Sex is not just physical

by gamefortwo

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Group Sex, White Couple, .

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Reposted this story with a more indicative name. If you think that sex is more than a physical experience you may be interested in reading this.


it is a late afternoon, one weekend here in this time zone

and i begin meditating deeply

imagining what it would be like with you...

my breathing slows down...

and the edge between the worlds becomes blurred...

after an interminable amount of time the pictures in

my mind sharpen,,,

my mind focuses

and i become aware that i am walking

slowly in a forest,,

unlike any in

my native land,,,

i see a woman sitting in the distance

and as i approach i realise that it is the

woman i have been corresponding with...


we sit facing each other,

staring deeply into each others eyes,,,

not a word is spoken,

but each seems aware of the others thoughts...

simultaneously our fingers reach out

and the tips of our fingers touch,,,

suspended in the space between us,,,

yet our arms never tire,,,

it is as though they are suspended in space

supported by unseen spirits,,,,

it is as though we ourselves

are suspended in time,,,



our breathing becomes as one

practiced in unison,,,



and coming from the depths of our bowels,,,

it is like breathing from our toes to our heads

as we become conscious

of the life supporting oxygen...

moving into and through our very cells...

after some time we become aware

that we are completely naked,,,

though neither of us appears

aroused at this stage...

you raise your self and sit facing me in my lap,,,

your labia arranging themselves

as though they had a life of their own,

on either side of my flaccid ligna

we continue staring

into the depths of each others eyes

and slowly,

in tune with our breathing

stroke each other on the outside of the arms...

the kundalini energy begins to hum

in the base of my spine

and the tingling electricity flows up my spine

livening each chakra

and finally buzzing through the top of my head...

out the tips of my fingers...

slowly i massage each of your chakras,,,

transferring and joining our energy

until you too have the tingle

flowing through you

and it obviously joins in one circuit

surrounding our bodies,,,,

the wind blowing gently through the trees

is no longer felt on our skins...

... as the electricity has flowed through our bodies,,

so have the fluids begun to move

and we both become aware


of the hard ligna and the juices

flowing from you labia around it.

almost as though floating

you gently raise and lower your self,,,


so that now we are fully joined...

once again motionless we sit,,,

breathing in unison,,,

aware of every pore in our skin,,,,

especially where we touch...

our thoughts,,, non existent,,,,

our consciousness

totally consumed by just the awareness

of ourselves, each other and our mutual existence...

the energy begins to move more rapidly,,,


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