A Party For Danni

by Bluesteel

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Danni fresh out of a marriage, decides to get "back into life" by attending a neighbors pool party. With her new found friend, she finds that she has more desires than she though possible.

Danni shivered as she felt his hands slide up her sides caressing her skin lightly with his finger tips. She was nervous and wasn't sure this was what she wanted, but it felt so good she couldn't bring herself to stop him. His finger pushed her swim top up slightly and she felt his fingertips lightly drag across the bottom of her sensitive breasts.

Her day had started as any other Saturday, other than the dark loom that hung over her since Michael had left months ago. They had been together since college, but as the years passed, they grew apart. Danni blamed herself since she was unable to conceive a child. Michael had said that had nothing to do with his decision to leave, but it weighed heavy on her conscience.

She knew all she needed was a good night out, but hadn't found the opportunity that felt comfortable yet.

After breakfast she had been out in the back yard tending to her garden when the neighbor on the backside called too her. Danni met Camille at the fence and exchanged pleasantries. Camille related to her the pool party they had planned for the evening, and invited her to attend. At first she had not seriously thought of going, but as the day wore on, she began to think about it more and more. Camille and her husband Tom had lived behind them long before she had bought her modest home. They were nice people who she genuinely liked. They were a bit uppity for her, but without other plans she opted to attend anyway.

Danni muddled around the house for the day, cleaning here and there, generally straightening up. After she finished dinner and cleaned up, she drew a warm bath and settled into it, getting ready for the evenings festivities.

Attending his boss's pool party was just about the last thing that Devon had wanted to do this evening, but since he was a new employee, he submitted to his boss's invitation. In the engineering department, the head engineer handed out all the jobs, so staying on the right side of him would be a good start to his new career. He planned to simply making a gratuitous appearance, and take off for the sports bar that he preferred. The last thing he wanted to do was hang with his boss and all their snooty married friends. He imagined they were people who look downed their nose at most everyone, even though he stood 6'1". "Just a short visit" he thought as he combed back his sandy hair after his shower. Devon pulled his short sleeve black button down shirt over his wide shoulders as he left the bathroom and headed out.

Danni looked at herself in the mirror after she applied a dab of perfume behind her ears. Not to bad she thought, even though she hadn't been back to the gym in months. Her long brunette hair seemed as light as silk as it flowed over cream colored shoulders. She had chosen a French cut bathing suit that she covered with a long see through over shirt. Twice Danni started to take the suit off in lue of something more concealing for the evening, but opted to be a flirt for the evening, before making an early exit.

Danni waited until there were four couples she could see from her back window around the pool before she chose to make the short walk across the yard to her neighbor's pool. The house was not as affluent as her host were known to be, but of the standard suburban type. It was a three story with a deck spanning the ground floor, over looking the pool. The basement opened into the pool area, with architectural rocks around the pool and veranda area. Danni found the design very soothing.

Danni felt the eyes of the male guests on her as she made the walk, through the yards and towards the party. Camille met her as she neared the pool and grabbed her by the arm.

"I'm so glad you made it", Camiel walked beside her, holding her arm in hers, towards the other guests around the pool. "Tom and I didn't think you would come".

Danni pushed her hair off her shoulder and smiled at Camiel, "Why not, you're just across the back, and I need some distractions right now"

Camille introduced her to everyone as they made their way around the pool and into the kitchen. "I've bought everything for Long Island Ice Tea's for the ladies tonight, can I make you one"? Camiel stood in front of her with bent knees waiting for her answer.

"Only one" Danni sternly stated as she held up one finger.

Camille smiled and turned, pulling a red plastic cup from the stack and placing it on the counter. "Just make yourself at home Danni" Camille was pouring a multitude of liquor into the glass., "We're all pretty cozy here, so just relax and have a good time", Camille smiled at her.

Danni took her glass and continued cozy conversation with Camiel as they headed back out too the pool.

Danni talked small talk with Cameil as she watched the crowd around the pool. All the couples seemed to between 30 and 50. This made her feel a little more relaxed. Camille introduced her to the newly arrived couples, as they made their way towards a table.

"And honey that man over there is the manager of Visca" Camille chided as she cast her gaze upon an older man. Danni glanced the man who appeared to be nearing fifty, but on his arm was a blond skinny girl who appeared to be around twenty five. Camille sensed her disapproval and shook her head. "Its nothing like that, their only friends". Danni swung her eyes around the crowd again, and spied a handsome man near the grill, which was bellowing sweet smoke from around its covered hood. He appeared to be in his mid 30's with a bronze tan and light sandy hair. He had a business type hair cut, but with the natural wave, it lent itself to a more relaxed type of personality. He wore a mustache that curled around the corner of his mouth, but was very neatly trimmed. She noted that his eyes were the most attractive attribute he possessed. They were a soft sky blue that unarmed her without her knowledge.

The Sun was beginning its descent behind the far tree line, casting a soft yellowish, red hue over the party. A few couples had jumped into the pool and were splashing around, enjoying themselves. They seemed genuinely happy as they bounced around in the shallow end, hitting a large floral colored ball back and forth.

"So what do you think about him" Camille's words caught her off guard, as she realized she had lost track of their conversation.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking of something" Danni apologized to her host as she turned to see who Camille was looking at.

Camille noted the light red hue in Danni face as she pointed at Devon. "Tom hired him a couple of months ago, and I just had to get him over here for one of these parties". Camille grinned as she summed up Devon and waited for Danni's reply.

"Nice" was all Danni said as her eyes slowly followed his legs up his torso. Although she was a good twenty feet away, she could see the muscle definition in his legs and arms. His groin also gave a good impression as Danni imagined was might be concealed behind his tan khaki shorts. He wore a dark button down shirt, untucked, over his white tank top, and a pair of sandals. His pecks were visible and looked as though they were defined also, but with the white tank top in the way, it was hard for Danni to tell. It had been years since she had undressed a man with her eyes, but she noticed since turning forty last month, that she did it quite often without even realizing it.

Devon had noticed Camille with the sexy brunette since he arrived and now seemed the perfect time to meet here. He walked over to the table where Camille and Danni sat and extended a hand to Danni. "Hi, I'm Devon".

"Danni", was all that she said as she took his hand and held it as he pulled up a chair beside her.

Camille smiled as Devon sat down and began asking Danni how she knew Tom and Camille. Camille noticed a new arrival and made a hasty retreat from the table to greet the guests.

Devon and Danni talked easily as she fumbled with her empty cup. She could feel the effects of the potent alcohol as she openly flirted with the twenty eight year old man. She was intoxicated, but not with alcohol, but with a long lost sexual desire. She had lied to him when she found out his age, and told him she was a mere thirty six.

Devon found Danni very arousing, her breasts were small, but perky and her smile just wet his desire. She was about 5'8" he guessed with long legs, and a nice round bottom. She was thin and looked younger than the thirty six years, she had told him. He lost the thought of making his quick get away and unconsciously focused on his lust for this older woman.

Danni watched the couples around the pool as she told Devon of her recent break up with Michael. Then she caught something. The redhead in the pool, with her arm around a striking gentleman, was not the man who she was introduced with. She looked around and realized, that none of the couples were with whom they had came with, and were now chatting with other people. As she watched closer, she realized, they were not just talking, but flirting openly. This guy had his hand on that girl's leg, and this woman was sitting in that guys lap. One fellow was sitting at a table with two women in low conversation, while a cute blonde in the pool was enjoying two men eyeing her breasts.

Suddenly Danni felt very withdrawn. She spied Camille at the far end of the pool and made an excuse of needing another drink to Devon as she made a beeline to Camille.

"Can we talk?" Danni leaned into Camille's ear and spoke a little above a whisper.

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