He's The Greatest Writer

by King Wesley

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Humor, Safe Sex, Body Modification, School, Transformation, .

Desc: Humor Sex Story: Jerry is a budding author of erotica who cannot understand why he gets such bads reviews. Then one day he recieves his first ever piece of fanmail and soon all his dreams will be coming true.

Jerry sat at his PC marvelling at his latest literary masterpiece. "This will show'em." He said to himself.

He had been an author of erotic fiction for over a year now and in that time had produced seven stories which he believed ranked alongside the cream of the EMC genre. Unfortunately for Jerry the smut-reading public disagreed. He had never received anything close to a good review with comments ranging from lukewarm to downright offensive. His best literotica score to date was 1.6 (he had given himself a 5, ) and his first tale: 'Geeky Billy And His Cheerslut Half-Sister.' is a favourite reference point for members of the McForum as a candidate for worst story on the archive.

However Jerry was certain that his latest tale: 'Bob Slutifies The Slutty Cheersquad.' would cement his place in the upper echelons of not just erotic fiction but the entire literary world. The story was coming to its climax, Bob with the help of his special mental powers had one by one turned his colleges cheerleaders in a collection of sex hungry big breasted sluts and now only one remained; the head cheerleader:

Bob was had just finished fucking Suzie's tight little ass when Mindy the head cheerleader burst in. Her 66DD boobs were bursting out of her tight cheerleading top and her a miniskirt barely covered her hot little tight ass. Bob came into the slutty Suzie's asshole before zipping himself up and turning to Mindy. "Hello Mindy, I've been waiting for you" he told her.

Mindy was furious with him. "what have you done to my squad?" she yelled. "All they want to do is fuck."

"That is because cheerleaders are sluts." he said. "All cheerleaders like nothing more than being slutty little sluts. You are the head cheerleader so you are the biggest slut of them all."

Right then Mindy changed. She was a slut, she alwasy had been, that's what cheerleaders are. She began to look at Bob lustfully, her big bouncing breasts bouncing as she spoke. "What are you finking?" he said.

"I want you to fuck me." she replied.

"take off your clothes." he demanded.

Mindy took off her clothes and stood naked before Bob, she glanced at herself in a mirror and admired her sexy 5"2 slim body with 66DD breast, long blond hair and pouting lips. She knew she was made for sex. She walked over to Bob and unzipped his jeans allowing his cock to come free. It gasped at its glory, it was 36 inches long and 4 inches wide at the girth. Mindy knew she just had to take it.

She began to lick the shaft and the cock harden to erection. Mindy took the cock in the mouth and began to suck. Deepthroating Bob right down to the base she sucked and sucked hungrily on his mammoth schlong. Bob moaned and released gallons of hot cum into Mindy's begging mouth. Mindy came at the same time, her body shaking in the biggest orgasm she had ever had. Cheerleaders were sluts and she was the head slut. THE END

Jerry almost came himself as he put the final sentences of his work together. He could not imagine anyone not being turned on by it. He enthusiastically went through the mildly aggravating process of transferring to file to txt format before sending it off to countless different erotic fiction and forum sites for reader apraisal. Now all he had to do was wait until it was up on the world wide web for all to see.

Three days later it was up on the EMSCA and the comments had started to trickle in. To Jerry's amazement though the reaction was not good, in fact some of it was just plain insulting. On the forums themselves readers seemed to either just not comment on his story or make passe remarks on how it was not their thing, or it needed work. The private email response however was less candid: "Why do you keep writing this crap? You just waste bandwidth. Give it up already." remarked one.

"Buy a biology book you retard, you really don't get it do you. Deep space is hotter than you are." wrote another.

The days passed and nothing improved; Jerry's heart sank. He was sure 'Bob Slutifies The Slutty Cheersquad.' was going to be hailed an erotic classic but yet again his work went unappreciated. Dejected and depleted, Jerry declared to himself that this marked his retirement from the world of fiction. If nobody was able to see his immense talent then the world did not deserve to see his works. He was just about to close his email account for the final time when he noticed one new email. Although not in the mood to read yet more abuse, Jerry though he may as well read this last message before he bid farewell to the world of MC fiction. He opened the new message and couldn't believe what he read:

"Wow!!! What a hot story, this really pushed all my buttons. I am wet just thinking about Bob and all those cheerleaders again. I really wish I could be Mindy and be the perfect slut for you." complimented the unknown sender.

Jerry was momentarily taken aback... positive feedback! at last! Finally someone appreciated his talent. He felt it was his duty to write back to his new fan: "I'm glad you liked the story," he typed. "To be honest I was considering giving up writing as the reviews were not good. Maybe now I will write again. I feel it is my duty to give all you Mindy wannabes what they want."

He sent of the reply and within minutes there was another mail in his inbox from the same address: "Please don't give up the writing. I beg you." the message began. "I will do anything for you to keep writing. If you tell me where you are from maybe I could even persuade you in person. I could really be your own personal Mindy."

Jerry suddenly realised he had been drooling whilst reading the new mail. Wiping his mouth he hurriedly typed a reply in the hope this mystery woman was a local: "I'm sure I can think of many things I could have you do to for me. I live in the New York area, if you are nearby then maybe you can show me just how much of a slutty girl you really are."

Jerry's cock was now in full charge of his thoughts and actions. He sent the latest mail off expecting a quick reply and hoping that this mystery hottie was typing from just around the block. It did not even enter his mind that she could have been old, ugly or even a 57 year old, overweight accounts manager with a sweat problem and a dodgy comb-over. Jerry 'knew' this girl was real and motivated purely by the brilliance of his literacy skills. If she did live nearby then soon he was going in paradise as some hot young bimbo sucked and fucked him all day long. He was certain of it. Just then he snapped back to reality as a Bruce Willis impersonator informed him that he had "Mail Motherfucker!". Jerry was on to it like a 16 year old girl with a Harry Potter vibrating broomstick. He opened and began to read: "New York? Well you are a lucky boy, it seems we could be neighbours. I'm getting wet right now just thinking about what my Bob could do to his naughty little Mindy. Now where was I? Ah yes, I believe I have promised to do what it takes to 'persuade' you to keep writing those delicious stories. So what do you say? Would you like to see Mindy in the flesh?"

Jerry could hardly contain his excitement from spilling over. With his blood now embarking on a mass migration from brain to blood, Jerry hurried a libido fueled response: "So my Mindy lives in New York. In that case I think Bob definately has to 'cum' pay his Mindy a visit. How could I even dream of leaving poor slutty Mindy home alone with no big juicy cocks to attend to? Just tell me where and when to find you."

Jerry heart was beating at around 246.3 miles per hour. He could never find people willing to sleep with him before, but now he is a writer, he is being propositioned by nubile young porn-hungry nymphs. The thoughts and pictures that were going through Jerry's mind right were beyond the realm of any realistic fantasy but that did not bother Jerry; he was going to get laid soon. Within minutes the ever-grating voice of the faux John McClane reverberated around Jerry's apartment and like a moth to Betelgeuse he was on it: "I need something inside me now. I cannot wait a minute longer than I have to. Mindy needs to feel Bob inside her. Don't leave me waiting alone."

Jerry studied the address she had mailed him and realised if he took a cab he could be there in just twenty minutes. He felt like a five year old on christmas eve who saw his mother wrapping up the rocketship the day before. He wanted to unwrap his present before the mood wore off and deploy a rocket of his own. Whilst silmataneously deciding he couldn't be assed to get dressed up for a sure thing, he typed his reply: "I could never leave a sexy little thing like you waiting. I can be there in twenty minutes. Just keep that hot little ass of yours ready for me."

With that he grabbed his coat and rushed out the door without even waiting for a reply. Minutes after the door closed a new mail flashed up: "Oh I'm ready for you babe. This will be an experience you never forget. You're gonna have the time of your life."

Nineteen minutes later and an out of breath Jerry arrived at his destination. Double checking the address he tried his best to gain some semblence of composure and strutted up to the front door. He took a deep breath and counted to three, then four... then five and six before eventually on seventeen the door opened itself. Jerry's jaw dropped as there before him stood a stupendous wet dream of a woman. Her frame was petite yet her breasts were like cantaloupes carressed by a thin cotton top which allowed the perk of her nipples to shine through. Jerry wanted to speak but all he could think was bouncy. Finally after what seemed like an eternity (but probably wasn't) the woman spoke: "Hey hun, you're right on time."

"Uh huh," responded Jerry in dumbfoundedment.

"Are you just gonna stand outside all day or are you gonna do what I've been dreaming of ever since I read your story?" she chirped back at him playfully.

"Uh huh," repeated Jerry, still staring open-mouthed at the sight which was now jiggling away from him.

Eventually Jerry gained the composure to follow the woman into the house and as soon as he was inside the door slammed shut behind him. He couldn't believe what he saw, from outside the place had seemed like an average sized home but inside it was huge. It didn't seem possible. "I'm so glad you came," began the woman once Jerry had stopped scanning the hallway. "I am your biggest fan and cannot believe that now I can be your Mindy for you. It's just so exciting I could just throw myself at you right now."

Jerry finally snapped out of his gawp-enduced state and began to respond. "Well then why don't we just get down to it then?" he offered enthusiastically. "Oh no," teased the girl smiling, "You came here to be the Bob to my Mindy, or have you changed your mind?"

"Oh no! I haven't changed anything. I came here to see my Mindy, when will she be here?" he enquired.

"Oh she'll be here very very soon." reassured the girl. "I just need you to tell me you absolutely want this to happen."

"Of course I want this to happen." cried Jerry, worried she was having second thoughts. "I want nothing more than for this to happen."

"That's what i wanted to hear," said the girl smiling.

With that she clicked her fingers and blew a kiss in Jerry's direction. At first Jerry wasn't sure what was going on but then the girl began to change. First her clothes suddenly became those of a cheerleader. Gone was the thin cotton top and in its place was a generic cheerleading top with matching mini-skirt. This wasn't the only change though; her hair went an insane shade of platinum blond, this was quickly followed by more severe bodily changes as her perfect breasts began to grow to a ridiculous size. On her tiny frame it was all you could see as Jerry couldn't help but wonder how she was able to stay upright. Jerry couldn't believe what he was thinking but breasts that big were not a pretty sight on a woman of that build. It just looked wrong. "What's happened to you?" he asked in shock at what he had just seen.

"I'm Mindy," she replied cheerily. "Like you wanted. Everthing is going to be like the last scene of your story, it's gonna be so sexy Bob."

"What do you mean like in my story... but how did... I mean I'm not Bob, it's not..."

But his confusion was cut short as a feeling of discomfort started to mount in his briefs. They had suddenly become far too tight and they were getting tighter. As discomfort began to turn to pain, Jerry hurriedly removed his pants and underwear and was shocked at what he saw. His cock was growing; it must have been close to a foot long and was gettting better. Then the measurements from his story flashed through his head. "But this is impossible!" he cried. "It can't grow that big."

"Nothing is impossible," she reassured him as his cock continued to grow and grow.

Finally it stopped getting longer and Jerry stared in disbelief as the realization dawned on him that his cock was now three feet long. The time for reflection was short lived though as then the next grow spurt kicked in and the immense shaft began to thicken. Jerry just stood open-mouthed as his once modest member finally came to rest at what he assumed was precisely four inches thick. "Yay! My Bobby's all ready to play now." cried the newly formed Mindy in delight. "Please talk to me like you do in the story and i can blow your mind."

Jerry was still trying to get over the shock of what had happened in the last few minutes. However sex was sex so he clicked back into action. Thinking back to recall how the scene with Mindy went he recited to the best of his ability: "All cheerleaders like nothing more than being slutty little sluts. You are the head cheerleader so you are the biggest slut of them all."

"Oh yes I am." Mindy cooed, "and I wanna show you just how slutty I can be."

"With that she slowly peeled off her new cheerleader outfit. Jerry was quite suprised at how fluid she could still move considering the motherload she was carrying upstairs. As she danced and cavorted in front of him Jerry felt himself becoming turned on. Shed of her outfit now Mindy made her way to Jerry; looking over him hungrily. Jerry felt himself begin to stir downstairs and became slightly lightheaded. Mindy giggled at him playfully and blew a teasing kiss from her full pouting lips over to him. This simple action combined the naked mountain of breast which confronted Jerry steeled his cock into action and it began to grow. Jerry was becoming more and more lightheaded as the sexy little blond just continued to smile at him. Slowly and suggestively she sunk to her need before his growing cock. Jerry was inwardly pleading for her to take it but was finding it hard to concentrate as his head seemed like nothing but air. Then as Mindy finally reached out for his gargantuan cock, Jerry passed out.

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