Denise Fallon-CIA Spy: Soldier's Rescue

by Jana Cleveland

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Denise rescues a kidnapped soldier in Iraq and kicks terrorist ass

LOCATION: Somewhere in the Middle East, mainly Iraq

ALIAS: Dana Fairweather a.k.a "Desert Fox" of US ARMY Search and Rescue

My newest mission had me crossing enemy lines. With help from the U.S. Army, I had to go undercover to rescue an Army Reserve soldier, Capt. Doug Miller, who was kidnapped and attacked by a terrorist group similar to Al-Quaeda, the Al-Fraida. My boss at headquarters thought it would one of my best missions, especially because I'm rescuing a soldier while our country's military are still fighting with Iraq in the war.

According to files, Miller was last seen trying to deliver supplies and aid to victims when Al-Fraida attacked and kidnapped him on the spot. Now they want to kill him. So I had to go undercover, find and destroy the Al-Fraida, and rescue Capt. Miller.

My alias is Dana Fairweather of the US ARMY Search and Rescue Division a.k.a "Desert Fox". According to files, Miller has been in the Army Reserve for 3 years and lives in San Diego, California. He also has 3 siblings: 2 sisters (Heather and Jenny) and 1 brother (Austin). Their mom Anne's a pharmacist and dad Samuel owns a restaurant. When Doug's not serving his country or volunteering, he does triple duty as an aspiring romance novel cover model, and an entertainer at a ladies' club in Los Angeles. Not only was I given information on Miller, but also on Al-Fraida. The Al-Fraida is similar to Al-Quaeda. While Al-Quaeda has Osama Bin-Laden leading a very large group of terrorists from all over Iraq targeting only America as a result of 9/11, the Al-Fraida's led by Rajiv Reniakah whose 40 plus members came from both Iran and Iraq who target the U.S. military and militaries from other countries.

For this mission, I wore a dark green body-hugging jumpsuit with a zipper in the front down to my belly button, bulletproof lingerie and body armor under the jumpsuit, and black boots all under a large white veil. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a sleek ponytail under the veil. My weapons and gadgets for this particular mission are a .38 Smith and Wesson handgun, a flicker knife, a pair of night vision goggles, a digital camera disguised as a belt, and a smart watch with GPS.

Later that night, I spotted the Al-Fraida entering their secret desert hideout with my night vision goggles. I decided to follow them. I was still wearing a veil under my jumpsuit and everything else. The Al-Fraida's secret hideout turns out to be an abandoned building, which turns out to be an abandoned two-story apartment complex. I noticed most of the Al-Fraida left the building. With my night vision goggles still on, I walked right into the building once they had left. First, I went upstairs. I looked into the rooms to find Miller. Then, I heard noises from one room, so I kicked the door open to find Capt. Miller, tied up, bruised, and blindfolded.

I camp up to and said "Capt. Miller, I'm Dana Fairweather with the US ARMY Search and Rescue a.ka. "Desert Fox". I'm here to rescue you." once I took off my night vision goggles.

With the flicker knife, I quickly cut the ropes from his wrists and ankles and then removed the blindfold from his eyes. Without being distracted I noticed his dark brown eyes. Doug and I began leaving the abandoned building before the terrorists came back. Once the captain and me escaped, trouble came early when Reniakah and his terrorist gang were about to come in. Reniakah spoke to his crew in his native Iraqi tongue to attack us. I was ready to fight when I took out my Smith and Wesson and shot two of them once in the chest each. Then, I clothes pinned and body slammed one into another. Doug on the other hand, punched one very hard in the torso while another got body slammed. I got out my flicker knife and stabbed three of them: one got stabbed in the stomach, another stabbed in the leg, and one just ran right into my knife. Reniakah was next. I threw him down, kicked him the stomach very hard, stomped on him, and then shot him three times in the chest and stomach with my Smith and Wesson. Once the terrorists were dead or fatally wounded, I contacted the boss who contacted the Army, telling them that Miller was found alive though wounded.

I asked Miller "Are you okay, Captain?"

He held on to his side and said "I'm okay, a little bruised, but ok. Thank you. Thank you for rescuing me and kicking terrorist ass."

I laughed and said "Just doing my job."

Once the Army Reserve arrived, I followed them as they carried the Captain onto a helicopter to take him to a hospital in Germany. The boss at headquarters congratulated me on another successful mission. My CIA boss and I visited Miller while he was there. My boss introduced me to him. The doctor said to us that Captain Miller had suffered minor injuries such as three broken ribs, a mild concussion, and some bruises on his stomach, chest, and right leg. The doctor also said Miller had to stay there overnight to 7 days for observation and he'll be ready to go home in a day or two. The army contacted Miller's family who were relieved to hear the news that he's alive and well.

Hours later, I went home to San Diego, where I live, work, and also go to school when I'm not on CIA spy missions. I work at a boutique and I go to school at FIDM hoping to become a fashion designer. I went into my sweet house, checked my messages on my answering machine and cell phone, and slipped into something more comfortable. So far, my best friends (Allison, Gabrielle, Megan, Shanna, and Brianna), my sister Natasha, my parents (mom Deana and dad Thomas in San Francisco), and aunts Maryanne and Yolanda all have called while I was away. I talked to everyone on the phone while helping myself to a pint of Haagen-Dazs caramel cone ice cream from the freezer. After that, I watched some TV and went to bed.

That week, I went to school, hanged out with my best friends, went to work, went shopping and then ate. After all that, I went back home. I was relaxing when I heard a knock on the door. The next week came. I opened to see who it was and there was Doug with short-stemmed white roses in his hand.

He said, "Are you Denise Fallon?"

I said "Yes I am."

He replied, "It's me Doug."

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