She Said Yes

by dragontattoo

Copyright┬ę 2007 by dragontattoo

Romantic Sex Story: Christmas time is around the corner, and Jason wants only one thing for Christmas. Will Leigh give him the answer he wants? Before he can ask, someone starts stalking Leigh. Will they have the Merry Christmas that they want?

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   .


Jason watched as his steady girl-friend, Leigh, walked barefoot across his kitchen. He could hardly believe that she was finally his. They had been seeing each other for several weeks. It had taken him a long time to get her to even consider seeing him. She had just gotten out of rocky relationship shortly after he had met her. She had been very leery of starting a serious relationship. But he knew with time she would hopefully decide to take a chance on them making it last. He stared at her thoughtfully. Christmas was right around the corner and he was hoping that she would give him the best present in the world. He wanted her to be his wife. At that moment, Leigh turned around and stared at him.

"What is it?" She asked him as she walked back towards him with two cups of coffee.

"Just thinking." He said honestly. "I'm a happy man." He finished as he took the cup that she offered to him. "It's just started to snow and I have a hot cup of coffee and the woman that I love with me. Can't get much better than that."

"Jason, you have such a way with words. You know that I don't want to be any other place." She said softly as she stepped into his arms. "And I love you too." She finished as he wrapped his arms around her.

Leigh felt like she was walking on clouds as she met her friend, Gloria. They had a planned a shopping date. It had become quite the ritual for them to buy their Christmas presents together.

"I see that life with Jason is sure treating you good." Gloria stated as they walked through the store.

"Yes, he makes me happy." Leigh said. "I keep waiting for the newness to wear off. But it still hasn't."

"I'm glad, sweetheart. You need a man that is going to treat you right. Not like that other dick. He hasn't been bothering you anymore, has he?"

"No, thank goodness." Leigh said. "But enough of that. I've got to find the perfect gift for Jason. Any ideas?" She asked her friend.

"Has he said what he wants?" Gloria asked.

"No. He says he has everything that he wants. He's gonna make it difficult for me."

"Well, lets look around and see what we can find." Gloria said. "Surely something will pop out at us."

"If not I guess I could just serve myself on platter." Leigh said mischievously.

"You are so bad." Gloria laughed.

The man watched Leigh and Gloria get into her car. The bitch had caused nothing but problems for him and his family. He would see to it that she didn't have a Merry Christmas. But first he had to deal with that big lug of a boy-friend.

Leigh woke to the sound of her doorbell ringing. Frowning, she saw it was 2:37 by her bedside clock. Next to her Jason stirred then opened his eyes.

"What is it, Minx?" He asked as he pulled her closer.

"The doorbell." She said as slipped out of his arms and the bed. Pulling her robe on she walked down the hall to her front door. Looking through the peep hole she didn't see anyone. Frowning, she unlocked the door and pulled it open as far as the chain would allow. Laying on the doorstep was a furry lump.

"What is it?" Jason said from behind her.

"I don't know." Stepping back she let him see. Undoing the chain he pulled the door all the way. Squatting down, he examined it more closely.

"Leigh, call the police." He said quietly as he straightened.


"Just do it, Minx. Some sick bastard, left a mutilated cat on your doorstep."

"Oh." Turning she walked back down the hall to the phone.

After the police left, Leigh sat on the couch with a worried look on her face. Jason closed the door, and walked back over to her. Sitting down next to her he pulled her into his lap. Sighing, she curled up even closer to him.

"Everything will be alright, Minx."

"That poor cat." Leigh was very much an animal lover.

"I know, Minx." Jason said before giving her a slow kiss. He had meant it to be just for comfort but as usual the heat that they always generated, flared up. She groaned and wrapped her arms around him tightly. He ran his hands down her back to cup her bottom and pull her more snugly against him. When they finally came up for air, they were both gasping.

"Minx, I don't want to take advantage..." He started.

"You're not. I'm gonna take advantage of you." She replied before tugging on his earlobe with her teeth.

"Oh, lord help me." He growled.

"Not tonight." She said as she reached between them and untied her robe. Underneath she wore nothing but the heart locket that he had given her.

"You went to the door like that." He growled before, lifting her breasts level with his mouth. "You need to be punished, Minx." Then he pulled one of her hard tipped breasts into his mouth and started to suck.

"Oh, I'll have to be bad more often." She gasped as fire raced across her body to settle in her core. Wrapping his arms more tightly around her, he took turns tormenting her breasts. He knew that he could make her climax just by playing with her nipples. They were that sensitive. But tonight he didn't feel like letting that happen easily. He wanted to drive her crazy. Just to take her mind off of the shock of earlier. Leigh squirmed helplessly in her lover's arms as he teased her relentlessly.

"Jason," she pleaded.

"Relax, Minx. There's no rush." He said softly.

"Sadist." She groaned as he lifted his head and pushed the robe off her shoulders.

"And you are beautiful." He replied cupping his large hands around her breasts. As he continued caressing her, she squirmed on top of him. He growled in pleasure at the feel of her warm bottom squirming against his swollen manhood. He went still, then groaned when she reached between them and unzipped the jeans that he was wearing. He had only thrown on his jeans to follow her, so his manhood sprung out to greet her.

"I love it when you go without." She whispered as she stroked him.

"And I love you period." He growled as he pushed her hand away and slid two fingers through her damp folds and into her warm nest. She moaned and arched her hips into his hand. "Christ, Minx, you are so wet. I love it." He growled.

"Please." She whispered as she felt her orgasm pulling at her. Pushing his hand away from her, she took him in hand and placed the head of his cock at her entrance and pushed down.

"Slowly." He gasped, always concerned that he might hurt her.

"No." She gasped and slammed herself down on him, taking him to the hilt. Her orgasm ripped through her without mercy and she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. "YES!" She squealed.

Jason growled with surprise when her tight little cunt took every inch of him and then exploded on him. "Oh Minx," he growled, "now you've asked for it." Pushing off the couch, he wrapped her legs around him and started staggering towards the bedroom. Gritting his teeth, he tried to control her little squirms long enough to get to her bed. Leigh was gasping and moaning softly as each step he took pushed him in out of her in little nudges. They had made it as far as her closed door when another orgasm rushed over Leigh.

"Oh, please, Jason." She cried as it started.

"Oh, Hell." he said, when he felt her sheath start gripping his hard cock. "You are such a little Minx. Always coming all over me." Then he grabbed her hips in his hands and started thrusting hard against her to intensify her orgasm. Then he lost it. Pinning her against her closed door he thrust his cock in and out of her.

"Yes! Give it to me!" She pleaded before pulling his mouth down to hers. He growled when she slipped her tongue inside of his mouth. He yanked his head back and growled as he continued to thrust. "I want you on your hands and knees, Minx. I love being able to play with your nipples while I pound in and out. Now. Right now." He demanded as he pulled out of her and slid to the floor. After flipping her over he surged into her again. Leigh screamed as he hit deep. Jason, stilled. "Are you okay?" He gasped.

"No! Just fuck me." She said as she slammed her bottom back against him. Letting her head drop between her arms she kept pushing back against him until he got the point. Jason looked down and watched his hot little lover move under him. No other woman had ever pleased him, had fit him near as well as this one. He could feel her tightening around him again. The little Minx, he thought before he started thrusting again.

Leigh was in a world of pleasure that she knew that was unique to her and Jason only. She was one stroke away from coming again and she knew that Jason wouldn't be far behind. She could feel him getting thicker in her. When he covered her body with his and took her breasts in his hands, she knew for sure. He was such a great lover, he knew all her hot points to make sure she came with him. He didn't realize that she was already there. With one arm pressing on both of her hard nipples, Jason toyed with her button of pleasure knowing that he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Let go, Minx." He pleaded, just before the world exploded around them.

"Jason!!!" She screamed. Her orgasm rocked through her lower body and she nearly bucked him off her in frenzy, if not for the arms he had wrapped around her. That was all it took, Jason let out a war cry as he pounded through her orgasm to reach his own spine tingling one. When it was all over they laid tangled together in the hall in front of her bedroom door.

"Did you get the license plate number?" Jason asked.

"Of what?" she asked with a smile, as she pushed his damp hair off his forehead.

"The truck that hit us." Their laughter filled the hall.

Leigh was in high spirits the next morning, all things considering. She stepped out of the shower to find Jason in his usual spot. Leaning against the bathroom sink, holding a cup of coffee. Taking a drink, he gave her, their customary morning kiss. Feeding the coffee to her one sip at a time. She smiled when he lifted his head.

"Thank you, sweetheart."

"No thanks needed, Minx." Jason replied, getting his morning fill of warm, wet and naked woman. His woman. "I asked you last night, and you didn't tell me. It got real intense. Did I hurt you?" He asked as he wrapped her in a bath towel.

"Only in the best way."

"Leigh, it's the last thing on earth I would ever do. I'm a big man. I was a big man before I became a man. I have to be careful. I break things easily. And Minx you are so much smaller than me. I don't want to break you."

"I'm stronger than I look, Jason. Besides dynamite comes in small packages." Leigh said as she placed a kiss on his chest before slipping out of the bathroom. "Hurry up, lazybones, or we'll be late for work." She called over her shoulder.

"Minx." She heard him mutter before the shower turned on.

Leigh was on the warehouse floor when she heard a page for her. Pausing she yelled at her partner over the roar of the conveyers. "Be right back." Walking up to foreman's desk, she took her call.

"This is Leigh." She said, then her blood ran cold.

"How much do you love that boy-friend of yours?" A voice rasped.

"Excuse me?" Leigh said with a frown.

"Just answer me, woman. How much do you love him?"

"Who is this?" She demanded.

"Never mind that." the voice said harshly. "Do you remember your previous boy-friend?"

"Douglas? What does he have to do with-"

"Everything. Unless you break it off with Jason, something bad is going to happen to him. Maybe his brakes on that old truck he loves will fail. Or just maybe his house might catch on fire with him in it. So how much do you love him? Enough to let him go? Or does he get to suffer the same as you."


"Because you ruined Douglas's life. He's gone now. He lost his job, his house, even his life. I buried him last week. And you, my little conniving bitch are going to pay for it."

"You left that cat on my porch."

"I see you are starting to see the light. Break it off with him. Or he pays the same as you." The dial tone buzzed in her ear.

"Oh my lord." Leigh said as a wave a dizziness washed over her. Gripping the desk she tried to keep herself up right when darkness surrounded her. No one noticed when she hit the floor.

Jason was on a forklift when his supervisor ran up to him. Stopping he placed the machine in neutral.

"Hey Randy, where's the fire."

"You are needed upstairs, pronto. We found Leigh out cold on my office floor. I didn't even realize that she was in there til I tripped over her.

"Son of a bitch. Minx!" Jason grated as he vaulted off the forklift and ran for Randy's office. Randy swore and dove for the forklift that had started to roll. He just shook his head. No one could say that, that man wasn't deeply in love with his woman. He damn near ran his supervisor over in the process of trying to get to her.

Jason rushed into Randy's office. Around Leigh were two paramedics. One was waving smelling salts under her nose.

"What the hell happened to my woman?" Jason asked.

"Well, sir, it looks like when she fell she hit the side of her head on the desk. She has a real nasty gash on the back of her head. She's gonna have a couple stitches put in. As soon as she comes around we'll see how she does. If all her vitals are fine, she'll be able to go home as long as someone stays with her. About that moment, Leigh moaned softly and tried to sit up.

"Minx, sweetheart. You'll alright." Jason said as he pushed one of the paramedics aside and knelt beside her.

"Jason." She said then grabbed her head. "It hurts. What happened." About that moment Randy walked in with Craig.

"She was working with Craig when she got paged for a call. She must have come in here to get it." Randy said as Jason helped Leigh sit up.

"Guess I must have fainted." Leigh said softly before the medics checked her vitals.

"She'll be okay to go home. After we put those stitches in. Do you have someone to stay with you, Leigh?"

"Yes, she does." Jason said protectively.

"I guess I can ask Gloria." Leigh told Jason after the medics were done with her.

"Like hell, Minx." Jason said firmly. "You are my woman. It's my job to see to your care. I love you and I want to take care of you."

"Jason, I can't. I don't-I have my reasons." She finished. She felt so guilty. But the raspy voice in her head wouldn't quit. She didn't want him to be hurt. And that sick bastard that left that cat was more than willing to hurt the man she loved.

"What reasons, Ms Sunshine." Jason asked after setting her on top of Randy's desk. He was sitting in the chair behind it. It brought her eye level with him.

"I don't want you hurt." She said finally.

"Minx." He protested.

"You don't understand. That person that called. He left the cat."

"Wait a sec. The call you got was someone threatening you!" Jason roared coming out of his seat.

"Not me much. But you. I don't want you to get hurt because of me. He said that he might cut your brakes or start your house on fire."

"Minx. You and I have something that I won't let go because some sick bastard says that he doesn't want us together."

"Jason, this has to do with Douglas. He said that Douglas lost everything. That he was dead."

"Minx. I'm sorry that someone called and scared you. I love you and I won't let anyone run me off. I've told you before that the only way that I'll leave is if you tell me that you don't want me anymore." Jason said, lifting her face to meet his gaze, he smiled softly. "And mean it." He whispered brushing his mouth across hers. Just then Randy poked his head around the door.

"Is everything going to be alright? How are you feeling, Ms. Sunshine?" He asked.

"I don't feel to sunny right now. But I'll live." Leigh said quietly before sliding off the desk and walking towards the door. "I need some time alone." Leigh told them as she escaped the office. Heading for the docks, she decided that a breath of fresh air might be just what the doctor ordered.

Leigh sighed as she stood under the shower. Hot steam filled the bathroom. She had managed to persuade Jason to let her go home by herself. It hadn't been easy but he had finally relented. He had still followed her home but had not even walked her up to her door. She knew that he was not happy with her. He had not been happy at all but he had relented. Providing that she let him escort back and forth. Shutting the shower off, she pulled the curtain back. After drying herself off, she pulled on her favorite robe and padded down her hallway towards her bedroom. She paused as memories of the night before flooded her mind. How was she suppose to give him up? Then the phone rang. Picking it up, she said hello. She was not surprised to hear Jason's voice on the other end of the phone.

"Hi, sweetheart." She said softly leaning back against the kitchen door.

"Don't hi sweetheart, me." He growled. "It's damn lonely here without you. I don't know how I let myself get talked into letting you go home alone."

"Maybe it's because, I promised you mind blowing sex." She teased.

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