A Party For Danni

by Bluesteel

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Danni fresh out of a marriage, decides to get "back into life" by attending a neighbors pool party. With her new found friend, she finds that she has more desires than she though possible.

Danni shivered as she felt his hands slide up her sides caressing her skin lightly with his finger tips. She was nervous and wasn't sure this was what she wanted, but it felt so good she couldn't bring herself to stop him. His finger pushed her swim top up slightly and she felt his fingertips lightly drag across the bottom of her sensitive breasts.

Her day had started as any other Saturday, other than the dark loom that hung over her since Michael had left months ago. They had been together since college, but as the years passed, they grew apart. Danni blamed herself since she was unable to conceive a child. Michael had said that had nothing to do with his decision to leave, but it weighed heavy on her conscience.

She knew all she needed was a good night out, but hadn't found the opportunity that felt comfortable yet.

After breakfast she had been out in the back yard tending to her garden when the neighbor on the backside called too her. Danni met Camille at the fence and exchanged pleasantries. Camille related to her the pool party they had planned for the evening, and invited her to attend. At first she had not seriously thought of going, but as the day wore on, she began to think about it more and more. Camille and her husband Tom had lived behind them long before she had bought her modest home. They were nice people who she genuinely liked. They were a bit uppity for her, but without other plans she opted to attend anyway.

Danni muddled around the house for the day, cleaning here and there, generally straightening up. After she finished dinner and cleaned up, she drew a warm bath and settled into it, getting ready for the evenings festivities.

Attending his boss's pool party was just about the last thing that Devon had wanted to do this evening, but since he was a new employee, he submitted to his boss's invitation. In the engineering department, the head engineer handed out all the jobs, so staying on the right side of him would be a good start to his new career. He planned to simply making a gratuitous appearance, and take off for the sports bar that he preferred. The last thing he wanted to do was hang with his boss and all their snooty married friends. He imagined they were people who look downed their nose at most everyone, even though he stood 6'1". "Just a short visit" he thought as he combed back his sandy hair after his shower. Devon pulled his short sleeve black button down shirt over his wide shoulders as he left the bathroom and headed out.

Danni looked at herself in the mirror after she applied a dab of perfume behind her ears. Not to bad she thought, even though she hadn't been back to the gym in months. Her long brunette hair seemed as light as silk as it flowed over cream colored shoulders. She had chosen a French cut bathing suit that she covered with a long see through over shirt. Twice Danni started to take the suit off in lue of something more concealing for the evening, but opted to be a flirt for the evening, before making an early exit.

Danni waited until there were four couples she could see from her back window around the pool before she chose to make the short walk across the yard to her neighbor's pool. The house was not as affluent as her host were known to be, but of the standard suburban type. It was a three story with a deck spanning the ground floor, over looking the pool. The basement opened into the pool area, with architectural rocks around the pool and veranda area. Danni found the design very soothing.

Danni felt the eyes of the male guests on her as she made the walk, through the yards and towards the party. Camille met her as she neared the pool and grabbed her by the arm.

"I'm so glad you made it", Camiel walked beside her, holding her arm in hers, towards the other guests around the pool. "Tom and I didn't think you would come".

Danni pushed her hair off her shoulder and smiled at Camiel, "Why not, you're just across the back, and I need some distractions right now"

Camille introduced her to everyone as they made their way around the pool and into the kitchen. "I've bought everything for Long Island Ice Tea's for the ladies tonight, can I make you one"? Camiel stood in front of her with bent knees waiting for her answer.

"Only one" Danni sternly stated as she held up one finger.

Camille smiled and turned, pulling a red plastic cup from the stack and placing it on the counter. "Just make yourself at home Danni" Camille was pouring a multitude of liquor into the glass., "We're all pretty cozy here, so just relax and have a good time", Camille smiled at her.

Danni took her glass and continued cozy conversation with Camiel as they headed back out too the pool.

Danni talked small talk with Cameil as she watched the crowd around the pool. All the couples seemed to between 30 and 50. This made her feel a little more relaxed. Camille introduced her to the newly arrived couples, as they made their way towards a table.

"And honey that man over there is the manager of Visca" Camille chided as she cast her gaze upon an older man. Danni glanced the man who appeared to be nearing fifty, but on his arm was a blond skinny girl who appeared to be around twenty five. Camille sensed her disapproval and shook her head. "Its nothing like that, their only friends". Danni swung her eyes around the crowd again, and spied a handsome man near the grill, which was bellowing sweet smoke from around its covered hood. He appeared to be in his mid 30's with a bronze tan and light sandy hair. He had a business type hair cut, but with the natural wave, it lent itself to a more relaxed type of personality. He wore a mustache that curled around the corner of his mouth, but was very neatly trimmed. She noted that his eyes were the most attractive attribute he possessed. They were a soft sky blue that unarmed her without her knowledge.

The Sun was beginning its descent behind the far tree line, casting a soft yellowish, red hue over the party. A few couples had jumped into the pool and were splashing around, enjoying themselves. They seemed genuinely happy as they bounced around in the shallow end, hitting a large floral colored ball back and forth.

"So what do you think about him" Camille's words caught her off guard, as she realized she had lost track of their conversation.

"I'm sorry, I was just thinking of something" Danni apologized to her host as she turned to see who Camille was looking at.

Camille noted the light red hue in Danni face as she pointed at Devon. "Tom hired him a couple of months ago, and I just had to get him over here for one of these parties". Camille grinned as she summed up Devon and waited for Danni's reply.

"Nice" was all Danni said as her eyes slowly followed his legs up his torso. Although she was a good twenty feet away, she could see the muscle definition in his legs and arms. His groin also gave a good impression as Danni imagined was might be concealed behind his tan khaki shorts. He wore a dark button down shirt, untucked, over his white tank top, and a pair of sandals. His pecks were visible and looked as though they were defined also, but with the white tank top in the way, it was hard for Danni to tell. It had been years since she had undressed a man with her eyes, but she noticed since turning forty last month, that she did it quite often without even realizing it.

Devon had noticed Camille with the sexy brunette since he arrived and now seemed the perfect time to meet here. He walked over to the table where Camille and Danni sat and extended a hand to Danni. "Hi, I'm Devon".

"Danni", was all that she said as she took his hand and held it as he pulled up a chair beside her.

Camille smiled as Devon sat down and began asking Danni how she knew Tom and Camille. Camille noticed a new arrival and made a hasty retreat from the table to greet the guests.

Devon and Danni talked easily as she fumbled with her empty cup. She could feel the effects of the potent alcohol as she openly flirted with the twenty eight year old man. She was intoxicated, but not with alcohol, but with a long lost sexual desire. She had lied to him when she found out his age, and told him she was a mere thirty six.

Devon found Danni very arousing, her breasts were small, but perky and her smile just wet his desire. She was about 5'8" he guessed with long legs, and a nice round bottom. She was thin and looked younger than the thirty six years, she had told him. He lost the thought of making his quick get away and unconsciously focused on his lust for this older woman.

Danni watched the couples around the pool as she told Devon of her recent break up with Michael. Then she caught something. The redhead in the pool, with her arm around a striking gentleman, was not the man who she was introduced with. She looked around and realized, that none of the couples were with whom they had came with, and were now chatting with other people. As she watched closer, she realized, they were not just talking, but flirting openly. This guy had his hand on that girl's leg, and this woman was sitting in that guys lap. One fellow was sitting at a table with two women in low conversation, while a cute blonde in the pool was enjoying two men eyeing her breasts.

Suddenly Danni felt very withdrawn. She spied Camille at the far end of the pool and made an excuse of needing another drink to Devon as she made a beeline to Camille.

"Can we talk?" Danni leaned into Camille's ear and spoke a little above a whisper.

"Sure" Cameil replied as she broke away from the couple she had been talking too. She pulled Danni along as she walked through the sliding glass doors and into the kitchen area of the lowest level of the house. Camille began making a drink as she looked at Danni with question in her eye.

"Camille, what kind of party is this?" Danni said as she held her breath waiting for an answer.

"Danni, its nothing to worry about, I told you this was a cozy crowd". Camille voice was soft and reassuring. "Some people call us swingers, or lifestylers". Camille turned and looked at Danni as she waited for her response.

Danni took a deep breath as she looked out through the sliding glass doors at the couples flirting. "It's just something I've never been around". She was a little uneasily, but also curious. "So what happens at these parties?"

"Well", Camille took a deep breath. "Nothing out there, by any means." What you see now, is all that you will see". Camille handed Danni another drink. "We have a room in the back that we use latter in the evening". Camille took a sip of her own drink. "Look Danni, I've told everyone that you are not here for that, and no one will bother you, unless of course you initiate something".

"Is Devon part of the regulars at these parties?" Danni's voice was hesitant.

"No, this is Devon's first time here"

"Is Devon", Danni hesitated and took a sip of her drink, "a swinger?"

"Not that I know of, but I can always hope", Camille smiled as she looked out at Devon with lust in her eyes.

The young blond who had been with the manager of Visca earlier was now seated next to Devon with her hand on his knee. She was smiling at him and giggling. Danni wasn't about to loose this catch that quick. She looked at Camille and then again at Devon and started out of the house.

Camille caught her arm, "Danni, are you ok with this?" Her voice was deep with concern.

"I've only got one concern right now" Danni smiled at Camille and broke her grasp on her wrist as she continued back to the party.

She walked up to the table and grabbed Devon's hand, "Come on, let's take a swim" Danni pulled Devon up from the table and away from the young beauty. They walked over by the pool and stopped at the edge. Danni pulled her over-shirt off her shoulders as Devon's eyes drank in her beauty. She dove into the deep end and resurfaced on the opposing side of the pool. "It's feels a lot better in here" Danni stated as she ran her hands over her face to push the excess water away.

Devon quickly pulled his shirt off, while at the same time kicked his sandals off. Danni watched as he pulled the tank top off, revealing his upper torso to her gaze. He was not "cut", but did look very enticing to Danni who watched his every move as he pulled the khaki shorts over his Bermuda swim trunks and entered the pool, swimming to her side. They hung there in the water away from everyone else, side by side.

Danni leaned closer to Devon, "have you noticed anything about this party?"

Devon took a quick look around before he answered, "no".

"The couples, they aren't who they came with anymore" Danni was careful not to look around to much as she talked to him.

Devon scanned the crowd for a moment, "your right" Devon paused and then looked at her, "then...". Devon's mind was flooded with a thousand thoughts all at once.

"I know" Danni replied as they hung there in the water, side by side. For a long moment neither spoke, but just looked around at the crowd. "Kind of wild isn't it?" Danni found herself becoming sexually intrigued with the notion of all of these people in an orgy.

Danni related her conversation with Camille to Devon, but left out the comment that she made about him. Devon listened as he looked around and imagined the scene that might take place, and wondered if he'd like to be part of it. Danni's hand found its way to Devon's leg and she stroked it soothingly. "We left our drinks on the other side" Danni looked at the two cups that sat next to their garments.

"No problem", Devon quickly turned and grabbed the ladder beside him and climbed out of the pool.

Danni watched as he pulled himself out of the pool. This afforded her a wonderful view of his backside. "High & tight" she thought. He walked around the pool and grabbed the drinks and headed back to their position. Now his chest was in full view. It was almost clean of hair except for a small patch in the center, with nice hard pecks. It looked as though the Bermuda swim drunks he wore was a little more filled out, and Danni thought she could almost see some definition. Her mind reeled with thoughts of taking this young "stud" to her bed. Devon sat the cups above them on the pool side and climbed back into the water beside her.

Both of them hung there in the water, watching the crowd, feeling their libidos pulse harder with every moment. Danni could feel Devon's body beside hers as she watched Camille flirt with a man who reminded her of Michael. Her body raged with desire. She could count the number of lovers she had in her lifetime on one hand, and sometimes regretted not having more. If she wanted, she could add a few to that count tonight. Her heart beat increased as she felt the familiar warmth between her legs grow.

The crowd became slightly smaller as Devon and Danni finally pulled themselves out of the pool and dried off. They resumed their original location at the table and began talking about other things that did not center on what they had recently learned.

Danni excused herself and sought out Camille. "Could I use your bathroom?" Danni whispered in Camille's ear.

"Sure sweetie" Camille smiled "down the hall from the kitchen, first door on your right." Danni turned to leave, and Camille grabbed her shoulder. "careful to get the right door and the bathroom is large, with two separate stalls, so you might find others in there".

Danni smiled and headed back to Devon. "Come with me" Danni grabbed him and pulled him in tow behind her.

She found the bathroom and took special notice of the other door at the end of the hall. It excited her to think about what might be going on behind that door right now. Pulling Devon into the bathroom with her, she shut the door. It was, as Camille had said, with a long counter, two sinks and two stalls on the other side of the room. Danni entered the one on the left and Devon slipped into the opposing one. She sat down and thinking of the possibilities that could be. Her ear craned to listen to any noise that might escape the other room into theirs. The only thing she thought she might have heard was a low music. She finished and pulled her swim suit back up her legs.

Devon was standing beside the counter when she excited her stall. She walked up to him and put her arms around him and looked up into his eyes. Their lips met softly as Danni initiated a kiss. She felt his tongue slowly penetrate her mouth as she pushed her hips against him. Devon couldn't believe how wonderful she felt against him. He slowly rubbed her back, dragging his finger nails lightly on her skin. Eventually his hand roamed down and cupped her tight behind. Danni felt his hand caress her backside and began grinding her pelvis against his thigh. Devon's lips slowly parted from hers and they stepped back from one another taking a deep breath. His hand found hers and they turned toward the door.

As they pulled the door open and walked out, Camille was coming out of the back room. Both had a brief snap shot of the interior of the other room before Camille closed the door behind her. The room appeared large, with at least one bed against the left hand wall. It was dimly lit with candles on a table against the back wall. Both had seen several naked people within, but could only guess at to their various activities.

Camille smiled, "if you two would just prefer to watch a little, that's also permissible."

Danni blushed and smiled back at Camille as she turned and walked back towards the pool area. Devon winked at Camille and followed Danni, hand in hand.

Back at the pool, Danni sat at the table watching people mingle around as she thought about the "other" party taking place in the mysterious room.

"I guess they enjoy that sort of thing" Devon's voice broke the trance she was in and she turned to face him sitting beside her.

"I don't know how they can relax in such an atmosphere". Danni took a drink from her glass as her head began to swim from the alcohol. "I don't think anything like that is for me", Danni said, half heartedly trying to convince herself that she had no desire for such a erotic adventure. But her body was betraying her as she felt her moistness.

Devon was determined to have this beauty, but to share her? He definitely wanted into the party, but was not sure he wanted to take Danni, or even let her know he was interested in such things.

Danni leaned into Devon with her hand on his leg, "we could always just watch for a while". She could hardly believe what she had just said. Her body was betraying her, but her mind was not far behind. She smiled a devilish smile and looked away.

Devon thought about it, but did not speak. He brought his hand up to her back and gently caressed teasingly. She looked over the remains of the party and felt his breath on her neck as he slowly pulled his lips across her neck.

"Yes, that could be pretty erotic, just watching others". Devon could feel the hardness in his shorts as he spoke his words.

Neither moved as they sat, feeling their libidos racing. They made small comments about what couples had came and went, back and forth. If you had no prior knowledge, you wouldn't have known a thing. It was simply a friendly neighborhood party.

Camille walked up behind them, putting her arms around each of them. "so what do you think"? Camille was of hush tones as her eyes sparkled in the dim evening light. Danni could smell the sex on her as she spoke, which did nothing more than excite her.

Danni couldn't take it anymore, "I want to take a short look, if no one minds".

Devon looked at her and smiled a shy smile. They stood up and walked with Camille into the house. In the kitchen Camille explained some of the rules, more so for Devon than Danni. "The biggest thing is, no, means NO. No exceptions".

Devon shook his head as he took the drinks from Camille and handed Danni hers.

Danni could feel the intense excitement in herself as she stood there listening too Camille. It was a mixture of plain excitement, mixed with sexual tension, and anticipation. Michael had taken her to a strip club before, but this was going to be quite different. Added was the fact that she was with Devon, whom she had just met hours before.

They entered the room and both Devon and Danni were surprised to see how large the room was. It was not lit by candles, as previously thought, but by sconces with low wattage bulbs in them. The light was soft and even.

In the corner opposite the door was a large screen TV with a adult movie showing. The bed that they had seen before was occupied by two couples, who were in the heat of things. On the other wall stood a table with toys for play and lubricates. Beside that was a small refrigerator and some liquor bottles on top of that. All around the room were various large pillows were different activities were going on.

Danni was so excited to be in here, but did not want to look as though she were a voyeur. She lowered her gaze and turned around to face Devon.

Camille closed the door behind them and took off the robe she was wearing. Danni and Devon both were surprised to see that she was naked underneath. She was nearly fifty, but with her and her husband's active lifestyle, she had retained much of her youthful body. She was short, around 5'2", with dark skin and wore her brunette hair short. Her body was not thin, but rounded in all the right places. Her breasts were a little on the large side with large dark areolas, around small nipples.

Camille tried to guide the two of them into the depths of the room, but Danni shook her head and headed to a pile of cushions, not far from the door. They sat down, and Danni was surprised when Camille sat on her left with Devon on her right. Danni was giddy with excitement as she turned to Camille, "I can't look"! She took a large swallow of her drink and held her head down.

Camille was looking around the room as she spoke to Danni, "Its Ok, no one even paid us any attention". Danni still did not raise her eyes, but noticed how pungent the air smelt. It was intoxicating, pure raw sex smell, mixed with perfumes and colognes wore by the patrons. She could feel the excitement building inside of her.

"Go ahead, look around Danni, no one is looking at you. They're too involved with what they are doing". Camille put her hand on Danni leg and felt it quiver at her touch.

Danni finally raised her head, and as Camille had told her, no one was paying them a bit of mind. She relaxed and little, and let her hand fall down on to Devon's leg as she laid back and looked around.

Devon was a little uncomfortable with the situation, but figured that this would only last a couple of minutes before Danni wanted to leave. He took a deep breath and tried to relax.

Camille pointed out some of the people whom Danni had met earlier in the evening. Danni noticed two of girls over on the floor beside the bed. They were engrossed in each other, kissing, and hugging as they rolled around on the big throw pillows. One was in between the others legs like a man would be for penetration, and moving much like she was a man. It wasn't until they separated and Danni seen why. Extending from the first girls pelvis was a large strap on dildo. This fascinated Danni as she watched the first blond girl get on her knees and look back at the second. The second position herself behind her and pushed the dildo into the blond girl. Danni had heard about things like this, but never had she thought that she would actually witness it in real life.

Devon's hand was gently rubbing her side as her hand rubbed the inside of his thigh. Danni could feel the wetness between her legs as she leaned again Devon. Devon slowly ran his finger tips over her sides as he watched the two girls fucking like mad.

Camille noticed Danni interest in the two girls and watched Danni's reaction as the two girls engaged in their pleasure. "Have you ever had a female lover"?

Danni never took her eyes from the two girls as her mouth opened, "no, but it does look awful interesting". Danni watched as the girl with the strap-on pulled it from her partner and violently rammed it back into her glistening hole.

Camille still had her hand on Danni's knee and slowly started caressing her thigh with her hand. "It can be very sensual, feeling another woman intimately" Camille waited for Danni's answer to judge whether she should continue her slow seduction or give it up.

Danni did not answer, she just listened as she watched the two girls play. Her hand on Devon's thigh had taken a more pronounced action as she took her palm and began to rub the front of his Bermuda swim trunks. She could feel him hard against her hand.

Devon could not believe the evening's happenings. He was sitting here next to this beautiful woman, her hand grinding his dick, and his boss's wife rubbing her leg at the same time while they watched a live fuck show. All his inhibitions flew out the window as he began moving his hips against her hand. He became a little more brave and slowly ran his finger under Danni swim top and felt of the sweet flesh with in. As his hand moved, it pushed up the swim top exposing her breast as he circled the hard nipple.

Danni shuddered as she felt Devon rub her breast. Her top was not fully dry, and as the cool air struck her breast, it became more aroused. Danni was in heaven, she wanted to let her head fall back and feel Devon's hand, but did not want to miss all the commotion around here. She took a large swallow from the plastic cup with her drink in it and passed it to Camille, who sat in on a small short table beside her.

As Camille turned around back to Danni, she noticed another scene she thought would interest her neighbor. "Danni", Camille tilted her head towards the wall to their right. "Have you ever had two men"?

Danni turned her head and ten foot from them against the other corner wall, was the small blond girl that had been with the older company manager. She was in between two men sitting against the wall. One man was holding her chin and kissing her while she stroked his cock up and down. The other man had his hand between her legs and was sucking her small breasts. She broke the kiss and began sucking the man's cock with earnest. She made loud sucking and humming sounds as she alternated her hand and mouth on the man. The man was leaning up against the wall, with his head leaned back enjoying her.

When Danni had turned her head Devon followed her eyes to the new sight. This scene was better to watch, and the way he was laid out, he could have reached a foot over and touched one of the participants. He continued rubbing Danni's firm breast, gently pulling on the large, light, brown nipple as he watched this girl give her guy one heck of a blow job. Suddenly he felt Danni's hand pull as his shorts and all at once his cock was out in the open air. He felt her hand wrap around his shaft and begin a slow up and down motion. He sighed and repositioned himself so that he was presented to her better.

Camille had watched Danni pull Devon from his shorts, and could barely contain her excitement. He was more than she had hoped for, normal length, she liked, but extremely thick, that she loved! She had hoped to get Devon involved here tonight, but hadn't really thought that Danni would be game for anything. Her greatest desires were being realized. Camille continued to rub Danni's leg, but moved her hand more to her inner thigh. She moved her hand back and forth, with each stroke getting a little closer to Danni's pussy. Her own breasts were hard as rocks and lifted up high on her chest full of anticipation.

Danni's appraisal of Devon's manhood was much higher than Camille's. She though him of enormous portion. What she didn't realize was that her ex, Michael, had been quite small. She felt Devon in her hand, felt him throb against her gentle strokes and move his hips with her.

Danni watched the scene before her unfold as the skinny blond girl devoured the man's hard glistening cock before her. The other man who had been sucking on her breasts moved down and lifted her leg. Dannie could now see more of the action as the blond girl was now lying on her side facing her, with her upper leg lifted up. Danni watched as he took his cock and rubbed back and forth along the skinny girl's bare pussy, wetting his cock with her juices.

Danni jumped as she felt Camille's fingers touch the outside of her cunt, through her swim suit. She had noticed Camille rubbing her leg, but though it was just to make her feel more comfortable. She looked down at herself, and seen that she had partially spread her legs for Camille. Camille smiled at her and raised her eye brows, "no"? Danni didn't know what to do, but knew that her touch felt wonderful. Danni didn't say a word, but spread her legs a little bit more and looked back to the scene before her. It was then that she looked into the face of the man behind the skinny blond girl, and discovered that it was Tom, Camille's husband. Tom looked Danni straight in the eyes and winked at her. Danni felt herself blush as she looked back at the erotic sex show and watched Tom plunge himself in to the female. This caused a reaction in her, as she raised her head off the other mans cock and wailed, "YES"! She resumed her sucking with more intensity as Tom plunged his cock in and out of her. She was close enough that she could see the blonde girl's lips being pushed in and pulled back as Tom worked himself in and out of her. She had a large clit that Danni could clearly see as it was pulled in and out of its owner's hood.

Danni couldn't believe how turned on she had become, she knew she was drenched inside her swim bottom and the thick cock she held had just let a few drops of precum out. Danni rolled the palm of her hand over the head and spread the juice evenly down Devon's shaft before she resumed her slow up and down motions.

Devon had noticed Camille interest in Danni and was watching when she made contact with Danni pussy. He couldn't see it, but from his point of view, he knew she had to have been close long before he felt Danni twinge and look Camille's way. He didn't hear what was said between them, but that was enough to get him going just a little more. Then the few drops of precum came and the lubrication on his prick felt so dam good as Danni's hand slid up and down him.

Camille was wound up wondering just how far Danni would let her go. She had offered to quit, but Danni did not indicate that was what she wanted either. Camille felt content to simply lay back and explore the boundaries. She continued to rub Danni's leg, occasionally bumping her pinky against Danni's pelvis. Each time she stayed a little longer. Camille felt the burning between her legs and resituated as she took her other hand and rubbed herself. She watched as her husband banging "Miss young stuff", and let her hand drift up to Danni's crotch. She rubbed a little longer and harder this time though. It was then that she felt Danni's hips move into her hand, She turned her hand and began to rub Danni through her swim suit. She could feel Danni's wetness already through her swim suit, as she rubbed into Danni's pelvis.

Danni watched the action only a few feet away as she felt Camille hand create pure magic against her pussy. She was as hot as she could ever remember being. Danni spread her legs more and increased the tempo on Devon's cock. She felt the large mushroom head of Devon's cock as her hand bumped it going up and down.

The exhibitionist trio switched places and Tom was now on the opposite end. The other guy turned the female onto her back and penetrated her quickly. Tom took his time and positioned some pillows here and there before he began rubbing his cock across her mouth. She stuck her tongue out, and thrust her neck out, trying to capture it with her lips. Tom however didn't give in so quickly. He held her down by the shoulders and continued to tease her. She started getting upset, saying, "come on, you prick, I wanna suck it". Eventually Tom conceded and pushed his thin cock into her mouth.

Devon was thoroughly enjoying himself, watching the show, and feeling his new found gal stroke his cock, when his field of view was interrupted by another female walking in front of him. She walked between the two trios and knelt down by Devon.

"Hi, I'm Cheryl" she cooed as she thrust her breasts near Devon's face. It was the redhead that Danni had first noticed being with another male out in the swimming pool. She smiled and rubbed Devon's chest and shoulders.

"Devon" was all he said before he sucked one of her large pink nipples into his mouth. He sucked on one and then the other. He only stopped for a moment, and that was when he pulled Danni's top over her head, revealing her other breast. He then went back to sucking Cheryl's breasts as he occupied both his hands on Danni's breasts.

Camille looked at her husband and winked as she pushed the fine fabric covering Danni's pussy aside and ran her finger over the fine trimmed hair that covered her mound. Danni was not one to shave, but kept herself very trimmed. Her dark hair was cut very short around her lips, and the hair just above her pussy was slightly longer. Camille was totally infatuated with her. She parted Danni's lips and ran her fingers through her velvety slit. Her other hand was busy rubbing her swollen clit up and down. She had her legs spread, and if anyone was looking, her juices had flowed to such an excess that they dripped down onto her tiny pink asshole.

Danni's mind had lost control now and her body controlled her entirely. Her pelvis thrust into Camille fingers as they sought out the depths of her sexuality. Her nipples were so hard they sprang back into place as Devon's fingers rubbed across them. She watched as the Tom and the other man fucked the blond from both ends. Tom was thin, but long, and all of him disappeared into her mouth as he thrust his rigid cock into her. She had noticed the redhead take up position next to Devon, but did not feel any jealousy. She watched out of the corner of her eye, as Devon sucked her breasts. Danni found it all very erotic and stimulating.

Devon was enjoying himself immensely as he alternated sucking two breasts and rubbed two others. He had lost track of the visual stimuli as he pulled the sweet nipples before him into his mouth. He opened his eyes and was surprised to see Danni's pubes visible, except for Camille's hand covering various portions of it as she rubbed his sweet partner's most intimate parts. Then suddenly Cheryl pushed his mouth away and bent forward. She licked Danni's hand as she zeroed in on her target. Taking just the head into her mouth she licked the sweet juices from the head of Devon's cock as Danni continued to stroke his shaft. Devon took one of his hands from Danni's breast and ran it down Cheryl's backside until her found her sweet pussy and drive two fingers into her.

Camille was no longer wondering how far she could get with her new friends and went for broke. She sat up and grabbed both sides of Danni's swim suit and pulled. Danni in turn lifted her hips and allowed Camille to remove her last piece of clothing. Camille turned up onto her knees and spread Danni's legs as she leaned forward and began kissing the inside of Danni's thighs. She looked into Danni's pussy and was surprised how pink and young it looked. Her lips were extremely thick with a large clit topping the package. Camille was so used to females being shaved that she found Danni pubic hair very erotic. Camille wanted nothing more than to have all of it in her in her mouth, but bid her time as she licked ever closer to Danni's sweet pussy.

Danni felt Cheryl's lips on Devon and wanted a taste of her sweet young man herself. She put one hand against Cheryl's head and Cheryl gladly let loose of the engorged head. Danni leaned forward and licked Devon's cock before she attempted to engulf him. Cheryl licked Danni's fingers around the base of Devon's cock before continuing on to his balls. She licked his balls, alternating from one, then to the other. Danni, not to be outdone, thrust her mouth over Devon and found it was more then she could handle, not so much length, but width wise. She continued working on him as she watched Cheryl reposition herself and spread Devon's legs. Cheryl got up between them and began bathing his ball with her tongue. Danni was intrigued with Cheryl's talents when she felt Camille's tongue against her pelvis. Camille seemed to know exactly what to do. Danni showed her enthusiasm as she pumped her head back and forth, up and down Devon's hard cock. Precum coated her mouth as she shivered under Camille's tongue.

Camille couldn't believe how young and fresh Danni's pussy looked and smelt. She deeply inhaled her musk as she inched closer with her lips. She first drug her tongue over Dannie's outer lips before she ventured in. Camille slowly put her tongue on Danni's bottom and let it part her lips as she pushed into her and moving up. As she got to Danni's clit, she moved to the side and began drawing circled around it before she finally placed her lips around the hard button, sucking it into her mouth and flicking her tongue over it. Her taste was fresh and sweet to Camille, whose cheeks were shinny with Danni's love juice.

The minute Danni felt Camille's tongue near her clit, her body began building towards an orgasm, and the first few flicks of her tongue sent her over the edge. She held Devon in her mouth for the first couple of spasms, but as soon as she released him and took a breath of air, she heard the blond across from her beginning her orgasm. Danni joined her chorus of vocals, as her orgasm became more intense and gripped her tightly. Danni felt Camille tongue work its magic on her clit and when Camille sensed Danni's orgasm, she pushed her tongue into Danni's depth, as her thumb replaced her tongue rubbing her clit.

Devon realized Danni was cumming too as she yelped with the blond across the room. Devon pinched her nipples lightly and pulled them away from her chest as he watched her hips twitch with Camille's face firmly planted between her legs.

Danni's orgasm finally began to subside and she opened her eyes just in time to see that the man across from them. He had been fucking the blond, but was now strattling over her abdomen and jacking his cock off. He came quickly, shooting his cum over her tiny tits. The blonde rubbed his cum over her nipples as she watched him stroking his cock.

Danni had never had such a powerful orgasm, but wanted still had yet to have her young Devon yet.

Camille felt the convulsions cease in Danni's pussy and slowly withdrew her tongue. She kissed Danni's clit a couple of times before rising up and looking into Danni's eyes.

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