Age Difference

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Looking for the woman of the right age to date. I was surpised to find my soulmate. Not typical DG Hear story Lots of boxes could have been checked but didn't want to give the story away.

A warning to readers of DG Hears stories. Every now and then I get crazy and write a story with lots of sex. This is one of those stories. If you're not into a lot of sex, you might want to pass on this one.

This is a story about the age differences in loving, or at least sexual, relationships. As always a big thank you goes out to my editor Techsan for making my story a much better read. This story could have been put in a number of different categories.

"Harder, Ted, harder, faster, faster, I'm almost there, so good, oh, so good," said Nancy as she rode my hard cock.

I was lying on my back while my girlfriend straddled me with my cock buried deep inside of her. I loved this position. I could watch her boobs jiggle up and down while she rode me. I reached up and squeezed her mounds as I felt her pussy lips squeezing the life or at least the cum out of my dick.

"I'm coming, Baby. Can you feel in squirting in you?" I asked.

"Yes, Baby, oh, so good," she said as she stopped bouncing and started rubbing her pelvis against mine.

When her spasms stopped, she rolled off of me and laid on her back and lit her usual cigarette. "Ted, I need to talk to you."

"About what, baby?" I asked.

"I have to break up with you. God, I'm going to miss our sex sessions so much," she replied.

"Whoa! Back up a little here. I'm not going anywhere other than home and to work."

"Ted, I need more than I getting from you. I'm so sorry."

"You just got through saying how good I am and now it's not enough. I don't understand."

"The sex is great, Ted. It's the other things I need. Dancing, romance, a new sports car. I want to go to the country club and have fancy clothes. I want to be somebody."

"Nancy, I'm just a mechanic and a damn good one. I can't afford all those things and frankly, I don't care about most of them."

"That's what I mean, Ted. I think it has something to do with our ages, wants and needs."

"What? We're both twenty-four. What are you talking about?"

"I need an older man, one who can take care of me and get me the things I need and want."

"So you want a Sugar Daddy. What about sex with an old geezer?"

"Ted, sex doesn't mean as much to me as it does to you. As long as the old fart can get me off, I'll be happy. It's all the things he can do for me that count."

"Sounds like you already have one picked out."

"I do, Ted, it's one of the older managers at work. He just got divorced lately and he asked me out next Saturday. He's in his fifties but I don't care. He belongs to the country club and promised to take me there."

I got off the bed and started to get dressed. We had been dating for about six months. She was a good lay but we really weren't in love. I took the high road and wished her a nice life and told her that I hoped her dreams would come true. I left her apartment and headed home to my own.

Some people just needed more than others. I had a good job, hung with some of my friends and usually had a girlfriend for a short period of time. I didn't have all these big future dreams. I just pretty much lived one day at a time.

I considered myself a pretty decent guy. I've been with a lot of women but I was always honest and true to them. I didn't lie to them and tried to treat them fair. I never cheated on any woman that I was with. One gal at a time was plenty good for me. It just seemed that women are looking for more, but with me, what you see is what you get.

At work the next morning my boss, Brad, asked how my night went with Nancy?

"She broke up with me. She said the sex was great but she needed more. She's going to date some old fart that can buy her the things she wants."

"Don't worry about it, Ted. You'll be back in someone's saddle before you know it. I've never seen a guy bounce back the way you do when it comes to women. Some women want love and others want material things. Nancy just falls into the later category."

"I know, Brad, but I'm a one-woman-at-a-time type guy so that means I'll have to look around again," I laughed.

"Try a younger gal this time, Ted. Maybe she'll think you're her older man." Brad was laughing harder than me.

"Any suggestions?" I asked Brad.

"What about that sexy college girl that always wears black. She sure is a cutie in an odd sort of way? You don't have to worry about buying her anything; her parents are well-to-do and buy her anything she wants."

"She's like sixteen; I'm not going to jail for a piece of tail."

Brad laughed. "She's eighteen and I hear she's wild. Her dad has her bringing in her little BMW for an oil change today. Maybe I'll let you handle this one."

"We'll see, no promises. I'm not so sure about dating young girls, even if they are eighteen," I replied.

Later that day young Sasha came driving up in her little BMW. Brad was right; she really was a cute gal with her short hair dyed black and a diamond stuck in the side of her nose. She was basically dressed in black with slacks and a little jacket.

"Hi there, are you Brad? My dad told me to bring my car in for an oil change."

"No, Brad's gone at the moment. I'm Ted, and I'll be your mechanic today if you don't mind?"

She smiled, "Mind? I don't mind a bit. Can I stay for awhile and watch you at work?" I could feel her coming on to me.

"Usually people drop off their car and we call them when it's finished. I guess I can make an exception for you."

I was getting a good look at her. She was cute with the prettiest dimples and smile. She was on the petite side. I decided to see if she might be interested in going out.

I pulled her car into the garage and hoisted it up and started the oil change. I knew she was staring at my ass every time I bent over. Now I knew how women felt when they were being stared at.

"Do you have a girlfriend?'" she asked.

"Nope, fresh out of a relationship," I answered. "What about you? Is there some guy out there waiting for you?"

"No, my parents don't want me involve in relationships while I'm in college. So I just go out and have fun. Why did you break up with your girlfriend?" she asked me.

"I didn't, she broke up with me. I was too young for her." I laughed.

"My God, how old was she - fifty or something?"

"As a matter of fact we were the same age. Don't ask me to explain," I answered.

"So... are you over her? Would you like to go out with me?" she asked.

"Sasha, I don't think we would have a lot in common. You are a good looking girl but I don't think we share the same type interests."

"Hey, I don't want a long term relationship. I have a party to go to tomorrow night and I would prefer an escort. If you don't think you want to go..."

What was I doing here. A cute little chick like this and I was going to pass it up. I don't think so.

I interrupted her. "Where's the party at?"

"At a house near the college. One of the fraternities is throwing it. So, want to be my date?" She was smiling at me now and outwardly staring at my butt.

"Okay, it's a date. Where do you want me to pick you up at?"

"Let's just meet here at the station at seven."

"Seven it is." I finished her oil change and she was on her way.

After work on Saturday, I headed home to clean up for my little Gothic gal. This was a little different than most of my relationships. It was her that was making the advances, I just went with the flow.

She pulled up right on time at the station. I waved bye to Brad as he was smiling and grabbed his crotch. I laughed as I approached her car. I slipped into the passenger seat and off we went.

I looked over at her and she again was dressed in black. This time she looked sexy as hell. A black net type blouse that you could see through. A black bra underneath. She had small breasts but perfect for her petite size. Her skirt was black leather and had ridden most of the way up her thighs. By leaning forward, I could see black panties. When she saw me look she gave me a smile. I knew then this was going to be a night to remember.

We pulled up near a big house with a lot of cars parked in the yard. You could hear the noise - or music if you prefer - coming from the house. We got out of the car and I escorted my teeny bopper gothic date into the house. A couple of guys were at the door collecting money. I handed him a twenty and received no change. I guess that was for the beer.

Sasha was hugging everyone in sight and introduced me to most of her friends. There were barrels of beer everywhere and I grabbed a glass. Sasha asked for one and I gave it to her. We headed to what might have been called a dance floor and Sasha pressed her tiny body into mine.

The music was some kind of rap or something. To me it was awful. Maybe I was past this stage in my life, I don't know but some cuddling and mellow music would be a Godsend. We were there for about an hour when I mentioned to Sasha that I was uncomfortable there.

"What's the problem, Teddy?" she asked me.

Teddy? I'm a twenty-four year old man and my date was calling me Teddy. I could feel the age difference in the air, even though it was only six years difference between us. The only problem was she had one fine body and I wanted to play with it. I know that didn't sound good but it was the truth. Every time I looked at her little body, it screamed, "Take me!"

"The age group of your friends. Most seem like they are under twenty-one and everyone is drinking. I can also smell the weed."

"Where do you want to go, Teddy?"

"Anywhere but here. I'm twenty-four and an adult. If this place gets busted I could get in big trouble. Besides, you shouldn't be drinking either."

She made the rounds and said goodbye to her friends and we hopped back into her car and I saw those black panties again. She started the car and before we left, she reached over and squeezed my package which was getting hard from just looking between her thighs.

"Do you want to have sex, Teddy?"

I could forgive her for calling me Teddy since we were alone. All I could think of now was getting between her thighs. I leaned over and kissed her. She had a pin through her tongue also but it didn't bother me that much. It did feel a bit different when we kissed. I reached between her legs and squeezed her mound. Soft, wet and hot would be the best way to describe this little vixen. She moaned into my mouth as I squeezed her pussy.

"I want you, Teddy; I want your cock."

I sat back in my seat as she drove off. I did ask her about the pin in her tongue and she told me I would be glad she had it later. I had no idea what she was talking about. We didn't go very far when she pulled in front of an apartment.

"This is where I live with my girlfriends during college. They're all still off for holiday break. Come with me. There is no one here right now."

I followed my little vixen dressed in black into her apartment. As soon as we went to her room she sat on the side of her bed and as I approached her she started undoing my belt buckle and was smiling. She unzipped my dockers and let them fall to the floor. I had on my tighty whities which were extremely tight at the present time due to a large hard-on.

She pulled my underwear over my hard cock and down my legs. It was all happening so quickly that I just stood there and let her do her thing. She grabbed the base of my cock and wrapped her lips around the head of it and started sucking. Damn, I could feel that tongue pin rubbing against my cock like a french tickler. It must have set off the nerves in my cock. I couldn't believe the head I was getting from this young woman.

I put my hands on the side of her head for support as she sucked my cock. I watched as her saliva coated my now distended rod. I didn't want to blow off in her mouth, I wanted between her thighs, so I pushed her head back lightly to disengage her mouth from my cock.

"Sasha, Sasha baby, that was so good but I need to fuck you,"

She smiled at me and stood up and pulled the net top over her head. She then reached around and undid her mini leather skirt and let it drop to the floor. While she was doing that, I stepped out of my pants and shorts and slipped my shirt off also. She was in bra and black panties and I was naked with a hard cock sticking out. She reached over in her night stand, picked up a condom, opened the package and removed it.

"I always practice save sex, Teddy," she remarked.

She opened her mouth and slipped the condom into it somehow and then put it on my cock using only her mouth. I had seen it done on 'Real Sex' on HBO but never saw it done in person and surely never had it done to me.

She slid her panties off and moved up on the bed and spread her legs. I slipped my cock into her moist hot pussy and started pumping like hell. She was able to put her legs against my shoulders for support while I pounded her pussy. This little gal had squirmed more than your average snake.

"Come on, Teddy, give it to me, fuck your little gothic girl, more cock Teddy, Sasha needs more cock."

I was pumping for all I was worth. I felt myself ready to come. I didn't want to because she hadn't reached her orgasm yet. I couldn't help it; Since she gave me that blow job I was starting to come. I shot a load into the condom.

"Not yet, Teddy, please not yet. I'm almost there."

I know she felt me come even though I had a condom on. I could see her still trying to get there and knew how to help her. It's one thing I learned with age. I pulled out of her.

"No, Teddy, no, I need more," she was saying.

I dropped to my knees on the floor and pulled her by the legs to the edge of the bed and stuck my face into her pussy.

"Yes, Baby, yes, yes," she exclaimed.

I began eating her out. I spread her lower lips and sucked and tongued her young pussy. I took two fingers and started rubbing her nub as she moved her pussy all over the place.

"Oh, yes, Teddy, that's it, eat me, Baby, eat me now."

I could feel her climax building and all of a sudden she screamed out and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face tightly against her pussy. I could feel her juices against my tongue as she squirmed more and more against my face. I was afraid she wouldn't let go. I needed to breathe. My nose and mouth were buried against her pussy.

Finally she let go and I backed away and took a deep breath. She came forward and starting kissing me.

"Honey, I have your juices all over my face," I spoke.

"I love the way I taste," she said as she continued kissing her juices off my face.

I stood up and walked into the bathroom and took off the condom and took a piss. I went over to the sink and washed her remaining juices off my face.

When I went back in the bedroom she had her bra off. She had also walked over to the fridge and got us each a beer and handed me one. We both sat on the edge of the bed.

"Do your parents know you drink and smoke weed?" I asked.

"No to the beer, they don't know I drink some, and I don't smoke anything. My friends do but I don't need it. I get my highs off sex. You're good. Are you ready to fuck me again?"

"Wow! You really are a wild one. Let me finish my beer first. Then I'll give it another shot."

She had small but nice looking tits. She had a little butterfly tattoo above her left breast.

"Like my butterfly? I have a big one on my lower back. You'll get to see it when you fuck me from behind. Did you see my dolphin tatoo? It was right above my mound. Did you see it?"

"No, afraid not. I was busy seeing everything below it," I laughed.

I pushed her on her back on the bed and looked for the dolphin.

"Here it is. I see it. Mind if I kiss it?"

I leaned down and kissed her mound and then the dolphin. I slipped two fingers into her moist opening. She wasn't kidding; she was ready to go again.

"Kiss my little butterfly," she said.

We both crawled up on the bed and laid next to each other. I gave her butterfly a kiss and proceeded to suck on her nipples. They became hard almost instantly. I massaged one breast while kissing the other.

She was into it again. I kissed my way down her young body spending a few minutes on her tummy. She handed me another condom and smiled. I had no problem using condoms when I really didn't know the woman that well. I wanted sex, not a disease.

I put this condom on myself as she turned over and got up on her knees leaning down on her forearms with her ass in the air.

"Fuck me from behind, Teddy. I love it that way."

I got behind her and saw this beautiful ass waiting on me. I slowly slid my cock into her pussy from behind. I knew I would be awhile cumming since I had just cum minutes before. I did a slow in and out motion into her wet and hot pussy.

"Do you see my big butterfly, Teddy?" she asked between groans.

"I can't miss it. It covers your whole lower back."

"Do you like it?"

What's a guy suppose to say at this point? You're fucking a woman and your cock is buried deep in her. It could have been a picture of anything and I would have said I loved it.

"It's really pretty. I love all the colors. Too bad you didn't put it on your butt cheeks and while your butts shaking it would have looked like it was flying."

"You think so?" she asked.

"No, Sasha, it's beautiful just the way it is." I was afraid she would take me seriously and go have one put on her butt cheeks.

My night with Sasha went on for a couple of more hours. I honestly can say she wore me out. I don't think I could keep up with her if I had to. I told Brad about the little vixen and he just laughed.

Sasha and I went out one more time after that. The sex was great but we had nothing else in common. She made me feel like an old man.

After our second date she came into the garage and told me she wasn't allowed to date me anymore. Apparently her parents heard a rumor that she was dating an older man and told her to stop dating him, which was me, or they wouldn't pay for her schooling and would take back her BMW.

She said she was sorry and that I was a great lay but couldn't take any chances of losing her car and schooling. She took me to our back room and gave me a goodbye fuck. I do have to say that I'm going to miss the little gothic vixen. Every time a gothic gal comes into the garage, I think of Sasha.

Things were back to normal and Brad and I were talking about life in general. He was married to Julie who was a wonderful and good looking woman. He had two kids of his own and was a great father. I often wondered where I would end up. I sure would like to have a life like Brad.

"Well, Ted, who's next? You've tried your age, younger, maybe it's time to find an older woman," he laughed.

"I don't hardly think so. I can't see myself bedding down a woman the age of my mother," I laughed.

"Hey, Ted, don't knock the older woman till you've tried it. Julie is eight years older than me and it's the best decision I've ever made."

"I'll keep that in mind Brad," I told him even though I didn't think it would happen.

The first week of January rolled around and I was headed home after work. Brad usually stayed open an hour or so later some days.

I was headed for home when I saw a car pulled to the side of the road and smoke was coming from the hood. I pulled up behind the car and there sitting in the drivers seat was a woman crying. I knocked on her window. She rolled it down about half way and looked at me.

"Can I give you a hand, madame?"

"My cars smoking and I don't know what to do." She was crying. "I called AAA and they said they would be here in about an hour. I just got off the phone with them."

"Look, I'm a mechanic and I can take a look at it for you and we can go from there." I walked to the front of the car and told her to hit the hood release.

She stepped out of the car and came to where I was standing. She was a beautiful full-figured woman. She wasn't fat or heavy for that matter. She looked like she might be in her early forties with a nice full figure and had meat on her bones type woman. She was dressed like she was going out for the evening. Her dress showed her ample breasts but not in a slutty way. The dress she was wearing came down about two inches above her knees. She had on high heels but they were only a couples of inches high. I guess you would say she was a sexy older woman who looked good for her age.

I opened the hood and let the smoke disappear. I looked around and saw that her fan belt was broken and of course the car overheated.

"Is it bad? What am I going to do? I don't live anywhere near here and I don't know this neighborhood."

"I'm Ted, Ted Baxter. I'm a mechanic and I live just down the road a bit. What is your name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Ellen. What about my car?"

"Well, Ellen, if you called AAA then they will need to take your car someplace to be repaired. You broke a fan belt, it stopped your fan from going around and keeping the water going into your engine cool. So it overheated. You need to get the fan belt replaced and hopefully you don't have any engine damage, but we won't know that till we get a new fan belt on it."

"I don't know where to take it. As I said, I'm not from around here."

"Ellen, I have an idea if you want to do it. I'll call AAA and have them take it to the garage I work at. My boss, Brad, is still there and he can fix it for you."

"What about AAA? I already called them. What can I do while they are repairing it?"

"AAA will take it to our garage and while Brad repairs it, I'll drop you off wherever you were going. When it's repaired you can pick it up. If that's okay with you?"

"Umm... okay, see if your boss can do it."

I called Brad. "Brad, this is Ted. I can use a little favor. This lady is broke down on Main St. And has called AAA. I checked her car and she needs a fan belt. AAA will be here in an hour. Any chance on you fixing the fan belt if we have the car brought there?"

"Is she a looker?" he asked.




"Do you have a plan?" he laughed.

"Yes, she'll be by later to pick up the car."

"You better get lucky on this one," he laughed again. "I'll call you on your cell when the car arrives."

"Thanks, Brad."

"No problem. Good luck."

"Well, Ellen, Brad is going to wait for your car to come in and he'll give me a call and tell us the damage. He also is calling AAA to let them know where to bring the car. Do you have any plans? Somewhere I can reach you when he calls me."

She had tears in her eyes. "I don't know what I'm doing. I guess I'll just go in some coffee shop and wait for you to call me."

"Nonsense. I was just going home for dinner. Would you like to join me?"

"No, I can't do that. You seem like a nice man but I don't even know you."

"Do you have a better suggestion? It's going to be a few hours before the car gets there and he gets it repaired."

"Ted, this might seem forward of me but if I bought you dinner could we have dinner together. That way we'll be together when your boss calls."

"That sounds fine, Ellen. Put your car key under your floor mat and bring your belongings with you. Brad, will call us later."

She did as I asked her and I opened the door for her as she slipped into the front seat. I saw some thigh and some more of her breasts. I'm pretty sure she saw me looking but didn't say anything.

I headed to a nice family style restaurant and asked for a table near the back. Ellen looked very nervous. I wasn't sure why but I was going to find out. She had a big stone on her wedding finger.

"Do you want to talk about it, Ellen? I know you must have a problem. A woman as pretty as you in this neighborhood doesn't make a lot of sense unless you're visiting someone."

"Does it show that bad? I'm so sorry. I'm so confused. My new year didn't start out the greatest."

"Ellen, you need to get it off your chest. I'm a good listener. Give me a chance."

Our waitress showed up and took our order. We ordered coffee to drink till our meals came.

"I don't know if I can talk to a complete stranger about my marital problems."

"So your married, Ellen. For how long?" I figured I would just ask her a few questions to help break the ice.

"Thirty-two years. We've been married for thirty-two years and I never knew."

"My God, Ellen did you get married when you were twelve? Was he having an affair, Ellen?"

"Worse than that." She was starting to cry.

I moved to the chair next to her instead of across from her. I held her hands until she gained control again.

"At a New Year's party I saw him with another man. He was giving him a..."

"It's okay, Ellen. I understand. Does he know you know?"

"No, we had gone in separate cars. He had an appointment and said he would be there later. I went to the ladies room and saw him in a bedroom on his knees in front of the man. The door was cracked open slightly and I just happened to look when I heard sounds coming from the room. They were too engrossed to even notice me. I left crying and locked our bedroom door so he wouldn't come in. He didn't even come home. I cried myself to sleep. He called me this morning and said he was sorry he missed me at the party but arrived late and just stayed at a friend's place that night."

"Is that why you're out tonight, Ellen. All dressed up and no place to go?"

"Yes," she had tears in her eyes again. "God, I'm so stupid. I was going to go out and have an affair and throw it at him. I'm so stupid. What man would want an old lady like me."

"What? Are you kidding me? You are one beautiful woman, Ellen. Any man of any age would be proud to be with you. I know I would."

She smiled, it was nice to see. "Stop it, Ted. I'm old enough to be your mother. My God, I'm fifty-four years old"

"You got to be kidding. I figured forty-two, maybe forty-four. I can't believe you're fifty-four. Ellen, please don't take this wrong, but you are one beautiful lady and I would give anything to spend time with you. I know I'm young but there is something special and sexy about you."

Our meals came right then and we stopped talking and began to eat. As we were eating my cell phone rang. It was Brad.

"Hey, good buddy, how's it going? Getting anywhere? You can say what you want to the lady but the truth is I'll be finished with her car in about twenty minutes. No damage other than the fan belt. I'll fill her radiator with antifreeze and she will be good to go. Her repair bill and keys will be on the counter. Good luck."

"Thanks, Brad, that's very good news. Thanks for staying later and doing my friend a favor. Yeah, okay, I understand. About two hours, sounds good. Okay, see you tomorrow. Bye."

I looked over at Ellen and knew she was thinking about what I had said earlier. The funny part is I meant every word I said to her. She really did turn me on.

"That was Brad on the phone. Your car will be finished in a couple of hours. Luckily it was only your fan belt and he can replace it. It shouldn't be very expensive and of course AAA paid for the tow. Looks like this is a better day than you thought."

"So what do I do for the next couple of hours. I think the restaurant has seen enough of us."

The waitress brought our bill and I went to pay for it.

"No, it's my treat. I promised you dinner and I'm paying for it," said Ellen.

She left enough money for the bill and a nice tip. We got up and headed out the door to my car.

"What do we do for the next couple of hours, Ted? I can wait at the garage till my car is finished if you have other things to do."

"I'm with most sexy looking woman and she isn't going to get away that easily." She smiled again; she had such a pretty smile.

I opened the car door and she slipped in. Again I saw a lot of thigh through the slit in her skirt. Of course she did have on panty hose. She looked up and caught me looking. She didn't say anything but she did have a slight smile on her face.

"Where are we going, Ted?

"I need to stop at my place and clean up a little. I know I smell of oil since I work it a garage. We'll only be a few minutes."

"Ted, I don't know about going to..."

"It's okay, Ellen, I promise to be a gentleman and won't do anything without your permission. I do need to clean up."

My apartment is small with a kitchen, combination living room and bedroom, and a bathroom. I usually kept it fairly clean. I remember from when I was growing up, my mom always telling me to clean my room and make my bed first thing in the morning. I guess that stayed with me through life. I did have a couch and sofa along with my bed and one dresser. I didn't have a kitchen table, didn't need one. I always sat on the couch to watch TV.

Ellen looked nervous as we went into my apartment. I could see her mind was going in a hundred different directions. I was sure this wasn't something she was in the habit of doing. I took her by the hands and assured her everything would be okay. She was trembling and by instinct I wrapped my arms around her and she smelled and felt so good. I hugged her gently and felt her breasts against my chest.

She finally spoke, "Kiss me, Ted. I know I'm older than you but I need to be wanted, to be held, to be kissed..."

I stopped her talking with a tender gentle kiss to her lips... and another... then another. We couldn't stop, the kisses were getting harder and more passionate. I knew I wanted this woman, this woman old enough to be my mom. I didn't care, right then I wanted her and she needed me.

"Take me, Ted, please do it now. If I wait, I know I'll back away. Please take me."

I knew I still kind of smelled from the garage but it was basically my clothes. I always cleaned up before leaving the garage. I reached behind Ellen as we were kissing and unzipped her dress and pulled it off her ample breasts and let it fall to her hips and then I pushed it over her hips and down to the floor. We stopped kissing for a second as I bent down and pulled her panty hose over her ass and as she sat on the end of the bed I pulled them off each leg.

I quickly took off my shirt and jeans, although I left on my briefs and for some reason my socks. I didn't want to waste valuable time taking them off. Ellen had her hands folded over her mouth, probably wondering what she was doing so I didn't want her thinking about it. I took her by the hands as she stood up and then began kissing her again.

She didn't talk as we kissed but I could feel her tremble. I believe she was somewhere between nervous and anxious as I unclasped her bra and put it on top of her dress. You have to understand that she was fifty-four and her breasts did sag some. It's called life. Our bodies tend to go south through the years. Still that didn't keep her boobs from being nice. I could hardly wait to get my lips on them.

Ellen got back on the bed and I laid next to her and kissed her some more. I gently touched her breasts. She was nervous but yet excited. I leaned over and massaged one breast while sucking on the other. They were so squeezably soft. I loved massaging and sucking on them.

"My God, it's been so long since another man has touched me like this. Oh, it feels so good. I could have them rubbed softly like this forever."

I saw a tear well up in her eye. "Ted, am I a bad woman for wanting this, for doing this?"

Now there's a question that will always be up for debate. What do you tell a woman at a time like this? Here was my answer.

"Ellen, you're a woman. You have needs. You have a husband that would rather screw some guy up the ass than make love to such a beautiful wife. I can't say that what you're doing is right but we all have needs."

I lowered my mouth to her belly and started kissing her there. Most women seem to love this but too often it is ignored by most men. I rubbed and kissed her soft belly. I could feel her pull her tummy in as she moaned. I could faintly smell the aroma of her sex coming from her valley below.

"Oh, God, it feels so good. I love it, I love it," cried Ellen.

Ellen was badly in need of loving. It must have been a long time since her husband spent any time making love to her. Such a nice lady and a nice body for an older woman. I was going to give her all the loving she wanted and needed.

I slid my hand down into her panties and rested it on her mound. I just kind of ran my fingers through the hair on her mound, scratching and rubbing her mound, staying away from her clit. Making her desire more.

"God, Ted, what are you doing to me? I'm going crazy. I've never felt like this. God, it's so good."

Her body needed to be loved. She had a real winner for a husband that didn't appreciate what he had. She was a woman wanton of sex and neglected. How many other wives were out there like Ellen? Just wanting to be loved.

I slid my hand down to the entrance of her sex. I could smell the aroma of her sex. As I touched her clit she almost went off. I could feel her shudder. Her sex was wet with her juices. She was ready, she needed to be taken. I slid off the bed and pulled off her panties as well as my briefs. She spread her legs with anticipation but instead of giving her my cock, I buried my face into her moistened pussy.

She yelled out, "Oh, God, Jesus, Ted, what are you doing? It's so wrong but feels so good."

She held my head in place and gyrated her hips till she had an orgasm. She was screaming out for dear life. I was hoping my neighbors didn't hear her. Her juices flowed out of her pussy and onto my face. She finally quieted down but her pussy was still having spasms.

"My God, Ted, what did you do to me? It was so wrong but felt so good."

"Ellen, it's not wrong to enjoy the bodies of one another. I just gave your body what it needed."

"Well, Ted, it needs more. Please fu... make love to me."

I knew she wanted to say fuck but it wasn't part of her vocabulary. So I did exactly what she asked. I made love to her and I have to say it was some of the greatest sex I had ever had. We both gave totally of ourselves. I came twice to our two hour session.

She asked if she could use my shower and I let her go first. Such a beautiful body for an older woman. Not a model, just a full-figured, want-to-grab-hold-of type. She got up and walked toward the bathroom. I asked her to stop and, as she turned around, I kissed her and put my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her close. I could feel my erection starting again.

"No, you dirty young man," she smiled as she headed into the shower.

I put on one of my oldies but goodies CD's and the song 'You don't know me' started playing. I could hear Ellen singing along to it. Such a beautiful voice.

She came out of the shower wrapped in a towel. I was going to hug her when she said, "No, Ted, go get your shower. I have to get my car and get home before my husband..."

She didn't have to finish. It was probably the first time she thought about him since she had been here. The music continued and I took my shower. When I came out, Ellen wanted to apologize to me.

"It's okay, Ellen. I told you I wouldn't force you to do anything you didn't want to do."

"You're wrong, Ted. I wanted to hug you and kiss you. It's just second thoughts and I don't know how to deal with them. I never in my life did anything like this. I just need to think. God, I think I could love you and you're so young and I don't even know you." She had tears in her eyes as we left my apartment.

About the only thing she said as we drove to the garage was she loved the music I had put on. Her favorites were oldies from the fifties and sixties and she liked country music also.

They were my favorites too but I didn't mention it because she would just think I said it because she did. I grew up in Kentucky and that's what my parents always listened to so of course it's the music I remembered.

We pulled up to the garage and I opened the door and we went into the office. I told her the price and she gave me a credit card. I ran it through the machine and gave her a copy to sign.

"Thank you for your business, Mrs. Bartlett. If you ever have any other problems, please contact me. I'll do my best to help you out."

"Ted, please don't be mad at me. I need time to think. I know you know my last name, but don't try and find me."

She grabbed two of our cards and on the back wrote her cell phone number. "If you really feel you need to talk to me, here's my cell number. If I have to hang up quickly, please understand. Ted, you were the best lover ever and I'll always remember you. Please remember that."

She got in her car and drove away. I didn't understand why it hit me so hard. I've been with so many women but Ellen and I just hit it off even though our ages were so far apart.

I had tears in my eyes as I looked at her number on the card. I dialed it and it rang three times.

"Hello," I heard her voice.

"Ellen, I don't know how to say this but I think I'm falling in love with you. Please tell me you might be feeling the same way."

"Ted, of course I do, but we can't be together. You don't even know me or me you. You have to understand that this was two strangers who met and things happened that shouldn't have."

"Please just think about us and call me if you want to get together again," I answered.

"I promise I will think about you. I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to. Goodnight, sweet Ted."

"Goodnight, Ellen, I love you."

I hung up the phone. Was this even possible? Surely stranger things have happened. I guess I would need a few days to get over it. After all it was only one day out of my whole life. I went back to my room and smelled the scent of Ellen's cologne in the room. I put on my oldies CD and laid on my bed and went to sleep thinking of Ellen.

The next morning I was at the shop when Brad came in smiling at me.

"So how did it go? Did you hit pay dirt?" he laughed.

"She was awesome, Brad, I mean really awesome. I felt so good with her in my arms."

"Is my young friend here falling for an older woman?" he asked.

"Maybe, Brad. Now don't go over the edge on me but she's fifty-four and married."

"What? Fifty-four? Christ, Ted, when I said older I wasn't talking about your grandmother. I meant someone around thirty and single at least."

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