A Christmas Wish

by dragontattoo

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Lesbian, Incest, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Lauren has never had a threesome. Even as much as she has wanted one, she has never actually had the chance to put her fondest wish into reality. But now with a little help from Kris Kringle and his wife, her Christmas Wish just might come true.

Lauren watched her younger brother play basketball with his best friend, Jeremiah. At twenty-one, they were only six years her junior. She had just come home for college, only to find that both her step brother and friend had grown into very attractive young men. Garth was the shorter of the two. But he still towered over her 5'10" height. And Jeremiah actually made her feel like a midget with his 6' '7" frame. It was obvious that both men had played basketball in high school. It showed with ease that they handled the ball and chased each other around the court. She sighed with pleasure as she watched them move. She knew that she shouldn't have such thoughts about her younger step brother and friend but she was only human. And it didn't help that she had already been away at college when their parents had married two years ago. Garth had never felt much like a younger brother to her. More like a friend of a friend. Now that she had finally moved back home, she was going to be around for the holidays. And she knew exactly what she wanted most from Santa. She wanted one night alone with these two sexy men. She had fantasized about having two men at one time. But had never found two men that had struck her fancy at the same time. So maybe with Santa's help she could have what she wanted.

Little did Lauren know that Santa was indeed watching and knew exactly what the naughty little girl wanted and how to get it for her. He was more than willing to grant the little vixen's request. It helped that Santa also knew that both Garth and Jeremiah wanted the same thing. He was just going to add a few stipulations to granting her request. Turning towards Mrs. Claus, he winked at her.

"Oh dear, Kris, what are you planning now?" She asked with a laugh.

"Something that will be lots of fun for both of us." He said wickedly.

"Oh, I can't wait."

"Who said anything about waiting?" Kris asked huskily before dragging her unprotesting into his arms.

Lauren sat in front of her vanity, running a brush through her ebony hair, when the mirror shimmered slightly and an attractive older man appeared. Gasping she spun around expecting to see him behind her.

"Lauren, dear, turn around." Spinning back around she stared at the mirror in amazement. He was still in the reflective surface.

"I don't understand." She whispered " How are you here?"

"Don't ask about how, Lauren, you should be asking why." The man replied.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"You call me Santa, but I prefer to be called Kris." Lauren looked at him in disbelief, he didn't look like any Santa that she had ever seen. From his sexy white hair to his old tennis shoes he looked like a model. Where was the chubby old elf, whose lap she had sat on every Christmas? "And I know what you want for Christmas." He continued, "Such naughty thoughts you have been having. You have been very good this year, so I am going to grant your wish."

"My wish?" Lauren asked as heat rose to her face.

"Yes. You want a night to do some very naughty things with your brother and friend." She gasped as the heat spread throughout her body. She had never been so embarrassed.

"Oh my god." She whispered.

"I'm going to make sure that it happens, Lauren dear. If you want it to. And as long as you agree to a few of my terms."


"Yes. Nothing that will hurt you or embarrass you, Lauren. It's just that Gloria and I would like to watch you and your young men."


"Mrs. Claus." He said with a smile as he pulled his wife into the mirror with him. She was attractive brunette with silver threads running through her hair.

"I would love to take you up on your offer, Kris but I don't want them to desire me just because you are granting my wish. I'm not that desperate."

"Oh Child, if you only knew the thoughts those young men are having about you." Kris said softly.

"Really?" She asked, doubt on her face.

"Yes, Garth has had fantasies about fucking the hell out of you since the first time that his father introduced him to you and your mother. And Jeremiah. Well, lets just say, the things that young man wants to do with you should be outlawed."

"Oh my." She said as she left her panties dampen.

"So all you have to do is say yes," Kris continued, "and it's done."

"Providing that I let you and Gloria watch me."



"Christmas Eve, of course."

"But don't you have to deliver gifts to the children?" She asked, not wanting to mess up Christmas for the kids.

"Let me worry about that, Lauren. I have more than enough time to do both. So do we have a deal?" He asked softly.

"Yes." She whispered, hardly believing her daring.

Later that night Kris decided it was time to visit Garth. He seemed to be a pleasant enough young man. He hadn't lied to Lauren. In fact when he interrupted the lad, he was busy stroking his meat. Fantasizing about his sexy older sister had him ready to spray his wad all over his chest and stomach. Kris decided that he would let him finish. After only experiencing blue balls once, he wouldn't wish that on his worst enemy. He didn't have long to wait. Within minutes the young man was twisting on his bed, muttering to himself.

"Damn it, Lauren, yes! Take my cum!" He growled as his fist flew up and down his exploding rod. Kris watched with envy as he deposited a large load on his flat stomach. A few drops even hit his chest.

"How would you like that to be real, Garth?" Kris said softly from the corner so not to startle the young man. Garth swung his head towards the voice. Squinting he barely made out the shadowy outline of a well built man.

"Who are you?" He asked groggily, still some what overcome by his explosive release.

"You can call me Kris. So how bout it? Would you like what you just experience to be real?"

"What?" Garth asked as he sat up in bed. He stared in disbelief when the man stepped out of the shadows. The man was dressed in blue jeans, a tight black shirt and had a well trimmed white beard and mustache.

"Well, Garth it is pretty simple. Your sister Lauren asked Santa for a present this year that he couldn't refuse to give. You see, she has been such a good lass all year long. You know what she wants?"

"Lauren. Asked Santa?" He said after rubbing his eyes.


"And you're Santa?"

"Yep. Kris Kringle at your service." He said with a slight bow.

"What did she ask for?" Garth asked a finally.

"She wants an entire night alone with you." Kris said then he paused, "and your best friend."

"For what?" He asked rather stupidly.

"Don't be dumb, son. You're step sister wants you and Jeremiah to fuck her til she can't see straight."

"She wants to fuck me!" He said in disbelief.

"Yes. And your friend."

"But I'm her brother."

"Step-brother, son. There are no familial ties between you. And believe me she is well aware of that." Kris said as he walked closer to the bed.

"So what's in it for you?" Garth asked, suddenly wondering how Kris was going to profit from getting them together.

"We get to watch."

"Who's we?" Garth said nervously.

"Me and Mrs Claus."

"So you're going to watch me fuck my sister and then have Jeremiah fuck her after I'm done?"

"Oh no, lad. That's not how it's gonna work. She wants you and Jeremiah to fuck her at the same time." he explained.

"But I don't know." Garth started to protest.

"It'll be no different than the time that you both fucked little Miss Leona Redding, last summer."

"You know about that?"

"I'm Santa. I know everything that you do, Garth."

"It's hard to believe that Lauren would ask for that."

"Watch, and see for yourself." Kris said as he nodded towards the full length mirror that was on the back of the boy's door. Garth looked closer and suddenly saw Lauren laying on her bed. He watched in awe, then with desire as he saw her shoving a large dildo in and out of her. Suddenly he could hear what she was moaning as if she was laying right next to him.

"Yes. Aw, fuck I'm gonna cum all over that cock! Fuck me Garth! Hard!" She squealed as she stroked herself closer to climax.

"Son of a-" Garth muttered, then the mirror went dark.

"See what I mean, Garth." Kris replied. "So what will it be? Will you help me fulfill her Christmas Wish or do I have Jeremiah do it all by himself?"

"No way is Jeremiah gonna get some of that and not me!" Garth said insistently.

"Okay, then. Be ready when I come back."

"When's that gonna be?"

"Christmas Eve, of course." Kris said before he vanished.

Kris returned home to find, Gloria laying in their large bed. He was not surprised to see a couple of the elves in bed with her. Leaning back against the door he watched as his beautiful wife, withered between the elves. One of them was laying under his wife, thrusting a large cock deep inside of her. He could hear the squeals coming from his wife's full mouth. The other elf was busy driving his own impressive cock in and out of her moaning mouth. He sighed with pleasure at the sight. He could never get enough of watching his wife being serviced by the elves.

Gloria groaned as her orgasm slammed through her. Tony, the elf that was busy fucking her was absolutely known for his stamina in bed. Already he had fucked her through two orgasms and the third was on the horizon. She knew it was going to take much to push her over the edge.

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