A Rainy Wednesday

by Willy Tamarack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bob has enticed another married woman to his lair. Maybe Bob should be a little more discrite or choose less encumbered ladies ? But Molly is so horny and has such nice, big tits. Bob just wanted to give her a pearl necklace. What's the big deal ?

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The rain was coming down in sheets. The clouds were a dark gray and covered about half the horizon. It was sunny North of town. If she was on time she'd miss the down pour. I glanced at my watch... Three-thirty. She'd just gotten off work. She sounded hot for it on the phone and we chatted for about a half an hour. I walked to the kitchen and checked the margaritas. They were thick... Molasas like... Perfect.

Her husband bowled on Wednesday nights... Didn't get home until after ten. My cock started to get hard thinking about all the nasty things Molly Zynkski and I were going to do in that time.

I was wrong the other day at the party. Molly knew perfectly well all the trouble she was going to get into. She'd been looking forward to it for a while. Had it all planned out. She actually told me that over the phone. I laughed out loud and lit another joint. I forgot where I put the first one. I needed to buy more dope again! I'd have to get Cindy to introduce me to her supplier. Maybe another young lady? I was getting hooked on them. Ha! Ha!

The door bell brought me back to the here and now. I had a woody in my jeans. Her hair was a mess; a mess of tangled blonde tresses. I took her arm and guided her into the front room. Her blouse was wet and stuck to her skin. Her tits looked huge.

"I better get a drink into you. You look like you're freezing, Molly." My jeans were tight in the crotch. I adjusted my dick while the blender was buzzing. She was drying her hair with the hand towel from the guest bathroom when I entered with the drinks. Her tits were jiggling around and my cock was growing down my pant's leg.

"Oh! I look a mess. This damn rain. I hate the Summer here. It's either too hot or raining all the time." This was the first time it had rained in over a hundred days but it was hotter than shit. She took the drink and was still running the towel over her head. Her tits weren't jiggling as much. I stood back and looked at her.

"You look great to me!" I put some enthusiam into it and she smiled back at me. "Want the tour?" She laughed and bobbed her head up and down. I led the way and started with the kitchen.

By the time we wandered into the computer room, we were touching each other... Just on the arm or shoulder, to emphasise a point. We'd just paused outside the guest bedroom. My son's twin bed was it's only decoration. I was standing behind her with a nice woody in my jeans.

Next was the master bedroom. We are standing in the doorway. I put my hands on her waist, just above the flare of her hips. She moved back into me, while stating. "That looks nice." She was obviously refering to the king size bed that took up most of the room... Well, it appeared that way with all the other furniture in there too.

My hands were now on her hips and I was putting pressure against her rear end with my cock. It was just about hard so I started flexing it. Just moments later I was rubbing it against her behind.

"Oh! It's so big!" I laughed, thinking she was talking about my dick.

She was wearing a very sheer blouse with a skirt that almost reached her ankles, with a pair of sandals... With heels, so Las Vegas. My cock got harder. I was really grinding against her now.

I leaned forward, getting a great view of her grand canyon like cleavage. Two buttons were open at the top of her blouse. Only one was open when I opened the front door.

"Real big..." I said. She giggled. Her tits jiggled. I used her hips to turn her around and buried my tongue in her mouth. She was breathing hard through her nostrils when I grabbed her ass... One cheek in each hand. I was humping my meat up and down one of her thighs and Molly Zynkski was hot for some cock.

My hands sought out the zipper to her skirt. It was on my right and I wasted no time popping open the button and pulling down the zipper. My hand went under her skirt and ran into nothing but flesh. I was near lust. My tongue was like a hardon and I was pumping it in and out of Molly's mouth. She was almost sucking on it.

My hand was between the cheeks of her ass and she was wet... Wet between her butt cheeks. I could hardly wait to get to her cunt. I moved her toward the bed. She fell on it and was gasping for air as I pulled my shirt off over my head. My jeans came next and that left me with my jockey shorts. My boner looked huge. I flexed it. My cock jumped in my shorts.

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