Me On CD In Havana

by Vanessa Evans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple courier job should not have ended like this.

Hi there, I know it's been a long time since I wrote up any of my experiences, but Jon's been keeping me busy, and happy, and hasn't been telling me to take time out to write them up.

We've had lots of fun in the last year or so since I last wrote anything but I haven't got time to write them all. Jon's been so pleased with our last experience / adventure that he's told me to find time to write about it.

Right, Jon had to go to Miami on business (computer software). It was a bit of a rush job but he told me that I was going to go with him because he wanted me to get some sun on my 27th birthday.

As usual Jon had more clothes with him than I did (well he was going to business meetings and I was expecting to spend most of the time by hotel pools or on a beach). Jon decided that I would wear just a coat and shoes until we got onto the plane so off we set with Jon driving down to Heathrow. Once the car got warm I had to unfasten my coat and keep it wide open. No excitement on the journey (it was dark), but Jon did get me to give him a blowjob half way down the M40.

No problems going through the airport either, Jon got me to remove my pussy rings a few months ago so the metal detectors didn't have anything to bleep at.

After we'd taken off Jon opened his briefcase and gave me a little package. He told me to take it to the toilet and put it on. It contained one of my thin cotton mini-dresses and one of my remote controlled vibes. As I put that in I got a bit wet with the anticipation of what I was expecting Jon to do to me without actually touching me. As I got back to my seat Jon told me to take the coat off before I sat down. As I climbed over Jon to get to my seat (middle one of three) the woman on the other side of my seat looked at me and I saw her eyebrows rise as I leaned over Jon. I guess that she'd noticed that the top of my dress was hanging down (it's a bit baggy, especially as I never fasten the top two buttons) and she must have seen my breasts. As I sat down I made sure that my dress wasn't between my pussy and the seat. I didn't want to get off the plane with a big wet patch on the back of my dress.

The woman smiled at me and said, "I expect that it will be quite warm when we land." I said that I hoped so, and got myself comfortable for the long flight.

It was about 30 minutes before Jon gave me the first blast from the vibe. He'd waited until a few minutes after the woman next to me started talking to me again. She was a bit of a stuck-up bitch who fancied herself. She started telling me about herself and her servants, how it was nice to get them to run around after her. When Jon switched the vibe on it caught me by surprise a bit and I gasped and grabbed the seat arms. Both Jon and the woman asked me if I was all right at the same time. Jon went on to ask me if he could get anything for me. Not thinking too well I said, "No, I'm fine than you Master."

After a few seconds the woman said, "Your husband seems to care for you a lot." Oh, he's not my husband, he's my Master, and yes, he does care for me a lot." I replied. "You mean..." she started to say, but I interrupted her saying, "Yes, he is my Master, and I am his slave. I am his, I am devoted to him, and I obey his every command, without hesitation." "Blimey!" she retorted. "That's freaky. Really freaky, I thought I was the lucky one with servants, but to have someone who's a, a submissive, your err. Master is a very lucky man. Do you do everything that everyone tells you?" "I obey only him." I said. "Pity," she said, looking at me with a funny but naughty expression on her face. She was staring at my legs and short dress. "So if I were to ask you to do something for me, your Master wouldn't allow it?" she said. "I obey only my Master," I repeated, "I'm forbidden, to touch anyone else, or have anyone touch me unless my Master tells me to it."

Just then Jon interrupted and asked me if I wanted a drink. I said, "Yes please, I'm starting to get a bit warm." With that he switched the vibe off. I guessed that he'd realised that the vibe was starting to do its job. Jon got me a glass of wine and it wasn't long before I was feeling sleepy. I dozed off and when I woke up the next top two and the bottom two buttons of my dress weren't fastened, Jon had undone them while I was dreaming about him fucking me on a gorgeous beach with about half a dozen people watching us. There was then only four buttons left fastened. If it hadn't been for the seat in front of me and the fact that I was in the middle seat of three, I would have had a minor problem of people being able to see my bald pubes.

"I see that your Master likes to keep you ready for anything," the woman next to me said. I looked at her in a puzzled way and she continued. "The lack of underwear, I couldn't help but notice when you were sleeping and leaning on your 'Master'. It must have been a nice dream, you were obviously enjoying it."

My pussy was quite wet, and Jon must have heard the woman because he switched the vibe on again.

Jon had woken me up because it was time to eat and just then the 'cabin attendant' asked me what I'd like to drink with my meal.

The rest of the flight was quite uneventful — unless you call 2 orgasms as I pretended to watch the film eventful as Jon brought me slowly to, and over the brink twice. I'm sure that the woman knew what was going on, she kept giving me these strange, knowing smiles.

It was fantastic getting off the plane into a very warm, gentle breeze.

When we arrived at the Hotel it was great, very big and posh, our room was on the 15th floor and had a great view out to the sea (looking sideways). It was late at night so we went straight to bed. Jon let me ride him to my 3rd orgasm in the last 24 hours.


Next morning, my birthday, Jon woke me up by playing with my pussy for a while then lifting my legs over his shoulders and ramming his dick hard into me. I'd woken-up while he'd been fingering me (fantastic way to wake-up), but I pretended to be asleep right until he rammed into me. There's no way I could sleep through that, and Jon knows that.

It was just a light, thin cotton skirt and tight tube top for me to breakfast, and Jon's juices running down my legs and onto the restaurant seat. The skirt is very short and low slung, if I pull it down as far as it will go you can see the top of my pubes — not that it's easy to tell cos I don't have any hair there.

After breakfast we went for a long walk, it was great feeling the warmth of the sun. Jon had to go and meet a business client in the afternoon so I spent it by the hotel pool. I wore a Wicked Weasel bikini that Jon got over the internet from Australia that's so small that a Band Aid would cover more. The material is so thin that you can see the different colour of my nipples and it hugs every contour of my crack and protruding clit.

The atmosphere round the pool was a bit formal and I didn't feel like going topless, but I did get quite a few looks in that bikini.

That evening Jon took me to a posh restaurant for a big birthday dinner. Candles, wine, the lot. I was wearing nothing but a very small, white backless dress and shoes, the back of the dress is so low cut that you can see the top of the crack of my ass so it was obvious that I had nothing on underneath. I was half expecting Jon to tell me to wear a vibe or Ben Wa or something, but he didn't. Instead he got me drunk and had to half carry me back to the hotel.


Jon was gone when I woke-up and I grabbed a bottle of water and went out onto the balcony in my usual sleep attire — nothing. I sat there for about an hour soaking-up the sun not caring who — if anyone could see me. Later I put on a bikini skirt and top (no bottoms) and went to a fast food place next door for some breakfast before going for a swim in the hotel pool. I'd only gone back to the room to collect a towel, not to put anything else on, so I had the pleasure of swimming virtually bottomless. The place seemed more relaxed and I flashed a couple of the waiters by lifting my knees up on the sun lounger as they walked towards me. One waiter even went round the pool and came back for a second look. He adjusted the chairs and loungers near my feet so that he could get a longer look. To reward him I opened my legs a bit. I smiled at him as well, but he only saw my lower lips smiling at him.

That afternoon I decided to go to the hotel gym. I needed to get some exercise, and besides, I'd seen a nice 6 pack go in there and I wanted to tease him a bit. I took a pair of Jon's unlined running shorts and a crop top with me to wear. The shorts are way too big for me, so they leave my pussy well exposed when I open my legs. I managed to have a bit of fun and left the place with a couple of men with bulges in their shorts.

That evening we had dinner in the hotel and then stayed in the hotel bar. We sat on this large very soft sofa that we almost disappeared into. My bum was lower than my knees and as I never cross my legs, just about everyone who walked passed and looked could see my pussy. We got amazing service from the same waiter who stared at me by the pool. Poor bloke, his trousers must have been real uncomfortable that night.


Jon arranged for me to go on one of those sightseeing tours. I suppose it was interesting, but a bit boring at times. By the end of it I was getting a bit fed-up with an old man who kept trying to get near me and touch my leg. I know it was my fault for letting him look up my skirt, I suppose I should have scared him off by saying, "come on then, get it out and fuck me right here, you've been trying to for long enough," loud enough for the others to hear, but I didn't.

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