Margie's Holiday

by Defile_my_wife

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Orgy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Taken to the nudist beach by her husband, Margie finds out that it is a haunt for perverts - and the men's toilet block with those glory holes! Wow!

My wife and I lazily walked up from the beach.

We'd been on holiday for the last week and were feeling lazy and relaxed.

We reached out apartment and I got our lunch while Margie had a shower and changed into a skimpy little dress.

As we sat out on the balcony eating our lunch, I began to feel sexy as I looked at Margie's legs and looked past her gaping neckline at her small, firm breasts.

She was sitting opposite to me and I put my foot up and caressed the insides of her thighs with it.

Margie smiled across at me and let her legs part slightly.

"You sexy little thing," I exclaimed with a laugh as I found that she had no panties on.

Margie giggled.

I began to rub my toes through her vulva which was wet and slippery.

Margie sat forward on her seat and opening her legs a little wider, reached down and pulled her cunt open to allow my toes to enter into her juicy cunt.

My toes slid up into her wet cunt quite easily as her cunt was well stretched from all of my fisting of it.

Margie put her hands down and gripped the sides of the seat so that she could lift herself up off it and start to rhythmically pump her cunt onto my foot.

Margie was slowly pumping her cunt right onto my foot so that all of my toes were entering right into her sloppy cunt. She pushed and worked herself onto the ball of my foot so that her cunt was stretching to its utmost.

The little slut was loving it and getting herself really worked up. I think that she must have come away from the beach feeling sexy after all of the perving that she'd been subjected to from all the guys.

"Oooo, you little whore, ' I laughingly chided her.

It is a fact that Margie, whenever we are well away from home, really lets her hair down in terms of being sluttish.

There and then I made up my mind to try to see if I could get a few other guys to fuck her while we were on this holiday.

"Come and I'll take you to the nudist beach and you can show yourself off," I told her.

Margie gave a shriek of laughter and protested but I could tell that her protests were just a show and she was really excited.

She was giggling, her eyes were bright and her face was glowing at the prospect of being a slut at the beach.

The coastline where we were holidaying was made up of a series of little sandy bays separated by rocky headlands, and one of the smaller of these beaches had been designated as for those who liked to sunbathe naked.

In reality, this nudist beach was frequented by perverts and there was hardly ever a female who was game enough to go there.

I told Margie to wear nothing but her little light dress with a pair of panties underneath.

She had eagerly assented and now we arrived at the track that lead through the scrub and onto the beach.

Coming onto the beach we found it to be just a tiny little stretch of sand that was surrounded by rocky headlands at either end.

Quickly scanning the beach we could see a few people scattered along the back of the beach, while others were stretched out on their towels at the water's edge, and a couple more strolled naked through the wash of the waves. Maybe just twenty people in all, and, I noted, all men.

Leading Margie to that part of the beach which seemed to be more open and visible to everyone, we spread our beach-towels out on the sand and sat down.

"C'mon, aren't you going to strip," I grinned.

"What about you," she responded cheekily.

I didn't hesitate in standing up and slipping my shirt and shorts off.

I already had a hard cock which swayed out in front of me.

Margie hesitated and I urged her on, telling her how sexy she would feel being naked there on the beach with all of those guys to perv on her.

She hesitated a minute or two then suddenly stood up and pulled her dress up off her body and over her head, leaving her with just her little pair of white panties on.

I was lying out on the towel and Margie did the same, but I told her to sit up so that everyone could have a look at her naked breasts.

She complied without a word, not only sitting up but leaning back on her arms so that her shoulders were drawn back and her small breasts were thrust forward beautifully.

I casually, not wanting to scare off any perving, glanced along the beach. There were seven guys just along from us, two lots of two and three individuals, and I saw that every one of them was looking along at Margie.

I urged Margie to take her panties down also, and after a lot of giggling she slipped them down over her legs and sat there naked.

My further urging for her to spread her legs a little, had her excitedly giggling but putting on an act of modesty and refusing to do it.

Some ten minutes or so passed and I was wondering if I could get Margie to walk along the beach naked, when one of the guys got up and began to slowly walk along towards us.

"Someone's coming to take a closer look at you," I teased Margie.

"Oh God!" I'll die of shame, Margie exclaimed in her embarrassment but with what I detected as sexy excitement as well.

The guy's path brought him straight towards us and he was blatantly looking us over - or at least mainly looking Margie over.

I glanced at Margie. Stark naked for this guy to see. Her lovely, small tits sitting nicely; her naked body; all for him to perv on.

Margie was not game to look at him, pretending instead to gaze out to sea. I could tell by her face that she was so embarrassed and yet she had made no effort to cover herself when the guy had approached.

I was so proud of her.

The guy nodded at me and murmered hello, then blatantly resumed his gaze on my wife as he walked just a few feet in front of her.

I saw Margie's face really flush in embarrassment as she continued looking out to sea.

"You were fabulous," I whispered to Margie as soon as the guy had moved past a little way. "He perved on every single inch of you," I excitedly gloated.

"Oh God!" Margie exclaimed. "I've never been so embarrassed in my life!"

I made sure that I made a big fuss of her and let her know that I was so proud and loving of her.

"He had three-quarters of a hard on for you too," I teasingly laughed.

The guy, once he'd passed us, wrapped his towel around his hips and disappeared along the beach and into the toilet block, reappearing after a few minutes to saunter back past us and once more have a good perv on my wife.

A few minutes later another one of the guys on the beach decided that he needed to go to the toilet, and he too walked very close to us so that he could also enjoy perving over Margie.

Over the space of half an hour or so, every one of those guys that were nearby, came walking along past us for one reason or another.

"I wonder if any of them would come to you if I went off to the toilet myself," I laughed.

"Don't you dare leave me here by myself," Margie gasped with a little squeel which I could tell was half from nervousness at the thought of being naked by herself, and half from excitement of the same thing.

"I think that I will," I said, getting up.

"Oh God! I'll die of embarrassment if any of those guys come while you're away," Margie shuddered.

I walked the fifty yards or so along the beach to the toilet block. Going in I saw that the walls were covered in dirty messages and a few scrawled drawings along the same line. There were three cubicles and I casually glanced into the middle one. I'd only gone there as an excuse to leave Margie alone on the beach, but now I saw something that took my attention and filled my brain with new wild ideas - each of the three cubicles were joined up with good sized glory holes!

Each hole was a size that would allow an arm to be shoved though, and each hole had the stains of congealed cum dribbling down beneath them.

Without a doubt this little stretch of beach had become a haunt for perverts, and any women that might have innocently come here in the past, had well and truely been scared off in fear of being raped or worse.

Going back out of the gloom into the bright sunshine, I looked along the beach to where Margie was sitting naked and talking to a couple of guys.

"Ah! Yes" I exclaimed to myself, wondering if they were talking to her about fucking her and treating her like a slut.

They went wandering off when they saw me approaching.

I quizzed Margie up about the guys but it seems that they hadn't been all that bold other than in coming over to perv on her. At least they had told her that she looked lovely and perhaps if I hadn't returned when I did, they might have worked up to better things.

"Come on Marg. I've got something to show you," I told her as I held out my hand to pull her to her feet.

Of course she wanted to know what it was, but I was keeping that a secret.

She wanted to get dressed but I disuaded her although she did put on her little pair of white panties, which I didn't mind because she looked really sexy in them.

I led Margie to the toilet block but she shrieked and giggled when I went to lead her into the men's.

I assured her that there was no one in there, but she exclaimed that she would be seen by the men on the beach.

"That doesn't matter," I said as I half pushed her inside the sleazy toilet building.

It hadn't taken much of a push, and now Margie giggled as she peered about in the dim light.

I took her to the cubicles and showed her the glory holes through each wall.

"Wait there," I said as I left her in the center cubicle and quickly went into the adjoining one, taking my hard cock in my hand as I went.

I faced the wall and slid the length of my lusting cock through the hole.

I heard Margie giggle and felt her hands touching me. She'd heard about these sorts of holes in toilet walls, and it didn't need explaining to her how to get down and suck my cock.

I felt the warmth of her mouth engulfing my cock right up it's length.

I thought of the filth of the cum of many perverts on the wall just beneath the hole, and wondered if Margie's tits were perhaps rubbing against the filth.

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