Felicity, Tom and Another Couple

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Felicity and Tom are lovers and they've had an evening together with another couple and now they're going to Felicity's place to see what else develops in this new relationship.

Tom and Felicity had met Willy and Trish and after having dinner, the two couples had migrated back to Felicity's flat to spend time socializing and talking some more. She had arranged everything in advance with the thought that she and Tom might swap partners with Trish and Willy and enjoy a wild experiment of having sex with the other partner there in the same room.

Everyone had gotten their clothes off, and Willy and Felicity had paired off over on one end of the couch while Tom and Trish were in another large chair nearby. The sexual tension and heat in the room was palpable. Tom found it very arousing to know that he was actually going to be fucking Trish in a few moments, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of his lady, Felicity, as she and Willy were also getting to know each other. Tom knew that Felicity was totally mouth-watering when she was naked and he could clearly see that Willy was delighted in having her sexy body uncovered and ready for him to enjoy. Tom's cock was jutting hard, leaking pre-cum and he really wanted to fuck Felicity but he was going to share his hardon with Trish's tight wet pussy first.

When Tom saw that Willy was actually pulling Felicity onto his lap and guiding his hardon up into her pussy, Tom moved to bring Trish onto his lap as well. He tried to focus on Trish's naked body since she was very sexy and nicely built but he knew Willy was getting the best part of this deal. Tom and Felicity had both agreed to getting with the other couple and swapping for the evening, but now he was beginning to wonder what they'd been thinking of. He wondered as he looked over aned saw Felicity with Willy if she was having similar thoughts.

Felicity pulled Willy forward to the edge of the couch and facing away from him, sank her wet pussy down on his hard cock and began to fuck him, rising up and sinking back down over and over, her legs were spread wide. Her hands slid from caressing her pert ample rounded breasts, down her slim body to start rubbing her hard little clit. Tom watched them, fascinated by the sight of the cock appearing and disappearing into Felicity's pussy, the sight of her touching her own hot sexy naked body driving him to fuck Trish all the harder; her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in ecstacy. Watching Felicity with Willy, Tom felt a stab of jealousy, and thrust his thick cock into Trish again, fucking her deeper than Willy ever could. Tom dragged his eyes from the incredible sight of his woman, his Lady Felicity, fucking herself on another man's cock, and looked straight at her face. Her eyes were open, looking directly back at his. She wore a small frown; Tom half smiled to himself in satisfaction as he recognised it as frustration; all those times he teased her to the point of cumming but stopped and prolonged her agony, but which he always made sure ended in eventual bliss. He saw Willy pounding faster and faster and knew no matter how much she fingered her own clit, there would be no orgasm for Felicity from Willy. She watched Tom and Trish at it like rabbits and envied the excitement and pleasure Trish was obviously experiencing at the hands of her talented man.

Felicity couldn't deny that watching them fuck turned her on, but that was probably because she knew was it was like to be on the receiving end of Tom's spine tingling efforts. Willy was trying his best, and what he lacked in girth and depth he made up for in enthusiasm. Problem was he was way ahead of her. She knew he was going to cum and she wasn't even close. His hands gripped her hips as he bucked under her. He hadn't achieved any depth and his cum slid out of her almost immediately. Belatedly, Willy's hands began caressing Felicity's hour-glass figure, touching her hot silky soft skin, reaching up and around to weigh her breasts in each hand and fondle her pebble-like nipples. She moaned softly, closed her eyes and pushed back into him as he finally found her sensitive spots of pleasure, but his cock was already flaccid and slipped from her unsatisf

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