A Quiet Evening At Home

by Willy Tamarack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mother, Daughter, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One of Bob's earlier conquests comes back, unannounced, for seconds and brings her mother ! Bob hardly skips a beat and balls the both of them. A mother-daughter combo that's hard to beat.

With thanks to the founding fathers and the U.S. Constitution

Carylon Drake left just over an hour ago. I had finished showering and was wearing just a pair of boxers. There was a good size roach in the ash tray and I lit it up as I turned on the news. There was endless commentary concerning the war in Iraq. Other than that it was pretty much a bust. I wandered into the kitchen and started warming some refried beans...

... It was later, after dinner. I was on the computer and surfing. For what I wasn't quite sure but I'd know it when I found it. I was getting ready to ask Carylon to go away for a weekend with me. We'd discussed it. She was dragging her feet but I was sure that if the opportunity arose she'd call me. Mesquite or Laughlin? Stay at one of the best hotels and then try to pick up another couple. It was our fantasy. A first for both of us.

Carylon Drake was quite an experienced woman. I was hardly her first and she liked to talk about what the others did to her. I liked to hear about it. Frankly, it turned me on. I'd love to watch some stud fuck Carylon's brains out while some young thing was sucking my cock. I was getting hard as I surfed from page to page. All the sites I'd been to were way too sluty. I was sure Carylon wasn't ready for a "free for all weekend." But hooking up with another couple was something she wanted to try.

I was about to call it quits for the night. It was a little after ten. I shut down the computer and was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth, when the door bell rang. This was a first. No one had ever come to visit without calling before hand. I imagine they were afraid they'd find me boning another woman. I laughed as I headed to the front door. They were right to be concerned.

I bent to look out the peep hole and immediately stood up straight. It was Mimi Bower and her mother! Now her mother was quite a ways down the list but she was on the list. And really there was no order. It's just a "women I'd like to fuck" list. Kind of like my son's generation's "mothers they'd like to fuck." I pulled on my pecker a couple of times and opened the door just as Mimi was reaching for the bell.

"Well, Jean and Mimi. The Bower women. Girls night out?" Jean looked half loaded. Mimi wasn't far behind. I wondered if she told her mother I fucked her in the ass? My cock jumped in my boxer shorts, almost visible. I stepped back and bowed at the waist as they stepped past me. Mimi was laughing out loud and it was echoing up and down the hall. I quickly shut the door.

I was just wearing boxer shorts and wasn't planning to change unless they complained. I was betting that they wouldn't complain. There was only one reason for them to be here. Jean Bower was out doing a little sport fucking with her daughter. Her daughter probably attracted a lot better than Jean could by herself. She was a very plain looking woman. Dark unkemp hair that was usually flying about her neck framed a thin face. Her nose was prominent but her dark eyebrows often drew you away from her nose.

She was tiny with hardly any bust and fat buns... Not wide but a fat ass. She was wearing a skirt that was six or eight inches too short. Mimi's skirt was also much too short. When she sat I was sure I could catch a peek at her crotch. Jean was also going to flash some beaver when she sat. I backed into the kitchen. They were talking with each other. Naming off the clubs they were going to visit this evening. Wednesday was girl's night out. Ladies were free. Lots of guys.

Leaving her mother in the front room, Mimi rushed up to me in the kitchen and whispered. "Don't mention my father." She backed away and wiggled her hips back and forth. I knew they weren't going to make it to any club this evening. I was going to fuck them both. My cock was alive in my shorts. I ripped open the fridge and pulled out a pitcher of margaritas. Be prepared, a fine moto. Two seconds later the blender was whiring while I gathered up the glasses.

Jean was out of sight still in the front room. Mimi slithered right up behind me and slid her hand right down into the crotch of my boxer shorts. She was cradling my balls. My cock was growing and tenting the boxers. "You afraid I told my momma you fucked me in the ass?" My cock was usable.

"You wearing any panties, Mimi?" She yanked her hand out of my shorts, stepped away from me and pulled up her skirt. Her shaved labia were visible at the juncture of her thighs. I pulled my cock out of my boxers. Mimi dropped to her knees. I stepped forward and she engulfed my cock. This woman could suck cock. Carylon was good but Mimi was excellent. My cock was wet in seconds and now she was pumping her mouth on and off my cock.

My attention was focused on the top of her head. Her lips were juicy, slidding back and forth on my cock. I pulled her by the hair and brought her to her feet. Her mouth was suculent as I ran my tongue into her. Her hand was milking my cock.

"Let's fuck..." I waited for an answer then pushed her away. She was giggling.

"You gonna fuck my mother too?"

I smiled and nodded my head. "Does she like it in the ass?"

"I don't know. We'll have to find out." She bent and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She tongued it a bit and then stood. "Get the drinks." She was off toward the front room, pulling her skirt back down over her hips. I wondered if her mother shaved? I put my cock back into my boxer shorts.

They were sitting on the couch. One at each end. I served the drinks and went back to the kitchen to get a joint out of the freezer. They had both partook of their drinks by the time I returned. I lit the joint and stared at them from across the coffee table. I was sure mother wasn't wearing panties either. Mimi patted the couch. I stepped by her mother and the coffee table to get in the middle. I was flexing my cock and it was making my boxer shorts move about. It was very visible. Jean watched it as I slid by her.

I sat, my hardon quite visible in my shorts. I flexed it and my cock jumped around in my shorts. Both of them were watching. Jean reached for it and took a hold of my cock.

"I think mommy's horny." Mimi took the joint out of my hand. Jean was working my cock out through the fly in my boxers. This woman was familiar with a dick. I wondered if her old man was giving it to her at all? She was stroking my cock. I pulled her closer and started kissing her neck. My hand quickly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed her bra up over her titties. They were small and sagged, her dark areolae and nipples pointing down. I pinched a nipple. She squeezed my cock.

I pushed her away and stood. My cock bounced around for a bit after she let go. Mimi was watching and had her skirt up over her hips again. Her legs were spread and she was driving two fingers in and out of her cunt.

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