Getting The Car Fixed

by Vanessa Evans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Getting the car fixed should have been quite straight forward, but.

About mid morning I put my newish cheesecloth dress on (the sun was shining and it looked warm), and took the car to Kwik-fit. I had to wait ages for someone to talk to me, but I could see the mechanics looking at me. I had been wandering round the workshop to fill-in the time, and hadn't realised that there was a pit underneath one of the cars. It was only when I heard a mechanic wolf-whistle and looked for where the noise had come for that I noticed it and him - looking right up my dress. Not wanting to spoil his fun, nor mine, I pretended not to notice him and stayed where I was. I was feeling brave, and lifted one foot onto the wheel of the parked car, pretending to adjust the fastening on my shoe. That must have given him a right eyeful. It got me a little excited and I felt a little rush of juices.

One of the other mechanics came up to me and asked me what he could do for me. He was a bit of a hunk and I was tempted to tell him, but after a couple of seconds I told him about the noise that the car was making. He said that he thought he knew what it would be, and asked me to bring it into a vacant slot.

When I brought it in, he opened the driver's door for me to get out. Not thinking (or maybe I was), I swung one leg out, it was only as I swung the other leg out that I saw his face and where his eyes were looking - right at my bare pussy. When I stood up he asked me if I had put the hand brake on. When I said, "yes" he asked me to take it off as he couldn't work on the brakes with it on. He opened the door for me and I leaned in over the seat to the hand brake. I could feel the back of my dress riding up over my butt and nearly to my waist. I pretended to be having difficulty with the hand brake and stayed like that for what seemed like 10 minutes, but in reality it was probably only a few seconds.

I heard the wolf-whistle again and remembered that the mechanic in the pit was right behind me as well. That was at least two of them that were getting a great view of my ass and pussy. The juices were flowing again. When I stood up, my mechanic had a big grin on his face, but very professionally told me that I could wait until the job was done in the waiting room at the end of the workshop. I thanked him and walked towards the waiting room. As I was walking along the side of the workshop I passed a hole in the wall as a young mechanic was walking out of it, carrying an open bottle of something. I didn't see him straight away, and he wasn't concentrating on where he was going and we collided. Part of the contents of the bottle splashed right down the front of my dress. As the lad backed away from me I could see that most of the liquid had splashed down him. "That's acid" the lad said and shouted "Pete, I've spilt some acid on a customer."

Pete was quick off the mark and was there in seconds. He took one look at us and said, "quick, clothes off and into the shower, that acid will burn your skin." It was then that I started to feel a tingling round the wet area of my stomach. I guessed that he wasn't joking. What else could I do, not wanting to pull the dress over my head, I pulled it off my shoulders and wriggled out of it. There I was, naked in the middle of a garage full of mechanics and a couple of customers, but I wasn't really worried about that, it was the tingling on my stomach that was getting to be a slight burning feeling.

Meanwhile, the young mechanic had just about got his overalls off and was in the process of dropping his trousers. At the same time, Pete was pulling his sweatshirt off. Within seconds he was down to his boxers and Pete was leading us to the shower which was in the toilet area at the other end of the workshop. As we were running down the workshop I noticed that everyone had stopped whatever they were doing and were watching us.

Before I knew it we were both in the shower getting a real good soaking. Pete said, "stay in there, both of you, and let the water wash over the area that got the acid on for 10 full minutes." Pete left us to stand there facing each other. After I had collected my thoughts I asked the lad what his name was. It was Darren. I said, "Darren, you should really take those off (pointing to the boxers), you should let the water get straight onto your skin."

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