Foresaking All Others

by Pagan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Some Party girl


He got off the sofa, "Oh come on, please Helen don't be so silly it really will be a great bash."

Her eyes watched the television as she replied, "Chris I've known you for seven years, I've been married to you for five of those years and in all that time I have never liked those two prats that you call friends, they are childish, pathetic and stupid, even the word bash is juvenal, they play stupid pranks and the way they want to look at every porn site they can find, and make jokes about women, it just makes me sick, their filthy little perverts."

He sat on the arm of the settee, "Look there will be other people there, you don't have to bother yourself with them, I have to go and I want you there with me, please Helen, just for me, I'll buy you a new dress, special you know just for the occasion."

She looked up, "I get to choose it, buy it and you pay for the whole trip in to town."

He shrugged his shoulders, "O K if that's what it takes, it's a deal," she went back to watching the programme.

Danny and Phil worked in the office two floors above Chris, all three were in the office canteen, "We going to do it then, like we said," Phil looked anxiously at the other two, "Go on say yes, I've bought them," he opened a bag to show three beard disguises, Danny picked one out, "Hey there not bad, bloody good in fact, why not, you up for it Chris?"

Chris took it, "If it makes you two happy and you want to wear them at the party then as you say why not, I'll have to get ready here, the old mans got me working through till eight, Helen will have to go by Taxi, but I'll give her a laugh this beard should surprise her and I've bought some great new designer gear, she'll never recognize me."

Helen looked at herself in the mirror, oh yes she thought, this is the business, she admired herself and her new out-fit, black figure hugging dress, the hem short on one side showed a lot of thigh as the other side dipped to her calf. Nicely cut neckline to show just enough of her sumptuous cleavage, a little strap slid over her left shoulder holding the whole thing together, it was all finished off with high black ankle strapped shoes and dark stockings.

She didn't need to go to the hairdressers with a sweep of a comb and a carefully placed clip her auburn waves cascaded around her face and down to her shoulders, she smiled to herself, twenty six and still got that carnival queen look that won you so many beauty pageants.

The phone rang down stairs, by the time she got to it the answer machine had taken over, "Hy sweetheart, got to work late, get a taxi to Phil's be there as soon as possible, love you."

Shit, bloody typical, here's me done up to look great and now I've got to get a taxi to that stupid party that I don't even want to go to.

She lit a cigarette, got the phone book and rang, first taxi available will be in two hours, she booked it and sat, then stood and went to the wall cabinet and poured herself a scotch and soda, and then she sat again.

Her enthusiasm for the party made her stand and visit the cabinet five times in the two hours she wanted.

The taxi arrived at Phil's about eight fifteen, she was as she hoped noticed by all the men and did everything to avoid bumping in to Phil and Danny by talking to the others, she was well in to the scotch as she put another cigarette in her mouth, a lighter flicked in front of her.

She followed the arm up to see two tall men admiring her she guessed in their early forty's who immediately started to monopolize her.

They got her more drink and flattered her, asked after her husband, all small talk. Then another drink and the conversation got round to how boring the party was, how silly the people were and how there was a great party not ten miles down the road, at the Barrington-Thomas's.

Helen giggled, "Not that big old rambling house on the Tuxford road," they smiled at each other then back at the slightly drunk very attractive woman and said, "That's the one."

She carried on giggling, "Wouldn't it be awful of me to go there," they started to goad her, "How awful do we feel, it will be really stupendous, plenty of good drink and enough room to dance," the other one jumped in, "And full of better class people than this, the way you look isn't that what your worth?"

Helen emptied the glass stubbed out her cigarette, "Yes I'm worth it; shall we go dancing?" She picked her coat up, said goodnight to the only friend she knew, Trudy Carnell and staggered her way to their car.

The car pulled quickly away from Phil's. The two men in the front and Helen in the back, one man opened the glove box and handed a cigarette to her, "Moroccan tobacco, tastes really good," she took it and he lit it, she inhaled and then coughed, "Ohooo that's strong."

He turned to her, "Slowly, inhale and hold, then slowly let it out," she did as he said and relaxed back in to the leather seat.

Chris finally got away from the office at eight fifty. After donning his false beard and new clothes he headed for Phil's.

He first searched out Phil and Danny to see them in their beards, all looked like triplets, which was the idea, then he grabbed a drink and looked for Helen.

The car moved up the gravel drive and stopped amongst the other cars, the two men were out and at the back door; a silently bemused Helen stumbled out of the back seat. The two men walked ether side of her, keeping her straight as they went in through the front door.

The rooms were dimly lit, someone took her coat and handbag as they went in to the big lounge, a drink was put in her hand as she started to sway to the soft gentle music.

Chris searched the house for Helen, rang home and got in to a bit of a panic until he bumped in to Trudy Carnell who told him that Helen had gone off to another party with a couple of men, she remembered something about the Tuxford road but that was about all, Chris downed another large gin and tonic and went to his car.

"Want to dance," Helen made a silly, "Arr-ha," sound as the other man took her glass. The music was slow and romantic; he held her close, she, a little unsteady, lay against him. At first he held her gentle then he let his hand move to the small of her back, he pushed her in to him making sure she could feel his hard cock as it rubbed against her.

The other man watched them as he moved to a small corner and met with three others, they had been watching events and wanted to talk, "Evening Alex, I see Richard has a new girlfriend this one looks rather exceptional."

Alex smiled, "Good god no, we dropped Martin off at some silly party, stayed for one and that gorgeous creature dropped in to our lap."

Another in the group said, "Looks like she's had a few," Alex turned to him, "Yes she was quite well under, and we got her under with a few more she got fed up waiting for her husband, sounds like he will be at home with the others at that party, oh and the joint we gave her in the car has helped."

A third man butted in, "Wonder if she puts out, she's got some body on her, certainly well stacked up front, I wonder if their real?" Alex looked at the pair dancing, he noticed that Helen was unsteady on her feet and had her arms around Richard's neck, "A couple more drinks and another joint in an out of the way room should answer all those questions and more."

Chris pulled in to the drive, heard the noise and decided to investigate. He was about to pull the beard off when he looked in the rear-view mirror, no he thought maybe I'd like to mingle un-noticed.

He slid out the car and made for an open French window, walked through and picked up a glass, his eyes surveyed the people. As a cameraman walked around taking pictures of the guests the flash's illuminated the room

He saw a group of five men and then he heard a giggle, a giggle he knew only to well. He got in to a better position to see, hell he thought she looks good in that outfit, until she tottered slightly and he could see the other side and the top of her fancy stocking showing at the raised hem.

Something inside him stopped him from going over, to him he was now invisible, no one knew he was there and no one could recognise him, he moved a little closer, he could see I rather large glass of drink in her hand, then one of the men gestured towards the dance area, she went to move but they made her drink the entire glass, and called for another as she lent on the mans arm and went to dance.

Chris watched her, she was beautiful, the dress looked very sexy; the shoes and stockings showed the whole outfit off, her tussled hair swung as she danced round the room to Bolero, but she was his wife what the fuck was she doing dancing with this man? He wanted to know more.

He watched as the man held her, his hands pulled hers up round his neck, then he slid his hands down her bare arms, his thumbs ran over her breast's then on down until he cupped her ass cheeks and ground her in to him, her head lolled back and then dropped forward on to his shoulder.

He moved her over towards the others and held her, dancing on the spot right in to the corner, Chris moved back he could see her; they hadn't surrounded her completely.

He watched as one man slid his hand in to the side of her raised hem, the outline of his hand was on her ass, her arm came down as if to push it away, but another hand held it, the hand on her ass moved down and between her legs, she still moved as if to dance but did a lot more squirming.

Chris saw movement on the other side, he took a couple of steps forward as if going to get a drink as he saw a hand reach up and close over her left breast, just then the music stopped, and so did they.

As the music started again another man held her and started to dance, it was a slow dance and Chris watched as his hands gripped her ass, then one hand slid up and covered her left tit, he heard her giggle and pull his hand away only for him to put it straight back.

She brought her hand down to stop him again but he held it and slid it all they way down between them until he held her hand against the bulge in his trousers.

She giggled some more as another man came up behind her and squeezed her ass, Chris heard, "Come on Helen, just going to have a little smoke of something illegal but it will make you feel really good, come on, we have it in a private room."

Chris heard one say to the one who'd been touching her ass, "We'll use her in the study, no-one will be going in there; its got private on the door."

Chris put the drink down, looked round the room. Its not the way he came in, its not towards the front door, but there was a hall way, he made for it, sure enough half way down was a door marked private.

He slid through the door, flicked a light on. The room had a long couch three matching arm chairs, a desk, drinks table and wall shelving, the windows were covered by long red velvet drapes, he flicked the light off and made for the drapes.

He got himself in to a comfortable position sitting on the window ledge, a little movement of the curtain join would give him view of the room, he waited, but not for long.

The door opened and the room flooded with light, he could see everything.

Richard was the first through the door with Helen giggling and squealing behind him, she was being pushed by another man, the one who had felt her ass, then the other three quickly followed, as the door shut and the key was turned, Helen was nudged so she flopped on to the couch, one man said, "Now where's the dreaded weed."

Chris could see the man go to the desk, he took out two boxes, from one he made a joint passed it to Alex who in-turn gave it to Helen, as they were lighting hers he made five from what looked like plain ordinary tobacco and handed them out.

Richard sat in one chair Alex in another, the other chair was occupied by the older of the five and Helen was sandwiched between the one who had felt her ass and the one who had squeezed her tit.

Helen looked a bit dazed as they all smoked theirs encouraging her to take another drag from her joint, she tried to cross her legs but failed, her dress had ridden up and as Chris had the view of the shorter side he could see the white flesh above her stockings. She started to sway, one man put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her back so she was lying on the short backrest, her head fell back.

Her dress was flipped up at the hem until it showed her stocking tops, the little strap was pulled down her shoulder making it easy to flick open the little clasp, Chris watched as one man winked at the other, his hand moved, resting on Helens thigh.

Chris felt strangely compelled to stay hidden and see what his lovely wife would let these men do, he remembered those famous words, Forsaking all others, well lets just put it to the test, the trouble was as he watched the mans hand stroke the naked flesh just above his wife's stocking he felt a thickening of his cock in his trousers.

The mans hand pushed between his wife's inner thighs, his thumb moved and rubbed on the silk pants just between her legs, Helen groaned her hands moved and held the hand, but it didn't stop the thumb from pressing over her cunt.

As the thumb pressed in a long moan escaped Helen's mouth this was the moment that the other one pulled at the front of her dress, he pulled out and down, slowly her left tit was exposed to everyone's eyes, the nipple looked huge and Chris knew only to well how sensitive those nipples were.

As the mans head dropped towards the big red bud, Chris's line of vision was blocked but he knew the moment the mans mouth must have closed over his wife's inflamed teat, the room was filled by a louder more rasping noise coming from her throat.

Chris watched as the left hand moved up, he knew he was going for the other firm meaty tit, he could see the top of the dress as it dropped around her waist and he bit his lip, his wife was now naked to her navel.

Her hands still had hold of the other mans hand but they were now pulling his wrist's up forcing his thumb to push harder in to her, the grunts and moans becoming more irregular as did her breathing.

Alex got up; he dropped his jacket over the chair and slowly undid his trousers as walked around the back of the couch,

Helens head hung back and rolled from side to side, Alex stood behind her, he ran his hand over her neck and mouth pushing his thumb in to it, Chris watched her suck hungrily at it. His other hand slid down her front and had his turn at fondling the perfect fat flesh and the hard red nipple that jutted out excitedly.

Richard moved to kneel in front of her now open legs, the first man was still tickling her pants, held there by her hands but Richard was in a position to pull the crutch piece to one side allowing the thumb to push between the hot wet flesh of her aroused cunt.

Chris watched as Alex pulled his fat hard cock out of his trousers and aimed it at the panting mouth, he ran the tip over her lips; Helens tongue slid out and licked at the sticky cock head. Alex gripped his cock, held Helens head to the side and pushed the head in between the open lips.

"There you go little lady that's what you really want isn't it, I thought that was it when we met you, your face would look just great with a nice fat cock stuck in that pretty mouth of yours, go on suck on it," he laughed at the others as he said, "Oh Helen I do hope your not a vegetarian as your going to get plenty of hard meat in your mouth tonight."

At the same time Richard's fingers curled in to her pants and pulled them down past her knees, "You can't beat a horny frustrated housewife to give up her wet cunt and let anybody have a good fuck, bet she fucks like a rabbit, thought she was a hot assed bunny when we picked her up."

The man who had been fingering her pushed a finger up in to her, screwing it in and around, her hips squirmed then rose inviting another finger to push in and a gently sawing motion told Chris that she had a wet cunt and it was being finger fucked.

Richard pushed his trousers down and moved the man who was finger fucking Helen out the way; he gripped her hips and pulled her to the edge of the couch. Chris watched as he pushed her legs wide open, his rigid hard cock looked big, Chris looked at it as Richard put his hands on the couch ether side of her and shoved forward.

As his cock entered her, his mouth descended on to her nipple and he sucked hard, pulling the large red bud up, she squealed around Alex's cock which was now well in to her mouth. As Richard lifted his head, Helens hands went up to her tits and started squeezing and pulling at her own nipples, she moaned and her hips moved both men smiled at each other, "I think its time we fucked this little sluts brains out," they began to mercilessly bang their cock in to Helen, two other men began to take their trousers off.

Chris watched them fucking her, then something Alex said made his cock twitch, "That's it suck it all the way, no need to rush darling your mouths going to get fucked a lot of times tonight," Richard almost laughed the words, "Ya and while her mouths busy her cunt and ass are going to get plenty of thrusting meat as well."

One of the other men said, "Hope she's got a tight ass it looked really good in that dress," Chris nearly came in his trousers the amount of times he'd want to bugger her ass and she wouldn't let him and here she was now a drunken fucktoy for all these men, and they were going to use her.

Alex started to pull her at him he was about to fill her mouth, the man who was going to be next held her head pushing it forward as Alex blew himself in to her. The other man was busy fondling her tit, as Richard emptied himself up her, casually saying, "Hope your on the pill love, because its going to be overworked tonight."

Her head was released and it hung back over the couch, she gurgled some choking noises. Soon as Richard pulled out of her the man playing with her tit grabbed her arm and pulled forward and on to the floor.

The man behind the couch almost ran round to her, "Where shall we fuck her," the first one was pulling her up, "Get her over the desk, lets have her with that cute ass up and open."

Helen drunkenly giggled and made some slapping motions with her hands saying, "You stop it, your bad boys," as they dragged her across the room, took the globe and writing material off the desk and shoved her over it.

He ran his hand over her ass, stroking it, fingering her hole, her hand came round to cover her butt, he held it, "O K slut a little lubrication from your cunt," he pushed his cock up her freshly fucked cunt then slid it out and pushed it at her ass hole.

Chris watched her knees bend and straighten as she wiggle her ass around, the man loved it as he pushed, she tried to look round but the man in front had hold of her head pushing his cock at her mouth, as the cock slide past her opening she gave a small cry which was cut short as the cock at her face pushed in to her mouth.

As the two men fucked her Richard dressed and left the room, Chris watched as the hard cock fucked in and out of his wife's ass, he heard her grunts as each shove pushed her further over the desk and the cock in her mouth further down her throat.

Richard returned, with him was the photographer Chris had seen earlier, Chris also noticed that this time the door was not locked. The cameraman moved and took two shots of Helen as she squirmed and moaned as she was fucked over the desk.

As the two men continued to double end his wife Chris saw the door open, one then two, then about four other men entered the room, as the room filled, he slid from behind the curtain and moved forward.

As he reached the desk the man up Helens ass pulled out and shot his load over her back, before the man in her mouth finished another man was fucking her cunt from behind but when he did fill her mouth she didn't have chance to spit any out before her head was back down on a fresh piece of meat jabbing at the back of her throat.

Others were now starting to drop their trousers, ready to take their turn with his wife, he listened as he mingled, "Picked her up at a party, husbands a wanker she was gagging for it," "Already taken it up the ass and cunt and sucked a few off by the time I came in," "She's well up for it," "Richard reckons she'll take us all and still want more."

Chris noticed a woman in the room before he was brought back to the scene as he heard her squeal in to an orgasm.

The next thing she was pulled from the desk, pushed and position over a man on the floor, Chris noticed he had a massive cock as she sank her aroused cunt on to it.

She squealed as he moved her hips up and down, hands pulled at her nipples making her shake her head, he watched as a man knelt behind her, she was pushed forward, held firm, before she could move another cock pushed up her ass and the two men drove hard up her making her gasp and grunt, little ahh, ahh, ahh, sounds being forced from her mouth until it was sealed by having another cock rammed in it.

As the camera flashed again Chris turned to fetch another drink. He returned a while later to find Helen on her knees taking one up her cunt and one in her mouth, he looked at the red sore ass-hole and dropped his trousers and waited.

He didn't have to wait long as the man filled his wife's cunt again; Chris pushed forward, took his place and pushed himself up her ass thinking well if you've let them fuck it why not me.

He fucked his wife's ass as he stared in to the eyes of the man fucking her mouth, the bloke looked at him and smiled, "Fancy drugging this little beauty, you know later, after we've filled her holes and when every body else has fucked her.

I've got some stuff, we could take her out of here and put her under, I've got some rope we could tie her up real tight then get her somewhere quiet where we can have some real fun with her, good looking piece, could keep her awhile, do a lot to her, you know, really fuck her, I have just the place back at my farm, bet she'd do a lot of fucking and sucking for us after a few hours dangling from a beam by these tits, can you imagine it, us with a couple of riding crops and that naked ass your fucking swinging in front of us."

Chris blew himself in to her ass and got up, he thought to himself this has gone to far, time to call a holt to it, then he thought, how.

The man who wanted to abduct her filled her mouth, again there was some-one else pulling at her, by this time she was nearly out of it; her moans and grunts became laboured as she was forced to sit on another cock.

Men came and went, using her, making her jump and squeal as the filled her over and over again.

All thoughts of finishing it were forgotten as the woman stepped forward, she was naked from the waist down, she grabbed Helens head and jammed her face in to her crutch, the camera flashed again and again as Helen was forced to lick this woman's cunt while bouncing on another hard cock.

Knowing how they could keep her horny and excited men knelt ether side and licked and chewed on Helens huge hard nipples as she pushed and turned her head in between the woman's legs, her tongue licked at the open cunt as the woman ground herself in to Helens mouth.

The woman finally splat her juice in to Helens face and the last man fucked her, the men started to go, Chris hung around staring down at the cum covered well fucked woman that was his wife, Alex came in with a bowl of water and him and another man had fun fondling her as they cleaned her up.

That man who had been fucking her the same time Chris was, caught his arm and took him to a corner, "Listen, I meant what I said, someone's got to take her out of here and she's well drunk, she's defenceless and we can get her, look at her she ours for the taking, I'll offer and when I get her to my car you be there and we will have her.

There's a lane not a mile from here, we can hide down there while we strip her and tie her up, I'm sure there's some panties on her and I've got some tape so they will keep her mouth shut while we get her to my place.

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