A Friend's Daughter

by Willy Tamarack

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bob's off again...Going after another young woman. This time it's not one of his son's friends but the daughter of a close friend. She's thinking of moving to a smaller place and was interested in coming by to see Bob's new condo.

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A Friend's Daughter

I was staring at her ass from across the room. She was twenty years my junior... Much trimmer than her mother with just a super butt. I was imagining poking my dick between the cheeks of her ass. My cock had come alive in my shorts. I looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention to me. When I looked back, she was staring at me and smiling.

I waved. She went back to pouring herself another glass of wine. She was just through with hubby number two... Always appeared to be a prick tease to me. My late wife thought she was a slut. I wanted to find out.

Her mother had dark hair but the daughter had hers frosted... Almost silver in places. It made her look older and she used way too much makeup for me. I wanted to make her sweat it off... Fuck her senseless... All night long.

I moved up behind her while she took the first sip of her new drink. She turned and stopped in her tracks. I was a little close. She was getting there. She giggled.

"Dressed to party..." Her slacks looked as if they'd been painted on. You could practically see her cunt lips against the crotch of her jeans.

"Didn't want to be shown up by all the married ladies... Why? You gonna party later?"

I laughed. "No... Not hardly."

"Hey! My mom says you got a new place. I'm thinking of moving into a smaller place. Think I could come by and take a look some time?"

"Sure..." My cock was spongy. "... These things usually end pretty early. You could follow me over tonight?"

"How about we meet for a drink first... Then I could follow you over to your place?"

"Afraid to be seen leaving with an old man?" I laughed. My cock was growing into a nice slab of meat. I wanted to bury it in this young lady's cunt and fuck her for a long while.

"Not at all." She'd moved up against me. I could feel her breath on my cheek. She was taller than her mother. My cock was almost hard. This was definitely a come on. I stepped away.

My Place

The joint was laying in the ash tray. Mimi Bower was leaning back against the couch. My cock was like a crowbar in my slacks. She'd bumped into me several times during the tour but I did nothing in return. I wanted her to make a commitment before making a fool of myself.

It was just ten and she was either very drunk and/or very stoned... Damn near passed out on my couch. "You don't look like much of a party animal, now." Her eyes came open. They were slits. Her cunt lips were plainly visible between her spread legs... The material of her pants stretched tight across two plump, nether lips. I wanted to fuck her.

She sat up quickly; realizing I was staring at her crotch. She struggled to her feet, now looking down at me. She started swaying her hips, her hands on her head. Her tits were pulled tight against her top. I let my legs fall open. My cock was clearly visible, growing down the left side of my shorts. I flexed it.

"Too much for you, old man?"

That was enough. I reached out and grabbed a hold of the back of one of her thighs and pulled her toward me. She arched her back, thrusting out her crotch. My hand was on one of her ass cheeks and she was now standing between my legs.

I started massaging her ass with one hand while running the other up her thigh, toward her crotch. She tried to step away but I held her close with the hand on her ass. My other hand covered her crotch and it was warm and humid.

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