Dave's Reunion


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Desc: Sex Story: He didn't want to go but his wife and best friend talked him into going.

I was sitting in Bennigan's with my wife and my best friend Ben. Ben and I had been friends forever it seemed, at least from the sixth grade on. After we finished eating we sat there making small talk and Ben asked me if I was going to our classes twentieth reunion and I told him that I wasn't.

"Hey bud, you really need to go, the things are a blast."

"Why would I want to go and see those assholes? Most of them made my life miserable when I went to school with them."

"That's the beauty of it bud, you get to go back and see what they turned into. You didn't go back to the tenth so you missed out on some pretty good laughs. Remember Beverly Abeg? Miss Super Hot Cheerleader who thought that her shit didn't stink? She waddled into the reunion bud, actually waddled. She was two-fifty if she was an ounce. It did my heart good to see her like that. She turned me down for a date half a dozen times when we were in school. It tickled me to death to be there with Marcia (his very foxy wife) on my arm. Billy Holbrook, star quarterback and Mr. Big Shot On Campus is bald and has a beer belly that you wouldn't believe. You have to go bud. You owe it to yourself to see what a bunch of losers that the people who put you down really are."

"I don't think so Ben. I've put all that behind me and I think I prefer it that way."

"Oh come on bud, forget about those assholes. You need to go back and rub their noses in it. You are successful, you have a gorgeous wife and you keep yourself in great shape. You ain't Mr. Four Eyed Nerd anymore. Go back bud, go back, flaunt it and rub it in."

"It's not my style Ben."

"Okay, then do it for me."


"When I went back for the tenth people asked about you and I told them how great you were doing. I'm sure that none of them believed me so go show them that I'm not a liar."

Then my wife Julie chimed in, "You should go Dave. It would give you closure on some of the things that you have carried around in your head for so long."

I didn't really want to do it, but between Ben and Julie they finally wore me down and got me to agree to go. The three of us made plans to make the two hundred-mile drive and then at the last minute Ben's company sent him out of town on business. As Julie and I drove I thought back to my high school years and remembered how much I had hated them. I was the classic example of the kid that everybody liked to pick on. Glasses, a little pudgy, not interested in sports, grade A student, in short, I was what everybody called a nerd. I was the butt of practical jokes and girls laughed at me when I asked them for dates. The only friends I had were my fellow nerds and of course Ben. In general, the whole period from sixth to twelfth grade sucked.

Things changed for me in college. There was a more divergent student body and most of the kids there were there to learn so I wasn't the odd man out. Contact lens came along and that put an end to the Coke bottle glasses I had been wearing. I got a girlfriend who ran track and she made me run with her almost every day and that put an end the pudginess. Stella and I ended up splitting, but I never stopped running and it has kept me in pretty decent shape. I was definitely not the Dave Wilson who had graduated from that school twenty years ago.

It was a good thing that we were all wearing name tags because I did not recognize a soul. I began to understand what Ben had been trying to tell me in Bennigan's. Almost all the girls that I had been enraptured by in high school were matronly looking, overweight, wearing too much makeup and I couldn't believe all the dyed hair I saw. I smiled to myself when I thought about how I had lusted after them and had wished that I could make them mine. Now I thanked God that none of them had taken me up on my advances. The guys, with several exceptions, were all about the same. Almost every one of the jocks had let themselves go and they looked like a bunch of fat used car salesmen.

I was surprised to find that the ones who had come through the years in decent shape were my fellow nerds. We all ended up at the same table and began to compare careers, goals and the rest. The nerds had gone to college, applied themselves and had become successful and like most successful people they found that it was to their benefit to have a good appearance and that meant staying fit. I looked at the only friends that I'd had in that miserable school and to a man they all looked better than the guys who had been the jocks and the most popular guys in school - and we all knew it. We sat there and looked at all the ones that had looked down on us and made life hell for us and then we had a good laugh at how things had turned out.

I had been so wrapped up in talking to my old friends that I had not paid too much attention to Julie. She had been asked to dance by a couple of guys and I had lost track of her. I looked around and didn't see her and I figured that she must have gone to the ladies room. I went back to talking, but a half-hour later I looked around again and still didn't see her. I excused myself from the group and went looking for her. I asked people if they had seen her and no one had. It might have been my imagination, but I thought I saw smirks on several faces as I went around looking for Julie. Finally one girl told me that she thought she had seen Julie leave with Billy Mack and Bobby Joe Martin. I asked the girl if she had any idea where they might have gone and the girl's face flushed, she looked away from me and said she had to be going. I didn't think she knew what she was talking about anyway. Why would Julie have left with two black guys?

I was walking back to the table I'd been sitting at and as I passed by another table I heard a snatch of conversation, "... Bobby Joe got a party going up in room 623 and he..." I tried to remember if there was more than one Bobby Joe in our class and while I wasn't positive, I was pretty sure that there was only one. Did Julie leave to go to a party without telling me, or was I so wrapped up in talking to my friends that I didn't hear her. I didn't think she would go without telling me. Maybe she just got bored and went up to our room. When I got back to the table I said goodbye, promised to keep in touch and headed up to our room.

Julie wasn't there. I picked up the phone and asked the desk to connect to Bobby Joe Martin's room. When the phone was answered I could hear a lot of noise in the background and I asked for Bobby Joe, "This is he."

"This is Dave Wilson Booby Joe and I'm looking for my wife. Someone said that they thought that she might have gone up to a party in your room."

"Yeah Dave, she's here. Room 623, come on up" and he hung up.

I wasn't all that sure that I wanted to party with Bobby Joe and Billy. While they had never been among my tormenters in high school, they hadn't been all that friendly either. The black students had hung together and very few of them had made any effort to get to know the white students. To be fair about it though the white students hadn't made any effort to get to know the blacks either. No matter, Julie was at the party so I had to go there.

I knocked on the door to 623 and the door was opened by a black guy whose nametag said "Jeff Lewis." I vaguely remembered him, but I don't believe we had ever spoken before. "Dave, you lucky motherfucker, come on in."

I walked in the door and the first thing I saw was Julie. She was on the bed naked and on her knees with her head buried in a pillow and with Billy buried in her pussy.

"What the fuck?" I yelled and started toward the bed to shove Billy off of her. Hands grabbed me and forcefully shoved me down in a chair and held me there.

"Sorry man, I had hoped that you would be cool with this" Bobby Joe said. For the first time I noticed that there were eight black men in the room besides Billy. I struggled to get up and Jeff grabbed Julie's bra up off the floor and used it to tie my hands behind my back and the he tore up a pillowcase and used it to tie me to the chair.

"Sorry about this Dave," Jeff said, "But we don't want you getting hurt and that's just what would happen if you tried to interfere."

"Sorry about this Dave" Bobby Joe said, "Me and Billy thought we could rip off a quick piece and get her back to the reunion before you missed her, but some of these guys found out we had her here and they wanted a taste of her too and things kind of got out of hand."

On the bed Billy was hissing, "Here it comes baby, here it comes" and then he stopped plunging into Julie and just held himself still while he drained. When he got off the bed I could see that he had been in Julie's ass and not her pussy. As soon as he was out of the way another guy got on the bed and plowed into my wife. She moaned and I saw her push her ass back at the invading black cock. The man started fucking her and she began moaning into the pillow again. Billy came over and stood by me, "She loves it man. You are one lucky motherfucker to have her full time. She is one hot piece of ass and it was well worth the wait."

"What wait. What are you talking about?"

"I've been waiting ten years for this and for the entire ten years I've been praying that you would come back for this reunion and bring this slut with you."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"When Ben came back for the tenth reunion we got to drinking and talking about pussy. He told Bobby Joe and me that your old lady was the finest piece of pussy he'd ever had. The way he described her and what she did to him made me and Bobby Joe want to meet her."

"He told you that? Ben told you that he was fucking my wife?"

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