What Goes Around

by curious2c

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: A cheating wife gets found out with devastating consequences.

I could see that she was angry. The look on her face was clearly Anger with the capital A. I could also see something else in her eyes too, that look that I had felt myself once before, not so long ago.

Of course, I was in bed with her best friend, and we were both naked, having just had one great round of sex. Her friend was actually better at fucking than Betty was. I hadn't been surprised about that. Shawna had 'that' going for her, and I suppose 'that' is what made her such a great lay.

Shawna is a blonde, shapely sex Goddess. Kinda along the lines of Miss Monroe of the fifties and sixties... you know... sex... all sex. Oozing sex. Bursting through with sexuality and expressing it in such a... well... sexy way. She knew what she had and she used it... often

I didn't have to work too hard to get Shawna in bed either. Matter of fact, once she realized that I was coming on to her, it took... oh... maybe ten seconds for her to go into slut mode. Even though I was fairly certain of what to expect, I was surprised at how quickly she took the bait, considering that I was married to her best friend and all.

Betty stood there in the doorway of our bedroom, shocked at first. Then I saw the red anger clouding up in her cheeks. Then I saw a flickering of that something I knew was the pain of discovery. I knew that I had gotten the message across at that point. Betty turned and walked out. I heard, rather, we heard the front door slam.

I had a couple of things in my mind at that moment. First, the fact that Betty had said nothing... just stood there glaring. The second was Shawna who, much to my surprise, started to work on me some more. She had seen Betty standing there and just went back down on me, working me back up. As if her being naked in bed with me was no big deal at all.

"Oh baby, now that I've had you, I need you again. You know, you really surprised me when you started to come on to me earlier, but I am glad that you did. I've wanted to fuck you ever since Betty married you. You are one hot hunk of man."

"You're not upset that Betty knows about this?"

"Oh baby, she'll come around. If she doesn't, so much the better, cause you'll be a free agent, and I'd do anything to hook up with you for a while. I can't understand why you changed your mind like you did, but I'm sure glad you did."

I was uncomfortable, even though I knew my reason for being naked in bed, sweaty having fucked a hot and wanton woman was just.

'Just' you ask? Let me explain.

We have been married for a few years, and the 'edge' of the newness of all that had worn off. I guess we had hit the seven-year itch you could say. I hadn't, until that day eight weeks ago. Two months... just two short months ago.

I came home early from work, unexpectedly, and when I walked into the house I was about to shout out I was home. Before I did I noticed the clothes leading to our bedroom door. Mans slacks, woman's skirt. Mans shirt, woman's blouse. They shouted at me to keep quiet. So I was.

Looking in the bedroom door I was stunned at finding my wife, Betty, naked on top of some guy that I didn't know... and they were fucking. I could see that it wasn't their first time that day, as Betty had semen running down the crack of her ass, and I think it was seeping from her little brown bud. That same little brown bud that she had steadfastly refused to allow me to enter.

They were engrossed with each other and didn't hear or see or even sense me, although I think Betty may have had a premonition since she froze for a second just as I started to turn to leave. I stopped and held still, then she shook herself a bit and went right back to work.

I stood away in the hall listening to them until they finished up. I heard them talking and from that talk I learned that this was not the first time, nor would it be the last. From what I gathered, this had been going on for quite some time. They made plans for their next tryst, and then I heard them laughing and playing around as they headed into the master bathroom to clean up and probably have some more sex in the process.

I went out to my car, after having checked the wallet in the pants of the asshole I 'd just caught my wife with. Name and address, and some other information, like the picture of the wife and three kids, credit card numbers, and a bit more. I drove away, and since I had two hours to kill before I was expected home, I drove to a nearby park and thought out what I was going to do.

Never having been in such a situation before, at first I had wanted to go kill two people. But then I realized that would only serve to put me in jail and never have any peace. I wondered why of course, since I had thought that Betty loved and respected me. She always told me she loved me every morning as I headed out to work, so I didn't have any reason to not believe her... until now.

Knowing that my marriage was about to end I decided that a little revenge would serve them both right. I also knew that I'd never be able to do much to hurt Betty, at least not quite like she had just hurt me, but even though I still loved her, I knew I'd never be able to live with her after this. Their words burned in my mind.

"So did you ever expect us to be so good together Betty?"

"Oh no Sam. You're so perfect... I mean that too. Everything about you is perfect. I wish I had met you before. I really do. We could have had a great time all these years."

"Yeah, well, I was married right out of high school, and then started working for the wife's old man, so that would never have happened, but I'm like you. I wish we'd met a long time ago. You're a right fine babe."

"You know that I love Jim, but he doesn't do it for me like you do. I just hope we never get caught. Jim would probably try to hurt you... and fail of course, but then I'd have to explain everything, and that would be a large pain in my ass. After all, I don't love you anyway. I love fucking you... sucking you... having you inside me... Oh god I love that especially. You fit me just right."

Their words were indelibly etched into my heart. How long had they been doing this? I didn't know, but I knew it had been too long already. He was bigger than I was in height and build, but I think that Betty would have been shocked and more than a little surprised to find out that he would have been the one hurting.

I had been in the service, and she knew that, but she didn't know about my boxing days. I kept that from most people since I had hurt Billy so bad that day... he was still messed up in the head from it, and I just wanted to forget all about what I had done to him in that ring.

I had been young and feeling tough, as had Billy. We had an exhibition match, and during that match he had been talking to me between punches. His banter had gotten to me and my eyes saw red at one point. He had been teasing me about my then girlfriend, and how he'd have her that night after he got done beating me to a pulp. It had been that friendly banter used to irritate a buddy, he'd not been serious. In the heat of the moment, I had missed that though.

He never stood a chance and I started to beat him senseless. Before the ref could get in I had hit him eight times hard in the head because my first punch caused his hands to drop away. I think he had been going down on my first hit... but I never gave him the chance. After the fight he'd been taken to the hospital, out cold and they were unable to bring him out of it. He'd been in the coma for a week.

He never recovered to be quite the same man. He quit boxing, and it was as if he had lost some part of 'him'. They had to re-teach him how to talk, and do the basics of living all over again. I had taken away 'Billy' and left a five-year old child in a grown mans body. I quit fighting after that, and I also put some money into his bank account time to time to help take care of him.

His parent's thought I was a hell of a nice man... I didn't, I felt like a jerk. Hence, I didn't talk about that time with anyone. I carried that around with me all this time, knowing that with my hands I was dangerous. I was far more dangerous than the average person and definitely not one to fuck with.

Now, I sat there in the park wanting to hurt two people... but knowing that I could never go there without screwing up my entire life. So I came up with an alternative plan. One that was twisted, but just as twisted as what Betty and Sam had done to me.

I set out to plan what I'd do, and today was part of the culmination of my revenge. I can't say I'm proud of it all, but I do feel somewhat vindicated. I wouldn't sleep well for some time to come at any rate, but I would be sleeping a bit better... at least I thought so.

Shawna left about an hour after Betty 'caught' us together. She managed to get me up two more times, although the last time I never came, I did get her off quite well. Shawna kept telling me that I was pretty well hung too. I supposed after seeing Sam, I was better hung than he was, which was part of why I didn't understand Betty's words about how nicely he fit her.

Later that evening Betty came to the house with her sister in tow, and they gathered up her things. I never said a word, and Betty acted like I should have been begging for forgiveness. I didn't and I think that hurt her worse than I could have by 'finding' her and Sam together.

Her sister hung around for a bit when Betty took the last of her stuff to the pickup.

"Why? Why would you do that to Betty? How could you do that with Shawna of all people? I don't understand you at all anymore Jim."

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