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Desc: Sex Story: Open the door, open a can of worms.

I busied herself with my morning choirs, dusting, vacuuming, ironing, everything usual for a Tuesday. I brushed my hair; it had dried in to its normal bouncy curls. As I filled the kettle my decision of the day was trying to decide whether to take off my skirt and wash it, it was a little dirty and there were two buttons that needed replacing and my strapy top had some marks on it, I mussed on this monumental problem as I plugged in the kettle and got my cup ready, as I thought to myself do I or don't I the front door bell chimed, oh no I thought, I don't want people coming, I wanted a quiet day besides I hate confrontation.

I waited, go away, please go away but the door bell chimed again and again and at that moment the kettle boiled and as it was fitted with a whistle the whole house sang to its note, the door banged at me and now I knew there was no escape, I moved to the sound and slowly opened the door.

There was a violent push and this woman burst in, "This is your lucky day, you will be so glad you opened the door, I'm here to relax you and drive away all the stress of your busy, apprised life."

I stood there, busy, apprised, what was she saying I tried to stop her but she was in the lounge, sitting on the sofa before I knew it, "Excuse me, excuse me, but," no buts it was futile by the time I got there she was opening her large bag.

I tried to be polite, she was a very big woman, must have been six foot and hard faced with it, very masculine, she frightened me but then most people do, I'm very insecure around people, "I'm sorry but I don't need anything," it sounded very meek but I tried, I could see it was no use, her stare was all to much for me, I stood and looked at her.

Her face changed, I think it was a grin but it was very domineering, I could feel myself shake, "Where's your husband, I presume you have one"?

"He's, eerrr, he's at work."

"Are you sure, left you here to cook and clean while he's out and you don't argue do you"?

"Err no," her voice was getting louder as mine went very timid.

"So you don't know what he's up too, no wonder your stressed."

It was as though she was forcing me to get stressed as I tried to find words to answer her, "He's working," I suddenly realized I was still standing by the wall like a naughty girl.

"Come here girl and say that like you mean it."

Girl, girl I'm twenty-seven years old but I still walked forward and said, "I'm telling you he's at work".

Her stony eyes glared at me, "And I'm telling you he's probably fucking his secretary."

It took a moment for what she had said to sink in and when it did I almost cried, I didn't know what to think, I just shook my head.

"When was the last time he fucked you"?

I was shocked, what business is it of hers but still I mumbled, "Last err week."

"You don't seem sure, did you cum"?

Why was I answering her, but as I thought that I shook my head, why I will never know.

"I thought so, just fucked you to make it look good, came up you, turned over and went to sleep, fuck how you felt but it kept you quiet."

I could have wept but I just stood there mesmerized like a rabbit with a snake.

"No wonder your stressed, what you need is something to give you relief, something to stop the frustration, lessons in fucking yourself, unless you have a boyfriend, have you"?

My nerve end were screaming who was this woman, what was she doing in my house and why was I doing everything she told me, "No, no I have not got a boyfriend," I tried to sound strong, "I'm happily married."

She suddenly got up and walked around me, "Pretty little thing like you shouldn't have a problem getting a man to fuck you. I don't mean like your husband no a man who would fuck you for hours and hours make you cum, you just need some direction."

I was about to tell her to go but as she got behind me she pushed the straps of my top down my arms, "There that better a little off the shoulder, looks sexy, pity you have a bra on I would think your tits could stand up all right, they look full and firm, have you got long nipples," before I had time to answer she said, "Do you like them sucked"?

I suddenly spluttered, "Look I think you should go".

She laughed, "What, just as we are becoming friends, tell me have you got sexy underwear"?

I was at a loss, why hadn't she gone, suddenly her hand went to my skirt and pulled it up, right up to my thighs, "I thought as much, pale blue and cotton, not crotchless and red, nothing gets a man going more than crotchless pants, they love an open cunt to get their fingers at".

As she let my skirt go she giggled, "So does a woman, ever been with a woman"?

I was now dumfounded, being alone with this woman, her questions, I just wanted her to go but she carried on, "Come on you can tell me, ever had your cunt licked out by a woman, we do it far better than any man, we know what were doing, where all those nice places are when it comes to getting a tonguing".

I almost whispered, "Please go, this is not right, please leave my house," the grin was still on her face, "I'll think about after you have bought some nice underwear from me," like lightning her hand went in to her bag and she pulled out a packet I could see the contents were red.

She stood up, I retreated but only as far as the wall, she moved towards me towering over me she said, "Lets have that top off," she dragged at the bottom of the little top pulling it up, mechanically I lifted my arms as it slid up, "Not even a matching bra".

I hung my head as if ashamed of my attire, "Okay now the skirt and lets see what we have to work with."

I tried to stop her but she just tugged at my skirt until it was on the floor, "mmmmm, good legs, nice arse, nice figure, just needs dressing up a bit, lets loose the underwear and try some of mine."

Her hands were everywhere, much as I tried soon my bra was off and my pants, I stood pressed to the wall totally naked."

I felt her hand on my back, "Turn around lets see you, lets see if your tits are as firm as I thought, come on I must make a sale.

I turned almost pleading, "Look I'll buy them but please just go," she smiled at me, "Nice tits, firm, round, good size nipple, not long but good and stumpy perfect for a good licking but oh that bush, have you never shaved your snatch"?

"Please, please, I'll buy them please go, this is wrong."

"That's what's wrong, luckily for you I have just the thing in my bag, where's your bathroom"?

Before I had time to think let alone act she was back to her bag, now along with the packet of red underwear she had a small pouch in her hand the other hand grabbed my arm and started to propel me towards my own stairs.

She shoved me towards the stairs, "Come on you'll be grateful to me when you can keep your man, you are easy so it shouldn't be a problem, you look as though you'll do anything they want."

There I was naked and being pushed up my stairs and all I could say was, "Easy"?

She grunted, "Yes easy, good lord if the caller had been a man you would still have had your clothes off and I bet he wouldn't be taking you upstairs to clean you up or maybe he would but the cleaning up he'd be doing would be washing his cum off your mouth and tits after he'd fucked your mouth, oh yes it wouldn't have taken him long once you were naked to have you on your knees with his cock in your mouth, fucking it hard and fast cuming down your throat, then up here for a quick clean up before on the bed, legs open and your cunt next on his happy list, as I said your easy, ever been raped"?

My brain was trying to come to terms with what she was saying, I mumbled, "No."

As we reached the top of the stairs she almost shouted, "No I didn't think so, as soon as a boy or bloke got his hands in your pants I reckon you'd just roll over and spread them, when your frustrated that's the answer get it when its going, a bit like being grateful when the old man bangs you one, now get in the bathroom, get you legs open and lets make your desirable little hole good enough to eat."

I was trying to stop her but it was imposable, I stood in my own bathroom, this woman hadn't even taken her jacket off yet I was naked, open legged and she was holding a battery powered hair trimmer, "Come on your not wearing my classic underwear with that bush on your snatch," and she started to trim me.

The sensation was difficult to control, it felt good but I was embarrassed, and when she got to the shaving part I felt very strange; I was so pleased when she'd finished but I was still unsteady on my feet, "Got a full length mirror in your bedroom"?

I nodded, that's all she needed, like a rag doll I was pulled to the bedroom and thrust in front of my wardrobe mirror, "That's better, now something for that dry skin."

I shook as I looked at myself; it was amazing to look at me down there and see no hair, but I didn't have time to think; I jumped as some oil hit my back and her questions started again.

I was trapped in my bedroom, standing in front of a mirror totally naked with a fully dressed woman, a complete stranger and she was rubbing oil in to my back and down over my bottom, "Do you like your arse fucked"?

I was in a dream, or was it a nightmare, "No, I err, no."

I could feel her fingers between the crack of my arse, "Oh I could see you with a cock up this tight, cute arse, ever had three at once, sandwiched with one up your cunt as well and being kept quiet with a big fat one stuck in your mouth".

What business was it of hers, my personal life was mine not for every Tom, Dick or what ever her name was, there was panic in my voice, "No, no never now please this must stop, I'll buy the underwear but please go," the go went in to a whimper as her hands came around and started to massage my breasts. "You got good tits, round and very firm I bet the milkman or the grocery bloke would like to get you in the house and have a suck on these, the bra your going to buy has nipple hole's for just such occasions," she pulled on my nipples, "Just wear it when you answer the door, you won't be sorry".

Her hands moved back but soon returned covered in more oil I watched in the mirror as though hypnotized as her hands worked down my body, "As you're a frustrated bitch do you play with yourself, do you finger your cunt, bet you'd like to finger it now, look at it all bold and pink go on finger that lovely hole make it all slippery."

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