A Fantasy For My Master 001

by Kiki

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: The first of perhaps many fantasies written for my Master

I'm not a morning person but I love sex in the morning. I'll gladly wake before dawn to sex like some people wake to coffee. Don't talk to me yet I haven't had my morning orgasm. I don't do this every morning now because it is work and like I said I'm not a morning person. If I woke up in your arms every morning I would do what ever I could to get and give morning orgasms.

I want to wake early on a Saturday morning when we have nothing planned but just being lazy all weekend. For some reason you are not in bed with me probably, because a story idea struck and you not wanting to wake me are off in the other room typing away. You kept me up late the night before working out new ideas for a future story so I'm tired but I hate the big empty bed. I throw the covers off and stretch and wiggle to the middle of the bed and stretch some more arms and legs spread wide hands above my head. I have every intention, like I normally do when you wander off, of getting up and going to where you are. I'll curl up on you while you work and go back to sleep. You pet me while you think and work out different parts of the story in your head. Some times you brush your fingers over my nipples, or run your fingers through my pussy or sometimes you just run your hand over my hair and down my back just petting me like your big pussy cat. But this morning all my good intentions are washed away by the vigorous late night. If you're only partly awake and you stretch and move around in bed, the bed becomes 100 times more comfortable; this is what happened and I fell back asleep, laying spread eagle.

In the other room you have just gotten down the thoughts for the bondage scene that was giving you trouble. Now that you have typed it out, you reach down and start to pet me but realize that I'm not there. That's odd. My little one is always there when I come out of one of my late night or early morning writing frenzies. Then you think about last nights activities and you smile to yourself. I did keep her going for hours last night she was exhausted, hell I'm exhausted if it weren't for this idea rattling around in my head I would be in bed with my little one wrapped around me. You look at the clock and realize that it is still really early, so you head back to bed and to me.

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Ma/Fa / Romantic / BDSM / DomSub / MaleDom /