Going To Night School

by Vanessa Evans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: What happened when I decided to learn a bit about Computers.

If you've read my Journal you will know that I'm not a very big person (well, the features that you can see when I've got some clothes on) and that my face is quite young looking. Just before Christmas 2000 I'd lost my part-time job as a hairdresser when the building that the salon was in caught fire. Just after Christmas 2000 Jon decided that I would go back to school. At first I was a bit horrified that he wanted me to spend days sitting through boring lessons, but after a couple of minutes of explanation I started looking forward to it.

Jon took me to a comprehensive school at the other side of town and I signed-up for Computer Literacy Course. He said that it was time that I learned a bit more about PCs. The next night he took me to a college and into an Art Class. When I saw all the students sketching a bunch of flowers that was on a desk in the middle of the room I got a little worried and excited. I tried to tell Jon that I was a hopeless artist, but he wouldn't listen to me.

A couple of minutes later the teacher came into the classroom and over to us. Jon asked if he was still looking for a life model. At first I didn't twig but as the teacher looked me up and down I realised that Jon wanted me to pose for the class. I got all excited thinking 'wow, legitimate flashing'. Without even talking to me Jon and the teacher agreed that I'd pose for the class on each Monday evening for the next 4 weeks.

This is what happened at the classes — well the interesting bits.

Computer Class

I was just starting to put some clothes on to go to my first evening class when Jon told me to wear a blouse and skirt. The blouse he told me to wear was quite baggy and he told me not to fasten the top 3 buttons. This meant that the highest button that was fastened was right in the middle of my boobs. As soon as Jon told me that I realised that he wanted me to let the teacher see inside my blouse. I didn't need telling twice; in fact I was looking forward to it. I made sure that the blouse wasn't tucked into my skirt much so that it only needed me to lean forward a little for there to be a gaping hole for him to see in when he stood next to me.

I put a coat on and drove Jon's car to the school.

When I got there and found the right classroom, 4 other people were already sat in front of PCs talking to each other. As I walked in they all smiled at me and 2 said, "Hi." When I took my coat off one of the older men's eyes opened wide when he saw my micro skirt. I smiled at him and asked if I could sit at any of the desks. After a slight pause he said 'yes' so I chose a desk on the side of an aisle so that the teacher would be stood to my left. I sat not too close to the desk so that I had to lean forward a bit. Sat like that also meant that a lot of my thighs would be showing and perhaps a bit of my bald pubes too, especially as I never cross my legs.

Another 5 or 6 people came in and then the teacher. He was a bald, middle-aged man, married man; well he was wearing a wedding ring. After the introductions the teacher got us to switch the PCs on and then told us how to run a program that showed us all about the different bits of a PC. I pretended that I had never used a PC before and that I couldn't find the buttons that he was telling us to click on. After he tried to describe where I should be looking and me saying that I couldn't see it, he finally came over to show me.

Poor man, he just about stopped dead in his tracks when he saw my skirt and legs. I saw him blush a little as he stood beside me and pointed to the button on the screen. As he walked back to the front, he turned and looked back to me for a second before continuing with his lesson.

After about 10 minutes I couldn't find another button. This time the man didn't bother to describe where it was, he came and stood beside me and pointed it out.

This happened another couple of times and then just before the end of the lesson I needed his help again. This time he came and stood in front of my desk and leaned over my PC monitor to show me where something was. As he leaned forward I could see that his eyes were looking straight up my skirt.

The second lesson.

When I arrived the next week I was a little late and there was only one PC free. That was in the middle of the front row. I'd just got myself organised when the teacher came in. It wasn't the same man. The new man (Peter Johnson) is about my age and looks a bit of a geek.

After he'd introduced himself he told us that the previous teacher was unwell and that he would be taking over the class. When we did the round introducing ourselves, the teacher stared at me for quite a while before moving on to the next person. That made me a bit uncomfortable, but not enough for me to think about the fun I could have. As the others were introducing themselves I was thinking about my friend Debbie and the fun that she used to have at school.

This teacher tends to go off the subject a bit and rabbit on about things that don't seem relevant to what we're doing. It was during about his third trip into technophobic whatever that I decided to try to bring him back to earth. Up until then I'd been sat with my knees tightly together and been concentrating on the lesson, but I was getting bored listening to irrelevant gobbledegook so I let my knees part.

Peter was walking back and forth across the front of the room and so deep into his little story that it took ages for him realise what he was missing. He kept looking down at the floor, but never towards me. Eventually he did look over towards me. He stooped mid sentence, went bright red, then carried on talking. He stared at my legs, and up my skirt, for a few seconds then looked me in the eye. I just smiled at him.

The poor man just seemed to lose it from that point in the lesson. He kept sneaking glances at my legs and pussy, but he looked as if he was a naughty schoolboy doing something that he shouldn't. Even though he went to help other students with problems, he wouldn't come near me. Each time I asked him a question he stayed at the front and explained in great detail what I should be doing.

At the end of the lesson he was gone before anyone else. I overheard a couple of the students talking as they went out, one was saying that the teacher was cute and shy.

The third lesson.

I'd enjoyed my little game with the 'new' teacher the previous week and wanted to continue it so I arrived early to make sure that I got the same PC. I was a little surprised to find that not only was the teacher already there, but that he'd put a chair in the middle of the front of the class. I was looking at it when Peter said 'good evening', and explained that he'd had an accident and hurt a leg. He was going to use the chair so that he didn't have as far to walk.

'Oh yeah' I thought, but didn't say anything. It could turn out better than planned.

The rest of the students arrived and the class got started. Yes, some (most) of the men were ogling my ultra short skirt and low cut, lose top, and some of the women were giving me dirty looks; but I'm used to that. My only interests that night were learning a bit more about PCs, and having some fun with the teacher.

Peter explained the chair to everyone and was limping about. After about 10 minutes he sat on the chair and kept talking. After a while he gave us an exercise to do and as I started it I looked up and saw where he was looking.

My knees had been closed up until then, but as soon as I saw him looking they opened. Not a lot at first, but as he kept looking, my knees kept opening until they were about a foot apart.

I got on with the exercise but kept looking up whenever no one was asking him a question. He certainly wasn't as shy as he'd been the previous week.

Someone at the back asked him another question and he had to go and show them something. As he got up and walked passed me I couldn't help noticing that not only wasn't he limping, he didn't have a limp dick either, there was quite a bulge in the front tight of his jeans. It looked quite painful.

By then I'd realised that he had found his confidence and was out to enjoy himself as much as I was. I was as excited as his bulge told me he was and I could feel my juices seeping out of me. Just flashing him wasn't enough, especially as he was blatantly staring at my pussy and little gold rings.

I wanted to see how far I could go before he got embarrassed again. I shuffled my chair right under the desk. If I'd had a longer skirt on it would have risen up. As it was my bare backside was on the wooden chair. I let my left hand drop onto my leg whenever it wasn't needed on the keyboard. Every so often I'd reach down and pull one of my rings or flick my clit.

The first time I did it Peter did a double take. The second time his head moved down towards me a bit.

After I finished the exercise there was a gap while some of the slower students caught up. I used that time to 'toy' with my clit and rings. I wasn't actually frigging, but close to it.

Peter was mesmerised and missed a couple of questions. One of the old men had to repeat himself louder, to get Peter to snap out of his trance.

The lesson went on in a similar way and I was finding it difficult trying to type with my right hand whilst playing with my clit with my left hand. It's not the actual typing, it's concentrating enough to know what to type.

By the time the lesson was nearly over I was getting close to cumming. There was no way that I wanted to leave without actually cumming in front of the teacher so when Peter said that there was just one more little thing to do before we all went home, I went for it.

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