My First Ski Trip

by Vanessa Evans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: You can have fun in places other than the Slopes in a Ski Resort.

The first I knew about the trip was when Jon took me shopping to a sports shop. Normally when he's taking me on holiday he doesn't tell me until the day that we go, but occasionally he does. He told me this time because I needed something to keep me warm. When he did tell me I had mixed feelings. On the one hand I'd never been skiing before and was a bit nervous. I've never really been the real sporty type. On the other hand I was excited, it was something new, and I was sure that we'd be able to have some 'fun'. I was also a bit worried about the cold. As any of you who have read my Journal will know, I don't wear much clothing, and I had visions of newspaper headlines to the effect of, 'Young girl found frozen to death buried in snow wearing nothing but a mini dress'.

Jon soon put my mind to rest on the last bit when he started looking at skisuits and thermal underwear for me. He picked 3 skisuits and told me to try them on. I'd gone out wearing knee length boots, a dress and a coat, and nothing else. I needed the coat because the weather was bad.

To try the skisuits on I had to take everything off. The one and only changing cubicle (guess they didn't have much of a demand for one) was in the middle of the shop, with just a curtain across. Not the best of curtains either.

I didn't take long to strip off and I was pulling the trousers part of a red suit on when Jon opened the curtain to see how I was getting on. I looked up, and not only could I see Jon, I could see a couple of customers. They weren't looking my way — to start off with, but as they moved round one of the men saw me. I was just pulling the trouser part over my backside and I'm not sure if he saw my pussy or not. He certainly saw my breasts and I saw that he saw me. I told Jon that a man was watching me and all he said was, "So what, you've never been shy before". He was right; I'm not shy any more. I just wanted to let Jon know that someone was watching me.

I pulled the skisuit properly on and zipped it up. It was a reasonable fit, but I felt strange wearing something that covered so much of my body; and it was warm in there as well. Jon told me to go and have a look at myself in a mirror so I went out into the main part of the shop. The man who had watched me smiled as I went passed him to the mirror, so I smiled back.

I told Jon that I was happy with the skisuit, but he told me to try another one on. I went back into the changing cubicle and couldn't close the curtain because Jon was leaning against the wall trapping the curtain. I looked at Jon and he said, "Come on, we haven't got all day." So I took the suit off. The man who watched me put it on also watched me take it off, so did the other man. When it was off I turned to ask Jon which suit I should try next. This gave my watchers a full frontal view of me. My pussy started to tingle. As Jon answered I looked over at the men and smiled. One of them grinned.

Jon told me to try the blue skisuit on next so I turned and lifted it of the hook. As I did, I 'accidentally' dropped it so that I had to bend over to pick it up. When I was bent over I looked back through my legs and saw that the men were still watching. My pussy was getting wet.

After I picked the suit up I turned to Jon and put it on. My eyes were mainly on Jon but I could see the men out of the corner of my eye, they were still watching.

I went through the same routine to try the 3rd suit on (green one), and had an audience all of the time. The 3rd suit fitted even better than the first one and I kept it on longer as both Jon and me decided that that was the one. When I took it off I noticed that my pussy had leaked juices onto the crotch.

One of my watchers looked a bit surprised when I put just my dress then my coat on.

Next was the ski boots, Jon had no intention of buying any, but he wanted me to try some on for 2 reasons. Firstly he wanted to know what size I would need, and secondly he wanted one of the young sales assistants to get a hard-on looking at my pussy as he helped me.

Jon decided on the make and style of boot and asked the young assistant to measure my feet. I sat down with my knees together and coat wide open. My short dress let most of my thighs show, and as soon as the young man got down on his knees I knew that he'd seen my bald pubes. His face went red. As the man fumbled with the measurer I let my knees part a few inches. All the time the man kept looking up my skirt and by then he'd be able to see the top of my slit. I kept the best bit until he brought the boots out and helped me put them on. I slouched down in the chair and let my legs move about as the boots went on. His face was telling me everything. Poor man, he had trouble concentrating on the boots and he trapped his finger as he fastened one of the boots. Then he had to go through it all again as he showed me how to fasten the boots. It wasn't complicated; it's just that I wanted him to keep looking at me.

My sloppy pussy was really tingling. I was enjoying it as much as he was.

Amazingly, and unfortunately, the first set of boots fitted me well so Jon took the size and thanked the man for his help. "No problem," he said, "happy to have helped you." I bet he was.

Jon sorted out some thermals, socks, gloves and goggles and we went to the sales counter. We put them all on the counter and a different assistant ran them through the till. When he got to he skisuit he checked it over before folding it to put it in a bag. When he looked at the crotch he saw that it was all wet. He looked inside and saw some of my whitish juices and tried to rub them off.

When he finally realised that he wasn't going to rub the material dry he said, "I'm very sorry, this has somehow got wet. I'll go and get another one." Jon told him not to bother; we'd take that one. I was nearly blushing.

From there we went and bought me some jeans. We didn't bother trying them on. Jon just made sure that the ones that we bought had a big lump of material where the 4 pieces of material met.

We left home the next weekend with me feeling uncomfortable wearing the jeans and a jumper under my coat. At least the jeans rubbed my pussy a bit as I walked. Jon told me to take a couple of dresses, but didn't know if I'd get the chance to wear them. The plane journey was uneventful and the coach trip was boring. It was dark and I hardly saw anything.

We arrived at the Sports Hotel in Sol late that night and went straight to bed.

Next morning Jon was up early and he opened the bedroom window to let some fresh air in. It certainly was fresh. Our bedroom wasn't overlooked which meant that no one could watch me walking around the room naked, and being fucked by Jon. Can't win them all.

The scenery was fantastic, it was a bright clear day and I could see the cable car going up the mountains. There was also at least 2 feet of snow on the roofs of the buildings. I'd never actually seen snow that deep before.

After breakfast Jon was eager to get to the shop where we hired boots and skis. Jon took me up to the top of the first cable car ride then found my ski school group for me. He told me that he'd see me back in the hotel later that afternoon; and he was off.

Jon had told me that he used to go skiing just about every year when he was younger, and he spent most of the week going down the red and the black runs. I spent most of the week in ski school. It was fun, I did enjoy myself, but I got quite a few aches, pains and bruises.

Back at the hotel that evening we discovered the hotel swimming pool and sports / leisure centre. The swimming pool was just off the reception area and only has one small changing room. There are a couple of changing cubicles, but they are so small that everyone gets changed in the open area.

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