Marked For Vengeance

by Darkniciad

Caution: This Genie Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Time Travel, Genie, Slow, .

Desc: Genie Sex Story: Lucky Will has escaped his mates, and left behind the life of a pirate forever. A ring taken during his escape from the ship proves to be far more than he bargained for. He's marked for vengeance, but is he the only one? (Less detailed sex than most of my Laresa stories-- falls after "Deified", "Of the People", and "The Beast Within" in sequence)

He loved the sight of her face twisted in ecstasy, and her big tits bouncing as he pounded into her. She screamed, her head lashing back and forth on the pillows, her red hair flashing in the dim light. With a final thrust, and a loud, growling scream, Will emptied his seed into her. Collapsing down onto his hands, he grinned at her, receiving a smile in return.

"Lord, William, you know what a woman needs," she panted.

Will sighed, "Lass, you squeeze tighter than the taxman."

Offering a mischievous grin, she contracted her muscles, tightening her quivering walls around his slowly softening member. With a loud growl, William pulled free of her tight heat, gasping for breath as his cock twitched. "Yer a wicked lass — ye know that?"

Pouting, she let out a disappointed moan and said, "Don't go."

"I ain't got none left in me tonight, Louisa. Give me a night of rest, Lass, and I'll give ye a ride ye'll remember to yer dying day."

Pulling him down next to her and kissing him, Louisa whispered, "I'll remember every time until my dying day, William."

He could tell she was drifting off a few minutes later. His eyes were getting heavy as well, but his bladder was telling him he'd piss himself in the night if he didn't get up soon. Louisa, lying with a smile on her face and his cream dripping slowly from inside her, didn't stir as he rose.

Heading toward the door, Will praised his luck in happening across the woman. She had been married to a man of the sea, and been widowed young. She took to William quickly, especially once she learned he was leaving shipboard life behind forever. A man with salt in his speech that wouldn't be going back to the sea, where her husband had died, was exactly what she'd been looking for, without even knowing it.

She'd started whoring, just to get by, and that was how Will had found her. He'd paid for his first poke, and decided to see if he could charm his way into that cunt for free. It took more than a little work on his part, but he felt it was worth it. A pretty woman with a place of her own, far from the sea, was exactly what he was looking for. She couldn't get with child either, which just made her all the prettier in Will's eyes. He could poke her all he wanted, and never have to worry about little urchins running about.

Once she let him start replacing her livestock and fixing up her place, so she wouldn't have to whore, he was soon sharing her bed every night. The last three months were the best Will Tanner could remember in all his life. She kept the place clean, kept him fed, and spread her legs any time he wanted it. All he had to do was keep the place from falling apart, and keep food in the cupboards.

Shaking off the last few drops of piss, Will pulled back up his trousers, returning to the house.

The sword point in his back stopped him in his tracks, just as he was about to step inside.

"Hello, Bill, I know it's you. I'd know that scurvy mug of yours anywhere."

A hand on his shoulder spun him around, and William stood facing his old mate, Deadeye Pierre.

"Ye decide ye'd had enough of the sea too, Pierre?" William knew better, but he had little choice other than to hope he was wrong.

"Captain Trenchard is very angry with you, Will. We've been aport longer'n any of the mates can remember, all for you, Will. I got a gift for you, Lucky Will, from Captain Trenchard and your mates you robbed." Reaching into a pocket of his coat, Pierre withdrew a scrap of paper and pressed it into William's hand. "Guess you ain't so lucky no more."

With that, Pierre burst out in an evil laugh and ran off into the darkness. William slowly raised his trembling hand, knowing what he would see when he opened it.

The Black Spot.

William screamed in terror and frustration. Somehow, they had found him.

"Will — what's wrong, Will?" Louisa asked, emerging from the bedroom with a fearful look on her face.

William ignored her, dropping the paper to the ground and rushing past her into the bedroom, where his sword and gun both lay.

Louisa picked up the paper, looking at it in confusion. Walking back into the bedroom, she found William pulling on his shirt. Once the garment was in place, he immediately started checking his pistol.

"William, you're scaring me. What is this paper?"

"It's The Black Spot!" William spat out, starting to throw clothing into his old sea-bag.

"I don't understand. What about a black spot?"

Still hurling his few possessions into the bag, William blurted out, "The Black Spot's a pirate's death sentence! They'll be coming to kill me! All I took was that damned ring and a lil' bag o' gold, an' they chased me all the way here!"

Raising up her hand to look at it, Louisa stared in horror at the ring on her finger. "This ring? They're coming to kill you for this ring? You were a pirate?"

"Damn it woman, there's no time for squawkin', I've got to get meself out of here, or I'm gullied for sure! Them miserable sons of bilge rats'll skin me, if'n they catch me!"

Pulling off the ring, Louisa hurled it at him. Her eyes flashed with anger, but were also full of tears. "You bastard! You get out now, you murdering pirate! I'm not dying for your stealing!"

Will slung his sea bag over his shoulder, not noticing the ring caught in a fold of the bag. "I'm for going, woman!"

Running to the door, he looked out the window and froze. There were torches moving toward the house, and he could already see the faces of two men.

It was too late.

"I'm gullied," He muttered, knowing there was no escape now.

"You lying bastard, you deserve what you get for stealing and lying to me!" Louisa flung open the door and walked outside. She screamed to the approaching men, "The bastard you want is in here! Get him out of my house!"

Will hissed, "Fool woman, get back in the house!" He knelt down and grabbed for her skirt, but she darted away from him, continuing to scream to the torch-bearing men, pointing into the house.

"Oy, look here lads. We'll have us a bit of fun 'fore we carve up ol' Will."

All the blood drained out of William's face, and a chill crept through his flesh. He knew that voice, all too well. Captain Trenchard had sent that animal, Black Eyed Pete, to kill him. Will knew he'd be a long time dying if Pete got ahold of him.

Wincing, knowing what was going to happen, he slammed the door. Quickly sliding the bolts and bars into place, he backed off and waited, with his gun at the ready. His only hope now was to force them to burn him out. Burning alive was far better than anything Pete would do to him, and would be over quicker. Looking at the pistol, he considered just sticking it in his mouth and pulling the trigger.

He heard Louisa scream, as well as the sound of her nightgown tearing. His hand twitched, and he started to turn the pistol toward himself. After a few moments of violent trembling, he sighed and let the pistol fall to his side. All the while, Louisa screamed in terror and pain outside. He knew his old mates, and they knew they had him trapped. They'd take their time with Louisa, and then come for him.

Dropping his sea bag, Will decided just to give up. He heard a sound, and looked to see the ring rolling across the floor. Scooping it up, he slid it onto his finger. Maybe if he took off running, flaunting the stolen ring, and managed to get far enough away, they'd decide to shoot him. The sounds of gunshots ringing through the night would be enough to worry them, and maybe they'd leave Louisa alone after he was dead.

William took a deep breath to summon up his courage, glad he'd already emptied his bladder, because otherwise, he'd be standing in a puddle of his own piss right now. Noticing the ring was on crooked, he straightened it, so the amber stone would really show when he taunted his old mates with it in a few moments.

"I am Laresa, how may I serve you, Master?"

The sound of a woman's voice behind him nearly stopped Will's heart. Spinning around, he spit out, "Satan's teeth!" His arm came up, and he aimed his pistol at the scantily clad woman.

The sight of her was breathtaking. Her hair was a blonde so pale; it could only be called silver. In fact, it glittered with highlights of that color that surely weren't natural. The gossamer gown she wore did little to hide her body, revealing the ample swell of her bosom and trim waist, hiding little more than her nipples and her sex behind less translucent layers of material. He stood, staring at her with wide eyes, his pistol trembling in his hand. "What kind of devil's temptress are ye?"

Laresa's senses gave her a general idea of the time and place in which she now walked the world outside again. The sound of cruel laughter and terrified screams from outside pierced the silence. Laresa could sense that her new Master was deathly afraid of both her, and of those beyond the barred door.

"I am no temptress — the devil's or otherwise. I am a genie, Master, and I await your command," Laresa explained.

"Ye've the devil in ye! Ye're not for fooling me, witch! I'm not for believing stories about genies and lamps. What are ye, Trenchard's devil whore?"

Laresa's eyes narrowed, and she frowned. It was bad enough that her Master was calling her a whore while pointing a gun at her, but a woman was also being raped only a few feet away on the other side of the door. "You summoned me from the ring. You need only make a wish to prove my words. I cannot lie to you, Master."

William erupted into a laugh tinged with madness. "Aye, a genie. Well then, devil genie, I wish every one of those squid-sucking mother murderers, Captain Trenchard and his whole crew, was all dead, so's I wouldn't have to be looking over me shoulder for 'em for the rest of me days."

Laresa hated these wishes — she took no joy in killing. Reaching out with her senses, as she had little choice, she knew that at least these men were far more deserving of their fate than others whom Masters had commanded her to slay in the past. Killers, thieves, and rapists all, each had copious amounts of blood on their hands. She fought the power welling up inside her instinctively, knowing it was futile. This had happened too many times before, and it was a fight she could not win. Still tasting bile, despite the obviously foul nature of the men, Laresa released her power. "It is done."

Laughing again, William steadied his hand, aiming his pistol with more accuracy at the Djinn. It was then that the silence intruded upon his chaotic thoughts. Listening carefully, he realized he no longer heard screams and laughter from outside. After a few moments, he warily stepped backward toward the door. When he reached the portal, Will quickly stepped sideways and looked out the window, darting back out of view as quickly as possible.

Not believing his eyes, he darted in front of the window for a second glance, and then at last walked over to take a long look outside. His old mates, at least six of them, lay sprawled on the ground, near their still-burning torches. Louisa was lying on the ground, her clothing torn away, with a man mounted atop her.

Turning back to the genie, he asked, "They're dead?"

"Such was your wish, Master," Laresa responded.

Slowly holstering his gun, William ran his fingers through his long, dark, curly hair. Keeping a watchful eye on the genie, he opened the door. When the men didn't spring to their feet and come after him, he walked outside.

Approaching the spot where Louisa lay, he recognized the man on top of her, with his cock still buried inside of her. It was Walleyed Pike, a man who had never liked Will, on account of constantly losing games of bones to him. Black Eyed Pete lay staring with unseeing eyes nearby, and William recognized the other four men as well.

Kicking Pike off Louisa, he watched the man limply flop to the dust. Louisa was unconscious, either from the shock of the rape, or from having a man drop dead atop her in the process of doing so. She was breathing, so he knew she was alive.

"Damn me, they are dead,"

"As I said, Master, you wished them dead, and so they are."

William regarded the Djinn curiously, asking, "All of them? That murderous dog Trenchard too?"

"He — and all his crew — breathe no more," Laresa answered.

"Well damn me — damn me. So all I got to do is be making a wish, and ye'll be doing it?"

"There are rules, Master."

Rubbing his chin, Will gestured to the unconscious Louisa. "Well, put her back in her bed, and we'll be talking about these here rules. If ye're real like the stories, then ye're a trickster, and I'll be listening good."

"So that's it? I can't lie to ye, ye can't be bringing back the dead, and ye can't change things what'll be bothering whole lots of people?" Will squinted, watching Laresa's face carefully, looking for any sign of trickery in her features, or body language.

"Those are the ways in which I may be lost to you, unless you should give away my ring, or it be taken from you," Laresa acknowledged.

Standing up from the chair where he sat, Will said, "I wants to see that scum Captain Trenchard. I wants to see him dead with me own two eyes. She'll be waking up and chasing me out with a kitchen knife soon, anyhow."

"As you command, Master," Laresa responded, bringing her power to bear at the same moment.

Will started, growling out, "Bloody..." The shock of suddenly appearing in the cabin of a ship, after being in a house the moment before, took a second or two to wear off. Slumped over a table in front of him was the body of Captain Trenchard.

William kicked the corpse, laughing when it didn't move in response. Reaching to the man's belt, he pulled the jewel-encrusted sword from its sheath at the captain's waist, lifting Trenchard's head at the same time. Will drew the edge of the sword across the captain's throat, opening a gaping wound.

"Just to be sure the bastard stays dead," William muttered, punctuating the statement with an evil chuckle. He then let go of the pirate's hair, allowing Trenchard's head to fall with a hollow thump back to the table.

"Alright, I wish for the good Captain here and his lot of filthy bilge rats to be buried," William commanded, smiling wide as he finished.

The request surprised Laresa, as the hard-edged man hardly seemed the type to request that people he hated receive a proper burial. She could sense something else in his thoughts, but ignored it for the moment as she summoned up her power and granted his wish. "It is done, Master."

Slapping his knee and laughing, Will revealed his motivation with his next words. "The lot of them will be spinning in their graves, being buried on land. Well then, I'm guessing this is my ship now. Captain William, of the Ghost of the Sea; I'm liking the sound of that."

Laresa didn't relish the thought of serving a murdering pirate for years on end. From the thoughts racing through Will's head, it appeared that such would be her fate, however. Her eyebrows twitched upward slightly in surprise after a few moments, when those thoughts faded, losing their luster.

"I left this life behind for a reason. I'm tired of fighting for me life for a few coins." Remembering Louisa, William sighed and said, "Could ye make Louisa be forgetting about what happened tonight? Me being a pirate, the rape, and all?"

Glad to see hints of humanity in her new Master, Laresa immediately fulfilled his wish. It warmed Laresa's heart, knowing that the poor woman would no longer recall the assault. "Of course, Master, it is done."

Snorting, Will said, "That was a damn sight friendlier than anything ye've said since ye damn to near scared the piss out of me."

Laresa nodded her head in a slight bow. "I do not enjoy killing, Master. Removing painful memories of rape is a task I performed with pleasure."

William tapped his fingers on the table in front of him for a few moments. "I'm for wagering that ye'd be less likely to be tricking me if'n I'm making wishes that you like — aye?"

Sensing a softening of the retired pirate's hard edge, Laresa smiled and replied, "I would consider that a good wager, Master."

Covering his mouth, William yawned. "Right now, I'm for needing some damn sleep. Take me back to the house. I'll be seeing soon enough if the lass has forgotten about my black past."

In the blink of an eye, William stood once again in the common room of Louisa's house. "Ye'll be here when I get up, then?"

Laresa explained, "I will return to my ring, unless you order me to remain outside. I need to return to my home within the ring and rest, to restore my powers, on occasion."

"How do I get ye back, then?"

"Just say my name, and I will return from the ring."

Yawning once more, Will said, "I'm for bed, then."

Laresa nodded her acknowledgement, and William walked into the bedroom, half expecting the woman to awaken and start throwing things at him at any moment. Removing his clothing, he slipped into bed next to Louisa.

Rolling over to face him, Louisa opened her eyes slightly and sleepily asked, "What were you doing?"

"Just out watering the grass, Lass," he replied.

"Go to sleep. I want you well-rested in the morning."

Chuckling, Will closed his eyes, too tired to try to come to grips with the strange series of events that had occurred this night.

Laresa relaxed on her cushions, thinking that things could be worse. At this point, William was the perfect type of Master to own her. She neither liked, nor despised him. Other than the killing wish, made in the heat of the moment, and not completely unjustified, his commands so far weren't making it difficult for her to keep her emotions in check.

As she had so many times recently, Laresa longed for the time when she had been truly able to forget about what it was like to be human. For so long, it had been easy. Masters, good and bad, had come and gone, affecting her when she was at their side, and easily forgotten when the ring moved on.

Now, every new Master summoning her felt as though they clung to her, refusing to let her go. She remembered more details of her recent Masters than of dozens combined throughout the centuries. She could still almost smell Ryan's cologne, and hear Clint's voice. A moment's thought easily summoned up Christine's wonder at coupling with a man she had admired for such a long time.

Unfortunately, she could also remember the savage beatings of Daniel, and the cold, cruel inhumanity of Aaron — in vivid detail.

A few moments of relaxation centered her mind, letting her start to drift off into a rejuvenative sleep. She would forget, and live in the moment, as best she was able. She had managed it in varying degrees since the turmoil in her soul blossomed, and she would do so again.

Laresa slipped out of her reverie, hearing the call of her Master. His summons pulled her from the ring, to coalesce from the mists in the outside world once more. "How may I serve you, Master?"

Grunting in pleased surprise, William answered, "I was just making sure I weren't dreaming. So, it's all being real, then."

"Yes, Master, it is real."

A sleepy call echoed from the bedroom, "Who are you talking to, Will?"

Laresa projected her thoughts to William, I can hear, and respond to your thoughts, Master.

Laresa stifled a chuckle upon hearing him think, Bloody hells!

I apologize for startling you, Master. Simply think what you wish to say, and I will hear it, as though you spoke the words with your lips.

"Nobody lass, I'm just muttering to meself," William responded to Louisa aloud.

"Why don't you come back to bed?" The red-haired woman put a great deal of suggestion into the words, revealing beyond any doubt why she wanted him back in bed.

William's mental voice was hesitant and uncertain, the idea of thinking instead of speaking utterly alien to him. She's always wanting for more when I ain't got none left to give. Can ye make it so's I can be giving her what she wants? Did ye hear that?

This was yet another wish Laresa could grant with a clear conscience. Unfortunately, it was a wish that also raised her opinion of her new Master, and eroded her ability to remain disconnected. For now, she simply decided to enjoy the moment. Of course, Master. I find the idea that you think of her needs pleasing. I will restore your ability to perform whenever necessary, as many times as you would like.

William chuckled, and then whispered, "Ye asked for it, lass. Now ye're going to be getting it." He turned and walked quickly back into the bedroom.

Louisa was waiting for him, her nightgown removed, smiling seductively. She parted her legs the moment he walked into view, beckoning him to the bed to take advantage of that action. Will didn't waste a moment in thought, he simply shed the pants he wore, revealing his throbbing erection, and climbed into the bed. A moment later, he was buried deep in her warm, wet embrace.

The first whore Will had paid to have a poke with took pity on an inexperienced young man, teaching him how to pleasure a woman. He had returned for several more lessons before finding the opportunity to test his knowledge. Over the years, he had refined those beginner's skills, priding himself on bringing even quite jaded prostitutes to a peak. Louisa now received the results of that cumulative experience, something she had quickly grown to love from the well-endowed William.

William didn't hold back as he usually did, attempting to stave off his own release. He used every trick he knew, stroking his cock hard and fast into her clinging depths. The loud sounds of pleasure erupting from Louisa told Will that she was enjoying the difference.

As she neared her peak, and William knew the signs well after coupling with her so many times, he grabbed onto her thighs, pounding his manhood home with all the strength and power he could muster. Louisa's mouth and eyes were both opened wide, surprise and delight with his powerful lovemaking stealing her ability to vocalize her pleasure.

When her orgasm hit, Louisa's back arched, and she screamed loud enough to set Will's ears to ringing. William was in near perfect synchronization with her, his semen erupting inside her with the very first contraction of her climax.

Will caught his breath, thinking that she felt even wetter than usual today. As the fog in his head slowly cleared, he remembered his wish. In the same second his mind focused on that thought, he felt blood rushing back into his manhood.

Louisa gasped out, "Oh, lord yes, Will!" His starting to thrust again after filling her with his seed was completely unexpected. She remembered then that he'd promised to make her remember this morning until the end of her days.

As her body came aflame with intense pleasure, she thought that they were well on their way to making a lifelong memory today.

Curling up and covering her sex protectively, Louisa gasped out, "Good God, William, put that thing away!" She chuckled, following it with a long, deep moan. "I'll not be able to walk for days already. So many times, and so good. I don't deserve you, Will — thank you."

"Thank ye, Lass," Will breathed, collapsing to the bed. When his member had swelled for the fifth time, he hadn't been so sure his back was good for another hump anyway.

After a few minutes, Louisa at last uncurled, moving over to lay her head on his chest. "I don't know where that came from, but I hope it happens again some time."

"Aye, me too, Lass. I'm thinking I'll go to town, and get ye some pretty things. Would ye like that, Louisa?"

Sighing contentedly, Louisa snuggled up closer against him. "I pray this isn't all a dream. If it is, please don't wake me up." She yawned then, and said, "I think I'll sleep in a bit. I don't think I can get out of this bed right now, anyway."

William stroked her hair as he spoke, "I'll take care of the chores, and then I'm going to town. Ye'll have pretty things when I get back, me lovely."

"Don't be long," she replied sleepily, smiling at him before moving to lie down on her pillow again. She started to pull up the blanket, but frowned when she realized it was damp and sticky from their lovemaking.

Will rose and fetched another blanket, covering her up and then leaving the room. She was already drifting off to sleep before he closed the door.

Laresa found it refreshing to have a male Master who's first thought was not the use of her body. William had thought about it of course, but she knew from her connection to him that he was still quite wary of her. As welcome as it was not to be thought of first and foremost as a sex toy, Laresa would not have found such a proposal objectionable at this point. In order to grant William's wish, she had been quite intimately connected to the long lovemaking session, and her pent up passions were screaming at her.

William walked into the front room, where Laresa awaited him, with a wide smile on his face. Quietly, he said, "Ye wouldn't be getting testy if I wished for me woman to not be sore, would ye?"

Laresa smiled at him when she replied, "Though your intentions are not entirely selfless, they are likewise not entirely selfish. I don't believe such a wish would make me testy."

"Aye, do that then."

Laresa nodded and informed him, "It is done, Master."

Grunting in acknowledgement, William then asked, "Well then, while I'm courting Lady Luck, how about if I was to wish that I'd always have the coin to live fine, and give nice things to me woman?"

Laresa saw the flashes of immense wealth in the ex-pirate's mind, but he pushed them aside in favor of more conservative thoughts. His reasoning reminded her of Clint, a Master with a similar background. "You do not wish for the wealth of kings, then?"

"What good's gold ye just pile up? I marked rich men in my time, for prancing about with their fancy things. I'm not for wanting to mark meself that way. I'm just wanting us to live real good," William answered, very much the same as Clint's reasoning.

Producing a pouch, Laresa held it out, "This pouch will always contain coin. It will be up to you to moderate your greed."

"That may take a spot of work, Lass," William chuckled, taking the pouch from her and slipping it into his belt. "Well then, I'm for buying some pretty things for me woman. Ye think ye could tell me what she'd like, ye being a woman yerself and all?"

"If you so wish, I could read her mind and discover what she desires far better than my own intuition could determine," Laresa offered.

"Well now, that's damn handy. Ye're gonna draw eyes to ye, in them things, and I'm not for wanting people to be looking me way."

Laresa shook her head, "None can see me except you, unless you wish for me to be visible, Master."

"So you could think things to me, and nary a soul would know you was there, then?" When Laresa nodded, Will smiled wide and said, "Well then, let us be getting to town. I learned in me years that a woman with pretty things is a damn sight easier to be around, and free with her charms."

Laresa used her magic to complete the day's chores in an instant for William, and then her power moved them to a nearby town. A couple of hours later, Laresa transported herself and Will to a field just out of sight of the house, a bundle of presents for Louisa under William's arm.

Although far from a noble soul, William thought of Louisa's needs and desires, at least where they could benefit him. Laresa could think of worse character traits, and warmed to the rough, foul-mouthed former pirate somewhat. Once again, she thought that he was the perfect type of Master for her, at this storm-tossed juncture in her long servitude.

Laresa's eyes opened wide when she sensed the presence of magic, more specifically Djinn magic. Two people, a man and a woman, appeared between her and the house. Laresa gasped when she recognized the man.

"Well, Laresa my dear, we have some scores to settle," Aaron growled.

Laresa remembered a faint impression of thought that she had picked up from her former Master, just before he had denied his mind to her. Quickly latching onto that thought, she summoned up her power and transported both she and Will across space and time, to a place that Laresa knew sparked at least some fear in Aaron.

"Who in the hells was that, and where in the hells are we?" Aaron's eyes darted back and forth, taking in the strange surroundings.

"Please, Master, just listen. That was a Master who once owned me, and has reason to hate me. Somehow, he had found a new genie, and he has come for me. He will kill you to reach me. I am using my power to try to hide us from him, as I am bound to protect you, but you must heed my words from this point onward, for both our sakes."

A loud roar drew Aaron's eyes toward the sky, and he cowered down to his knees, staring upward in terror. "What kind of devil bird is that?"

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