Love Is The Strongest Bond

by King Wesley

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: A short story about a husband, wife, their slaves and their love.

Are you coming Dear?" Shouted Stephanie as she heard her husband come home through the front door. "I've prepared your favourite."

I'll be right there." Called back Steve, throwing his coat and briefcase to the ground as he headed for the bedroom.

Steve entered the bedroom to see a young brunette girl bound in a kneeling position upon the luxury four-poster bed. By the looks of it she had been securely locked in her position for quite some time as her orgasmic screaming at the hands of the vibrator inside her, would surely have greeted him when he had first stepped through the front door were it not for the ball gag in her mouth rendering her mute.

Well?" Asked his wife, appearing from behind the door. "Do you like it?"

I love it." He replied, grabbing her by her satin negligee clad waist, they sunk into a passionate embrace. "What's the occasion?" He questioned with a hint of suspicion.

Can't a girl show just her love for her husband by tying up one of their sex slaves just the way he likes it without there being some other motive behind it?" She questioned playfully.

Of course she can." He smiled back. "I just wish I'd gotten you something too... wait I've got just the thing." He ran out of the room.

But what about Paris?" Stephanie called out after him.

I'm sure she can wait a few more minutes," he shouted back. "I'd feel bad if I didn't at least return the favour."

Stephanie sat on the bed next to the delirious Paris and waited for Steve to return. Minutes later she heard the ringing of tiny bells and her heart leapt. A petite blond shuffled into the bedroom. Her arms had been bound behind her back and her ankles were in shackles making walking awkward. There was also a familiar buzzing emanating from between her legs.

The girl was completely naked bar a leather collar round her neck. The collar spouted two strings of tiny bells that on the end of each had a tiny clamp, which allowed the bells to be attached to the girl's nipples. Steve himself was also now sporting only his boxers.

Stephanie was visibly thrilled. "Oh you bought it!" She squealed excitedly. "But how did you know?"

Do you not think that after five years of marriage I cannot see when your eyes light up at something? I went back to that shop straight after work today and got it for you, that's why I was a bit later than usual coming home. Besides, doesn't candy look just perfect with her new accessory?"

I have never loved either of you more." Cooed Stephanie. She threw her arms around her loving husband, kissing him passionately whilst the ringing Candy shuffled over towards the bed and waited.

So what are we going to do with them," asked Stephanie playfully, twisting a lock of her silken red hair around her finger as she glanced back over to the two bound girls.

I think I've got an idea." Said Steve, leaving his wife and heading towards the bed.

Once there, Steve hoisted Candy onto the mattress behind Paris and positioned her into a similar kneeling position but with her back to her fellow slave. Reaching for some spare ropes from under the bed (you never know when a spontaneous bondage session can occur and it's a real mood killer to have to search around for rope in the heat of the moment.) He wrapped a long length of rope securely around both of the young slaves leaving them attached to each other, back to back. By now Candy was reaching orgasm herself and without a gag to suppress her moans, she was soon audibly aroused.

I think they're ready." He smiled.

Steve maneuvered himself around the mattress to be face to face with Paris while Stephanie rushed over to the bed to join him from Candy's side. Now facing each other with the bound girls between them, they looked deeply into each other's eyes. An unseen force connected their minds and all lusts and fantasies became as one. The couple rose to their feet and began to kiss.

Soon their arousal grew and Steve pulled Stephanie's negligee off over her head, she quickly returned the favour helping him to slide off his tented boxers and free his rock hard cock. Once the boxers were gone, Stephanie released Paris from her gag. The sub though could only managed one or two gasps of freedom before she felt the hands of her mistress easing her head towards the cock of her master. The open-mouthed girl then obediently put her lips together and began to blow.

It was then Steve's turn to return the favour. With a mixture of soft subtle hints and nudges Candy's mouth was guided towards Stephanie's rapidly moistening sex. As tongue finally met pussy, Stephanie was treated to an expert array of sucks and light nibbles upon her clit.

With each of the respective subs now attending to the lustful needs of their owners, the couple melted into each other's mouths. Their embrace was long and deep as two symmetrical souls collided in mutual longing of the other. It did not take long for them too to be on the verge of joining their slaves in orgasmic bliss.

The subs had been well trained, sucking and licked in expert style. As Paris' lips pumped on Steve's sexual obelisk, Candy's tongue was probing every last square millimeter of Stephanie's cunt, leaving no stone unturned in her quest to bring her mistress to nirvana. Both husband and wife were savoring every ounce of pleasure until neither could stand it any longer and the couple both buckled and quivered under the weight of the orgasm that assaulted them. Such was the force of the climax that erupted between them that neither or their pleasure ridden bodies could continue to stand and both fell to the side of their sluts in crumpled heap of ecstasy, clamped in each other's arms and allowing the euphoria to consume them.

When the sensations finally subsided, the couple lay motionless, looking into each other's eyes as normal thought processes finally began to return. It was then that Stephanie finally spoke:

Don't you think we should untie them now honey?" She asked playfully, gesturing towards the two prostrate slave girls that were still at the mercy of the vibrators inside them.

I suppose we better," conceded Steve, "can't have them cumming all night now can we? We'd never get any sleep."

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