoping she wouldn't mention noticing me look. With a grin Angelique walked into the kitchen, out of sight.

"So what have you been doing with your girlfriend this past weekend?" she asked from the kitchen.

My heart was starting to beat faster. Why would she ask that?

"I mean, have you gone out, like dancing or to a movie?" she asked immediately. Apparently she herself was a bit surprised by how her question had come out.

"Not much. To be honest I haven't seen her the last 20 years," I tried clarifying that I'd never had a girlfriend up to then.

"Well, if you haven't seen her in 20 years, I don't think she is coming back any time soon," she joked.

She came from the kitchen with two cups of coffee in her hands and a light, mischievous smile on her face. She put the cups on the table, and sat down next to me.

"So she won't mind you checking out other chicks," she hinted at me staring at her a minute earlier. My heart was pounding in my chest.

"I don't mind you looking at me, Tony. I actually like it, so you don't have to worry me turning you in for sexual harassment or something like that; that's for sanctimonious frigid twats with dry cunts."

You could cut the silence with a knife. She meant the last remark as merely a joke of sorts, but I was happily surprised by the word "cunts" coming out of her mouth.

She looked at me as she sat next to me with a cup of coffee in her hands. I looked at my coffee, having a hard time making direct, silent eye contact with someone I have yet to feel comfortable with.

Suddenly she said: "So I'm sitting right next to a real virgin."

"Yessirrey, so you'd better watch it, I might lose control and start groping you," I tried breaking the tension, and realizing immediately that was I said was hardly sufficient in doing so. Angelique, on her part, was determined.

I had a hard time swallowing. I knew where this was probably heading. My first time, and with someone I had a stainless steel crush on.

"How about this weather, huh?" I said trying to distract and only sounding stupid.

"I don't care if it's pouring. We were talking about something else. Don't tell me you don't want me; I've caught you staring at me for years now.

You may be nervous and shy, but I'm sure you had no such problems in your dreams and fantasies when you were doing it with me."

"I guess not," I admitted.

"I knew it," the lovely brunette whispered, "and who knows what kind of things you've been doing with me in your fantasies. And you weren't nervous then either, were you? You were shameless then, weren't you? So now you know I can make your fantasies come true, and that I want to do so. So there is no reason for you to feel shy now."

"But this is different. When those fantasies were done, I could go on knowing that I was the only one knowing about them. I was in control of the whole situation.

It would be different in real life," I explained.

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