Disorderly Nurse

by Jess Malarkey

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Doctor/Nurse, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Cindy Mitchell, young wife and newly minted nurse, had hesitated, but said yes when the handsome black orderly propositioned her. What the long-legged brunette thought would a one-time, after work fling soon became much more. Their loving-making would move from the backseat of his car to a motel bed and even the nurse's station on her ward. For "...while she might still love her husband, she wanted, even needed, to be with this new, incredible lover again, and again, and again."

Cindy Mitchell, young wife and newly minted nurse, was getting gloriously fucked. Waves of ecstasy surged through her writhing body as the man between her widespread legs hammered his demanding cock in and out of her very willing cunt. It was an experience she'd enjoyed many times with her new husband. But this man wasn't Ray, who was home studying, and had no idea where she was, what she was doing or who she was doing it with.

She was, in fact, stretched out on the back seat of a car parked in a deserted alley near her hospital and being screwed senseless by a handsome, charming, black orderly named Malcolm Lewis.

For just a moment, she wondered if Ray would have cared even if he had known. But then her pale body began to tremble as this new lover's deep, rhythmic thrusts started pushing her towards another orgasm, and she forgot about her husband and everything else.

It wasn't the first time a man other than her husband had his cock stuffed deep inside her pussy. But tonight was different. This wasn't a swap or a threesome with one of Ray's buddies. This was her first taste of adultery, her first experience with cheating on her husband. And Cindy was loving every illicit, erotic moment.

There'd been a time when she thought of sex more as an obligation she owed her long-time fiancé than a pleasure. It was Ray who taught her to enjoy making love and introduced her to the act's many marvelous variations. Over the last few weeks however, their sex life had gone downhill.

She couldn't believe Ray might be seeing another woman. That wasn't like him. Besides, about the only ones he ever saw without her around were a couple cousins. The problem must be either her promotion or Ray's heavy class-load this semester.

A few weeks ago, she'd been made evening supervisor and felt driven to do the job right. That meant she sometimes came in from the hospital too tired for anything but sleep. But even when she did feel like partying, Ray often seemed unenthusiastic. To her astonishment, he even begged off a couple of times, claiming he had to study.

Tension, fueled by Ray's attitude plus her increased workload, worry, and growing horniness lead to a big fight that started over nothing and didn't seem close to ending.

It was a day or two after the fight started that Malcolm made a pass at her. He was a good-looking, pre-med student who worked on her unit as an orderly. From his first day on the job, she found herself drawn to the tall, well-built, ex-football player.

With enough interests in common to make conversation easy, Cindy and Malcolm quickly became good friends. He and his wife even came to a couple of her parties. At first, Cindy tried to make friends with the former model who's slim, stylish figure she envied. But Malcolm's wife proved to be as cold and aloof as he was warm and outgoing.

Perhaps it was knowing about his wife's great looks that made Cindy feel comfortable with the flirting and teasing which became a regular part of their friendship. Cindy might have great legs and a bikini-worth figure, but having been a chunky kid, she never thought of herself as attractive, much less sexy. So now she found it hard to comprehend that someone like Malcolm, with a great looking wife, would actually want her.

At one time or another, she had caught herself speculating on what it might be like to make love with the slim-hipped, broad-shouldered orderly. But she never considered doing anything more than just day dreaming, especially without Ray's knowledge or presence.

But then the quarrel started and now, to her amazement, Malcolm had propositioned her. Maybe he sensed her unhappiness and frustration. Maybe he had a great sense of timing. Maybe he just got lucky. Whatever the reason, his suggestion left Cindy stunned.

At first she thought he must be teasing. When she realized he was serious, her emotions shifted from startled, to intrigued, to aroused.

It would have been easy to say no, and to do so without hurting his feelings. Malcolm had phrased his proposition in such a lighthearted, casual, almost teasing manner she could have laughed it off as just another joke. But after her initial shock, she noticed the look in his eyes and knew he wasn't joking. The good-looking guy with the great looking wife was serious when he said he wanted to make it with her.

While Cindy knew she had to say no, she felt flattered instead of insulted by the invitation and hoped her refusal wouldn't hurt their friendship. But as she continued looking into those dark, imploring eyes, other emotions swept over her and she hesitated.

She was mad at Ray, horny as hell, and suddenly very turned on by the idea that this sexy man with the big smile and beautiful mahogany skin wanted her. So instead of laughing off his proposition, Cindy hesitated for a long time and then heard herself accepting his invitation to adultery.

Now they were off-duty and in an ally somewhere near the hospital making love in the back seat of his '63 Chevy. She could have cared less about the exact time or their exact location. Free of clothes and inhibitions, with her arms wrapped around her lover's back and a smile of erotic joy on her face, Cindy's entire being was focused on the here and now.

The car rocked as Malcolm rhythmically pounded in and out of her soft, warm flesh. Waves of ecstasy raced from her churning, stuffed pussy out to every cell of her tingling body. It was such a fabulous fuck, she forgot about the endless wait she'd endured before it began.

After accepting Malcolm's proposition, it seemed work would never end. Second thoughts battled with erotic thoughts up to the last moment. Even when they made hurried plans for meeting after work, Cindy wondered if she would have the nerve to meet him.

When the shift was over, Malcolm walked into the nurse's station as she was getting ready to leave. "See you later, Lady," he said, giving her a casual smile.

It may have sounded like an innocent goodbye to the others milling around during the shift change, but she knew better. Malcolm was asking whether she still wanted to meet him after work.

Cindy couldn't move, talk, or think. Her heart raced, her legs trembled, and her mind was blank. Then she took a deep breath, smiled, and in a voice she hoped sounded normal, gave the signal that she would be waiting for him. "See you soon, Malcolm."

Just to be sure there was no misunderstanding, she stopped beside him on her way out and while pretending to be searching for her keys whispered, "Real soon, I hope."

To avoid suspicion, they decided she would leave first, and he'd follow a few minutes later. They'd meet in the parking lot of a small bar on the edge of town. With her anxiety and excitement growing by the second, Cindy hurried to the rendezvous spot and pulled into the dark, half-deserted parking lot.

As Malcolm had suggested, she stayed in her car and waited, with nervous impatience, for his arrival. She felt horny and scared and turned-on and guilty. Although she'd called and told Ray she was working late, there was still time to change her mind. But she didn't. Despite all the second thoughts, once Cindy left work, she never seriously considered backing out. This was something she really wanted to do. And as she had whispered to Malcolm, she wanted to do it real soon.

Where they would go to do it didn't matter. As far as she was concerned, that was Malcolm's worry. The only thing she wanted was her arms and legs wrapped around his strong, sexy body while he filled her itching, horny pussy.

A flash of headlights made her turn in time to see Malcolm pulling into the parking lot. The moment he stopped, she jumped out of her car, locked the door, and hopped in beside him on the front seat. "Glad you waited, lady," he said, in a deep, sexy voice. Then he leaned over and gave her a long, deep kiss.

With the exception of a New Year's Eve kiss, this was the first time their lips had met. To Cindy's delight it was slow and very erotic. She relished his sensual, musky taste and the feel of his tongue probing into the intimate recesses of her mouth. When Malcolm broke the kiss, they stared into each other's eyes, wordlessly confirming their eagerness to turn desire into deeds.

A big grin broke across his handsome, brown face as he repositioned himself behind the steering wheel. For the moment, Cindy remained motionless, transfixed by the eroticism of the kiss. When he glanced back, his look of approval and lust thrilled her.

The thought her body could stir such emotions sent waves of warm pleasure rushing through her. And knowing she would soon be exposing that body and giving it to him was all but overwhelming. As her skin flushed with excitement, Malcolm gave her knee a gentle squeeze, then he shifted gears and turned onto the street.

Cindy ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, enjoying the faint taste left by Malcolm's lips. She watched as he sped through the late hour traffic. This wasn't some teenage date they were on, she thought, and they sure weren't going parking. At least not in the usual sense. This wouldn't be just another end of the date make-out session with the guy trying to seduce her. After all, she had already been seduced. Now she was about to get fucked.

It was around midnight and this good looking, black hunk was taken her to some unknown place. Once there, they both knew what would happen. Glancing at Malcolm, she realized with a shudder of erotic pleasure that in just a few more minutes she would be lying naked on the back seat with her legs spread wide, waiting for him to see, touch, and take her. It was an incredibly arousing thought that left her pussy soaked and her body shivering with anticipation.

Cindy had no idea how much further they had to go; she just hoped they'd get there soon. Then it occurred to her that since she'd already been seduced and both knew what was about to happen, there was no need to play coy or hard to get. Why not go ahead and get ready instead of waiting to arrive at where ever they were going?

Without saying anything to Malcolm, she kicked off her white shoes, then lifted her hips off the car seat, hiked up her short, white skirt, and pulled her panties and pantyhose off in one motion.

After retrieving the panties and hose, she was stuffing them into her purse when the car swerved. Startled, she saw Malcolm was futilely trying to keep one eye on the road while staring at her lap. She followed his gaze and smiled. Her skirt was still hiked up around her hips, giving him a great view of her legs and even a little peek at her damp, curly, pubic hairs.

"Better watch where you're going," she teased.

"I'm trying to," he said. "But you're one hell of a distraction."

"Well here, maybe you won't be so distracted if you keep these for me." With a self-satisfied smile, she handed him her panties which were still warm from her body and damp from her juices. It pleased her that the present seemed to increase his level of distraction.

Unable to resist the temptation to toy with his obvious eagerness, she leaned closer and placed her lips against his ear. After gently caressing it with her tongue, she whispered, "I don't know where we're going, but like I said before, I hope we get there real soon,"

"Believe it or not, we're heading back toward the hospital," said Malcolm, as he fingered the damp spot on her silky panties. "It's actually a pretty safe area and I know an alley were we can have some privacy."

"That's great." Her voice was low, husky. Her hand was unzipping his pants. "Just hurry."

"Wheels don't fail me now!" exclaimed Malcolm, as she reached inside the open fly and wrapped her fingers around the thick shaft of his very hard cock.

Both of them laughed at his joke. But the laughter stopped when, after a brief struggled, she managed to free the long, dark cock and slipped the swollen cock head between her lips.

They changed lanes a few times and even stopped at a couple of traffic lights, but she never stopped working her mouth up and down the length of the hard, dark shaft. The car made a sudden, sharp, left turn, slowed before making another left turn, and then crept forward. When Cindy looked up, they were in an alley.

"Are we there yet, daddy?" she asked, then giggled with nervous anticipation.

"Yes, child," replied Malcolm, who sounded exhausted from the almost impossible task of paying attention to his driving during Cindy's blowjob. "Thank heavens we're almost there."

After giving the flared cock head a final swirl with her tongue, Cindy released her grip on the thick shaft. While the car was still moving, she climbed into the back seat and began pulling off the rest of her clothes. In part, she wanted nothing to interfere with the of feel of Malcolm's body pressing against hers. But she also wanted to be sure Ray didn't catch her coming home in a badly wrinkled, semen stained uniform. It was the last thought she was to have about her husband for a long, long time.

After hurriedly folding and putting her uniform on the rear window shelf, she stretched out on the worn fabric of the big back seat. With a smile of anticipation, she spread her legs and then looked up at the back of Malcolm's head.

A shiver of anticipation raced through her when he finished parking the car and killed the engine. After all these hours of waiting, it was about to happen.

As she thought about Malcolm lying on top of her, Cindy stroked one of her breasts and its hard, throbbing nipple with one hand while the fingertips of the other slipped into her pubic hairs. When she touched her moist, sensitive pussy lips, her body jerked with sexual energy.

Meanwhile, Malcolm had turned off the headlights, lowered the volume on the radio, and pushed in the cigarette lighter. Cindy knew he was trying to act cool, but she also knew she was one incredibly horny young woman who was, as the saying goes, hot and more than ready to trot.

Without looking back, he spoke in a casual tone, "Want a smoke?"

"What do you think, Malcolm?" replied Cindy, with what she hoped sounded like a low, sexy voice.

Malcolm turned his head and looked into the back. In the dim light from a distant street lamp he saw Cindy's pale, nude body stretched out on the back seat of his car. Her legs, lips, and eyelids were slightly parted. The fingers of one hand stroked her pubs, while the other hand cupped and caressed one of her inviting boobs. The sight of Malcolm's mouth falling open and the look of undisguised lust on his face, told Cindy better than any words, how much he liked, and wanted, what he saw.

After waiting for him to say or do something, she gave him a coy smile. "So tell me Malcolm, is a cigarette what you really want the most right now? I mean, if it is, well, that's okay with--"

"Not only no, but hell no!" he exclaimed, vaulting over the back of the front seat and into her waiting arms. After a quick, hard kiss, he moved down and locked his lips around one of her throbbing nipples while feverishly ripping off his shirt and pulling down his pants. A few seconds later his hard, black manhood was pushing against the entrance to her moist, pink, womanhood.

For just a moment, they looked into each other's eyes. Then without warning, he thrust his hips forward and buried himself deep inside her eager body.

This was something Malcolm had looked forward to for a long, long time. From his first day on the job, he'd been attracted to this chick who was always so damn sweet and friendly. Her sexy little smile and big, bedroom eyes were a real turn-on. What attracted him most were those outrageously long legs and her great bod that seemed custom made for serious, heavy-duty, fucking.

While her looks had always turned him on, to his surprise, Malcolm found that the more he got to know this long haired, long legged, white nurse, the more he came to like her as a friend. For him, developing both friendship and respect for a girl he also wanted to screw was a unique combination. But it only increased his desire to nail this new lady friend's ripe, young ass.

Unlike most nurses he'd known, she didn't dump on the aides and orderlies. What's more, she never seemed hung up one way or the other about his being black. It might be 1975, but here in the south, that was seldom the way things were.

To his pleasant surprise, she accepted and even returned his flirting and teasing. Of course, she always seemed very married. So even though he had little hope the teasing and flirting would lead to anything, he figured it couldn't hurt and that someday he might get lucky.

It wasn't that he didn't have a great looking wife, he did. She looked and acted classy at all times and would be a great practice builder when he finished med school. The problem was that even at the best of times, her sex drive was much lower than his. And for the last few weeks, it had been the worst of times as she booked for her finals in interior design.

Then the day after finals, she left town to visit her family. They made love the night before, but that seemed to make things worse, as if reminding him what he'd been missing. Afterward, he was so horny he decided to take the risk of making a serious pass at Cindy. To both his amazement and delight, she hesitated for a long, agonizing moment, then nearly floored him by saying yes.

Not only that, she agreed to meet him that night after work. The rest of the shift had been pure agony. Every time he saw her or even though about their getting it on, his nuts would begin to ache and his stiff cock would throb with need and put a serious strain on the front of his pants.

Somehow, they managed to agree on leaving work separately, then meeting at this place he knew across town. They also decided he'd check with her at the end of the shift to make sure everything was still on go.

In case a lot of people were hanging around at the time, he'd say, "See you later." If she had changed her mind or couldn't meet him for some other reason, she'd say, "See you tomorrow." If she was still willing and able, she'd reply, "See you soon."

Naturally, there'd been a group standing around talking in the nurse's station during the shift change. When she told them good-bye and picked up her purse to leave, he said, "See you later, Lady."

She hesitated for a moment, and he stopped breathing. Then she smiled and replied, "See you soon," and his knees almost buckled with relief. Everything was A-OK, their meeting was still on.

It seemed to take forever to reach her. Despite what she said, he still wasn't certain she'd be waiting. But she was and jumped into his car. Kissing her then was an instinctive move. He just couldn't wait to touch her, to taste her. Besides, if she did back out, he'd at lave have slipped his tongue inside her sexy mouth.

But she didn't back out. Back out hell, her response made it obvious she was more than ready to party. After forcing himself to break the kiss, he shifted back behind the steering wheel. But when he noticed the taste of her mouth was still on his lips, he had to look back.

She was still leaning in his direction with half-closed eyes and slightly parted lips that looked moist and inviting. Once again he savored the sight of her sweet face and great body. The thought that all those goodies would soon be his was an incredible rush. As his stomach rolled with excitement and his dick twitched with anticipation, he reached over and gave her smooth knee a gentle squeeze, then he shifted gears and sped away.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed her sit up and face forward. After taking her shoes off, she stunned him by hiking up her skirt and then pulling off her panty hose and panties. He couldn't help watching, of course, and was rewarded with a great view of her creamy white thighs plus a glimpse of her small, dark bush. It was an incredible, dick-straightening sight, and almost caused a wreck.

After saying something, she handed him her panties. About the time he noticed the crotch was soaked with her pussy juices, she reached over and began unzipping his fly. By then his hammer was so hard and long, she had to unbuckle his belt and unsnap his pants. If old Roscoe had known what was coming next, it might not have played so hard to get. For right there, in the front seat, while he was trying to negotiate the late night traffic, she started giving him a blowjob.

Malcolm told himself to pay attention to his driving. But it was easier said than done. To have this nurse going down on him while he drove was in-fucking-credible, but also damn distracting. She went at it like a suction pump, keeping him on the edge of coming, until they turned into the alley. Then before he could stop, she hauled her sweet young ass into the back.

In his opinion, it was very important to maintain your cool around a chick. That was a challenge in this case since he could still feel her warm lips on his rock hard bone. So after taking a deep breath to settle his nerves, he turned off the motor and lights, turned down the radio which was just playing disco shit anyway, and pushed in the lighter. They'd have a cigarette first, he figured, and then get down to business.

But when he offered her a smoke, she replied in a low, absolutely un-fucking-believably sexy voice, "What do you think, Malcolm?"

Naturally, he turned around and what he saw, even in the dim light, damn near turned him to stone. There, stretched out on the back seat was the sexiest sight he had ever seen. This sexy, young white chick was lying buck-naked on her back and looking up at him with those soft, bedroom eyes of hers while giving him this big smile that was an open invitation to join her.

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