The Best Christmas Of My Life

by Bunts

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Desc: Sex Story: Have you ever met that one person who suddenly creates a feeling that they are someone special? Well Tony did and this is the story of how two people met and enjoyed that very special feeling.

I don't know whether it has ever happened to you, but just occasionally I meet a girl who for some reason completely takes your breath away. She has such an effect on you that you can hardly sleep at night and you spend all your spare time just thinking about her and longing to get to know her. This story is just about the way I met the most important woman in my life.

It was during the year before that fateful yet wonderful Christmas that I became increasingly aware of Linda. The time I first saw her I felt that there was something special about her, a sort of sensuality that attracted my attention, and started me thinking more and more about her. As we passed in the street we would smile, and exchange greetings, but that was all for quite a long time. In bed at night, I would be thinking about her, and when I made love with Joan, it was really Linda who was in my thoughts. Our sex improved to such a degree that Joan my partner noticed and commented on it several times.

My partner Joan and I had been together for two years, and generally speaking we were very happy. She was a Theatre Nursing Sister at the local University Hospital and I ran my own thriving IT business. The subject of marriage had been on the table for some time, but neither of us had bothered to take the matter any further. Somehow, at the time I thought that we were both avoiding that final commitment that marriage would bring, perhaps believing that marriage would change things in some way, and I at the time certainly did not want to tempt fate.

We assumed that someday we would eventually marry and have children, but for the present we were fairly contented with life. Our sex life was good, we enjoyed our time together and we had many mutual friends. Linda lived only three doors away from us, so it was inevitable that we should keep bumping into each other. The more I saw of her greater my infatuation became, and then one evening at the local pub I met her husband Richard. At first I did not know who he was, and then as we talked, and we learned more about each other, I realised that he was Linda's husband, and also a distinguished Surgeon at the same Hospital where Joan worked. At first I thought it a little strange that Joan had not mentioned him, but at the time I did not attach too much significance to it

As the months passed it was obvious that Linda was pregnant and both families got to know each other much better. Linda if anything became even more beautiful to me, and quite naturally as time passed I became even more acutely obsessed with her. To the extent that it was bordering on being an obstacle in my every day work. She was always on my mind, and then I found myself looking for her, if I saw her pass the house on her way to the shops, I would follow her, and then somehow contrive to bump into her, so that I had an excuse to have a brief chat with her.

Linda was not especially beautiful in the classical sense. She was quite slim normally, with almost jet black hair and a pale complexion. She rarely wore make-up, with the result that she gave the impression with her almost pale complexion of being 'well scrubbed' if that is the right word. She gave off a distinct air of sensuality that for me became almost overpowering. When she talked she became quite animated and her eyes would light up and she had a beautiful smile. She had a wonderful personality and a lilting southern Irish accent which gave her voice a musical effect

As time passed I began to realise that I my obsession was getting out of hand, to the point where Joan began to notice my moodiness. At first I struggled against the temptation. I had always been faithful to Joan, I loved her, and I did not want to spoil that in any way, but it was as though I was being drawn towards Linda against my will. The more I saw of her the more I wanted her.

I would wake up in a sweat in the middle of the night, with an erection and time and time again she would invade my dreams, her soft lilting voice was always with me. Meanwhile my partner Joan had also got very friendly with her, and it was not long before we started sharing evenings out as a foursome. I did my best to hide my feelings, and in fairness she gave me no encouragement at all, but hard as I tried, I found that when we were together, I could not keep my eyes off her.

One day she made it patently clear that my interest had been noticed and was at least in part being returned. It happened like this, one night we had all gone for a drink at the local pub. She sat next to me opposite her husband Richard, and Joan was sat opposite me next to Richard. I liked this arrangement, as it meant that I would not be able to keep staring at her all the time, and making myself feel embarrassed.

But all the time, I was very conscious of the delicious warmth of her body next to me, touching me as she moved and the exotic aroma of her perfume. As we sat together that night our hands touched, at first I tried to move away so as not to embarrass her, but then she held on to my hand very tightly. I looked at her briefly, and she smiled a sort of quizzical smile at me, as though she was challenging me in some way. I was glad that it was not possible for either Joan or Richard to see what was happening, so I relaxed, it seemed as though our secret was for the moment safe. But my heart was pounding, as for the first time I began to realise that something was about to happen between us - perhaps something very exciting!

On the way home Linda walked with me, her arm linked in mine, while our respective partners walked ahead engrossed in their own topic of conversation. Linda walked slower than the others, partly due to her pregnancy, and partly as she told me later, that was the way she had planned it.

As we were about to turn a corner into our street, our partners ahead of us were now briefly out of sight. As soon as they were out of sight she stopped, turned towards me and put her face up to mine.

"Kiss me please darling." She whispered, as she pressed her body close to me, clamping her lips against mine for a few brief seconds. Afterwards we walked on without speaking, my head was in a whirl, and I was acutely conscious of her hand on my arm, as I struggled desperately to control my feelings.

Not knowing what to say, I said nothing, as words could not express my feelings, but would destroy the magic of the moment, but I knew that our relationship had changed for all time, I realised that the brief kiss had, at least for the time being, said everything that we needed to say, or could say, for the present at least.

It was later that evening, over a cup of Coffee, that we decided to spend Christmas together in a local Hotel. By Christmas her baby would be about two months old, and Richard thought that it would give Linda a break. He insisted that she would have enough on her hands to look after the baby, and she should not have to worry about preparing the Christmas meals.

The events of that night had triggered off a resolve within me that I would fight this ridiculous infatuation. How could I play any part in splitting up a happy family with a new born baby? From then on, I did my best to stop away from her, but it was not easy, especially as Joan and Linda had by this time apparently become bosom friends, and I would come home to find them chatting quite happily in the lounge, or in the kitchen.

Joan also spent many hours at their house, while I agonised at home on my own, but try as I would, I could not get Linda out of my mind. One night Linda was visiting Joan, and while Joan was out of the room she took the opportunity to give me a discreet kiss. ' I won't always be pregnant you know.'

She had whispered, before Joan had come back into the room


It was a good Christmas, and we gathered in the Hotel lounge after a very full lunch, to rest and perhaps, and if we could keep awake, to watch the Queens Christmas Broadcast on the television. Despite the fact that the Hotel was very busy, we were the only people in the lounge, the rest of the guests having retired to their rooms, or gone for a walk. I had thought that Linda was looking particularly lovely that day, but of course I thought she looked lovely all the time. She had the baby in the carry cot by her feet, as it was getting near her normal feeding time. Sometime later I awoke, to feel something wet running down my face. As I opened my eyes I saw Linda smiling across at me from the chair opposite. She was breast feeding the baby, and had quite deliberately squirted some of her milk in my direction. Looking round, I realised that both Joan and Richard were fast asleep and Linda had quite deliberately woken me.

I smiled back fondly at her, and then as I watched in amazement, she quite boldly and very deliberately hitched up her skirt, and opened her legs, showing me the tops of her black stockings, the white skin of her thigh, and her garters, and then I noticed that she was not wearing any panties. This seemed as this was an obvious invitation to me, but there was nothing we could do while our partners were both present.

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