Margie Goes Horse Riding

by Defile_my_wife

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Margie goes horse riding? Not really! It is the horse who does the riding.

My husband Robert, excitedly called me to the computer.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I read over the message:

"Two men... small, secluded property...

breeding horses... stallion to fuck Margaret"!

My mind was racing as I watched my husband reach for the telephone and dial the number given.

We found the house and drove up to the door. The men must have been excitedly waiting because they came out the moment that we appeared.

"We've drooled over the photos of you, that your husband sent", they told me, as Robert introduced me.

I felt so embarrassed and didn't know where to look,

but I felt so wonderfully excited and so dirty.

"We've always dreamed of meeting a really perverted

and depraved couple like yourselves", they excitedly

told us, "and it's an ideal time because one of

the mares is on heat and the stallion is so horny".

We had coffee and then it was suggested that we go to see the stallion that was to fuck me.

I couldn't help but gasp when I saw the stallion with

it's massive, hard cock swinging beneath its body.

"It's too big! It's huge", I gasped in dismay.

"But in your photo your cunt looked huge", one of the guys laughed.

They all laughed, and Robert told them that I'd

be able to take it.

"But look at the length of it", I reasoned.

"You can take as much of it as you can at anyrate",

Robert said excitedly.

One of the guys took the horses huge cock in his hand and asked me if I'd like to feel it.

I giggled in embarrassment but reached out my hand and touched the animals huge black cock.

"Let's see you licking it", the guy said as he began to feel for his cock which was bulging in his pants.

"Ooorrr! You filthy, fucking whore", he then moaned with lust as I crouched under the horse and gave the

huge cock a kiss and a lick.

"You two are just so fucking filthy", the other guy complimented us as he moved up to me and, without the

slightest hesitation, reached up under my skirt to feel my cunt.

I gave a little squeel but realized that I was hardly in a position to act coy and chaste.

Robert was unbuttoning my blouse so I reached back and undid my bra, then slipped both bra and blouse off over my shoulders.

"Mmm, nice", the first guy said as he cupped my breasts in his hands.

Robert was now taking my skirt down, and I stepped out of it and he then slid my panties down over my legs so that I was now stark naked before these men.

I felt really filthy standing there out in the middle of nowhere all naked.

One of the guys pulled my face down towards his cock and I sucked his beautiful thing into my mouth.

I immediately felt the other guy taking my hips in his hands and in a second I felt his cock slipping easily into my oh so wet and slippery cunt as he began to fuck me doggy style.

"Don't come in her mouth; save it for her cunt so that she's nice and sloppy for the horse to fuck",

I heard my husband saying.

"Phew! She sucks like a fucking whore", the guy said as he pulled out of my mouth. "Let's fuck the bitch in a sandwich with you up her cunt and me up her ass

he told his mate".

Some old sacks were tossed onto the ground and in a moment I was down on them and being double fucked up my ass and cunt at the same time.

Robert stood looking down at the three of us as we panted and grunted and fucked like animals, with myself vigourously fucking just as much as the two guys.

I noticed my husband move over to the horse and begin patting it but I was too busy enjoying my double fucking to take much notice of what he was doing.

After a minute my face was suddenly slopped with some filthy, slimy muck which my husband had in his cupped hand.

"Erk"! I gasped, spitting the slimy muck from my lips as the vile gunk covered my face. "What's that"!

"Horse cum", Robert laughed in reply as he began to smear the remainder over my naked breasts.

I couldn't help but to break into a peal of laughter

as I realised what disgusting filth I was being used for.

The think that the two guys had been holding back up until now, but they seemed to get so excited over what my husband had done, and I suppose the look of me all covered in horse cum, that they let themselves go and almost simultaneously I felt my ass and cunt get all slippery as they pumped their cum up into me.

"Now she's all sloppy and ready for the horse

to fuck", one of the guys said as we all got to our feet.

The horse was led to a solid structure consisting of two paralel rails just wide enough for the horse to be led between them. It was then tied by it's bridle and several hobbling ropes.

I was taken to the stables where a mare on heat was located.

One of the guys put on rubber gloves and taking a rag, shoved it up into the mare's cunt so that the rag came out all sloppy and soaked with its juices.

I was now wiped all over, face and all, with the rag so that I was completely smeared with the slimy, glistening muck.

They then took me back to where the stalion was tied waiting.

As soon as we approached the horse started snorting and stamping as it caught the smell of the mare's cunt juices.

I was put in front of the horse and it was nearly going crazy, snorting, twitching, stamping about, and with its huge cock now standing out firm and hard beneath its belly.

The guys pulled across a sort of a very narrow and high bench, about a foot wide and just a few feet long, and, after tossing one of the sacks over it, they shoved it in under the horse.

They half lifted me up to the bench so that I could wriggle myself in onto it so that I was laying on my back with the horse's belly just a couple of inches above me and its huge, heavy cock lying on top of my belly.

I felt like the filthiest of whores as I brought my knees up on either side of the horses body so that I was spread and ready for the stallions massive thick cock to be inserted into my cunt.

"Be careful with me", I warned them, "it can only get just the end of its cock up me".

"Don't worry", one of the guys reassured me, "if he heaves too hard you'll slide forward on the bench".

I looked down over my body as the guys wiped some oil all over the length of the stallions cock and then, while Robert was holding my cunt wide open for them, they slid me forward on the bench, then pulled me back down onto the horses huge cuck so that three or four inches of the big, thick, black cock pushed up into my cunt.

"Oh God"! I gasped, feeling so incredibly filthy

and depraved as I felt the horse's huge monster cock

actually inside my cunt and really stretching me.

I couldn't see what was happening but I heard Robert

saying that he'd shove the mare's cunt rag right

onto the horses nostrils so that it would be breathing in the odours of the mare and that it should make it start to fuck me.

I could hear the horse start snorting and knew that it was stamping about as it smelled the mare's cunt on the rag.

"Oh God", I gasped in lustful excitement as I felt the horses cock filling my cunt and going right to

the back of my uterus. "Fuck! This is so absolutely

depraved isn't it"!

With the horses agitated movements its cock was sliding about in my wet, slippery cunt and even lifting me right up off the bench.

I could hear Robert and the guys exclaiming how obscene and depraved it looked with the now absolutely huge penis of the horse disappearing between my cunt lips and going right up into my body.

"Oh fuck! Oh shit! Ohhhh, this is fucking incredible"!

I was panting and gasping in an approaching orgasmic frenzy.

I reached my arms up either side of the beast and I brought my legs further back so that my cunt was as inviting as I could posibly make it for the horse to fuck me.

"Shit! Isn't this just so fucking crude and so

fucking filthy", I heard Robert moaning with almost

uncontrolable lust.

"How do you like seeing your dirty, filthy, whore

wife with a horse's cock up her cunt"? one of the

guys lustfully asked Robert, and looking out from beneath the horse I could see the three of them all slowly stroking their cocks.

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